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Similarly to my Legendary Swords thread, here is a Legendary Elixirs thread!
For all potions and elixirs as seen in fiction of all sorts, If I haven't made it then tell me about it and/or direct me to a wiki or similar source page that talks about the item in question. Or just make it yourself and post it!

Legendary Elixirs are generally one use items, but once the person who drank it is dead or a certain amount of time has passed the elixir respawns somewhere in the world by some means, it could be a new pond containing the liquid develops beneath a tree somewhere or some old woman's new jar of grape juice she just put away in storage to age properly had actually become the elixir.
When spilled or gone wasted, the Elixirs respawn elsewhere immediately. Though finding them is another story.
All of this is overruled by whatever the elixir's entry says.

The Elixirs don't have prices or anything like that, for they cannot be created or purchased in stores and whether or not you find one depends on your DM, not some wealth or treasure chart.

Elixir of Love
The Elixir of Love, the true and first Elixir of Love contains the full distilled power of True Love itself. Considered to be an exceedingly powerful Elixir, the Elixir of Love creates true and pure love between two creatures who each drink a part of the elixir.
This ultimate bond of a true and perfect love contains its own benefits beyond simply causing the two to fall into love, the True Love creates a partly prophetic and divine connection between the two. One always knows when the other's whereabouts (not directly, they are just guided to the other. Not "know" know, just a feeling.) and if the other is in danger or about to be in danger in time enough that one could reach the other in time to try to prevent the danger and warn them.
If one dies, the other instantly feels a great and overwhelming sorrow take over them enough that it cripples them, they often fall prone and helpless if no danger is present and if danger is present and the partner watched the other die, he or she is filled with overwhelming sorrow as normal, but it is channeled to become great and all consuming wrath. The surving partner gains the following benefits:
Full base attack bonus with a +5 bonus, spell resistance 10+level, damage reduction 15+level, damage bonus equal your charisma modifier, regeneration 20 (Special: This regeneration counts only currently, all regeneration that has taken place reverts to 0 after the encounter is over, which could kill them), Juggernaut: The wrathful character can't be knocked unconscious and dies only at -10 HP. These benefits last only the encounter.
After the encounter is over, the lover has the option to issue a Vendetta. The character gains half the listed bonuses, regeneration becoming fast healing at 15, and they last until the vendetta is competed. The vendetta must be towards someone, something, or some organization that resulted in the death of his or her loved one.
And lastly, the surviving spouse can bestow a Curse on someone who caused the death to occur no matter the range, as if using the curse mechanics as seen in the Ravenloft campaign setting.
While they are both living, they can remove any effect from the other by a kiss, this kiss functions as a Miracle spell that targets all harmful or neutral effects on the partner and eliminates them.
They can communicate within 30ft as though by telepathy, no real words are used but the couple understands the other perfectly with a sense of knowing rather then of understanding words.
Special: The Elixir of Love can manifest its effects at whim on people who develop "true love" its rare for this to occur though, but that doesn't make their existing love any less real. Usually this manifestation only exists partially, such as just enough for one mega-kiss, or the special connections, or just the vendetta.

Elixir of Wisdom
Once this elixir is drunk, the drinker gains a permanent +10 bonus to Wisdom that is pure and counts as though it started out that way, the base score you get from assigning points in the start or rolling dice.
The drinker gains a +5 insight bonus to AC, Attack rolls, and damage rolls, as well as to saves. This insight bonus stacks with the highest other insight bonus the character gets or has.
The drinker can always take 20 on Sense Motive checks (Even if there is no time to do so naturally) and 10 on Diplomacy, Bluff, and Intimidate checks.

Elixir of Prophesy
The Elixir of Prophesy allows the drinker to always know whats next in the next few seconds, giving them a +20 insight bonus to AC, Reflex attack rolls, and a +10 to damage rolls.
The drinker gets prophetic dreams about the future, usually small and relating to individuals who are going to have a very bad day, but sometimes great dreams involving many, nations, or even the world. [Plot Device]
The Drinker can use any Divination spell at will with no cost, but Commune or similar spells revolving around a deity's answer actually contacts a Past or Future version of itself.

Elixir of Eternal Sleep
Any who drink the Elixir of Eternal Sleep fall... well, asleep. They can never be wakened by any spell short of Miracle. If the person who falls asleep has anything under their designation, such as a King or Queen, or even Princess/Prince effected by this Elixir, they have all their subjects also fall asleep as well. All living things under their domain are put under sleep, including plants and animals and the very cells of their bodies, all those asleep are Ageless and do not die of old age, their time itself having being frozen.
If the person who drank the Elixir somehow wakes up, all those under their charge also wake up.
(Pro Tip: Elixir of Love)

Elixir of Youth and Beauty
The Elixir of Youth and Beauty is often confused with the Elixir of Life.
This elixir renders its drinker ageless, never having penalties due to aging and never dying from age. The drinker gains fast healing 5/day and can regenerate a whole missing limb in a weeks time. The drinker is never subject to strength or constitution damage.

Elixir of Life
The Elixir of Life is one of the most sought after elixirs.
The Elixir of Life once drunk grants a fast healing of 30 to the drinker that turns to regeneration when reduced to less then 0 HP.
The drinker never ages and gains no penalties from such, though bonuses do apply from age. Neither does the drinker ever suffer Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution damage or drain.
The drinker can only be killed by the Elixir of Death. The Elixir of Life can bring anyone who has died back to life so long as it retains a mouth like feature to pour the elixir into. This resurrection functions no matter what would bar the way.
The newly resurrected creature benefits of the elixir normally, the resurrection just being in addition.

Elixir of Death
A powerful and dark elixir. This legendary elixir contains the pure and concentrated powers of death. Any who drink the elixir die. They die without save and cannot be resurrected. This effects any who drink it, including deities so long as they do not have death as a domain with a divine rank grater then 15. Likewise, it takes a deity of life/death of rank 15 or more to resurrect the character killed by this dark elixir. Miracle spells do not work, it must be direct power from a deity of over rank 15 who can use a Salient Divine ability that brings beings back to life.
Elixir of Death vs Elixir of Life:
Elixir of Death kills someone who drank the Elixir of Life, but the Elixir of Life can bring back someone killed with the Elixir of Death.

Elixir of the Beast
Upon drinking this elixir, the recipient's body changes. They become four feet taller or at least tall enough to enter the next size category from their current size. Their body becomes furry, their head becomes animal like, and they gain claws or hooves and altered legs as appropriate for the beast they turn into. They gain +5 to all physical stats, and their die size grows by one.
This can only be broken by the Elixir of Love, from a kiss by the true love.

Elixir of Movement
This elixir when drunk gives the drinker a mode of movement dependent on the desires of the drinker. It could give them wings to fly, a mermaid's/man's tail to swim, or two legs to walk. This sometimes is a lesser effect and replaces their current movement, or it is sometimes a greater effect and adapts for the current desires (To and from the movements).

Elixir of Strength
With the Elixir of Strength, the drinker gains a permanent +10 bonus to Wisdom that is pure and counts as though it started out that way, the base score you get from assigning points in the start or rolling dice.
They can wield weapons as if they were a size category larger, and have double their current carry weights (after factoring the +10Str).
They gain a +15 bonus to Climb, Swim, Jump, and to Tumble checks made to avoid falling damage.

Elixir of the Happily Ever After
A powerful elixir that's effect is widely variable. When the elixir is drunk, it provides the drinker with what they need to obtain a Happily Ever After, though it does not grant it itself, just the means to go about it. Such as turning the drinker into a new race (which counts as their true race for things like true sight) through which this happily ever after will occur, or giving them some needed item, or the knowledge on how to overcome some task that stands in the way, or where the true love is. Stuff like that.
Hugely dependent on the DM and used only as a plot device.

Elixir of Size
This elixir alters the size of those that drink it, shrinking them proportionately to the amount they drank. A sip is a few feet. A good drink is about a size category smaller, two is two sizes, and the whole bottle would turn someone from gargantuan to Tiny.
If baked into an item, usually sweets, the Elixir of Size will have an opposite effect and make them grow proportionate to the serving of the Elixir contained in what they ate.
Only effects the person, not any clothing or items unless they are made to do so.

Holy Grail
Not an elixir itself, but a vessel that is not unrelated to an elixir. The Holy Grail is a legendary item that magnifies the property of existing liquids that are drank using the Holy Grail. In most non-special liquids, such as simple wine or water, this grants agelessness as those drink's only benefit is life and vitality, as you need to drink in order to live. The liquid would taste utterly delicious and give you great vigor, but is not otherwise special.
This is a double edged sword, for poison is also magnified. The DC of any poison drank with the Holy Grail is tripled, and its effects doubled.
However... When used to drink an Elixir, a Legendary Elixir especially, the effects are magnified to extraordinary heights.
I'll give four examples, two normal potions and two Legendary Elixirs. The DM must make judgement on how to magnify others.

Holy Grail: Elixir of Youth and Beauty:

Holy Grail: Elixir of Wisdom:
The Elixir of Wisdom rank from the Holy Grail becomes the Elixir of Prophesy.

Holy Grail: Potion of Flight:
The Flight speed is increased by x1.5, Maneuverability increased two steps, and the duration is permanent and under your control to fly or not.

Holy Grail: Potion of Displacement:
You can exist in two places at once, if one dies there is no penalty and the second is the only one left. They know all the other knows and can act on their own with the same personality and memories, they simply exist in two places now effectively cloning the character. Both are controlled by the PC unless the PC does not wish to control both at the moment. Lasts until one of the two is killed.

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No Elixer of Luck? :smallwink: