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2012-07-07, 09:16 AM
I recently made an epic spell with a VERY high DC but the lowest I have gotten it to is 602. CAN SOMEONE PLS HELP ME GET IT LOWER. I really want this spell to be castable:
DC: 602 :smalleek:
components: V S
casting time: 10 minutes
range: touch
area: 2 miles
duration: 20 hours
saving throw: fortitude half
factors: energy fire 50d12[weather], energy sonic 50d12[weather] (+180 DC). increase from d4 to d12 (+40 DC), increase save by 100 (200 DC), area 1 miles (1016 DC), decrease range range by 200% (+60 DC), casting time t0 minutes (-20), burn 10000 XP (-100), backlash 20d6 (-20), delay by 10 days (-120) 10 additional caster burning 1 slot of each level (-1000), change range to touch (-4)

this is a very evil spell. when you cast it... get out of the area before the 10 days is up because when it is it creates a weather like pattern of nuclear energy doing 50d12 fire and 50d12 sonic EVERY ROUND in an emination of 1 mile. while the spell is manifesting (10 days) nothing odd is happening. The only odd thing is you shouting gibberish and doing the chacha slide for ten minutes then leaving

2012-07-07, 03:10 PM
Good news: you could increase the backlash to 40d6.

Bad news: backlash does damage every round of the spell's duration.

Bad news:
Each additional participant may only contribute one spell slot.

Good news: There's no upper limit on how many casters you can have contribute spell slots. The typical abuse for this involves making 1) summoning critters with spell slots. 2) using a DC 0 Epic spell to perma-summon critters with spell slots. 3) growth: the more spell slots you have the more critters you can perma-summon with one DC 0 spell. When you have enough spell slots, cast whatever your heart desires. Your black, twisted heart.

2012-07-07, 07:54 PM
well dont forget. and this is something a LOT of DMs forget, YOU are god, YOU can change rules, you can break them or bend them, its allll up to you

The Glyphstone
2012-07-07, 07:59 PM
well dont forget. and this is something a LOT of DMs forget, YOU are god, YOU can change rules, you can break them or bend them, its allll up to you

Then why do you need anything else? Just add an Ad Hoc modifier of "Because I Said So" that applies -601 to the Spellcraft DC, and problem solved.

Cipher Stars
2012-07-07, 08:07 PM
10,000 XP, 10min casting time, decreased range?, 10 day delay, Backlash, 10 casters....

How is the DC still too high for anyone to ever actually use? I'm pretty sure the most I ever got was 200 something spellcraft, if I understand the system right...

2012-07-07, 08:52 PM
its because the area of effect is 2 miles. dnd mostly is in feet. and in this case 20 feet increments. you realize how many increments that is??

2012-07-07, 09:32 PM
What could you possibly need this for though...

Grimsage Matt
2012-07-07, 09:37 PM
I like this spell. I have a few things that need some heavy duty destroying.

And dude, theres a very easy way to lower the DC:smallbiggrin: Single use magic item:smallbiggrin::smalltongue::smallbiggrin:

Seriously, it costs (Not much more), but you'll only ever need to make the Spellcraft check once. To develop it. Magic items, you only need to know da spells:smalltongue:

2012-07-07, 11:24 PM
What could you possibly need this for though...

ever heard of a 20th level party full of sadistic cruel people who arent necessarily evil but like howls of pain? thats when you send your rogue to loot the whole town so you have everything grabbable while the town is at a town meeting (hopefully toward the time the 10 days is over [why everyone needs a calandar]) then the nuke go boom and you get the howls you hoped for. do you feal better with an epic explanation for an epic spell? :smallbiggrin::smallbiggrin:

2012-07-07, 11:40 PM
Ok no, unless you can pick up a premade major artifact...

Take leadership max 25, grab all clerics, for 148 level one spells, 11 level two spells, 4 level three spells+ the chorts epic spell. -220 dc net +780...
Then, the evil part... higher n 1st level wizards to cast n first level spells for 10 gp a pop
If a epic caster can't take 100,000gp to give -10,000 dc.

Could dump all the decreasers, make it perminent and dissmisable by the caster, cast as a quickend action...
Dc 7730-7730
Cost 77,300gp
7,730 casters...

Stage two, ring gates.

port the ring to the target, have another caster port one ring to the target
Cast the spell from your lair though the other lair with your hoard of level one casters as a quickened action, then cast a ranged touch teleport object as a standard action.

Much less risk, much lower real cost. If you need monney, beat down some ginn to cast wish for pure riches...

2012-07-08, 09:00 AM
Firstly, you don't want backlash; backlash damage is per round, and 20d6 damage each round for 20 hours is almost certainly going to kill the caster.

As for decreasing it, you could try increasing the XP cost for up to another -100.
You could consider making it take a day or more to cast, but I suspect you don't want to.
You can probably get a minor ad hoc reduction for the fact that the "sphere" of energy (at the center) does no direct damage and for the fact that it doesn't do double damage to undead. (I presume you are using the "emanating wall" use, as the "weather" use can't do damage itself.)
Beyond that, you'll need a huge number of ritual participants.