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2012-07-08, 03:24 PM
Im starting a game hear based on the sliders TV show and would like alternate universe ideas. http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=248787

Here is what I have so far.

Alien invaded
10 years ago
100 years later
Gender bent
Dinosaurs still around
Your life is a TV show
Dying world
low tech
United states of Mexico
Magic is real
Nerds are cool
uber Religion

any more ideas would help. plus if you want to join the link is above.

Morph Bark
2012-07-09, 09:22 AM
But nazis already exist, dinosaurs are real and nerds are cool. And in a select few cases, a person's life is a tv show! Not that those people are much worth mentioning, but still. :smalltongue:

2012-07-09, 10:00 AM
Mini-Brainstorm!!! I'll add more when I get the chance.

- Humans not dominant species
- Hunger Games
- Humanity underwater
- Steampunk
- Religion outlawed

Morph Bark
2012-07-09, 10:11 AM
Alternate History ideas are a given (Cold War turns into WWIII, the other side wins [name of a major war], the car/electricity/gunpowder is never invented, etc.), as are post-apocalyptic ones (zombie apocalypse, world flooded and people live on islands/underwater/in space, Earth got hit by a meteor so people can only live one mile underground, nuclear holocaust happened killing many and mutating a margin of others), as well as some inspired by other fiction (too many to list).

2012-07-09, 10:40 AM
Nice ideas btw are u guys interested in joining the game