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2012-07-09, 10:17 AM
Im pretty sure this is the Forum to do this.

So I have a Game goeing where my friends just got into Warhammer (:smallbiggrin:) They now want to use an Idea they saw on here, Where they fight Warhammer battles and whoever wins those battles, affects the Game,
For example: Elf Vs Chaos, Elves win, Safe to go through, Chaos wins, A lot harder.

Any ways what im asking is, What would I use for most of the races in Chaos and other ones?

Beastmen: Really strong Gnolls? Minotaurs as well?
Chaos, Classes?
Chaos Demons... Ah this is where im lost, Most of the D&D Demons dont do well as normal Chaos Do... Perhaps we could have a Talanted Hombrewer like the many we have here help me on that?

Lizardmen, Yeah use normal lizardfolk stats, But What about the Super powerful Walking Siege Ballistsa thingees?

More to update when I get my hands on the rest of those Codex's.

2012-07-09, 10:32 AM
First off, we should outline what you're actually going for. Are you looking to convert Warhammer (fantasy, I presume, and not 40k) to D&D rules? To what scale are you trying to do this? Individual creatures/units?

2012-07-09, 10:41 AM
Sorry bout that, I am asking to convert the Warhammer fantasy monsters/Creatures to D&D 3.x ruleset for encounters in the game.

Indivds please.

2012-07-09, 01:04 PM
they made the warhammer fantasy RPG, which you can browse for inspiration, a lot of the creatures used in WH are already in the monster manuals or the d20 SRD (or they can easily be modified a little to fit something), are you looking for specific monsters? like perhaps the cold one lizards or whatever?

EDIT: for large lizard men you could use the stats for ogres & give them the lizardmen traits instead.

as for chaos demons, personally i use a lot of the same demons listed in the manuals, but aesthetically they are drastically different. Dretches for example (the lowest demon/ petitioner) are described as warped beasts with no eyes & tentacles for tounges etc... Dretches can be advanced (see advancing creatures in the d20 SRD) & given new templates for each of the 4 aspects (nurgle, khorne, slaanesh, tzeentch) can have abilities right out of the books, plague bearers, bloodletters, furies... some of the demons like female furies resemble other demons with slight modifications (succubus, i'm looking at you).

the summoned demon aspects (unclean one, bloodthirster, keeper of secrets, lord of change) are likely equal in strength to a Balor or Pit Fiend, but they each have their own unique abilities (for example the keeper of secrets can hear secrets, +X bonus to listen remember & recall all conversations)

2012-07-09, 03:15 PM
For the Krixogor why not Blackscale? :D

And for the deamons there well, kinda...Bland?