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2012-07-09, 04:43 PM
Hello playgrounders!!
I'm starting a new One Piece campaign in 2 days. The system is 4e.
I need your help finding new devil fruit for my players and NPCs.

PCs start with a devil fruit on a lucky roll of 19-20. And of course they will find more as the campaign progresses. I need ideas on new devil fruit, and in this tread we will also determine the order in which they will appear.

SO I want you to post your ideas, and/or give a +1 on someone else's idea. each devil fruit that u post gets 1 point and another point for each +1 it receives.

I'll start with a few of my own ideas. Feel free to give the ones you like a +1 (you can give as many as you like, but only 1 per fruit) or post your own ideas, and I'll add them.


1. Iron-skin
1. Heat
1. Telepathy


1. Lion
1. Cheetah
1. Panther
1. Bear
1. Rat
1. Ant
1. Spider
1. Bull

Ancient Zoan

Mythical Zoan

1. Sphinx
1. Dragon


1. Acid
1. Shadow
1. Rock