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2012-07-11, 06:30 PM
I'm in the process of creating a campaign setting based--very loosely--on the Book of Enoch and Jewish folklore. Other than humans, none of the standard D&D will exist.

I would greatly appreciate any honest/brutal feedback you have on these races. All of the races are aimed at the +0 LA of the PHB. Let me know how I could strengthen or weaken them to meet this target. The setting will be aimed at E6, using the classes from Gnorman's E6 compendium (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=215986), which is why all of the abilities change at that character level or earlier. Also let me know whether you'd actually consider it worth playing one of these races. You can also let me know what you think of the fluff, but that is not as important (but still appreciated!).

The se段rim, or demons, are a race born of pure chaos. They appear spontaneously upon the Earth and in the underworld of Sheol like maggots appear in a rotting corpse.
Personality: While not inherently evil, they enjoy pranks and mischief, and are prone to laziness and greed. Se'irim are always moving, and become impatient quickly.
Appearance: Their chaotic nature manifests itself in an extreme diversity of appearance: the only constant between se段rim is that they are all humanoid in appearance. Some are beautiful by human standards, others hideous to look upon. Their skin, hair, and eyes can be any any color. Animalistic features are common: goat or stag horns, cloven hooves, forked tongues, claws, fangs, slitted eyes, long tails, fur, and scales are particularly common.

+2 Any, -2 Intelligence: Se段rim have many different strengths, but all are easily tricked. A se段rim cannot choose to gain a +2 bonus to Intelligence.
Medium Outsider, base land speed of 30 feet. A se段rim cannot be raised and does not need to eat or sleep. Unlike most outsiders, a se段rim is vulnerable to humanoid-only effects such as charm person.
Darkvision to 60 feet
Demonic Hardiness: +2 racial bonus to one saving throw (chosen at 1st level). This bonus increases to +3 at 5th level.
Knack: +2 racial bonus on any two skills keyed to the ability score the se段rim has a racial bonus in. These bonuses increase to +4 at 5th level. These bonuses are doubled to +4 and +8 if the key ability score is Strength.
Quick Action: +1 racial bonus to Initiative checks. This bonus increases to +2 at 5th level.
Diversity: At 1st level, a Se段rim gains a bonus Improved Demon Feature feat.
Automatic Languages: Human, Demonic (Abaddon dialect)
Favored Class: Any

Lilin are the descendants of unions of humans and se段rim who delight in many vices.
Personality: Unlike Nephilim, who have become reserved with the weight of the sins of their ancestors, lilin usually embrace their mixed human and demonic heritage. Lilin are the ultimate epicureans, throwing raucous parties and always living in the moment. This lack of planning frequently comes back to cause problems, but lilin often don稚 mind.
Appearance: Lilin closely resemble humans, but all sport a pair of vestigial wings from their back. Beyond that, the demonic heritage of lilin manifests itself in varying ways: some have small horns, others the eyes of cats, still others slight fangs or a forked tongue. Almost all lilin have jet-black hair and their eye colors tend toward the unusual: red, purple, and light blue.

Medium Humanoid, base land speed of 30 feet
+2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom; Lilin are excellent in social situations, but prone to impulsive actions
Low-light vision
Vestigial wings: when under any effect that grants a fly speed, a lilin痴 speed improves by 10 feet per round and their maneuverability improves by one step. A lilin under a levitate effect may fly at a speed of 10 feet, with perfect maneuverability
Silver tongued: +2 racial bonus on Bluff checks. Bluff is always a class skill for Lilin.
Automatic Languages: Human, Demonic (Lilin dialect)
Favored Classes: Sorcerer, Rogue

Black Lilin
The blood of demons is nothing if not unpredictable. Rarely (~1% of the time), this unpredictability results in a wingless lilin with jet-black skin being born to lilin parents. Such children grow to be smaller than their siblings, but are greatly prized by their community for their great stealth. These unusual traits do not appear to be inherited: a child born with two black lilin parents is no more likely to be a black lilin than a child born to two normal lilin parents. A black lilin痴 racial traits are completely different from that of normal lilin:

Medium Humanoid, base land speed of 20 feet
+2 Dexterity, -2 Strength. Black Lilin are quick and agile but rarely forceful.
Darkvision to 60 feet
Slight build: a black lilin痴 small stature allows it to be treated as small in some ways. For any opposed check (such as Hide), a black lilin is treated as one size category smaller if it would be advantageous.
Light Sensitivity (Ex): Black lilin are dazzled in bright sunlight or within the radius of a daylight spell.
Observant: A black lilin has a +2 racial bonus on Spot, Listen, and Search checks
Tied to the Night: A black lilin with a Charisma of at least 11 can use the following spell-like abilities once per day, with a caster level equal to her character level: Ghost Sound, Darkness. At 3th level, a black lilin can add Disguise Self to this list. The DCs for these abilities are Charisma based.
Automatic Languages: Human, Lilin Demonic
Favored Classes: Rogue, Beguiler

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Racial Feats
Improved Demonic Feature (Horns)
Prerequisites: Se段rim, Str 13
Benefit: You gain a gore attack which does 1d6 damage, plus your strength modifier. On a charge, it does 1d6 damage plus your strength modifier.

Improved Demonic Feature (Aura of Pestilence)
Prerequisites: Se段rim, Con 13
Benefit: Once per day per character level, after hitting an opponent with a natural weapon or unarmed attack, you can use your aura of pestilence as a free action. The opponent must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 11 + your Con modifier) or be nauseated for 1 round. This is a poison effect.

Improved Demonic Feature (Prehensile Tail)
Prerequisites: Se段rim, Dex 13
Benefit: You have a long prehensile tail which is capable of holding objects. The tail is not strong enough to wield a weapon or attack with. It can manipulate tools such as lock picks and magic devices such as wands and scrolls. You gain a +2 racial bonus to Sleight of Hand checks.

Improved Demonic Feature (Cat Eyes)
Prerequisites: Se段rim, Wis 13
Benefit: Your eyes are slitted like a cat痴 eyes. The range of your darkvision extends an extra 60 feet, or you gain darkvision to 60 feet if you do not possess darkvision. You gain a +3 racial bonus on Spot checks. If you desire, your eyes also illuminate light out to the range of your darkvision like a bullseye lantern. This ability is extraordinary, and activating and deactivating it is a free action.

Improved Demonic Feature (Fangs)
Prerequisites: Se段rim, Cha 13
Benefit: Your mouth is full of pointy fangs, and your words carry extra weight. You gain a bite attack which does 1d4 damage plus 1ス times your Strength modifier in damage. You gain the ability to use Charm Person once per day as a spell-like ability.

Persistent Demonic Feature
Prerequisite: Se段rim, any Improved Demonic Feature feat.
Benefit: Select an Improved Demonic Feature feat that you possess. While you are wildshaped, polymorphed, or otherwise in an alternate form you may choose to retain the benefits of that feat.
Special: You can take this feat multiple times. Each time it applies to a different Improved Demonic Feature feat.

Strong Demonic Heritage
Prerequisite: Lilin or Black Lilin
Benefit: Your demonic heritage is particularly strong. You qualify for feats as if you were also a Se段rim. Additionally, you gain either the racial bonus to saving throws or to skills of a Se段rim.

Developed Wings
Prerequisite: Lilin
Benefit: Your wings give you a glide speed of 30 feet, allowing you to glide 30 feet for every 10 feet you descend. As long as your wings are unbound, you can slow your fall so as to not take damage. At 5th level, you gain a fly speed of 30 feet with poor maneuverability. Neither of these speeds are affected by the Lilin痴 vestigial wings racial ability.

Embracing the Darkness
Prerequisites: Black Lilin, Cha 13
Benefit: You can use your racial spell-like abilities 3 times per day. At 5th level, you can use Invisibility (self only) once per day as a spell-like ability.

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Improved Demonic Feature (Aura of Pestilence)
Prerequisites: Se段rim, Con 13
Benefit: Once per day per character level, after hitting an opponent with a natural weapon or unarmed attack, you can use your aura of pestilence as a free action. The opponent must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 11 + your Con modifier) or be nauseated for 1 round.
Creatures immune to poison are immune to this effect.

I would just say "This is a poison effect." or similar, to allow for resistances to poison and other effects.

Other than that this all looks rather good and quite complete.

2012-07-16, 09:29 AM
Thank you for the feedback! I've changed the feat to just say that it is a poison effect.