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2012-07-14, 12:01 PM
Taking critiques for this Druid variations, as well as suggestions for possible higher leveled abilities that fit the theme.


Steward of the Land
And I can taste
That honeysuckle and it's still so sweet
When it grows wild
On the banks down at old camp creek
Yeah, and it calls to me like a warm wind blowing...

This druid chooses to give up her wild shape ability in exchange for becoming more attuned to the land and its inhabitants. These druids tend to be farmers, gardeners, and caretakers born with a special connection to the land an communities they look over rather than wilderness guardians and feral warriors.

Level: 1st

Replaces: If you select this class feature, you cannot use the Wild Shape ability and do not gain access to spells from the necromancy school or those with the death and fire subtype. This also includes the spells Antilife Shell and Diminish Plants.

He gains the following spells:
Animate Objects, Banishment (Drd 6), Bless, Dismissal (Drd 4), Make Whole, Resurrection, Greater Resurrection, Sanctuary, Silence, Status, Greater Status, True Seeing (Drd 5), Water Walk

He also adds Deathwatch to his allowed list of spells. The necromancy school is replaced with Divination, the Healing subtype replaces the Evil subtype, and the Steward can detect the exact HP total of those in range.

Skills: The Steward adds Knowledge (geography/history/local) and Sense Motive to their class skills.

Benefit: You gain a number of abilities as you increase in level. These are in addition to the normal druid abilities, not including the exceptions mentioned above.

1st - A steward generally knows where he is. The land itself reveals general information about his location as a feeling or presentiment. The information is usually no more detailed than a summary that locates him according to a prominent local or regional site. Using this power also tells him what direction he is facing.
This power is useful to stewards who end up at unfamiliar destinations after teleporting, using a gate, or traveling to or from other planes of existence.

He also gains an ability alike to the Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions power (http://dndsrd.net/psionicPowersQtoW.html#sensitivity-to-psychic-impressions), though it is considered only a supernatural ability and not a psionic one. His sensitivity extends into the past a maximum number of years equal to 100 x caster level.

2nd - You can tell if any of the spells you are restricted to are cast within 1 mile per 2 druid levels of your location. You know the general direction (North, Southeast, West, etc) and the distance within half a mile.
At 8th level you can narrow it down to a quarter mile, and at 16th level you can determine it's exact location within range.

He also gains the Track feat.

3rd - Wherever the Steward of the Land spends more than 24 hours within the same half mile it is affected as by the Enrichment quality of the Plant Growth spell. For each additional 24 hours he spends in the area the enrichment continues another half mile, to a maximum of 1 mile per druid level.

He may use Detect Poison as a spell-like ability at will, and can also detect diseases in the same way.

6th - The life force of the land meshes with that of the Steward. As long as he is in contact with a natural surface he gains Regeneration at 1 hit point per hour and may reattach limbs by holding it to the stump for this amount of time. As well, if he dies upon this surface he can return to life through this regeneration.
At 10th level this regeneration increases to 1 HP per 10 minutes, and at 20th level 1 HP per minute.
Fire and negative energy deal normal damage to the Steward.

8th - While on natural terrain you gain Tremorsense out to 20 feet, plus 5 feet for each additional druid level.

10th - While on natural terrain you gain immunity to Exhaustion and Fatigue. For instance you may sprint and run without requiring fortitude checks.

15th - The Steward becomes inseparable from the land, gaining the Outsider (Native) type. His ties to the land keep him from being transported against his will, and automatically succeeds on his save if unwilling.

18th - At 18th level the land will automatically swallow up the Steward to protect him if his hit point total drops below 0 hit points as the Land Womb spell (Spell Compendium). The land must still be tillable, and any in contact with you are brought as well. The Steward can dismiss the ability at will (when he heals enough to awaken).
Those brought with you that attempt any harmful act are immediately pulled from the womb and deposited 10 feet away in pure earth where they begin to suffer from being buried alive as normal.

20th - At this level a Steward can become one with a natural setting, gaining a Divine Rank of 0, and becomes a Quasi-Deity for up to 10 minutes per day. While in this mode he phases into the land, trees and structures themselves.
While in this genius loci form the Steward cannot be harmed by physical or magical means as he has no true body or self to speak of. The area he can affect is out to 200 feet.
He can set any temperature that is normal for the plane where the realm is located (for the Material Plane, any temperature from -20F to 120F), and fill the area with scents and sounds as he sees fit. Sounds can be no louder than one hundred humans could make, but not intelligible speech or harmful sound. His ability to create scents is similar. Along with any other spells he knows, he may cast Animate Object, Move Earth, Reverse Gravity, or Stone Shape each round at will, CL equal to his HD. He may also block any teleportation in or out of this area.

Finally he instantly knows every living thing within this area, down to the smallest weed, and its HP total.

2012-07-15, 05:55 PM
Giving this a bump, hoping for critiques.

Grimsage Matt
2012-07-15, 06:12 PM
it looks intresting. You made a rustic race for it:smalltongue: And, theres a Dndwiki class that would fit this prefectly. The Farmer.

2012-07-15, 06:15 PM
Rustic race?

Grimsage Matt
2012-07-15, 06:40 PM
Ya, a race of Rustics.

"Jed, some fancy city slicker come by."


"Told 'im, or 'er ter git lost. Can't tell with 'em magey types."


Might be misspelling Rustic.... basicly, the guys who look down on city folk.

2012-07-15, 08:36 PM
I was thinking more Amish than backwoods hick.

I'm currently using it for a regional representative for a farming region of a large city. Very sophisticated fellow.

You can apply this to some ignorant hog slopper if you like though I guess...

Grimsage Matt
2012-07-15, 10:09 PM
was joking on the redneck side. But ya, the Amish Race:smalltongue: That would be a funny one and a prefect fit.