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2012-07-15, 01:10 PM
Hello All,

I have been experimenting with different styles of base mechanics for a game. And would appreciate any feed back. No title yet, general in the fashion of GURPS as to setting/time. Very influenced by the NWoD series but more crunchy.

The main idea I would like to discuss is the use of 3 different conflict resolution systems. Each mechanic would have its own related stats and dice rolls.

Combat- Generic combat with turns taken semi-simultaneous (nothing to game changing for now) Except that my opponents don't die, when you lose all HP you become physically disabled, so exhausted or wounded you just can't fight any more. This makes killing someone a conscious decision with ramifications depending on the character. And allows the, I'll be back or arch-nemesis concept.

Mental (will)- Mental combat would be a measure of someones will to press on or meet an overwhelming threat. Actions taken by opponents in combat or through the story would act to demoralize a group. In combat seeing a main NPC opponent disabled or killed would cause his followers to roll a Will check to see if they have the morale to carry-on. The purpose of this is to act as an end game to large scale conflicts. Though a small group of bandits may not take a lot or any morale checks, soldiers in a large battle would be subject to that. Failure would disable the opponents Will forcing him to cower or retreat away from battle.
Mental would also be affected in the story line by things that would make the character question his purpose for the quest. Seeing the town you are trying to save burning to the ground and bodies laying everywhere would force a check. Or a conflict between masterminds (very Sherlock Holmes) where you fight and fight through an encounter and then finally open the safe... and there is just a snide note from the enemy.

Social- A social mechanic to judge who can sway opinions better. Either one-on-one as in persuade a guard you lost your wallet inside or one-on-group like in a speech setting. And each one can be challenged by an opponent like two diplomats trying to convince the same target opposite ways or a political debate to an audience. You can both try to convince the target or shake the composure of an opponent, just like a combat and will mechanic it would leave him socially disabled and unable to continue any social actions.

I am looking for any ideas on how to enhance the concept or if anyone can point me at a game that has had mechanics similar to these.

Feel free to look at other concepts for this game :smallsmile: