View Full Version : could use some help coming up with 9 mournland related spells.

2012-07-15, 06:58 PM
the reason!
i'm running an eberron game(duh) and one of my players insisted on playing a shugenja, which on its own isn't bad for our power level of gaming, but he insisted on choosing all support spells as his spells known. and whats worse he wanted to go into geomancer, simply because the name implied a connection to the earth (his chosen element). now, this player gets rather...touchy when it comes to correcting him or giving him advice on things, so i just told him how what he wanted doesn't normally work, but i was just gonna let him do it anyway.

so, at the end of the last session the group leveled up to 5 and he took his first level of geomancer, coincidentally the session ended with them entering the mournland, which gave me a bit of inspiration. what if his connection to the earth became tainted by the mournland and he started to syphon its power to himself a bit? when he made his character he forget to choose an order to take, so i offered to come up with a new one based on the mournland.

so far i've only come up with some vague ideas of what i want the spells to do, and i figured i could try and tap the creative minds of the giants. what i've got so far is:

field of dispair
level: 9
components: V,S
casting time: 1 round or 24 hours
range: personal
area: 20ft radius/caster level or 1 mile/caster level
duration: 1 hour or 1 year
saving throw: none
spell res: no

when cast, this spells creates an area very similar to the mournland, all creatures in the area suffer the effects of being in the mournland, additionally all creatures slain in this area raise 1 round later as Mourners (see page 90 of five nations for details) under the control of the caster. if the Mourners or the caster leave the spells area the Mourners cease to be animated. if the caster chooses the 1 round casting it uses the smaller area and duration, if he chooses the 24 hour casting time it uses the larger area and duration.

i have other ideas too, but none of them are anywhere near as thought out yet, and even this one needs to be cleaned up. so how about you guys and gals, any ideas?