View Full Version : Adding Different Bell Curves as Modifier

2012-07-17, 04:28 AM
Hello All,

I have been experimenting with different styles of base mechanics for a game. And would appreciate any feed back. No title yet, general in the fashion of GURPS as to setting/time. Very influenced by the NWoD series but more crunchy.

I was thinking about using different ranges, curves, and modifiers to create a variance in fighting styles and builds without adding a lot of number crunching to slow the game down.
The idea is to have dice pools with multiple ranges such as 10 possible out comes with other weapons with greater ranges 50 possible out comes. The use of this would be to allow fighting styles that deal very specific damage and others that have the chance to greatly wound but also gravely miss.
Modifiers would come into play as a risk/reward system. Barter points in one skill (say defense) for points in another (offense). This would allow for someone using a low range weapon to still achieve high damage output but at the cost of other stats. A high range character does not need to play with modifiers to reach these outputs but also has less of a chance to make those outputs. This would be the basis for the class system.
And a high curve would allow even more specialization pushing the common out comes to only a few numbers but this also hampers play style as your attacks would have almost no chance of crits which are on the highest and lowest number of the range. And if you encounter a fiend that your specialized weapon cannot match you have to risk even more skills to meet the threat.

Dice pools would be constant for each weapon. Changing a range or curve would have to be done on down time and requires a skill check or resources to hire someone to make the change.

Any thoughts or examples of a system like this. And does this even sound workable.

Feel free to look at other concepts for this game :smallsmile: