View Full Version : VTT that supports hexcrawling?

2012-07-17, 08:06 AM
Plenty of VTT software will give you a fog of war feature so that the GM can keep parts of a map covered up until the players see the area. However everything I've seen focuses on the fog of war at the tactical scale, and how areas are revealed is to use a mouse to drag a box and then turn off the fog in that box.

It would be great to have that kind of feature, but suitable for hexcrawling where you have a hex grid and as the players enter into a new hex the GM can just do a right click on the hex of the map and turn off the fog-of-war for that hex. The drag-a-box method doesn't work well for hexes. Even better would be to have the program uncover the surrounding hexes also with just a right click+menu.

In a lot of ways I would like the ability to visually replicate how a game of Civilization unfolds, but with hexes, not squares.

Do any of them do this?