View Full Version : Rulesystem for secret organizations, spy rings etc?

2012-07-17, 03:02 PM
Are there any rules systems about running entire factions such as secret societies, spy agencies and so on?

2012-07-17, 04:23 PM
Adventurer Conqueror King by Autarch has a good rule set for thieves guilds and other sub systems that come in handy for higher levels of play. A thieves guild would be a good basic structure for any shadow organization.

2012-07-19, 06:19 AM
I looked at that but wasnít particularly impressed. The rules are basically extended henchmen rules- you recruit lower level followers and send off on missions. It didnít mention anything about competition between groups and is closely linked with DD character leveling. I was looking for something more stand-alone.

Even if we ditch the secrecy angle, is there any rules covering competition and conflict between organizations?

2012-07-19, 11:32 PM
Reign by Greg Stolze is a One-Roll Engine (ORE) based fantasy game that has integrated mechanics to represent factions and inter-faction conflict. It comes in the full setting and mechanics Reign and the cheaper, mechanics only Reign Enchiridion. The company rules, as they are called, are generic enough that they could be used with any other ORE-based game, such as Wild Talents (superheros) or NEMESIS (modern horror--and free). I've also seen a few hacks of ORE kicking around so maybe look there for better fitting setting mechanics also.

If you're interested in having the party be a cell in a greater conspiracy but still manipulating things behind the scenes there is also Conspiracy X Second Edition. It uses the classic Unisystem and has rules for the players pulling strings in the government along with rules for building, outfitting, and expanding your own secret base for your cell to operate from. Since it is already conspiracy focused you could probably just excise the fluff and insert your own.

On a side note, I'm personally interested in seeing if there are any other rule systems that support organization-level actions like what you're looking for. Such systems intrigue me and I'm on a bit of a kick for them.