View Full Version : [Pathfinder PEACH] Kelsey's Rogue Redesign - Now with 33.3% more stabbing!

2012-07-20, 09:33 PM
Google Doc (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ua9SzdCcl7JUyMRqICL38dWNdFkxFrCKXH2-W8409qk/edit)

The basic idea is to remove the class's focus on Sneak Attack. Sneak Attack is a mechanic suited for a specific style. Outside that playstyle, it really doesn't shine. I happen not to be in the mood for this playstyle often. However, I like the fluff and flavor of the class a great deal. My issue is it's primary mechanic. So, I rebuilt the class to fit more of what I myself like: a precision based warrior who can learn stealth easily, but who can instead focus on a more swashbuckling style (an option I very much love that could use more support).

So, how does it look to everybody?