View Full Version : A Bunch Of Pathfinder Races (Feedback? Requests?)

2012-07-21, 02:57 AM
When I first GMed I always got a lot of weird race requests (pixies, centaurs, wolf-men, etc). D&D race building has always been a bit of a hobby for me, so I was really happy about the release of the Pathfinder race guide.

I was putting all of these together back when the playtest was released, and I think they're just about balanced now with the new material. Please let me know what you think, and whether I made any serious goofs along the way.

All racial features are listed with their RP costs. A features listed as "^^" means, "this ability is free because its cost is included in of the abilities listed above."


So my question is whether these are balanced. Are the racial feats too powerful? Also, are there any popular races I missed?

2012-07-23, 06:25 PM
I got a few responses over on Reddit. People seem to like the Forsaken as a cool undead race, so I gave them a few more interesting racial feats. Also, due to popular demand, there are now kobolds that are on par with normal races.

2012-07-29, 01:15 AM
I realized that humans are at a sad 9 RP, so I added them to the list. Also a few tweaks to a few of the racial feats.

Is anyone interested in this?