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2012-07-22, 06:50 PM
There are a few things that caused me to start this little project. One of which is the new e6 game I'm starting for my players, and the other is the lack of homebrew vestiges around here. So if you're looking at this, consider me the person urging you to get crackin'. Vestiges are a lot more work to make than spells, but I would say they're even more fun.

Hathor, the Commoner


Vestige Level: 1st
Binding DC: 13
Special Requirement: No

Legend: While most vestiges are of great power and legend, Hathor remains the exception to this rule. While Binders find him to be fair in dealings, he is also considered odd because of his passive attitude. They say it started with the misuse of power. Hathor was originally a common person who made baskets. Content with his position in life, he made a fair living off his profession and lived in a relatively safe town. However, the village became desperate when an angry Druid started an attack on nature's behalf. Being poor farm folk, they were unable to fight off the wild bears and most of them died. The village sent a plea for adventurers and none came to their aid. Hathor was frustrated because of his inability to help his neighbors. It was during the third attack that he awoke his Eldritch powers and chased off the bears. Still unable to defeat the druid, he attempted to gather more adventurers.

It was because of this goal that Hathor established the first adventuring guild hall. This was not for a single adventuring party, but rather for many. It was a place for adventurers to meet, along with being a place for the desperate to post their pleas for help. But these adventurers would lounge around, spending their money and drinking all day. His guilds were only a partial success. Many adventuring parties continued to take advantage of the desperate, and Hathor was filled with rage. He vowed that he would journey until he surpassed them all and then make them feel as helpless as commoners.

Manifestation: Hathor always walks in from the distance, with walking stick in hand and a bag slung over his shoulder. Occasionally he has livestock walking with him or the appearance of a burning building in the background. He lacks any form of aggression or assertiveness and takes a very passive manner when he is summoned but does expect to be told why the binder wishes to use him that day.

Sign: When a binder makes a pact with Hathor, they take on the sign of his worries and cares. The binder, if male, grows a ghostly poorly-groomed beard. The Binder's clothes appear more worn and ragged than usual. The cloth also takes the appearance of being poorly stitched as if made by a common person out of the simplest of fabrics.

Influence: Under the influence of Hathor, you feel two conflicting needs. The first urge is to help the weakest of people, often commonfolk. You have to make sure to ask every common person you talk if they're in any danger from wild animals or such. The second urge is when you see someone abusing their position of power, you make them suffer in some manner.

Granted Abilities: Hathor grants you basic survival skills, the ability to endure extra danger, along with the power to belittle foes stronger or equal in power to you.

Crippling Radiance: Enemies that come within 30ft. must make a will save(DC= 10+1/2 your effective binder level+ Cha).If they fail, they take a -2 penalty to attacks and to AC for Cha rounds(min 1). This ability can only affect foes with equal or greater Hit Dice than yourself.

Basic Survival: You gain a +5 bonus to survival checks. In addition, pick one crafting skill you have ranks in and choose another Craft(X) skill. As long as Hathor is bound, you may treat the new skill as the one having ranks instead of the old one. In addition, if you take Craft(Basketweaving), you gain a +2 bonus to that skill.

Flee From Danger!: If you reach less than 1/2 your hit points, your base movement increases by 10ft. If you are healed above 1/2 your hit points, the effect ends. In addition, you aren't subject to attacks of opportunity from leaving a threatened square.

Eldritch Fire: As an standard action, you can make a ranged touch attack against one foe within 60ft. If you succeed, that foe takes 1d6+ Cha damage and must make a reflex save(DC= 10+1/2 your effective binder level+ Cha) or be caught on fire. Once you use this ability, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

2012-07-26, 01:58 PM
Deku, The Tree

Vestige Level: 2nd
Binding DC: 17
Special Requirement: No[/B]

Legend: Back when civilization had only touched a few parts of the world, all the trees were considered One Forest. This forest had no divisions, just trees as far as the eye could see. Back in this time, Druids roamed the woods, having created an organization to divide up the work. As the cities grew, however, some of the Druids spoke of fighting back. These Druids gathered Animals and Plantlife, animating trees to fight for them. However, one such Animated Tree also happened to be Awakened. Deku rose far above the rest of the forest, and his great hight allowed him to see for over a mile. With the intentions of his awakener in mind, he struck out to destroy the city-folk.

He was, however, deafeted. Unable to completely destroy him, a Wizard attempted to Plane Shift him. Deku had, at that very same moment, tried to use Tree Stride to escape. This terrible timing caused his existance to move far beyond the reaches of even the outer planes. But, some of his seeds remained in the Material. While he is unable to return, he uses the connection to reach out to Binders.

Manifestation: Deku starts as a small plant in the ground in the center of the sign and grows to be slightly taller than the Binder who summoned him. The air around him is filled with intangible branches and leaves. If the Binder pleases Deku, he will appear to grow fruit on the tree.

Sign: When a binder makes a pact with Deku, their legs become wrapped in branches. These branches do no harm, and don't get in the way, and can be covered by a cloak.

Influence: Under the influence of Deku, you must spend as much time out of the city as possible. In addition, you feel the urge to stop and water plants, maybe even talking to them despite not understanding them.

Granted Abilities: Deku will give you all the power of a mighty oak tree, and allow you to call upon nature to destroy your foes.

Entangle: You may cause plants to grow and entrangle enemies, as the spell (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/entangle.htm) except save DC equals (10+1/2 EBL + Cha). After using this ability, you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

Vine Whip: You grow a vine around your arms, which you are automaticly proficient with. It has a range of 10ft. and deals 1d6 damage on a successful hit. In addition, it has a +2 bonus on disarm checks, and cannot be disarmed since it is a natural weapon.

Shaping Nature: You may rearrange wooden objects to assist you in your goals. You may use Wood Shape (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/woodShape.htm), as the spell.

Wooden skin: Your natural armor increases by 2. In addition, you also take 1 extra point of damage from all fire effects.

2012-07-26, 07:29 PM
These i think are well balanced except i would set the Eldritch Fire damage stat at 1d6 so as to more closely repersent a warlock, which is what i see his story protraying him as.

2012-07-26, 07:58 PM
By the way, isn't 2d4 Cha damage strong at level 1? Does any class can make more than 1 damage before at least level 5?

Just a though.

2012-07-26, 08:05 PM
These i think are well balanced except i would set the Eldritch Fire damage stat at 1d6 so as to more closely repersent a warlock, which is what i see his story protraying him as.

I suppose. I'm conflicted between power and fluff...

By the way, isn't 2d4 Cha damage strong at level 1? Does any class can make more than 1 damage before at least level 5?

Just a though.

Its 2d4+Cha bonus damage. Not Charisma damage :smallwink: