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2012-07-23, 10:41 AM
So to begin I'd like to warn that I'm building this off of little to no sleep. This shall be what I blame spelling mistakes upon and any profound oversights I might make. What I am looking to do here is build a symbiont playable character with ideally no level adjustment. Critique and suggestions are much appreciated! I did what I could with Savage Species though I'd like if this was looked at from a 3.5 perspective.

Now let us begin!

Flavor text will be coming soon. Ish.

*+2 Wisdom, -2 Constitution, -2 Strength: The Vrachen are not notably durable, but they make up for this with experiences passed down from one host to another.
*Tiny: Vrachen have a +2 Size Modifier to AC and Base attack in addition to -8 on grapple checks, and a +8 Hide Modifier.
*Vrachen base land speed is 15 feet.
*Vrachen are may communicate telepathically with any sentient being they are in physical contact with.
*Outsider Traits
*Vrachen have 2 claw attacks with a 10 foot reach. This unusual range is thanks to the dispoportionate scythelike apendages that rise from the creature's back, each does 1D4 damage.
*A Vrachen may attach itself to a willing host. The Vrachen's miniscule arms imbed into the host's body painlessly for both creatures. Any effect that targets the Vrachen may be redirected at the host, or both of them. For example if the Vrachen is subject to a Cat's Grace spell, it can share this effect with the host. If the Vrachen becomes the target of a Ray of Enfeeblement, if could redirect it to the host. This redirection only applies to Supernatural, Magical, and Psionic effects.
While attached to a host, the Vrachen uses the host's Armor Class and the Host rolls Reflex Saves on behalf of the Vrachen.
When attached to a host, Vrachen may still use their natural attacks, but may not manipulate fine objects as they only have their scythe-like apendages available.
Note: While the Vrachen is attached the host cannot benefit from any magical cloaks or capes.
*Vrachen speak Common. Bonuses Languages: Any but Secret Languages.
*Vrachen benefit from Surrogate Spellcasting as a Racial Feat.
*Favored Class: Rogue or Bard

Edit: OOPS!
+1 Level Modifier

2012-07-23, 10:58 AM
Possible changes:

While attached the host has a -1 to dex due to the symbiote's extra limbs throwing the host's balance off somewhat.