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2012-07-26, 10:33 PM
So I've been thinking about this for a while and I decided that there was a few magics that I would make designed for either multiclass or gestalts, as well as a few evolving magical qualities for leveling or evolving equipment.

First the Magic:

1. Dance of wind: torrent of wind (Any class)

Casting time: 1 turn. Spell level: 4. AOE: 20ft circle. Casting components: A feather and a handful of dust. Spell duration: 3+ (caster lvl/2 rounded down) turns

In a flash and a twirl, a sand storm blankets the area like a chaotic fog, blowing every which way.

This magic creates a 20-foot circle of heavy white wind that limits all forms of non-magical sight to 5 feet. Blind-sense and Tremor-sense still work but at half the distance. All retaliatory attacks (Agile riposte, etc,) need to roll a 50% percentile in order to be able to make the strike. The magical winds of this area are also changing in direction and strength at random, and only those who have either casted it or those with wisdom of 19 or more can read the winds inside the A.O.E. these winds an add as much as a +10 to a jump check or a -10 to the same, these winds can also hinder or help move checks just as much.

2. Dance of Wind: Torrent of blades (Made for rogues)

Casting time: instant. Spell level: 4 Casting components: a bladed (slashing) weapon and blood* spell duration: 1+ catser level/2

The blade becomes dark crimson and seems to even slice the air as it moves.

By touching the blade and pouring blood upon the tip of the blade, given freely by the caster of at least 1 point of damages worth, the blood creates a hardened shell upon the edge of the blade and a shell of compressed air, so keen that is slashes the very air itself. When the weapon in turn attacks a creature, the compressed air splits off and attacks for four more hits along the body for 4d4 damage.

3. Dance of Wind: Gale Strike (Made for fighters or monks)

Casting time: 1 standard action Spell level: 4 Casting Components: 1 WING feather.
Special: Must be able to make a five foot step in the direction he wishes to go. If there is something preventing this, (Tanglesap, terrain, opponent, Etc.) then the spell fails automatically.

In a flash of speed, the caster moves past his opponents like a blur, landing a decicive blow against each.

When this spell is used, the caster is thrust past his opponents in a flurry of speed attacking each opponent up to the maximum number of attacks he has, once, each at his highest base attack. Catching his opponents by surprise, this attack also increases his crit range by +2. This attack is compatible with flurry of blows and quick draw. Flurry of blows must be spent and divided between each opponent separately using the normal flurry (after the initial attack)

4. Dance of wind: Storm Shield

Casting time: instant Spell level: 4 Casting Components: feathers and a sliver of drift wood gathered after a storm.

In the span of a moment, a wall of solid air is created, blocking and flinging the attack, and just as quick, it's gone.

This spell can only be cast as a reaction to a projectile attack. Thus, it must be prepared and held until an opponents action is made. When cast, it creates a large wall of energy that blocks any one projectile attack and redirects it, then disappears. Because it is only there for but an instant, it is stronger than other defensive attacks, but is more easily wasted, for if the opponent does not attack then it does not work. When blocking a ranged attack, it will deflect it and equal amount it traveled up to 75 ft. Depending on the weight of the object the spell may last through the attack. A volley of arrows is easy to deflect. a rock from a catapult, IS NOT.

Deflected attack is then treated as a splash attack, roll 1d8 to determine the area the attack lands, excluding the area where the attack is being "deflected" from.

And then the new magical qualities.

(Item) quality. +1 enhancement.

What seems a normal item floods with magical aura as it shifts from one form to another. Allows the weapon or item in question to change between it's real form and that of a normal item. Example: A normal Steel sword with the (Ring) quality can change between a ring and a sword. For the ring to be activated it must be worn in the ring slot, and the person must make a use magic device check equal to 6+ the other magical enhancement bonuses on the weapon. For example, a Steel +1(Ring)Sword that had flaming burst on it would need a minimum of 9. please note that this does not count the (Item) quality itself.

RazorWind Quality. Enhancement +4.

This weapon, seemingly as light as a feather, carries the wind with each swing. This quality works differently with long range and close range weapons. With close range weapons, it allows them to attack opponents up to 20 feet out farther than thier normal range dealing 2d6 (sound) damage with an elemental descriptor of wind. For example, a sword would have a range of 20, while a spear would be able to go up to 30. All ranged atacks as such are considered slashing, regardless of the weapons original attack type. Up close attacks would also deal an additional 2d6(sound) damage with an elemental descriptor of wind. With long-range weapons, it allows them to shoot as if the person had the longshot feat without penalty. If the person has the longshot feat, it does not stack. all attacks deal an additional 2d6(sound) damage with an elemental descriptor of wind. If a long range with this quality should critical, treat it as if it also had the Thundering quality. This quality may not be added to crossbows or throwing weapons of any kind.

IceShard Quality. Enhancement +4.

This weapon, cold to the touch, reflects with a calm fluidity like water upon a moonlit night. This quality works differently with long range and close range weapons. With long range weapons, it allows them to shoot as if they had the (shoot into battle without issue) Feat.

All longrange weapons deal an additional 2d6 ice damage and all enemies hit must make a con save(dc 15) or suffer a -2(stackable) to reflex saves until the end of the attackers next turn.

With close range weapons, it allows them to attack opponents with an additional +2d6 ice damage and all enemies hit must make a con save(dc 15) or suffer a -2(stackable) to reflex saves until the end of the attackers next turn. As a full round attack, the user of the weapon may make an attack against an opponent up to 30 feet away to deal 2d6(ice)+1d6(ice) damage for every additional attack they get. (Example: a 5th level fighter, having an attack bonus of +5/1 would deal 4d6 damage with this attack.)

All weapons with this quality are invisible to heat based vision(Such as Drow). Instead it appears as a black blank spot in their vision.

FireBrand quality. Enhancement +4.

This weapon, warm to the touch, glows likes embers in a fire. All weapons with this Quality are also affected as if they had the Light quality, giving off the same amount of light as moonlight. As a standard action, the user may cause the weapon to flare brightly, dazzling all creatures within 15 feet of the weilder. All weapons with this quality deal and additional 2d6 fire damage. Close range weapons may may ignore DR of armor or construct 3 times a day. Further more, they can, by expending turns of thier extra damage, add an additional 1d6 per turn with out the 2d6 to a limit of 4 turns expended. For example, if they added 3d6 so that they could kill a creature this very turn, they would not be able to deal the additional 2d6 fire damage for 3 turns.
If you guys have any suggestions for more spells and abilities for this list, do not be afraid to post them and if they are good I'll add them to the list. Same with making any of these spells even better.

2012-07-27, 02:01 AM
First, what happens with the Storm Shield if their attacked with a melee attack? It's not quite clear. Also, how do characters actually get these spells? Just by being a monk/fighter/rouge who multiclasses into a class that gets spells? Do all classes get Torrent of Wind? But, yeah, I'm not sure what it is, but it looks pretty cool.

2012-07-27, 02:55 AM
Storm Shield is designed to reflect projectiles. So unless they are throwing their axe, so I don't think that it will work on physical attack. Secondly, these are all spells that are designed so that one must either be multi-classed with the specified spell, or their gestalt class must have the specified class with a spell casting class.

Edited it to specify that.