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Hey guys, I'm a second-time DM running a campaign based on exploration and discovery. Plenty of whimsy and off-the-cuff things, all for the sake of a good story, intriguing settings, and giving my random thought process somewhere to go. But I'm still pretty inexperienced, even as a player, and especially as a mechanics-monkey. And I end up discovering as much about my ideas as my players when they encounter what I've set before them. I can say that nebulous mechanics are my cunning plan to keep Welknair guessing, but you have to set things down properly eventually. So, I would be very, very grateful for any crunching help with my strange little race of rabbit-things. Please bear with me if (when) you find holes in my ideas.

A little background: the world these guys are in is one with an as-yet uncertain creation myth (let's call it Tobar), where forces known collectively as the Others compete in a constant game of one-upsmanship, staking out their claims on the land by transforming nature according to their own ideals. Caught in the middle are the humans, once the only race native the world before the Others "diversified" them.

The Fey (not DnD's Fey, not entirely) are a force with a certain fascination with Tobar's natural world, and seem to enjoy mixing it around with itself. Hybrid animals, and plants with enhanced peculiarities are examples of their hand in Tobar. To describe their way of thought in human terms might possibly be futile, but they are lovers of fun, laughter, and the moon, which may be the only thing of Tobar that holds any sway over their capricious actions.

The Outsiders (again, little semblance to DnD's own) have a strange, ironic sense of humor and a penchant for utility in unexpected places. Like the Fey, their work is done on the natural world, but the changes are of a darker shade, or add the beginnings of societal institutions where there were none. Monuments of the Pre-Others world paralyze them with ancient dignity, and they usually obey (or perhaps just humor, who can be sure?) old customs wherever they wander.

The Doruset

Whether the Outsiders or the Fey created the Doruset is a topic of an argument whose resolution is yet to be reached. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the Doruset is that they mature into either of two very different forms: a diminutive rabbit-like form, a Lapine, or a more human form called Too-le, short for two-legged. Children of either type have an equal chance of maturing into one or the other. Regardless, the first rule of Doruset society is that all Doruset are People. Humans are also People. Even people Touched by the Others are People. The second rule is that Doruset names must start with D. No exceptions.


Three members of the Doruset Patrol. Note tiny binoculars, child-sized underwear clumsily lined inside with leather for use as armor, and harness equipped with shoulder extension and arm-mounted slingshot. Crappy drawings by me.

Lapine Doruset stand around 1 1/2 feet tall at the head, their narrow ears adding half again to their height when fully standing, although some Doruset have ears that flop over halfway down or don't stand up at all. They are covered in short, white, silky hair, except on the pads of their paws and the inside of their ears, which are a fleshy pink. Their eyes are usually brown or light blue, though they may be of a different color if the Doruset began life as a Too-le. Their skeletons and musculature are quite human; they possess elbow joints and a short opposable "thumb", and can walk on two legs or run on all fours. Lapine equipment often has loops or holes for the thumb, since Lapine hands are often too stubby to grasp things with a single hand. Harnesses designed to "extend" a Lapine's tiny shoulders are often used so that a sack may be slung over it. Besides such harnesses or armor, however, Doruset do not like to wear clothes. They must be specially tailored, and are usually an inconvenience that only adventurers will tolerate.

The Lapine are often brought up as an point suggesting the Fey's hand the making of the Doruset. They have a cheery, playful disposition and are very much the combination of human and rabbit that a Fey might delight in making and watching. It should also be noted that few Doruset have seen a rabbit before, as they all disappeared for miles around when the first humans were transformed into Doruset.

However, the Lapine hide the hint of something very much not of Tobar behind their (adorable) exteriors. While it is perfectly normal among themselves, people unfamiliar with Lapine may find unsettling the way they deal cheerfully with uncomfortable subjects, especially death, and how quick they are to smile. Though they are omnivorous, Lapine mouths can open to seemingly impossible degrees and have a fearsome set of sharp teeth (Smiledog except actually scary). Shown to its full extent, a Lapine's Rictus instills great fear of some inevitable thing coming to devour.


Lapine Doruset
Tiny Monstrous Humanoid
HD ˝ 1d8 (4 HP)
Speed 20ft. (4 squares)
Init: +4
AC 16 (+4 dex, +2 size); touch 14; flat-footed 12
BAB +0; Grp -10
Attack +0 Bite 1d3-2, 20x2
Full-Attack +0 Bite 1d3-2, 20x2
Space 2 ˝ ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Special Attacks Rictus (Su)
Special Qualities All Fours, Not Very Too-le, Lapine Skills
Saves Fort +0 Ref +6 Will +2
Abilities Str 6, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 13
Skills I have questions.
Feats Any ideas?
Environment (Temperate) Forest, Doruset Forest
Organization On hold
Challenge Rating 1 ˝?
Treasure Things
Alignment Usually neutral or chaotic, any morality
Advancement TBD; Favored Class Hmm..
Level Adjustment +1

All Fours: A Lapine may use a swift action to increase its base land speed by 10 ft when wearing light or no armor. A Lapine on All Fours cannot use its hands, and may have to drop what it is holding to make the switch. Reverting to two legs is also a swift action.

Lapine Skills: A Lapine’s peculiarities gives it a +4 racial bonus to Listen, Escape Artist, and Tumble checks.

Monstrous Humanoid Traits: As normal, but Darkvision only out to 20 ft.

Not Very Too-le: With their strange anatomy and being a little too smooth and round in the wrong places for equipment to fit them well, any equipment that must be fitted to a Lapine costs as much as it would for a Medium character. However, thanks to its plush fur, a Lapine may sleep in armor at no penalty.

Rictus (Su, Fear, Gaze): Baring its teeth to the fullest as a standard action, a Lapine may force all creatures in a 20-foot cone with line of sight to make a Will save (DC 10+Cha mod+1/2Lapine’s HD). On success, a subject is immune to any further Rictuses unless targetted by a Lapine with at least 3 more HD than the last valid attempt. On failure, a subject is fascinated but may move, albeit only 5 feet per round toward the Lapine. He may make a new save each round at a cumulative -2 penalty. The Rictus shrinks the target's perception to merely that of itself and of the grin; visual stimuli do not entitle the subject to a new save. After the first failure, blocked line of sight or being moved out of range will not end the effect.

If the the subject breaks free, is shaken free, or the Lapine ends the Rictus, the subject is struck by one of the fear conditions, one step worse for each save failed. The statuses are: shaken, frightened, panicked, and cowering.

A Lapine may use the Rictus a number of times per day equal to its Wis mod and maintain it for half that number of rounds each time (minimum 1 for both). While using the Rictus, a Lapine is restricted to 1 move action per round. Ending the Rictus takes a move action. Lapine and Too-le are immune to the Rictus.

Lapine as characters have -4 Str, +6 Dex, and +2 Cha, and all qualities and attacks noted above, LA +1



Too-le grow to 4’6-5’6, their shorter stature testament to the rabbits their creation was inspired by. Their hair is white, soft, and usually straight, but does not cover the entire body. It is longest and thickest at the lower legs, forearms and head, almost disappearing a little past the knees, elbows, and neck. Their legs are usually well developed, good for running and jumping, especially since old rabbit instincts often keep them walking on the balls of their feet. These same instincts leave their attention frayed and unfocused, making them hard to deal with in conversation. They are a jumpy folk with shifting eyes, twitching noses, and, as martially-inclined characters may quickly notice, whipcord muscle beneath their fur. Other than this, they appear quite human, have typical human eye color, and little facial hair

Too-le prefer plain, unadorned clothing, rarely deviating from colors of the forest, though some may favor the vivid tones of different flowers and insects.

Too-le Doruset
Medium Monstrous Humanoid
HD 1d8+1(4 HP)
Speed 40ft. (8 squares)
Init: +1 dex +4 improved init
AC 13 (+1 dex, +2 padded armor and buckler); touch 11; flat-footed 12
BAB +0; Grp +0
Attack +0 Shortspear 1d6, 20x2
Full-Attack +0 Shortspear 1d6, 20x2
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks Powerful Spring
Special Qualities Twitchy
Saves Fort +1 Ref +3 Will +1
Abilities Str 11, Dex 13, Con 10, Int 8, Wis 11, Cha 8
Skills I have questions.
Feats Improved Initiative, Uncanny Dodge
Environment (Temperate) Forest, Doruset Forest
Organization On hold
Challenge Rating 1 ˝?
Treasure Things
Alignment Usually neutral or lawful, and non-evil
Advancement TBD; Favored Class Hmm..
Level Adjustment +1

Feats: As found in PHB

Powerful Spring (Ex): Too-le can quickly gain charging momentum because of their naturally powerful legs. A Too-le need not move more than 10 ft to gain the advantages and penalties of charging, provided he takes an additional -2 penalty to AC to do so. A Too-le may also use Powerful Spring beyond 10 ft, taking this penalty and gaining a +4 bonus on rolls that charging improves on top of the normal +2.

Twitchy (Ex): Too-le begin encounters with an extra move action which may be used immediately after any combatant’s turn and is regained 1d4-1 (minimum 0) rounds after the Too-le’s next turn. Used for movement, it allows only half speed.

Too-le as characters have +2 dex, -2 int, and -2 cha, and all qualities above.


When noting a monster’s skills, do you only note the ones it has ranks in, or also racial and size bonuses? Also ran this through Vorpal Tribble's CR calculator and threw in some guesswork. What do you all think, though? Rictus too complicated/powerful/out of place tacked on a low CR? That's my main concern, but there's plenty more the matter, I'm sure.

EDIT: Too-le added! Special abilities are again my main concern.

Explanation of what "Doruset Forest" is to come.

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Took the plunge and added actual stats for Lapine. Any comments appreciated.

2012-07-28, 06:23 PM
I'd change the fear part of Rictus to just count the number of failed saves, so one failed save makes them shaken, two makes them frightened, etc.

I'd also change its DC to 10+half HD+Cha modifier. This is because a character's good saves increase every 2 levels, while their poor saves increase every 3 levels. If you base the DC off their whole HD, then someone who is meant to be strong-willed steadily gets worse at the save as everyone levels up. And that's just unfair.

2012-07-28, 07:47 PM
Now why didn't I think of either of those? Thanks, I'll change those both.