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2012-07-28, 09:31 PM
The idea of this prestige class is that it is based off of a character in our specific campaign (we all have level adjustments and such) who is a werewolf working for a forgotten deity known as Lupis Nocturn. This deity is slightly insane, chaotic, but very powerful. The deity himself has three forms: one in which he is a Good Werebear, when neutral he is a human, and when evil he is a werewolf lord. This prestige class is supposed to be designed around these three areas: Nature (neutral form), Protection (good), and Destruction (evil). This prestige class is for this character, and is built around the idea that anything not naturally created (such as undead or constructs, or anyone that "corrupts" the wild in his deity's eyes) needs to be destroyed, and this prestige class gives them that power. (A lot of this class is based off of the SkullClan Hunter from the Miniatures Handbook, and classes that destroy undead)

Prerequisites (this still needs some work):
-Worshipper of Lupis Nocturn
-Knowledge of Religion 5 ranks
-Base Attack Bonus +5
-Monster of Legend Template for Lupis Nocturn

HD: d10
Skills: (2+Int)
Class Skills: Diplomacy, Disguise, Intimidate, Jump, Move Silently, Knowledge of (religion, nature), Tumble.

Level BAB Fortitude Reflex Will Class Features
1 1 2 0 2 Divine Strike +1d6, Immunity to disease
2 2 3 1 3 Track the Un-existing
3 3 3 1 3 Speak to Animals, Divine Strike +2d6
4 4 4 1 4 Protection from Good
5 5 4 2 4 Immune to Paralysis, Divine Strike +3d6
6 6/1 5 2 5 Sword of Light
7 7/2 5 2 5 Divine Strike +4d6
8 8/3 6 3 6 Protection from Evil
9 9/4 6 3 6 Immunity to ability damage or drain, Divine Strike +5d6
10 10/5 7 3 7 Truedeath
11 11/6 7 4 7 Awaken Mass , Divine Strike +6d6
12 12/7 8 4 8 Sword of Darkness, Protection from Law
13 13/8 8 4 8 Immune to energy drain, Divine strike +7d6
14 14/9 9 5 9

Divine Strike: An Aspect of Lupis Nocturn gains the ability to strike at undead and deal extra damage to them. At first level this damage is +1d6, and increases by another die every other level to a maximum of +7d6. (The conditions for using this ability or a little shaky, although it could possibly be used like a Paladinís smite ability?)
Track the Un-exisiting: This ability allows the AoLN to track constucts, undead, and anything that does not naturally occur or exist, just as the Rangerís Track ability.
Speak to Animals: An AoLN can speak with all animals at will, as the spell.
Protection from Good: An AoLP gains the ability to create an aura around him that grants him the benefits of the spell protection from good, although he can suppress it as a free action. As he gains in levels, he gains other abilities similar to this although different in alignment, the Aspect can only have one functioning at a time, and it takes a standard action to change them.
Sword of Light: All of the weapons wielded by the AoLN function with the ability to get over any undeadís damage reduction.
Truedeath: Any and all undead killed by an AoLN are forever destroyed.
Awaken, Mass: The AoLN gains the ability to cast this spell as a spell-like ability, usable once per day.
Sword of Darkness: The weapons wielded by an AoLN function with the ability to attack incorporeal undead, such as by the Ghost Touch ability.

**At 7th and 14th level we need an ability that is specific to this class. Basically we want something that has to do with his Werewolf Lord-ness, and either grants him abilities in this or makes him get power from his deity. It could either be an ability that is usable a certain amount of times a day, or one that makes them stronger in some way.

Any thoughts on the power or wimp-iness of this class would be greatly appreciated. We are looking for balance, awesome abilities, and lots of flavor while still granting power.
Thanks for the help!