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2012-07-29, 06:52 PM
Bloodlines as is aren't usually taken unless you know the game isn't going to progress to the point where you have to pay for them.

I propose the following changes to make them worth taking:

>Ability score increases are +2 instead of +1.
>At the bloodline levels you gain the features of the type of the creature for the bloodline level (though you don't gain the actual type or traits). So a strong vampire bloodline would gain a d12 HD, no BAB (yet), a +2 to base will save, and 4+Int skill points to spend at the bloodline level of 3rd. This does not count for the purpose of multiclassing XP penalties.
>Affinity abilities increase caster level (or manifester level etc.) for things with the corresponding descriptors.
>At stronger bloodlines you may choose to halt your progress at each bloodline level (you don't gain any more benefits past the one at that level but you need not take any more bloodline levels).

My Ad Hoc rules for determining descriptors (feel free to use your own):
To determine a descriptor first look for a resistance that is the only one present. Then look for alignment based damage reduction. Then simply adjudicate an element (air, earth, fire, water) except in the case of shape changers who may choose a descriptor (descriptors such as healing, figment, etc. are still descriptors even if they are not listed as such).


Doppelganger-Choose 1
Dragon, Black-Acid
Dragon, Blue-Electricity
Dragon, Brass-Fire
Dragon, Bronze-Electricity
Dragon, Copper-Acid
Dragon, Gold-Fire
Dragon, Green-Acid
Dragon, Red-Fire
Dragon, Silver-Cold
Dragon, White-Cold
Elemental, Air-Air
Elemental, Earth-Earth
Elemental, Fire-Fire
Elemental, Water-Water
Genie, Djinni-Acid
Genie, Efreeti-Fire
Genie, Janni-Air
Cloud Giant-Air
Fire Giant-Fire
Frost Giant-Cold
Hill Giant-Earth
Stone Giant-Earth
Storm Giant-Electricity
Lycanthrope-Choose 1

2012-07-30, 12:37 AM
I think you may be interested in my Bloodlines if you haven't seen them already. Links in my sig. I have very similar views on the matter.