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2012-07-30, 10:01 PM
I am designing a magic item and would be interested in figuring out what a reasonable price is for it.
I figure somewhat cheaper than a pearl of power (the magic item it is based out of) but I'm unsure what'd be good. I suspect about 2/3 of the cost of a Pearl of Power of the highest level that can be cast with it

Echoing Gem

This purple crystal swings from a thin silver chain. As it moves it leaves brief after-images of its trajectory.
1/day on command an echoing gem duplicates the last valid spell cast by its possessor in the last 8 hours. To be valid the spell must be of a particular level or lower, depending on the gem. Spells cast from magic items (such as scrolls, wands, or spell storing items) do not count, with the exception of spells cast out of echoing gems.
The copy of the spell is identical to the original in all respects (that is to say: it is affected by all effects that affected the original casting: all bonuses, metamagic, etc; all numerical values (variable or fixed) are identical to the first casting’s; its shape is identical to the original’s; if the spell allows a choice from multiple effects (such as glyph of warding) those are identical to those of the original casting; if the original spell was cast as a counterspell, the copy is a counterspell) and may not be modified by any means.
Because the copy is an echo of the original spell, it lacks substance and is only half as real as the original casting. Any creature interacting with the copy of the spell is allowed a Will Save (DC Level of Spell+Caster Level+ Grade of Gem (+0 least, +1 lesser, +2 standard, +3 greater, +4 grand)) to disbelieve the effect. If
Spells that deal/heal damage or have a duration longer than instantaneous or one round have normal effects unless the affected creature(s) succeed on a Will Save. Each disbelieving creature takes/heals only half damage from the attack, and spells with a duration longer than 1 round or instantaneous last only half as long. If the disbelieved spell has effects other than damage, those effects are only 50% likely to occur.
Regardless of the result of the save to disbelieve, an affected creature is also allowed any save that the copied spell allows.
Creatures targeted by the copied spell that were targeted by the original gain a +4 bonus on its saving throw to disbelieve.
When copying a spell cast lower the DC of the save to disbelieve by 2.

Echoing gems come in four grades, each one has a maximum level of spell which may be cast through it.
Least: up to level 2 (2,700gp)
Lesser: up to level 4 (10,600gp)
Standard: up to level 6 (24,000gp)
Greater: up to level 8 (42,700gp)
Grand: any (81,000gp)

2012-07-31, 09:51 PM
The Will save to disbelieve is extremely difficult at high levels (due to adding caster level), but very easy at low levels (since you don't even add 10), so it's simply a bad item. If that's fixed (changing it to 10+1.5Xspell level+grade), I'd say that it's got weaknesses not only due to the Will save, but also that it has to be the last eligible spell (which might be weaker than the maximum) and that choices stay the same, so 2/3 an equivalent pearl of power is definitely not too low, and you might even be able to go down to 1/2 an equivalent pearl of power. I'd stick somewhere in the middle, say 60% of an equivalent PoP.

2012-08-01, 02:41 AM
Thanks a bunch.