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2012-07-31, 03:52 PM
Shadowcaster: mystery use is purely Int based.

Allow mysteries to be researched, like a wizard would research spells. Mysteries gained through research do not count towards bonus feats.

Truenamer: utterances are purely Int based.

law of sequence only applies to a single target (you can't hit a single ally with 2 words of nurturing at a time, but you can give it to 2 different allies, and then reverse one on an enemy while the first 2 are still going).

DCs to use an utterance are 15+HD of the target creature, 20+CL (if any) of the target object, and 25+CL (if any) of the target location. a perfected map utterance that affects creatures or objects in the area (such as by dealing energy damage) uses the highest HD or CL of the affected targets, +2 per affected target, instead.

allow utterances to be researched, like a wizard researches spells. a truenamer can only take published utterances by gaining levels, but can research spells as utterances.

to convert a spell into an utterance, change the following:
casting time becomes 1 standard action
range becomes 60 ft.
duration becomes 5 rounds if the spell has a duration measured in increments of rounds or minutes, or 1 minute if the spell has a duration measured in increments of 10 minutes or larger. instantaneous spells remain the same.
no material or focus components.
spells must be combined into an utterance and it's reverse for evolving mind utterances.
utterances have a level equal to their spell level for evolving mind lexicon, level -2 for crafted tool lexicon, and level -4 for perfected map lexicon. if this would give a result lower than 1, or higher than the maximum level of that lexicon, then the spell can't be converted.

using a personal truename in an utterance increases the save DC by 2, increases the maximum range to long (400 ft. + 40 ft. per CL), and automatically bypasses spell resistance.

so, what do you think? the shadowcaster already had the power it needs, so i just added in a bit more versatility (and fixed the MAD caster issue, which i hate), since it can now pick up a wider variety of mysteries.

the truenamer is where most of this goes. he can now safely function without custom items and item familiars, at least, thanks to the more reasonable DCs. unless, of course, he's attempting to toss around heavily meta-ed utterances at a GW dragon or the tarrasque at the end of a long day (the idiot). plus, with a little gold and time investment, he can pad his repertoire of utterances with some converted spells. hint: pick close range, short duration stuff with expensive material or focus components and long casting times. you'll actually come out ahead this way. I'm already thinking raise dead/slay living as a 5th level evolving mind utterance.

2012-08-01, 08:26 AM
:smallconfused: Did you just let the truenamer cast spontaneously from every spell list in the game (sorta)? I suppose the inability to cast higher or (for some reason) lower level spells is a balancing factor but you're still treading on dangerous ground here.

Also, the adjustment to the evolving mind DCs is inconsistent at best.Things like animals often have HD equal to twice their CR or more while outsiders have HD close to their CR. Should a CR 8 tyrannosaurus really be harder to affect than a CR 16 Planetar?

2012-08-02, 10:26 AM
@ every spell ever. researching spells is strictly DM's call, by RAW. the point was that with some DM discretion, you could add in some variety to the truenamer. you still have to spend 1 week and 1,000 gp per level to get a new utterance, since levels and feats only get you the published utterances.

@HD causing high checks. then use utterances that don't target the creature directly. that's sort of like a wizard fighting a golem. they have to get a bit strategic, but they still have options.