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2012-08-01, 04:56 AM
So yeah, this here's a thread for those things that just feel like you're cheating, but that are totally legal and that you love ever so much. You know what I'm talking about =3

So, for an example, I play a Dex fighter Bard in Pathfinder Society. Currently has a +7 to hit normally at lvl 4. I can bump that up to a +11 when I Battle Dance (Dawnflower Dervish) and Rage (Urban Barbarian lets me dump my Rage into my Dex). So there's been instances when another player is like:

Caster: "Yeah, I give Amalee Haste and move into flanking position."
Me: "I attack with my Scimitar." *Rolls* "I get a....4." *Does some quick math* "Does an 18 hit?"
DM: *Sigh* "Yes."

Also, similar for my Perform skill. +13 Mod, rolled a 1 to deal with difficult terrain. The DM pretty much hand waved any further checks on my part. :smallbiggrin:

2012-08-01, 11:08 AM
A lot of the little tricks that my players and I pull off with our characters severly inhibit their abilities in some other way, but they're still fun to use.

I had a 4e dwarf paladin that could heal himself 6 times in a single battle once a day and twice per battle for the rest of the day. He had magic armor that let him spend a healing surge as a daily power, 3 daily uses of lay on hands, his second wind, and the virtue utility power, which are all minor actions. He also had a feat from Divine Power that granted him resist 5 to all damage for one round after spending a healing surge. He was tanking over 100 points of damage per day in a three man party by level 3, as I recall.

A friend of mine currently has an orc barbarian in Pathfinder that let's him apply two separate types of DR against the same attack. He has the invulnerable rager archetype which grants DR/- equal to half his class levels against lethal damage and double that DR against nonlethal damage. He also has the guarded life rage power which converts a number of points of lethal damage equal to his class level to nonlethal damage when the lethal damage would knock him to a number below 0. This gives him triple his normal DR when he's around 0 hit points. He also has a feat and some other ability that gives him a full round of actions when at negative hit points and allows him to automatically stabilize when at negative hit points. This barbarian is harder to kill at negative hit points than he is at positive!

2012-08-01, 11:35 AM
My 3.5 rogue once dodged an exploding arrow that was stuck in her chest. The bandit hit my AC and I took the arrow damage, but I made my reflex save and evaded the explosion damage. The Mage standing next to me was not so lucky. I role played it as me pulling the arrow out and throwing it at him in panic. :smallbiggrin:

Gnomish Wanderer
2012-08-01, 11:45 AM
Troll: 11 Body, 10 Strength. :smallcool:

2012-08-01, 11:46 AM
I have a Gnome Cleric of Torag that's been nicknamed the 'Iron Gnome' (or 'tin can'...) and the following exchange happened when he was level 4.

Me: I open the door and walk through.

GM: Ok, *rolls* I'm guessing a 28 hits your flatfooted... and a nat 20 to confirm for... *Begins to roll crit damage*

Me: No.

GM: What?

Me: It doesn't hit, I have 30 AC. :smallbiggrin:

GM: Flatfooted?!?

Me: Eeyup. :smallbiggrin:

GM: ?!? Ok then... So a deadly looking blade trap flies out of the wall and harmlessly bounces off the walking tin can.

Me: I continue walking as if nothing happened.

Now that the character is higher level, it's also great when things that can hit most of your party members on an arbitrarily low roll need a natural 20 just to hit you.

2012-08-01, 01:25 PM
Played a rogue-type in a D&D homebrew (D&D in the bottom but homebrew classes etc.) who started at lvl 1 with 18 DEX, by level 10 she had about 30 DEX and the DM had stopped even checking if it hit unless it was a nat 20.
Also Improved Invasion and Improved Uncanny Dodge are great fun at that point. :D
Lousy HP though.... which the fighter-type always made fun of. "Some of us train to be able to take a hit, others are smart enough to duck."

2012-08-01, 04:16 PM
Troll: 11 Body, 10 Strength. :smallcool:

Shadowrun, I'm guessing? (If it's not d20, you should at least mention the system name.)

For those who don't know Shadowrun, that's a system where normal human stats run in the 1-6 range. This character sounds like a walking bulldozer.

2012-08-01, 11:10 PM
Not incredibly broken, but greatly satisfying. I built a sickle-wielding warlock who specialized in tripping people. Loved how it was possible for my spellcaster to trip the party fighter even if he rolled a 20 in opposition.

Even more satisfying was the fact that I could AoO and then Hideous Blow my prone opponent, and repeat it the next round.

byaku rai
2012-08-01, 11:19 PM
I once had a character who could crit for ~120 damage on a 17-20. It was nice, especially since we spent most of that campaign fighting devils. I.e. some of the few creatures /not/ immune to crits. >.>

My current character is an awakened housecat with 18 DEX, 20 INT, and 20 WIS. It's... nice.

Gnomish Wanderer
2012-08-01, 11:26 PM
Shadowrun, I'm guessing? (If it's not d20, you should at least mention the system name.)

For those who don't know Shadowrun, that's a system where normal human stats run in the 1-6 range. This character sounds like a walking bulldozer.
Quite, 'twas Shadowrun. I left it vague because I figured the curious would ask and leave it as an inside joke for the fans.

The 11 Body, 10 Strength is the maximum for trolls. As he said a human's maximum at all traits is 6, so Trolls can get up there if you invest all the points right at the cost of some things.

I used to play more frail elves or sweet timid dwarves before I tried my first troll. She was awesome, literally tore arms off of other races on several occasions. I miss my adventures with her.

2012-08-02, 01:09 AM
One time we were playing a game of 3.0 and I was playing a Weapon Finesse Elven fighter. It was pretty fun and we had a good time, but the DM threw this ridiculous encounter at us. We had found the Deck of Many Things, so there was some ridiculousness. Anyway, we go into this tavern and run into these twins who each have these ridiculously long claws in place of fingers. With an attack style I can only now assume was inspired by spirit fingers or jazz hands (can't be sure), they got an attack with each one of these finger claws each round, so ten attacks.

We were close to level twenty at this point and my character was...okay, but not super great. But the DM let me use some ridiculous homebrew feats he found online somewhere that made my critical threat range on my weapon 11-20. This was kind of all I had going for me because I think I was an elven courtblade from Races of the Wild and I had a strength score of...16, if I was lucky? But the group of ridiculous homebrew feats also made improved critical work on a few other weapons, like the 3.0 version of vorpal rapier that I found. The rest of our party consisted of a half dragon monk that was ALL strength and nothing else, really, a Kineticist psion, and...I don't remember what the other was, but presumably something somewhat beefy.

Anyway, we enter this bar and find these ladies. They were looking for us to try and kill us, but didn't know what we looked like. So someone picks a fight and we start fighting, but I roll terribly in initiative. I miss with my attacks that first round (I had 4 because I was like level 19). Before my second turn, we're in bad shape. Myself and the monk are almost dead and the psion had to flee. I realize that if I would have gotten to attack first and had hit, I possibly could have killed one outright with my vorpal rapier (which somehow worked despite doing piercing damage). And then, right as my turn came up, I remembered that I got more than the vorpal rapier from the Deck of Many Things. It also gave me the Mulligan one. The one that lets you avoid a situation (I got it some other times with that DM, which almost made up for me never once getting any experience from the Deck) so I decide to avoid the situation of going into the bar.

Now, let me just say that the DM was pretty lenient with this ability, as he ran challenging games. I had used it another time with another character to force a Mithral Golem to reroll an attack that was a critical on me. It saved me in that fight. This time, he allowed us to rewind to before we entered the bar and we all remembered our losing battle. This time, I just tell them to stay put, as I had mostly been just using my heavily enchanted courtblade and no one remembered the rapier (I hadn't been using it because I didn't realize the differences between editions where vorpal was concerned.)

So this time, I tell them to wait out here for a minute. That I'll go and take care of it. I walked into the bar and straight up the the twins, standing right behind them. I pinched one of them on the butt and asked "Did it hurt so good?" and then she turned around and clawed me in the surprise round, I think with at least a couple of her claws, but I managed to survive. Then we roll initiative and I luckily got to go first. My first attack misses, and I'm panicking a little. Maybe this was a dumb idea, after all. But then, the second one, I roll like an 18. Way above what I needed. Then I confirm and off with her head.

The next round, she shredded me to ribbons, but the others came in and ended up using a grappling red half-dragon and clever use of control flame to basically hold her in a five foot square with all the fire of a burning in directed on her.

Even only getting half experience from having dyed, I still got like two and a half levels because the party level was so damn skewed because of the deck.

2012-08-02, 08:59 AM
11 body on a Shadowrun character? Did he have all the bioware?