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Doctors, Clerics, and the like focus on restoring a body to its natural state. Lifesewers, however, go further. They treat Life like energy, and simply shift it from one place to another. One pursues this class because they are fascinated with Life. However, doing so has a hefty cost. Many have died in the journey of this class. You may as well...

Class Skills:
Lifesewer(and the key ability for each skill) are: Concentration (Con), Heal (Wis), Knowledge (Basic Anatomy) (Int), Knowledge (Human Anatomy) (Int), Profession (Healer) (Int), Survival (Wis), Skill points: (4 + Int Mod) x 4 at 1st level

Alignment: Any-lawful. The Lifesewer believes in the inherent structure in life, and thereby must live by that belief. They can be good or evil, harming their enemies to heal their allies, or harming their allies to heal themselves. Whatever the cause, they have free will, and can practice how they choose, or how those around with power them allow them to.
Hit Dice: d8
{table]Level|BAB|Ref Save|Fort Save|Will Save|Special|Life Pool
1st|+0|+0|+2|+0|Life Pool, Lifesewing|6
3rd|+1|+1|+3|+1|Life Shield|18
5th|+2|+1|+4|+1|Life Blade|30
6th|+3|+2|+5|+2|Remove Disease|36
8th|+4|+2|+6|+2|Life Blade +1, |48
10th|+5|+3|+7|+3|Life Bond|60
11th|+5|+3|+7|+3|Life Blade +2|66
14th|+7/+2|+4|+9|+4|Life Blade +2|84
15th|+7/+2|+5|+9|+5|My Life is the Link to Yours|90
17th|+8/+3|+5|+10|+5|Life Blade +3|102
20th|+10/+5/+1 |+6|+12|+6|Life Blade +5, Pure Essence|120[/table]

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: The Lifesewer is proficient with all simple weapons, and up to Heavy armor.

Life Pool (SU): The energy of the beings that live in the world is the currency of the Lifesewers, and this currency is stored in their body as a Life pool. The maximum amount of Life energy that a Lifesewer can store is listed on the table above. The way a Lifesewer charges their Life Pool is through their unique talent, Lifesewing. The points in the Life Pool are never lost due to time. This energy shall be referred to as Life Points, or LP

Lifesewing (SU): The main tool of a Lifesewer is their name sake, Lifesewing. As a standard action, a Lifesewer can make a melee touch attack against an opponent, dealing damage equal to his Heal skill modifier. Any damage dealt this way is immediately stored into the Lifesewers Life Pool. Any converted damage that would go above the Lifepool cap is lost. The Lifesewer can use LP to heal allies. By using a standard action, a Lifesewer can heal an adjacent ally points equal to any amount currently in his Life Pool, but this is a taxing process. By doing so, he is sickened for a number of rounds equal to his ½ the points healed, rounded down. Multiple uses while sickened simply extend the length of the sickening to the new value, or the old value, whichever is longer. At later levels, he grows adjusted to the process, thereby making it less stressful upon him. At level 8, it is reduced to 1/3, rounded down. At level 15, it is reduced to ¼, rounded down. If he heals them for more than ½ of his total Lifepool, he takes 1 point of temporary Con for one minute instead. If this loss of Con causes the Lifesewer’s Maximum HP to decrease, he must make a Fortitude save (10 + character level), or be Dazed for 1 round. If he uses this ability on himself, he is sickened for the regular amount.

Life Shield (SU): Once per round, the Life Sewer can expend LP to gain a iridescent shield of Life Energy around him. For every 3 points of LP expended, the Lifesewer gains 1 temporary hit points. These hit points last until an extended rest is taken, or they are removed due to damage. These temporary hit points stack with others.

Life Blade (SU): The Lifesewer has adjusted to the power they channel, and have found a way to control it, making them more menacing in battle, but at great personal risk. By expending a number of points equal to one quarter his maximum Life Pool value, he can create a Life blade. This is a move action. The weapon is considered a Masterwork one-handed Martial Weapon the Lifesewer is Proficient with, and as such can be affected by feats (Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, etc…) It deals 1d8 damage on a hit, and has a critical strike threat of 19-20/X2. The Life Blade appears as a Longsword, though it glows green, shedding light in a 10 foot radius. In addition, the Lifesewer can reverse the Lifepool’s power through it. Upon making a successful attack against an opponent with the Life Blade, the Lifesewer can deal damage to himself and the target equal to any amount from his Life Pool.
The blade gains a increasing +1 bonus to it every 3 levels (+1 at 8, +2 at 11, +3 at 14, +4 at 17, +5 at 20)

Remove Disease (SU): The Lifesewer can heal people as the Remove Disease spell, caster level equal to his own, at a cost of 12 life points.

Life Bond (SU): At Level 10, the Lifesewer can link his life to his companions. Doing so takes 1 hour of contemplation with each ally (up to a maximum number equaling his Con modifier), and connects their Life forces. If that ally would be brought to negative hit points or below, the Lifesewer can use a swift action to take the damage from the attack upon himself. The damage he can take is limited to his current Life Pool points. If he wishes to take the damage, he must also expend Life Pool points equal to the damage he would take. He cannot use this ability if he has no Life Pool points.

Regenerate (SU): The life sewer can now use his life energy to heal those around him, as the Regenerate spell, caster level equal to Life Sewer level. This costs 38 LP to use.

My Life is the Link to Yours (SU): The Lifesewer is now so attuned with the energy he wields, he can restore it to those who have lost it. Once per day, as a full-round action, the Life-sewer can restore to life any creature that has died within the hour. Doing so takes points from his blood pool equal to the creature’s level x 2, and the Lifesewer is sickened for one hour following. The creature is raised as the Raise Dead spell, and as such loses 1 level or 2 points of Con, if the creature was level 1.

Pure Essence (EX): At level 20, the Lifesewer is at the pinnacle of his power. When using his Life Pool through is Life Blade to hurt an enemy, he only takes ½ the damage dealt. He gains a +2 inherent bonus to his Constitution.
He is also gains Blindsense out to 100 ft. This allows him to pinpoint the presence of living creatures, but does not negate the miss chance against creatures that have cover.
Once per day, when the Lifesewer would be reduced to negative hitpoints, he can as an immediate action expend all points in his lifepool to heal himself as his Lifesewer ability.
The Lifesewer also stops aging, though still experiences all the effects of aging they already had before reaching Level 20.

2012-08-03, 10:05 AM
There is a lot of dead levels, I think. Furthermore, you are suppose to go in melee with light armor and nothing bumping your AC? Dangerous at the very least.

You need more versatility, I think, too.

Does your blade improve over time?

Also, why lawful only? Life (and nature) being considered neutral, shouldn't it be neutral?

You may profit from more class skills, too.

2012-08-03, 11:28 AM
I think this class is thematically pretty cool, but there are a few numbers issues, I think. For instance, the Fortitude check to avoid being dazed from spending more than half of their life pool at once is trivially easy at 1st level (from pretty much can't fail to won't fail at least 3/4 of the time) to pretty much impossible at 20th level (DC 60 Fortitude check minimum). The other issue is that they're trying to be healers in combat and will be vastly outpaced by the damage done to the party. Also, since their AC will be quite low, perhaps letting them use points gained past their pool limit to heal themselves immediately will help at least a little?

Mithril Leaf
2012-08-03, 12:44 PM
Additionally, the whole, deal your heal modifier in damage with a melee touch attack. We are aware of how trivial it is to bump skill checks, right? As written, it's better than force damage. You get a free wrathful healing enchantment on a melee touch. With damage based on your heal skill. Think about that.

2012-08-04, 01:43 AM
To all of you, thank you for your comments. I REALLY didn't think out the AC/Fort check issues for this class... What I'm afraid of is this class turning into a 'touch of death with no save' class.
So, ideas:

Using Lifepool to gain temporary AC:
Should it be a 1-1 ratio, or a higher one, making it a harder skill to use?
Or should it be a passive type deal, like give up 5 points of LP for the encounter to gain 1 ac?

The Whole 'Better than Force damage' thing:
I get that he can just beat the living crap out of a creature.
I just was unsure of how to make him able to do damage with his lifepool with his Life weapon. The 'you take damage equal to bonus damage' was intended as a deterrent to this. Suggestions?

The 'Blade improvement' You are right, it should become better as you progress, or else it's just useless.
Incorporating that.

As for the alignment thing, I made it lawful because it is a change in energy that is VERY structured. The usage of life is base upon the theory that there is something to be restored. If you disagree, please, let me know.

Also, suggestions on how to use this when fighting Undead?
Should I make him able to channel Negative energy as well? Or just treat this as Cure something Wounds?

2012-08-04, 02:45 AM
May I suggest renaming this to life-stitcher? My first thought when I read the name was that this class had something to do with drains :smallconfused:

2012-08-04, 01:17 PM
Remove Disease. Doing so costs Life Pool points equal to the level of the creature x 2.
I consider this as poor design.

Remove Disease should be a class feature of its own. A 12 life points cost seems appropriate, considering the level it will be used.

At later levels, he grows adjusted to the process, thereby making it less stressful upon him. At level 8, it is reduced to 1/3, rounded down. At level 15, it is reduced to ¼, rounded down.
It should be written on the table.

If he heals them for more than ½ the amount currently in his Lifepool, he takes 1 point of temporary Con for one minute instead. If this loss of Con causes the Lifesewer’s Maximum HP to decrease, he must make a Fortitude save (DC = Damage healed), or be Dazed for 3 rounds. If he uses this ability on himself, he is sickened for the regular amount, but only heals for ½ the amount.
I consider Con damage strictly better than the sickened condition. Maximum hit points are always likely to decrease, at least half the time. Dazed for 3 rounds is a lot. Finally, I think healing himself should be, at the very least, as effective as on someone else.

1/2 of the current Lifepool is sure to happen if the character has only 2 points remaining. This may very well be the case at first level. Because it is better to loose Con than to be sickened, this is another class that becomes less effective at he gains level.