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2012-08-03, 10:14 PM
I was trawling through the forums, when I came across a thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=251395) discussing the importance (or lack there of) of the cheap spell components listed with most spells. While attempting to offer some suggestions, I recalled something I had seen once on the SRD: an alternate metamagic variant (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/magic/metamagicComponents.htm) that used specialized spell-components to replace the spell-level increase that metamagic usually exacted.

I suspect this variant is rather unpopular, since I've never seen it actually used or even discussed anywhere. Each special component is very specific, and only works with a certain spell to give it a particular effect. And most full-caster classes can get easy enough access to metamagic reducers that they don't need to spend gold every time they want to cast a spell.
But I also remembered another thread that crossed through the forums a little while back: NeoSeraphi posted some suggestions for reducing metamagic modifiers (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=246415) for half-caster classes (paladins, rangers, bard, etc) who where locked out of most metamagic because of their limited spell slots.

Getting to the point, finally, I was thinking that maybe we could combine the two concepts: have some sort of fairly standardized consumable item that could be used in place of metamagic feats. This would have two advantage: it allows half-casters to have metamagic to their spells, even with limited spell slots. And it saves them from having to spend a bunch of their limited number of feats.
I decided to call these items "charms".

They weigh about as much as a standard gold piece (and could be mistaken for coins by the ignorant), but are slightly larger and thinner. It's impossible to tell exactly what metal they are made from, but they shimmer slightly with a variety of colors, especially when viewed at an angle. Each charm is stamped front and back with a symbol that shows that metamagic effect it is linked to, and each charm looks identical to others of the same type.

Using a charm when you cast a spell is a free action; the charm must be either touching your body, or held in your hand. A clever adventurer might devise some way of holding a charm in his mouth, stuffing it down his boots, or tying it to his sword-hilt for easy access. (basically, anything except for being stored in a pouch or backpack) The spell is cast as a normal spell plus the metamagic effect would be, and then the charm vanishes in a small puff of multi-colored sparkles. For the sake of preventing shenanigans, I'm probably going to say these should be limited to only being used one-per-spell. I haven't decided if it would be a good idea to also make them preclude any other metamagic effects (that probably depends on if I can think of a way to keep them out of the hands of full-casters, which seems unlikely).

Now, from here there are a couple different options: I've always favored the DM having a tighter control over loot, so if I put these in a game, I would probably distribute them as part of the treasure, and have them impossible to craft and only available for sale in limited quantities. Also, I am aware that some groups enjoy the magic-mart type of setting, and I want to be as inclusive as possible.
One of the things I'm stuck on, however, is that I would like to work out a list of suggested prices so we can know approimately what any number of charms is worth. And I have absolutely no idea where to start hunting for that sweet spot.

So here's what I've got:

Charmed Metamagic
Prerequisite: must be able to cast spells
Benefit: You can use specially enchanted charms to apply metamagic effects when you cast spells, in place of regular metamagic feats.

{table=head]Charm|Metamagic Replacement|Cost

Augmentation Charm|Empower Spell|

Doubling Charm|Twinned Spell|

Enduring Charm|Persist Spell|

Lingering Charm|Extend Spell

Magnifying Charm|Widen Spell|

Noiseless Charm|Silent Spell|

Quickening Charm|Quicken Spell|

Placid Charm|Still Spell|

Ranged Charm|Enlarge Spell|

Zenith Charm|Maximize Spell

Any thoughts you would like to offer would be greatly appreciated. And let me know about any metamagic feats I missed.

Edit: I know there are more in Complete Arcane, I'll go through it tomorrow though; now it's time for sleep.