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Welcome to the game! I'll be using this first post as a clearinghouse for information about the game. I'm a little busy today so I probably won't get the IC thread up until tomorrow. Come in, choose a speech color and chat amongst yourselves.

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Also, please repost all relevant character information in this thread.

"What once was lost may yet be found,
What pride has slain let love renew,
A dream of all, within it bound,
What once was lost may yet be found."
- Llsevele's Call, sung on the day the Srinshee returned the Crown Blade.

Kahvoerm united the People into one,
Arcaror into Cormanthor, and the People sang.

Sakrattars broke shield and spear against the Twisted Tower,
fell so others may live, and the People sang.

Sinaht fought a battle fought once before,
the Twisted Tower stood, and the People sang.

Miirphys built the temple to Sehanine,
imprisoned the Trio Nefarious, and the People sang.

Tannivh finished what had not been done before,
the Twisted Tower fell, and the People sang.

Eltargrim stood side by side with elf and dwarf and man,
the Warblade was lost to the Drow, and the People sang.

Aravae died before she could wield the Crown,
Myth Drannor fell, and the People sang.
- The Line of Irithyl

The Elves rule once again in Myth Drannor and the Crownblade has been returned. Cormanthyr has a second chance at fulfilling Coronal Oacenth's prophecy, yet there are many threats to the recovering Elven nation.

The mythal lays dormant, the seeds of high magic lost when Evereska burned. The Artblade and Warblade are still missing and the Drow are not content to go back to their caves. Long shadows fall on Cormanthyr from returned Netheril and their ally Cormyr is in civil war with two kings claiming the throne.

His dream may die a second time, but the Elves will not be cowed into surrender. Myth Drannor is theirs by birthright and blood paid; it will not be taken again.

Abbreviated Timeline
1371 DR. Year of the Unstrung Harp.

A red dragon leads an army of orcs and goblins and despoils much of Cormyr. The dragon and King Azoun IV slay each other in battle, leavin an infant heir on Cormyr's throne.

Evermeet, Island of Elves, is nearly destroyed by a sneak attack of rebel elves and drow. The twin spires of the Towers of the Sun and Moon are destroyed. Elvish High Magic is lost.

The Harpers divide into factions because of the departure of Khelben the Blackstaff.

The League of the Silver Marches is formed by High Lady Alustriel of Silverymoon.

1372 DR. Year of Wild Magic.

During Hammer the ancient floating city of Shade appears over the Anauroch, as the archwizards of Netheril return to Faerûn.

On Midwinter night, the god Bane returns to Faerûn, bursting forth from the skin of Iyachtu Xvim. With his divinity restored Bane quickly gains the portfolio of fear, restoring him to a Greater Power

In the waning months of the year Lloth falls silent, denying the Spider Queen's priestesses their spells.

Evereska is besieged by horders of phaerimm and their thralls.

1374 DR. Year of Lightning Storms.

The daemonfey Sraya Dlardrageth frees the fey'ri imprisoned within the Nameless Dungeon. Her army of orcs, ogres, and fey'ri is defeated by the elves of the High Forest and forces from Evereska, Evermeet, and Silverymoon.

The crusading army of Evermeet combined with the forces of Sembia and the Dalelands defeat the Fey'ri legion and retake the city of Myth Drannor in the name of the Elves.

1375 DR. Year of Risen Elfkin.

Halaster Blackcloak dies amidst earthquakes in Waterdeep and his soul is shattered into hundreds of fragments.

Vhaeraun is killed by his sister, Eilistraee, when he attempts to enter her realm and assassinate her, in the process granting his portfolio to her.

The same adventurers who led the rebellion against the Zhents in Shadowdale foil a plot by the shadovar to obtain a copy of the Nether Scrolls.

1376 DR. Year of the Bent Blade.

House Jaelre and Clan Auzkovyn are routed from the Elven Court by the forces of Myth Drannor.

The Zhentarim conclude the war with Myth Drannor. A negotiated peace treaty between Fzoul Chembryl and Ilsevele Miritar leaves the forest to the elves, the lands north of Hillsfar and Dagger Falls and the rule of the Zhentarim, and gives the Black Network free passage along the Moonsea Ride and Rauthauvar's Road.

1377 DR. Year of the Haunting.

The Srinshee returns to Myth Drannor and offers Ilsevele Miritar the Rulers' Blade. Ilsevele humbly accepts it and takes the title of Coronal.

Source: The Grand History of the Realms.

Elven Language references. Candlekeep (http://www.candlekeep.com/library/articles/diction_elf.htm). Forgotten Realms Wiki (http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Elven_dictionary).
Dwarven Language references. Dwarven Dictionary (http://www.angelfire.com/pro/demon_1/dwarven_to_common_dictionary.htm) (Scottish Gaelic), English to Scottish Gaelic (http://www.majstro.com/Web/Majstro/home.php?gebrTaal=eng)

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Sydil will speak in navy.

Prepared Spells
Level 0

Create Water
Detect Magic


Domain Slot: Acid Splash
Arcane Mark
Dancing Lights
Ghost Sound

Level 1

Healing Lorecall
Obscuring Mist
Omen of Peril


Domain Slot: Mage Armor
Benign Transposition
Disguise Self
Endure Elements
Floating Disk
Magic Aura
Ray of Enfeeblement
Silent Image
Unseen Servant

Level 2

Divine Insight
Lesser Restoration
Wind Wall


Domain Slot: Web
Gust of Wind
See Invisibility
(Left Unprepared)

Level 3

Magic Vestment
Remove Curse


Domain Slot: Stinking Cloud
Control Temperature
Gaseous Form
Great Thunderclap
Major Image

Level 4

Control Water
Freedom of Movement
Greater Blindsight
(Left Unprepared)


Domain Slot: Summon Monster IV
Assay Spell Resistance
Dimension Door
Greater Invisibility
Greater Mirror Image
Magic Missile (Quickened)
Shadow Conjuration

Level 5

Control Winds
Greater Magic Weapon (Chained)
Greater Stone Shape
Surge of Fortune


Domain Slot: Web (Quickened)
Doom Scarabs (Empowered)
Greater Blink
Orb of Fire (Ocular)
(Left Unprepared)

Level 6

Greater Dispel Magic
Find the Path
Word of Recall


Domain Slot: Summon Monster IV (Repeated)
Moonbow (Empowered)
Move Earth
Ruby Ray of Reversal
Superior Resistance

Level 7

Control Weather
Master Earth
Wall of Salt (Quickened)


Domain Slot: Summon Monster VII
Energy Immunity
Greater Shadow Conjuration
Greater Teleport

Level 8

Arc of Lightning (Empowered, Quickened)


Domain Slot: Wall of Stone (Quickened)
Mind Blank
Moment of Prescience
Polymorph Any Object

Character Details:
Important Elements

While Sydil has the pale and ethereal features of a moon elf, she is in fact a szarkai, an albino drow. She spent years being trained for the task of infiltrating surface elf society, and has spent over fifty years of her life living among them in deep cover. As far as she knows, no one but her drow masters are aware of her secret.

Due to a variety of factors, from her basic nature to the fear and submissive loyalty her trainers attempted to instill in her, Sydil is a very quiet and meek person. She is content to watch and listen, and more hesitant to act unless it is truly needed. This has helped her hide her identity across the years.

There are few who have mastered magic as completely as Sydil has. Armed with labyrinthine arcane and esoteric knowledge, Sydil commands wizardry and divine powers with equal ease. Despite her tendency to back away from the spotlight, she is well known for her capabilities.

While Sydil typically turns her magic to the restoration and regrowth of Myth Drannor, she is equally powerful on the battlefield. When she is needed, Sydil is capable of completely altering the face of battle, raising ramparts from nothing and sending deadly evocations to destroy the enemy. She is not officially counted among the forces of the newly risen city, but has worked with them with surprising frequency. When a skilled spellcaster is needed, the military often turns to Sydil.

Because of her power and acclaim, numerous factions and organizations vie for Sydil's attention and participation. If she accepted any of their offers, she would surely have much to gain, and would swiftly rise in the ranks... but it would also put more scrutiny on her, both from opposing factions and her own. Due to the secrets she needs to keep, Sydil has avoided such alliances so far.


Though she would never dare voice the goal, Sydil dreams of finding and wielding the lost Artblade. Everything she knows about the blade and herself tells her it is foolish and impossible, but nonetheless, she wishes it could happen. She has sometimes idly researched into ways to accomplish the task, and other times searched for hints to its location, but she has never really devoted herself to the possibility. Yet, if she saw a real chance to find and claim it, she would pursue it with unusual fervor.

Sydil needs to be able to confront her past. She dreads it and wishes to ignore it as long as possible, but the cogs of fate are moving, and she will undoubtedly be moved with them. Either her real identity will be discovered, or her masters will command her to move forward with her mission- either way, this facet of her cannot be kept secret and avoided forever.


While Sydil is in theory a drow agent, she has spent so long among the surface elves that she has a great deal of doubt and unease about her role. She has gained more friends and ties among the citizens of the newly formed Myth Drannor than she ever had among the drow, and without them nearby to command and reinforce her loyalty, it has waned and nearly died completely. Yet the drow are thorough and ruthless, and she is sure they have some way to keep her in line or eliminate her if they need to. When the time comes to take up her role, Sydil is unsure what she will do.

The military of Myth Drannor is heavily considering drawing Sydil further into their confidence and offering her an official rank, something Sydil's drow superiors greatly desire. However, the military is cautious, and will certainly investigate Sydil further before deciding how to proceed. They might discover her secret if Sydil isn't careful- but if they don't, the drow will push Sydil to betray them.


Hezail is Sydil's sister, and is in many ways her opposite. A proud and dark skinned drow, Hezail relishes the tests her society throws at her, and has always overcome them and grown stronger as a result. Yet, Hezail is revolutionary in her own ways. While she has some distaste towards the surface elves, she does not understand the xenophobic hatred towards them. She further has no care for Lolth, though she keeps that a careful secret. A strong warrior who wields divine magic in combat, Hezail believes the drow should turn to their own interests, investing further in their strength and putting their power towards claiming more of the Underdark. Despite their differences and the many years since they have seen each other, Hezail cares about her sister and wants to bring her home.

An officer among the elven military of Myth Drannor, Celidae is a trained and capable strategist, as well as an excellent knight. She has worked with Sydil numerous times across the years, and is usually the one to request her aid when it is needed. Celidae is far more outgoing and gregarious than Sydil, and occasionally makes attempts to drag Sydil into the life of things. While Celidae is a close friend of Sydil, she is devoted to the protection of her people and country and might well choose her duty over her friend if Sydil's true nature came to light.

Sydil is not sure what to think of August Elmbrow, but he is definitely a notable person in her life. An acclaimed sun elf archmage who served once as her tutor and is now her peer, he drifts between being a rival, coworker, and friend with incredibly fluidity. Endlessly curious and devoted to research, August has made many magical advancements, even if the majority of his experiments are fruitless. Failure never dampens his confidence or enthusiasm however, for he knows there are far more things that can be attempted than can actually succeed.

Distinctive Elements

Sydil can still remember one of the first nights she spent outside, and remembers watching the moonlight trickle through the forest canopy. She could feel the open world around her, but the ground beneath anchored her like roots so she could not drift away. The possibilities before her were terrifying and liberating, while the landscape was new and beautiful.

"There aren't many people a person can trust. But you can trust family." This advice was given to Sydil by her sister Hezail, and she still remembers it. Hezail is the only person Sydil knows that she can trust with the full truth and can be open with.

The lingering uncertainty and dread of when her orders will come has always clung to Sydil, but she has never received any commands or direction. Those times where she can forget it and set it all aside are rare and precious moments to her.

2012-08-07, 11:59 AM
Mithranix the Brightstar (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=427157)

A tall and powerfully built elven warrior. He has bright burnished coppery hair pulled back into a servicable top knot. His eyes are a deep green, that seem alight with a constant joke. Mithranix's armor is ancient beyond words, the fine mithril links are supple and subtle enought to be worn beneath his clothing, though he normally chooses to wear the armor proudly. His arms are equally old, the rapier, bow, shield and armor having all belonged to his blade guide many centuries past.

Jovial and quick to smile, Mithranix is a friend to many and an enemy to few. He is a true believer in the dream of cormanthor and a firm supporter of the Coronal. His blade guide has tempered the brashness that once permeated much of his personality, he is far more likely to think things through and plan an attack.

Many a Crusader from Evermeet calls him friend and blood brother.

Flewdourian Flamioan, a elven illusionist of some power. A childhood friend and early adventuring companion

Harold Blacktooth, a a half elven reaver and barbarian retired from active reaving..he hired Mithranix many years ago, they have been friends for nearly 70 years.

Stumpy Stoneheart, Dwarven innkeep in Waterdeep. and former adventuring companion, a fighter of great skill.

Delayna the Jaderose, a seamstress in Evermeet that has stolen his heart.

Most of the Eternal Order considers him a friend and ally, newer members...that could be left to question

The Drow houses that once controlled the Elven Court.

Illisur Theyuritar, a newly annointed memeber of the Eternal Order, he is a a scion of house Theyuritar, a petty noble house with ideas of granduer. The two have had words on how the Order should be run.

Lallara, the Thayan Zulkir of Abjuration...he embarrassed her during his time as a slave, a slight the woman has never forgotten.

Yarath Green Bones, a Lich in Mulhorand who worked through proxies to hire Mithranix and an old adventuring band of his to raid a rivals tomb, the adventurers betrayed their employer when they found out he was an undead abomination and destroyed the items he requested they bring to him.

Born nearly two centuries ago in Tangle Trees, Mithranix's tale is long and convaluted. He had fought drow in the ruins of Myth Drannor, been a reaver on the sword coast, a mercenary in Mulhorandm a theif in Calimport, a Mage Hunter, a Thayan Gladiator during a five year stint in captivity, an adventurer, an explorer, and now, now as he nears his middle years he is a man changed.

The recent wars in Evermeet and Cormanthor have changed him a great deal. He met his Blade Guide, Allistron the Greylord of the Sundered Tower, an ancient warrior of Myth Drannor, a member of the Eternal Order, a group of elven warriors sworn to the protection of the elven peopler. Allistron had fought the holding action that allowed the defenders of that doomed city to escape so many centuries ago. The two met while MIthranix fought a loosing battle with in the ruins themselves. He was part of an adventuring group of elven warriors charged with taking the exploration of one of the greatest cities of their people. They were ambushed and overwhelmed quickly...rather than run for his life, the young warrior stood his ground and fought like a cornered dragon, his blade lashed out again and again, taking down all comers. For nearly three days he fought, never giving ground...his wounds were grevious, his body battered and bloodied. Impressed by the young warriors strength, Allistron revealed himself and lent the man his strength...the battle ended soon after that. Trapped within the crumbling city...his only friend and ancient and extremely knowledgable ghost, Mithranix explored the ruins, and claimed the armor and weapons of his new teacher, he also laid the man to rest in the proper ways.

From their he began a quest for others like himself, other men and women who could become part of the Eternal Order, after several years he found them, in Evermeet. The group had kept its existence a secret for many generations, members infiltrating all facets of the society. Most members found themselves acting as guardsman, scouts, rangers, and warriors for the kingdom, the elders acted as members of councils and noblemen. All of them awaiting a great cause to call them to action. Many say to becareful what you wish for....the Year of the Unstrung Harp brought doom to Evermeet. Drow and dissedant rebels began an attack that shook his new home to its very foundations. The Towers of the Sun and Moon were destroyed and Elvish High Magic were lost to his people. The battles were viscious and violent, there was little order and fighting happened in the streets of the cities, on the docks and in the wilderness. Battles became very personal and close. Many were slain. It was during this time of darkness that the Eternal Order revealed itself, it's warriors armed and armored in the ancient regalia of ages long past. They became a rallying point for the men and women fighting for their homes, and soon the drow and rebels were routed...it was...a great day...a sad day, but one for celebration none the less. The Order was firmly re-established...many young warriors flocking to its banners, the idea of placing kin and country before oneself appealed to the masses...few nobles joined the ranks at this time.

Evermeet mustered it's new warrior order and it's army of crusaders to march on ancient Cormanthor, to free the ancient city of their ancestors from the Fey'ri abominations that now called it home. It was here, during this time, when war was real and the Eternal Order and its warriors formed a hard vanguard for the elven nations that the world truly began to appreciate them for what they were, began to appreciate Mithranix for what he was. He became a commander in his own right, leading his warriors in many glorious charges and battles throughout Cormanthor. He became a general in the war to retake the Elven Court, his battalions holding strong against the vile drow that had destroyed his peoples kingdoms so long ago...they held their ground and were part of the forces that routed the last of the drow forces. When the smoke cleared and the final battles were one...the Order had re-established itself as a force for the protection of the elven people. When the Srinshee named a new Coronal, every blade bent the knee and swore allegeince to Ilsevele Miritar and Miritar alone. Now he stands, a man showered in honors, in glories, his sword sworn to the new Coronal. Ready and wiling fight for his people.
Mithranix will speak in green.

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-08-07, 01:07 PM
Ayorra will be speaking in Olive.

Sheet: Ayorra Selskhiva, Witch of Rashemen (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=429484)


Six Decades Ago: A young girl stands at a small window in a simple bedroom in Rashemen; to her left stands her older brother, Emmevar, named for his uncle. The cheerful laughter from her parents and friends outside filtering through the bedroom door brings a happy smile to her face. She has just returned from a feast, at which it was announced that Ayorra was to become Wychlaran and Emmevar was to become an Ice Troll Berserker. For two children to be chosen from one family at such a young age is a great honor, hence the feast. Emmevar will face dangerous combat training within the tenday, while Ayorra will stay in the relative safety of Old One tutoring. Her trials and training will test her later; for now, she enjoys her last few days with her brother.

Five Decades Ago: A girl sits beside a shrine under a large tree; before her is her mother, a powerful Hathran in her own right. Her mother is attempting to persuade Ayorra to study the arcane arts, as she did and as did her mother before her, but the girl is distracted. Her eyes can only focus on a boy standing off in the distance, separated from her by a wide span of ice: her first love, Taladrik, wearing the robes of an acolyte of Mystra, the same robes he wore when he was initiated. Her mind is here, with her mother, but her heart is there, with him. Torn between the two, Ayorra makes a decision. She will not merely study the arcane or merely channel the divine, she will do both. It will be difficult, but she will persevere, for she is Wychlaran.

Four Decades Ago: A young woman stands atop a frozen hill at sunrise, a fierce smile on her face; to her right stands Emmevar, her brother and a strong young berserker, and together they make a more than capable team. A battlefield lies spread out before them, and together the two dance between defensive positions, weave spell and metal into a seamless whole, forge their fellows into a single weapon against the Thayans, and finally complete their grand design. Emmevar holds inner and outer defensive rings, the area secure now after many years of planning; Ayorra stands before a tall fortress of stone brought forth by her magic. She cannot raise blades in combat as the berserkers do to help them hold this new position, but she can support her brother in his efforts, and his love sustains her in turn. They cherish the moment...until a single Thayan mage who has crept past the defensive position, unseen in the dimness, strikes Emmevar down with a bolt of death magic. She slays the Thayan but it is too late for Emmevar, and a piece of Ayorra's heart dies with him.

Three Decades Ago: A noble lady stands in a field with her beloved; behind her are their closest friends. This field holds bittersweet memories for her, for she has attended many burial rites here for young warriors taken before their time yet has also attended many wedding rites here for young couples bonded for many years to come. She has given many bodies of friends and relatives to the ice here, and has given many hands of friends and relatives in marriage here. This is a turning point in Ayorra's life, for she has given up the hot-blooded, impulsive battles and destructive magic of her past for the cool-headed, reflective study and constructive magic of her future; she, a fully-realized Hathran, and Taladrik, a fully-realized Vremyonni, will lead Rashemen's next generations to greatness.

Two Decades Ago: A woman stands atop a frozen hill at sunset, a contented smile on her face; to her right stands Taladrik, her lover and a wise old Vremyonni, and together they make a more than capable team. A forge lies spread out before them, and together the two dance between fireplaces, weave spell and metal into a seamless whole, forge their possessions into a single symbol of their love, and finally complete their grand design. Taladrik holds his wife's betrothal and wedding rings, the tokens enchanted now after many years of marriage; Ayorra stands before a cozy house of earth brought forth by her magic. She cannot craft items as the Old Ones do to help him weave the enchantments on her rings, but she can support her lover in his efforts, and his love sustains her in turn. They cherish the moment...until a single Thayan assassin who has crept across the Rashemi border, unseen in the dimness, strikes Taladrik down with a bolt of disintegration. She slays the Thayan but it is too late for Taladrik, and a piece of Ayorra's heart dies with him.

One Decade Ago: An old woman sits beside a shrine under a large tree; she is alone, a powerful Hathran in her own right. A fellow Hathran is attempting to persuade Ayorra to remain in Rashemen and counsel her people, as she did and as did her mother before her, but the woman is distracted. Her mind's eye can only focus on a man standing off in the distance, separated from her by a wide span of years: her only love, Taladrik, wearing the robes of a high priest of Mystra, the same robes he wore when he was slain. Her mind is here, with her Sisters, but her heart is there, with him. Torn between the two, Ayorra makes a decision. She will not merely serve her people or merely seek vengeance abroad, she will do both. It will be difficult, but she will persevere, for she is Wychlaran.

Less Than a Decade Ago: An ancient woman stands at a large window in a palatial bedroom in Cormanthyr; to her left stands her nephew, Emmevar, named for his uncle. The polite laughter from the courtesans outside filtering through the bedroom door brings a sorrowful smile to her face. She has just returned from a feast, at which it was announced that Ayorra was to become an ambassador of sorts for the Rashemi, aiding the elves against their many foes. For a Wychlaran to be chosen to serve Rashemen outside its borders at such an advanced age is a great honor, hence the feast. Ayorra leaves for dangerous combat within the tenday, while Emmevar will return to the relative safety of Old One tutoring. Her experience and training will be tested later; for now, she enjoys her last few days with her last surviving family member.

Important Elements

Ayorra Selkhiva is a powerful Othlor, one of the wisest and most experienced Hathran, who in her youth wove arcane and divine energies together to support the Rashemi berserkers against enemies of her people and today weaves them together to support her new elven allies against their own enemies. In her almost seven decades Ayorra has risen quickly through the Wychlaran and has become a respected and revered leader. Her travels outside Rashemen with her brother have resulted in new trade, victories against Thay, and other benefits for her people, and she and her husband Taladrik have trained dozens if not hundreds of young Rashemi in the mystical arts. Her life has been a tumultuous journey of joys and sorrows, but her innate goodness and sense of duty have remained strong, and the flame of her passion has been diminished but not extinguished.

As her father, brother, and nephews died in battle over the years, Ayorra's taste for slaughter soured; by her thirtieth winter, she had given up the more overt battle magics and focused instead on magics of knowledge and protection, the better to support other warriors in their efforts without indulging in battle herself. Soon thereafter she wed her childhood love and mostly retreated from public life to focus on teaching, study, and leadership with him, and did not cast a spell in anger until Taladrik was slain in front of her. At that point, she had to face facts: her people were beset on all sides by enemies, and every man and woman was needed for the fight. She threw herself into researching a new method of weaving spells together at the start of battles to allow her to ward her allies as fast and as well as possible. Whle she is fully confident in the ability of her magic to protect her allies, she refuses to travel with any Rashemi bodyguards, as she cannot bear to lose any more friends due to them fighting alongside her.

Several years later, in her studies of Hathran spirit magic, Ayorra discovered a means of binding her lost lover's spirit to her with a variation on a ritual for binding telthors (guardian spirits). She was not strong enough to resurrect him yet since his body was entirely desroyed many years ago--though she works hard to reach the point where she can bring him back--but she could draw on his love to guide her words, his knowledge to expand her magical repertoire, his strength to shape tools for her, and his personality to inhabit a raven's body as a familiar, which was his favorite form to shapechange into. Her sorrow for his loss is merely dulled, but having his presence with her strengthens her to do what must be done.


Ayorra is not an elf-friend as her late brother was, but as she frequently traveled with him to visit the elves (for only a Wychlaran can speak for the Rashemi, and who better to send than the sister of a Ruathar?) she was chosen as Rashemen's emissary to the risen Cormanthyr due to her personal power and experience with the outside world. The Rashemi wish to maintain good relations with the powerful elven nation now more than ever, as the Wychlaran have watched Thay's machinations with a wary eye for many centuries and they suspect that Thay has allied itself with the risen Netheril and has had a hand in the civil war in Cormyr--though of course they can't prove anything either way. A common ally against both threats would prove immensely valuable.

She has a personal stake in this fight as well. Her husband of many years was slain by a Thayan assassin, and though Ayorra had not gone to battle for many years, this slaying of her lover on top of the deaths of so many other relatives at Thayan hands was the final straw. She sought out whatever information she could find on the assassin's master, and though the Thayans are skilled at concealing their true motives and natures Ayorra was able to determine that this master, whoever he or she is, was involved in plotting against the elves. Most outside Rashemen would dismiss her concerns, saying that she is seeing Thayan plots in every shadow, but she is quietly confident that fighting alongside the elves will give her an opportunity to avenge her lost loved ones.

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Dane will talk in sienna and Aria in dark orange.

Names: Dane Everson (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=430076) and Aria (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=430092) (dragon name Aurixhysvear)
Races: Aasimar and Gold Dragon
Classes: Paladin 15//Favored Soul 6/Ruathar 3/Cavalier 6 and Special Mount
Alignments: Lawful Good

Dane looks similar to other humans, his skin is a normal healthy tan, he’s somewhat tall, well built, and a friendly yet chiseled face, but that is where the similarities end. As a result of his celestial heritage his eyes are blue flecked amber and his hair a soft golden color which he keeps cropped close to his helmet. He has a commanding presence as befitting a paladin of celestial blood yet doesn’t give the feeling of superiority that some do.
Dane, when not actively pursuing evil, loves to live a normal lifestyle. Despite his childhood he has come to not only be a great paladin, but one who looks forward to the next day, who doesn’t have the same aloofness others of his few “race” often develop in life. He laughs, cries, and bleeds just like the man next to him. Dane does not feel like he is owed anything for his actions and feels blessed with what Corellon Larethian hath given him in return, his life and companion Aria.
Write 5 background and concept elements that you feel are important to your image of the character. These can be a concept overview, a list of important life events, a physical description, a personality profile...whatever you need to get an image in your mind. 5 is just a minimum...more elements are encouraged!
1) See description
2) See personality
3) Dane was born to a serving woman under service to the noble Kerland estate within Deepingdale. Several members of the family seemed to take offense at Dane’s obvious mixed heritage, moreso at the strangeness of it. At the age of 10 Dane’s inherent abilities manifested, light bursting forth from a thrown stone and drawing attention to a sudden assault by undead and saving the life of the highest ranked noble’s son Marcus. Later investigation showed potential signs that the attack had been led by drow though no solid evidence could be found. While Dane had made a fast friend that day, and the respect of several nobles, the boy’s mother on the other hand couldn’t be dissuaded that Dane had something to do with the attack despite the fact that Dane’s intervention had helped prevent it. As a result Dane was banished from the household and came to live in a mixed heritage orphanage run by elves.
4) Perhaps wiser than many of the members of the Kerland estate the elves that ran the orphanage recognized Dane for what he was and eagerly took the child in. While there the young aasimar made note of a shy, wispy half-elf not much older than he. Often times she would be off playing by herself and when class time came she would be nowhere to be found. One day Dane happened to be running late to class and was cutting through a little used part of the orphanage. Curious at the sound of voices stemming from a small courtyard Dane stumbled upon one of the eldest instructors talking to a small golden dragon, who turned into the wispy half-elf out of surprise. The elders of the orphanage were not pleased that their secret had been uncovered but Dane was allowed to stay under the condition that not only was he to keep Aria’s identity a secret but to help bring the reserved dragon “out of her shell”. Suffice to say they were not prepared for just how closely the duo would become friends as time went on, much less when Dane began to not only exhibit further magical prowess but that its divine nature stemmed from Corellon Larethian.
5) After joining the elves once he came of age Dane and Aria distinguished themselves several times over in various conflicts against drow and orcs alike. Yet it wasn’t until 1374 DR during the war with the fey'ri, and the subsequent retaking of Myth Drannor that the duo rose to prominence after rescuing several elven regiments from ambush. It was soon after this, and their conflict with Galdirien Larenlynnthor, that Dane and Aria received the title of Ruathar in recognition of their exploits.
List at least two goals for the character. At least one of these goals should be one that the character has, while another should be one that you, as a player, want to see developed over the course of the game.
1) Despite the unnaturalness of it Dane harbors the wish to extend his lifespan. Not that the man wishes to live forever, far from it, but such that he might spend more time with Aria. Perhaps it was when the elves gifted Dane with the title of Ruathar that realization of this desire came to the fore but the aasimar hopes that his search will always be with good intentions.
2) Similarly Dane wishes to ask Aria for her hand in marriage yet has thus restrained himself over fear of his relatively short lifespan compared to hers.
3) While Dane has thought of it little, though I’m sure many elves have wondered about this, I would like to see the reason why Corellon Larethian deemed fit to have a “human” champion serving him come to the fore.
4) While it wouldn’t be a goal persay I do have a possible interest in Dane becoming adopted by a high ranking elven official though this could also have already happened as part of becoming Ruathar. A potential tie in for #1 and 3.
Describe at least three people that are tied to the character. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile. If you like, you can include an enemy of yours here as well, so I have an instant NPC nemesis to throw at you.
1) Aria (dragon name Aurixhysvear): Childhood friend and ally of Dane with a bond strong enough to make one think they were married. Met in an orphanage and became friends after Dane accidently caught her transforming.
2) Marcus Kerland: The Head of a prominent noble family in Deepingdale he was saved by Dane’s intervention as a child. After he became Head Marcus was quick to rescind his mother’s banishment of Dane and opened the families doors to his friend. When not with the elves or spending a few days alone with Aria at their home
3) Galdirien Larenlynnthor: This Sun Elf druid was a prime opponent in Dane becoming Ruathar, much less a dragon rider when he learned of that, preferring to keep elves separate from the human races as much as possible. This unfortunately became an obsession that led to Galdirien’s downfall amongst his peers when he outright attacked Dane with powers foul to elven sensibilities convinced as he was that humans would eventually bring such destruction to the elves and land anyway. Driving the crazed elf off did much to solidify Dane’s place in elven society. (idea is that Galdirien may have gone Blighter or similar, unfamiliar with evilish druid prcs)
Describe three memories, mannerisms, or quirks that your character has. They don't have to be elaborate, but they should provide some context and flavor.
1) When the subject of extending one's life comes up Dane pays notable interest in what is said.
2) Dane tends to be a little more easygoing than other paladins in the sense that he enjoys to explore and travel, taking after some aspects of his deity.
3) Dane is rarely far from Aria’s side. Some might even say he is overprotective of her.
4) Dane will sometimes be found messing with small rocks, creating various shapes out of amusement. A favorite pastime of his is using his magic to create toys for children.
Dane and Aria have built a home between Deepingdale and Battledale amongst the low mountains that run along the Dale's edge. Far enough from danger to be peaceful yet close enough so that the duo can easily venture forth to aid their friends.

Hollowed out by a combination of magic and ingenuity the home consists of large general use chamber with a corridor leading to several smaller rooms. Sleeping quarters, storage, bathing, and the like. While comfortable it is sparsely furnished due to the duo's tenancy to travel. The entrance is cunningly hidden underwater in a nearby lake.

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Can't wait for this bit of adventure to get started. Nothing like saving an entire people eh?

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IC Thread! (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=252185)

Also, spell checking my posts for this game is fun, and by that I mean goggle needs to add Elven to it's language database. :smallamused:

Edit: By the way, the assassin/Coronal bit was a dream. She's not dead. :smallwink:

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Something I wasn't clear about; the dreams are affecting everyone except Sun Elves. So Moon Elves, Wood Elves, Half-Elves etc are getting the dreams in addition to all the non-elven people in Myth Drannor.

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Working on my first IC post, it will be coming from an iPhone...so I'm taking my time.

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Anyone else have any loresites about Myth Drannor that they'd like to share?

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Sneaky Hathran...I didn't see her on approach, oh my. I will wait for the rest of our party to comment before I engage you in conversation dear witch! And I will have to search for info to pass along for the good of the group

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Don't worry I will be posting IC at some point today, I didn't over the past few days as work decided to put me on double morning shifts which impaired my writing ability.

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Mithranix: History Check

In between the Shaar and the eastern edge of Calimshan is a land known as the Border Kingdoms (http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Border_Kingdoms). Sitting on the southern front of the Lake of Steam, these petty baronies, dukedoms and short lived monarchies fight amongst each other for dominance and wealth. One current 'kingdom' is named Adaerglast (http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Adaerglast) and it's ruled by two Wizard-Kings, supposedly brothers. They took over the region by their spells and constructs and sent dreams to the populace that made them dream of the two brothers as their king.

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Ayorra: Mythals (Arcana 29)

Of the two known ways to create Mythals (Elven High Magic to create Wizard Mythals (http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Mythal) and the Nether Scrolls to create Mythallars (http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Mythallar)), both require access to High Magic. As artifacts of great power the way to repair them is similar in function to how they were created, and that knowledge of High Magic is currently banned by Mystra.

It's theoretically possible that a mythal could be used to bypass the abjurations and other wards of those within it's area, for example to allow fire to burn the immune or dreams to affect those who don't sleep. Most mythals were used to protect their inhabitants and ward off their enemies but the massive and complex powers of a mythal are nearly limited only by imagination, forethought and spellwork.

This would mean that for what was happening to be happening, there must be a mythal in use - and Myth Drannor's mythal is clearly still inactive.

Ayorra: History/Dreams (History 42)

The tales of Adaerglast are well known to you, as you've heard verifiable reports that the two Wizard-Kings are powerful enough to have rebuffed even Red Wizards from their kingdom. The stories paint a picture of two men obsessed with power and without a hint of conscience of who they have to kill to maintain it. Whether that's connected to their adept use of dream magic isn't known, but both mages are reported to display a high talent for unusual and inventive spellwork, unfortunately mostly used to oppress their populace.

Before they rose to power they were students at a wizard academy in eastern Murghôm, a place that was destroyed during a rebellion led by some students. It's believed that the two brothers stole many spellbooks and other items of power from the academy before destroying it and have used them to cement their grip on the people in their kingdom. Mages rarely enter Adaerglast this day and for good reason as the Wizard-Kings scry on those within their land and lay waste to those with magical talents from afar. Tales are easier to escape with than farming tools however, and so brief descriptions of their spells and power have filtered out of the kingdom.

While powerful, the reports of the dreaming magic they use indicate that it is not unique spellwork as it matches the descriptions of other high mages dream magic used elsewhere across Toril.

You also recall that Oneiromancy is a field of specialty among some Red Wizard diviners.

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I think I'd like to get roll results before I make Sydil's response, so here are some knowledge rolls for her...

To try and recognize the more precise magical effect of the dreams- I'm assuming spellcraft is more appropriate since it is something that has been occurring, and to Sydil too, so she's had a chance to see it in action. Knowledge Arcana is there too just in case.l
Spellcraft: [roll0]
Knowledge Arcana: [roll1]

The second message seems almost like a divine portent to Sydil. Might there be any veracity in that? If not, what kind of magic could hijack the dream spell?
Knowledge Religion: [roll2]
Knowledge Arcana: [roll3]

What mythals have been created in the area of Myth Drannor? (Even ones thought to be destroyed or no longer working or what not).
Knowledge History: [roll4]

Aaaand... this is kind of a stretch, but I can't think of a better roll, so just in case, Knowledge Local. What mages in the Windsong might have conducted research on this topic, and who would be the best specialist to go to? Is there anyone who is known to be good with dream magic?
Knowledge Local: [roll5]

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Sydil: Dreams (Spellcraft 41)

The dreams appear to be taking control of a persons normal dreaming and manipulating the wild dreamstuff into visions of terror and fear. As the dreams are spread over a wide population it seems like it would be easier to have the forced dream have basic parameters for finding what is fearful instead of crafting individual dreams for each sleeper. That may explain why so many people find themselves having similar nightmares, as the forced dream pulls certain images, thoughts, and emotions from each person, the thoughts and emotions that are the strongest will be usually be related to their current lives and about the community they live. As people share similar basic thoughts and emotions about a particular thing, such as unsolved murders in their city, those thoughts and emotions will be at the forefront of their consciousness and easily picked up by such a spell.

Not all of the dreams are the same however. People have reported dreams where events in the dream were specific to that person and related to their own personal past. These seem to be the exception to the rule and most likely the byproduct of the forced dream parameters for manipulating the wild dreamstuff.

Sydil: Dreams (Arcana 44)

Dream magic is usually used to send a particular dream to someone or for sleepers to consciously enter the Plane of Dreams. Oneriomancy is not a widely studied field of magic as those who would wish to use it are often frustrated by the relatively random nature of their results. Controlling a single persons dream is much simpler than precise interpretation of dreams in general and those wizards who do practice it usually couch their results in unnecessary layers of mysticism to shield themselves from monarchs and patrons that are unhappy with their interpretations.

Sydil: Message (Religion 41)

It's not unheard of for the Gods and Goddesses of Toril to send messages or visions to their worshipers, either as a warning or prophecy. The immense power the deities hold make it easy for them to bypass the normal restrictions of magic and reality and a message such as the one received by the Coronal is in line with a deities capability.

The message itself seems to be a prophecy of ill-fate. There are a few deities that hold Fate within their portfolio, though Savras might be the only one that would care about the fate of Myth Drannor enough to send such a message. The Lord of Divination cares for mages and wizards, serves Mystra and concerns himself mostly with matters of magic and spell, knowledge and fate. With the return of the Crown Blade and possible resurgence of Cormanthyr and the mythal of Myth Drannor, it's conceivable that he could be turning one of his many eyes towards events in the City of Song.

Sydil: Message (Arcana 30)

Mortals are restricted in ways the deities are not but with magic many things are possible. There are many methods that a mage might use to produce such an effect. It could be as simple as a Sending interacting strangely with the magic of the forced dream. Other possibilities include a mage Scrying on the Coronal and using a spell to create an illusion of the message, both auditory and visual, though the illusions would have to be projected to where the Coronal was and at the time she was dreaming. Scrying would also be required to view her at the same location and its safe to assume that the Coronal has wards against such magic.

Sydil: Myth Drannor Mythal (History 28)

The only reported mythal being created in Myth Drannor is the one that gave the city it's name. There are no other tales or stories of other mythals in the city.

Sydil: Windsong Masters (Local 39)

The Masters of the Tower are familiar with many esoteric forms of magic and they've been experimenting with spells to help protect people from the nightmares, with little success. While those test subjects under the protection of Restful Slumber appear to be warded against nightmares sent by the Masters, the spell fails to provide any protection against the nightmares sent to the whole city.

While there isn't a living mage among the Masters that is an expert in Oneriomancy, you have often heard them refer to a deceased elf wizard by the name of Lethanil Greenvine, a specialist in the field who lived centuries ago. Instead of keeping written notes he employed the power of a selu'kiira to record his thoughts and spellwork. Unfortunately Lethanail's selu'kiira was lost when Myth Drannor fell.

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@Chambers: Mithranix did mercenary work in Calimshan during his youth, one of his adventures could have brought him into conflict with the rulers of Adaerglast? Or maybe he heard of them through companions from that time. Could be a resource to delve into...if that is the route we are supposed to take...not that you would tell us that...hmm this question string seems a tad silly now.

@My Companions: So many interesting threads to follow. I will say that Mithranix feels a tad out of sorts...useless at the moment...built more for the slaying of men and beasts...hehe...hehe....yeah. So anyways I think I am going to try and use my ghostly familiar Blade Guide spirit pal to see if he has any ancient and archaic insight.....yes. So...get ready for akward spirit conversation at the breakfast table...ohhh I know...I can have him manifest his body? Or do you think that would freak out our host and hostess?

2012-08-19, 12:01 AM

The Wizard-Kings of Adaerglast are relatively recent history (last 50 years or so). I don't really have a route laid out for you all to take. The way I run games is to create the problem and figure out the methods and motivations of the 'villains'. I'll throw clues and hints out to the party, but how you guys want to handle this is entirely up to yourselves. Given the high level of magic that the party has available it'd be kinda futile to plan a specific plot, and I mostly run with broad outlines that get filled in with details when needed.

Consulting with the Blade Spirit is fine, but I think it'd be a faux pas for you to just summon him a body for him, especially in front of a non-elf, Ayorra (Dane and Aria would get a pass as Ruathars).

Also can you please not use so many ellipses and stick to regular punctuation? It makes it hard for me to parse what your character is doing.

2012-08-19, 02:03 AM
Yeah, sorry about the ellipses. It is an old habit, I honestly couldn't even tell you where it started. I will work on that for ya. :smallredface:

I believe you are right about the full bodied apparition bit. I am pretty sure that is a no no. Also thanks for the clarification on your plot designs.

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Knowledge (The Planes) check: [roll0]

Just need a 3 or above...

2012-08-19, 10:45 PM
Just saw an add for Baldurs Gate enhanced....hell yeah. That sounds so awesome.

PairO'Dice Lost
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Knowledge (Planes): [roll0]

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Dane: Nobility & Royalty (DC 19) (there are other Major and Minor Houses, but these are the ones that you recall first)

House Durothil
This most ancient of the gold elf clans of Faerûn has been among the higher families of every major elven civilization on Faerûn for over 15 millennia. However, their presence in Arcorar and Cormanthyr was always fleeting, since many of them fled Aryvandaar during the Crown Wars and headed west to Evermeet. The few that remained in Cormanthyr as House Durothil were among the pacifists from Yrlancel and Myth Ondath or the few survivors of Uvaeren. Now, after centuries among the more martial elves of Cormanthyr, even this clan has entered the ranks of the military, most notably the lesser cousin Ahskahala Durothil, the Akh'Velahrn commander of the Wing & Horn cavalry (gold dragon riders, your superior officer).

The House Archmage is Kuornos Durothil, a powerful mage known as the Starseer. Though you're unfamiliar with the particulars of his talents, anyone able to earn the title Archmage could accomplish these magics.

House Ealoeth
Among the richer of the clans of Cormanthor, the Ealoeths across the years have become skillful manipulators of the People and Not-People alike. No true and incontrovertible evidence ever connected the Ealoeths with any wrongdoings, and they were socially powerful enough to demand respect from allbut the most senior Houses of the City of Song. Still, whispers and gossip abounded that the last three Lords of House Ealoeth sponsored certain mercantile interests in the colonies south of the forests, and these interests linked them with known assassins and other, much darker deeds.

The House Archmage is Yrthraetha Ealoeth, whom many suspect hold the position within her House not out of magical talent but from political maneuvering.

Court Magi
Any of the ten that make up the Court Magi are capable of this magic. The two High Court Mages, the Srinshee and Shyael Ildacer are most likely the two most powerful mages in Myth Drannor, aside from the Masters of Windsong Tower. Each of the six Court Mages command considerable power and the two Court Sages each have a century of service as Armathor.

2012-08-21, 07:36 PM
Realized i should probably throw some dice for my blade guide, so here it is mates.
Knowledge History: Information about the wizard mentioned earlier.

Going to roll a local check and a history check for myself to see if his order has pulled that particular selu'kiira from the reclaimed city or if he has heard more of it.
Knowledge Local: [roll1]
Knowledge History: [roll2]

Then...because of Dane's genius, I will roll a local to see what the word around town has been.

Knowledge Local: [roll3]

Then a history and religion check to see if I have ever heard a prophecy or story where the three elf blades have to be brought back together.

Knowledge History: [roll4]
Knowledge Religion: [roll5]

So many checks...this is the first time I have ever had skills, or knowledges to check to help the party. Feels kinda nice.

2012-08-21, 07:37 PM
The local under the comment about dane was supposed to be for local info on the elfblades.

2012-08-22, 12:02 PM
History: Lethanil Greenvine (DC 31, via Blade Guide telepathy)

"Arfaern Lethanil died before I was born, but I remember some stories about him. According to those that knew him he was kind-hearted and gentle, never having used the Art in battle to harm another. He was primarily a researcher at Windsong Tower, ever seeking new ways to use the Art and experimenting with the Reverie. It was well-known that he was fascinated by the N'Tel’Quessir's ability to dream and he sought ways to experience this himself; he saw dreaming as an ill-understood source of prophecy, each dream foretelling the dreamers fate and destiny. I'd heard that he attributed the N'Tel’Quessir's insatiable drive to build and conquer as misinterpretations of their dreams, and that if he could divine how to properly interpret their dreams they would become more peaceful."

"Whether he succeded or not, I do not know. He died well before he should have passed on to Arvandor. They found him dead in his bedchambers one morning, still wearing his selu'kiira, with no signs of struggle or violence. The priests that tried to speak with his spirit were unable to find him, leading to the rumor that he had gone somewhere else to rest besides Arvandor. Beyond this I do not know."

Local: Lethanil Greenvine's selu'kirra (DC 32)

While Myth Drannor still stood many of the precious artifacts and treasures that were not kept within the families House were assigned to the Blades for sake keeping. Often the Masters of Windsong would request that the Blades store any potent magical artifacts within the Tower, and the two groups would keep watch over them. The last known location of Lethanil's selu'kirra was within a warded vault in the basement of Windsong Tower, though it was raided and stolen during the daemonfay and drow occupation.

There have been rumors over the past year that a few noble Houses have begun to slowly reacquire some of their lost heirlooms from a merchant in the city. Whomever the dealer is, he or she has avoided the open markets and the Houses rumored to have business with the merchant have publically denied buying their stolent heirlooms back, though the rumors persist. Many of the minor Houses are outraged that the more wealthy Houses are suspected of dealing with the merchant, as the poorer minor Houses apparently can't afford the merchants black market prices.

History: Elfblades (DC 34)

The story of the Elfblades is the story of Myth Drannor; forged from bonds of unity, destroyed by hate and mistrust. The three blades were created to fulfill the dying request of Coronal Oacenth. "If we are to survive as the People, one coronal must vow to unifty the tribes of this great land. One coronal must unify sun and moon, sky and sea, and tree, root, and earth, that all may achieve a long-lasting peace and strenght in unity." At the time the forst Cormanthor was still called Arcorar and the People had yet to be united under a common banner. To decide who among them would be fit to be the Coronal over all the People, high mages from the Elven Court crafted the three blades.

Each elfblade is rumored to be sentient and has specific ideas about who will be allowed to wield it; each also serves as the symbol of legimate authority within Cormanthyr. Whomever can draw the elfblades from their scabbards is deemed fit to rule, judged by the elfblades themselves. Arcor Kerym, the Crownblade, was recently returned by the Srinshee, while the Warblade (Aryvelahr Kerym) is rumored to be held captive by the Drow deep in the underdark. The Artblade, Aryfaern Kerym, disappeared with the body of Spell-Major Josidiah Starym when he sacrificed himself to help defeat the army of yugoloths during the Weeping War.

Some sages think that the Artblade was transported to Arvandor along with the remains of Spell-Major Starym, while others propose that it removed itself to a hidden location on Toril to repair itself and wait for a new wielder. The Warblade was thought to be held by the drow in the city of Maerimyda, though Coronal Ilsevele has reported within the last year that she's received information that the Warblade has been taken to the surface, though she does not know the exact location.

Local: Elfblades (DC 32)

When the news that Coronal Ilsevele had sensed the movement of the Warblade to the surface was reported there was a great clamor among the Houses and debates about whether to send an army after it or to rely instead upon a small expeditionary force. Without the protection of the mythal, Myth Drannor could not afford to send its army elsewhere, so small teams were sent to scout for it. The Coronal remained secretive about how she knew that the Warblade had surfaced and could only give a general direction for it's location, but that proved enough as the elven scouts determined that the drow had taken it up to the Twisted Tower, their long-time surface keep that has changed owners between the drow and surface elves many times over the centuries.

Religion: Elfblade Prophecy (DC 41)

As far as you can remember, you know of no prophecy that relates to the Elfblades. Some sages have noted this and surmise that it might be because the Elfblades were forged in order to create a new destiny for the People, and due to the High Magic used in their creation that the three blades reside outside the realm of prophecy and fate.

2012-08-23, 09:57 AM
I've reorganized the index of Knowledge Checks in the first post, arranging them by Subject and then Skill. Should be easier to consolidate information that way.

2012-08-23, 02:39 PM
Since some of you seem fairly well versed in what homebrew is around I wish to request some assistance with a class concept. Essentially what I'm looking at is using music/instruments to channel the elements, one element is fine though more is even better. I know of some ways to do this with printed material (Seeker of the Song, Sublime Chord, Dragonfire Inspiration) but I wanted to see if any of you might know of some homebrew classes/PrCs/ect that might aid this concept.

One idea I had is a bard/warlock with the warlock's power being from a source other than infernal and possibly create a flaw that requires perform/instruments to channel or somesuch. Thus a bard/warlock PrC might be something to consider.

2012-08-23, 04:17 PM
I don't know anything that fits that exactly, but have you seen the bending classes from Avatar d20? All it would take is a tiny bit of modulation to make it perfect.

The free pdf is here. (http://www.brainmurk.com/kasan/Avatar_RPG.pdf)

You could probably just make their bending skill a special perform check and be done, really.

2012-08-23, 04:17 PM
I'd look at Stormsinger from Frostburn. It's a Bard prestige class that can manipulate the weather (i.e. elements) via bardic music. They can spend Bardic Music to do things like Gust of Wind, Control Winds, bolts of electricity and thunder claps, Control Weather, and Storm of Vengeance. Full Casting as well, so you get to keep advancing Bard spells.

2012-08-27, 08:46 AM
Is everyone still about? I would hate for the game to fall apart. The group and story look so terribly interesting. I would like to see the next few steps forward and then some.

2012-08-27, 08:52 AM
I had some minor traveling this weekend so I was away part of the time, was just about to bump the thread and see what people want to do.

So! What are you all thinking, plans wise?

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-08-27, 12:35 PM
I'm still here, don't worry, I was away for part of the weekend as well.

As I mentioned IC, I think the best plan at this point would be either to head into the Plane of Dreams and look around the city at night, see if there's anyone or anything there messing with peoples' dreams, and so forth, or to try to seek out the kiira via any means possible. Since we have a short deadline before something terrible is likely to happen, we could try to combine them. seeking out the kiira during the day and then hitting Dream at night.

2012-08-27, 03:59 PM
I'm still around. Twas ramping up for my first day of school which is today. I'll post within the next few days as thing settle down and I consider what I want to do.

2012-08-27, 06:42 PM
@PairO'Dice Lost: I like the way you think a day and a night mission. And what with Elves only needing 4 hours of rest Mithranix can be a mission machine. Splitting the group would be the most effective way...but on PbP that would probably bog us down quite a bit. Day time wise that shady merchant mentioned earlier sounds promising, and like we could get in a mess of dice throwing/bad guy smashing.

2012-08-27, 10:06 PM
I'm still here! Sydil is meant to be a bit more of a plan follower than a plan maker though. I can try and get something up if it is needed, but I'm not sure she has much to contribute at the moment.

Seeking out both hooks sounds like a good idea to be OOC though.

2012-08-28, 12:19 AM
Okay, it looks like people are ready for me to move it forward some. I've got a job interview in the morning (fingers crossed!), so I'll update it after that, probably lunch or afternoon time. That'll give whomever wants to add something to the current scene time to do so.

2012-08-29, 12:00 PM
Good news! I just saved $500 on my car insurance. I got the job! Start in about two weeks, and I'll be gainfully employed working the night shift at an Amazon Fulfillment warehouse.

I'm doing updates for my varied PbP games now, so I'll have an IC post soon.

2012-08-29, 04:03 PM
Woot congrats friend!!!!

2012-09-02, 06:28 PM
Bump! Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend.

2012-09-02, 07:33 PM
Enjoying? I have to spend it working which is why I still haven't been able to post. As should be listed in my sig we're working on packing to move with the move being at the end of September. Combine that with school and part time job and that leaves me with limited time to write out a proper IC post. I still try to check in at least though.

2012-09-04, 07:29 PM
Had a great weekend actually. Hope everyone else is doing fine, hate to here that userpay is having such a poor month in general.

2012-09-05, 04:06 PM
Unless someone posts otherwise I'm going to have the mages move somewhere appropriate for a magical investigation of the selu'kiira while the warriors go see if they can find any leads in the city. I'll update after dinner.

2012-09-05, 09:59 PM
Glyrryrl's Rainwater Pool

The rainwater pool acts as a magical location, like the ones in the DMG II. The base effect that anyone can use is that the pool can be used as the material component and/or focus for any divination spell. There is also a higher order ability that requires attuning yourself to the pool. An attuned mage can use any other normal pool of water as if it were the rainwater pool. In order to attune to the rainwater pool a mage must cast a divination spell of each spell level (0th to 9th) into the pool, and the spells must come from his or her own spells, not scrolls or staffs.

2012-09-05, 10:27 PM
I should beable to post either Friday or this weekend. Gotta love 12 hour work/school days...

2012-09-09, 10:13 AM
Alrighty so I should beable to post either today, depending on how quickly my chores and homework go, or tomorrow if it doesn't go quickly enough.

2012-09-09, 10:20 AM
Just checking in. How's everyone doing? I have been kicking the crap out of physical therapy. I don't remember if I brought it up to you all. So here goes. I was wounded I Afghanistan in July, been hospitalized since then. Use all of this to helP me overcome a TBI. So thanks for the chance to play an awesome story driven game. It allows me to check my memory and some of my fine motor skills. Plus a million other small things.

So yeah, how's everyone else?

2012-09-09, 10:42 AM

Cool, hopefully things'll settle down into a more manageable routine. I'll have Mithranix & Dane's post up this afternoon.


Doing pretty good. About to start working for Amazon. Good to hear you made it back and are enjoying the game. I was never deployed to Afghanistan but I did go to Iraq, 03 to 04, with the 82nd.

2012-09-09, 01:45 PM
I was struggling with some sickness over the past week, but I'm feeling better now! Though not creative enough to make a large post to satisfy me, but hey, better moving with small posts than moving slow.

2012-09-09, 03:24 PM

If you want Mithranix to meet up with the Order or his old thieving contacts, just let me know and I'll make it happen.


Glad you're feeling better! Time to wizard it up. :smallwink:

2012-09-10, 09:21 PM

The door is locked. Sorry I missed your IM, I was eating dinner.

2012-09-10, 10:09 PM
I kinda figured the door would be locked. Would any portion of the building be made of stone? Especially if its out of casual sight.

2012-09-10, 10:55 PM
The ground floor walls are stone masonry, with a wood and glass storefront. The second story is made of wood and of a different architectual style, evidence that this building was one of many rebuilt when the city was reclaimed. There ate narrow allys on either side of the building.

2012-09-11, 09:51 AM
Discern Location requires that you have touches the object otherwise it fails. Do you want to cast it anyway? I figure Sydil would know about that requirement, but you might be having her cast it to test the power of the pool. Just wondering.

2012-09-11, 10:04 AM
Oh right, forgot that part. Nevermind then- we'll just go with Greater Scrying.

Also, we are calling it an object then? I wasn't sure whether to consider it a creature or object for the case of divinations, given that it is intelligent.

2012-09-11, 10:23 AM
Hmm. I think an intelligent item would still count as an object. You could search for the mage himself using Discern Location, as I'll rule that the requirement to have week him or have something that was his would qualify as a material component that the pool would bypass.

2012-09-11, 10:49 AM
Righto so much for quiet entry with what abilities I have. I'll give TheFallenSons another day or so to post before I proceed on my own methinks.

2012-09-11, 12:01 PM

I made a ruling in the recruitment thread about spellbooks (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13631070&postcount=91).

When adding spells to my spellbook Do I have to but scrolls of the spells in order to add them or just pay the per-page scribing cost and assume I got them from a library or something?

Just pay the cost for putting them in your spellbook.

At the time I didn't take the Blessed Book into consideration, as it doesn't cost anything to scribe spells into it. I noticed today that Dice has spent money on learning new spells; I'm assuming that you got the price for each spell as if buying a scroll, but I'm not sure. I wasn't aware that you had paid for them, as I'd let Vael add extra spells for free, given the above ruling. I want to make sure everyone's on the same page.

So I'm going to change that ruling, otherwise anyone with a Blessed Book could add spells for no charge. Blessed Book works as normal, but adding extra spells will require the use of a scroll or copying from another spellbook at a fee of 50 x spell level. These are the normal rules, I'm just restating them so there's no confusion.

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-09-11, 12:08 PM
I noticed today that Dice has spent money on learning new spells; I'm assuming that you got the price for each spell as if buying a scroll, but I'm not sure. I wasn't aware that you had paid for them, as I'd let Vael add extra spells for free, given the above ruling. I want to make sure everyone's on the same page.

I used the copying-from-another-spellbook pricing under the assumption that scribing spells into a BBB for free was a bit cheap.

2012-09-11, 12:27 PM
Yeah, that's what Chambers and I came to conclude as well. I originally wasn't using a Blessed Book- I had forgotten their existence (I don't use wizards most of them time, as I prefer sorcerer), and bought one later.

Anyway, I went ahead and subtracted the copying from spellbook cost from Sydil's remaining gold, so we should be good to go.

2012-09-11, 12:31 PM
The only thing I might change on my sheet of the top of my head is adding a Lesser Crystal of Return for my weapon. Is it to late for this change?

2012-09-11, 12:32 PM
The only thing I might change on my sheet of the top of my head is adding a Lesser Crystal of Return for my weapon. Is it to late for this change?

Nah, that's fine.

2012-09-11, 12:38 PM
Saving Throw vs Greater Scrying [roll0]

Scrying only works on individuals, so I'm saving for Arfaern Lethanil himself, not the selu'kiira. The above roll was modified +5 for Secondhand Knowledge and -2 for Likeness or Picture, as it'd be fair to assume that Sydil had seen a picture of him during her time at Windsong Tower.

2012-09-14, 10:38 AM

Userpay's posting schedule is unstable at the moment, so go ahead with whatever Mithranix is going to do.


What are you guys gonna try next?

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-09-14, 04:03 PM

What are you guys gonna try next?

More divinations are on the way. I'll have a post up later this evening; I'm running/playing in 6 PbPs right now, so when I have a busy week at work it takes me a while to get to all of them.

2012-09-14, 04:19 PM

Not a problem. Thanks for the heads up.


Yeah...that's not going to be quiet. Breaking down a door with a power called Mountain Hammer? :smallwink:

2012-09-14, 05:04 PM

Not a problem. Thanks for the heads up.


Yeah...that's not going to be quiet. Breaking down a door with a power called Mountain Hammer? :smallwink:

Well hey its gotta be quieter with a sword than with an actual hammer! A man has to try.

2012-09-14, 05:17 PM
Heh. You did more than try; you were successful.

Now make a Fortitude save.

Go ahead and roll a Spellcraft check as well; DC 30 to identify the spell if you make your save. If you fail your save, it will become clear. :smallwink:

2012-09-14, 10:53 PM
Going to roll your save for you in the interest of moving along, I know you're busy.


2012-09-15, 03:53 PM

Knowledge (History) DC 20 or Knowledge (Local: Cormyr) 15
Battlegate is the name of a small ruined castle that sits between the borders of Cormy and Sembia, near the Vast Swamp. The castle was built around the hamlet of Battlerise, a small community of farmers and shepherds. The hamlet used to be much larger as it was the home of House Auantiver, but that was over 1,000 years ago. The only reason that Battlerise is even mentioned in recent histories is because of the mercenary band named the Company of Jade. In 1247 DR, Year of the Purple Basilisk, the adventuring company explored the ruins of Battlegate and encountered a basilik there that slew most of the company. The surviving members renamed themselves the Men of the Basilisk and took it as their standard and symbol. They operated for another three dozen years out of Battlegate before retiring and disbanding the company.

Knowledge (History) DC 30 or Knowledge (Local: Cormyr) 20
House Auantiver hired the Sword Heralds to create dozens of connected refuges and hideaways underneath Battlegate, naming it the Auantiver Labyrinth and stocking it with all manner of dangerous creatures and beasts. It was popular for nobles and adventuring companies to brave the Labyrinth and though many died or were lost, the lucky few who navigated it succesfully were allowed to keep whatever riches and treasures they managaed to escape with.

The Sword Heralds themselves were a mystery that has not been fully unraveled. Cormyrian mages that had great power in creating extradimensional spaces, they traveled Cormyr selling their magic to whomever could afford it, creating many hidden refuges and hideaways all across Cormyr. They sometimes involved themselves in the early politics of Cormyr, though they remained neutral with respect to differing factions and stayed popular among the people. They vanished one day, and if someone knows where they went, or why they did what they did, the knowledge has stayed secret.

2012-09-15, 04:01 PM
Knowledge History: [roll0]

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-09-15, 05:17 PM
Knowledge (History): [roll0]

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-09-22, 02:18 PM
Chambers, how do you want Ayorra and Sydil to handle this? Doing both CoP and commune at the same time so we can interleave our questions and adapt based on answers to the others' questions would be the best approach, but trying to do that in PbP would take forever, and I assume that Ayorra casting commune and just asking "Was the answer to Sydil's first question truthful? Was the answer to Sydil's second question truthful?" etc. would be boring and not exactly kosher.

2012-09-22, 04:05 PM
We'll go with a stated broad intent OOC and a general list of questions. Making posts to fact check each answer won't be necessary; we'll assume the whomever isn't asking direct questions is verifing the others answers. So list a few questions in the post and I'll roll the dice at home. I generally use the board roller for PbP but in this instance not knowing the dice roll is part of it.

Which Plane will you be contacting? I'm guessing Outer Plane, Greater Deity to contact Mystra.

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-09-24, 03:32 AM
We'll go with a stated broad intent OOC and a general list of questions. Making posts to fact check each answer won't be necessary; we'll assume the whomever isn't asking direct questions is verifing the others answers. So list a few questions in the post and I'll roll the dice at home. I generally use the board roller for PbP but in this instance not knowing the dice roll is part of it.

Okay, the questions Ayorra thinks are important are those about where in Battlegate the kiira is, whether it has a possessor at the moment, and what sorts of things would get in the way of obtaining it. So, potential question list:
"What is the first name of the current possessor of the kiira, if any?"
If the answer to the previous question is a name, "Is the possessor currently in Battlegate?" otherwise "Is there any creature in Battlegate that knows about the kiira?"
"Is the kiira warded or protected in any way that would harm us?" worded in a way that says we don't care about traps that would send an alarm or the like, just ones that would actually interfere with our retrieving it.
"What is the greatest danger we will face in attempting to retrieve the kiira?" worded in such a way that the answer would be along the lines of 'fire' or 'illusions' or 'undead' or whatever, not just 'magic' or the like.
"Are there any wards that would prevent or block magical means of getting in and out of Battlegate?"
Vael, we have 2-3 more questions, any ideas of things I missed?

Which Plane will you be contacting? I'm guessing Outer Plane, Greater Deity to contact Mystra.

Well, that's up to Vael, since Sydil's using contact other plane and Ayorra's verifying with commune. Ayorra would obviously feel that Mystra is the most trustworthy source, but if Sydil disagrees Ayorra won't complain. Much. :smallwink:

2012-09-24, 10:07 AM
Sydil will probably go with Mystra just because she's a neutral option. If she contacts an Elven deity like she might be expected to... well, she's not entirely sure what the result would be, and would rather not find out. And contacting a Drow deity would be asking for even more trouble.

Also, I'm thinking that for any yes/no questions, we won't need to verify, which will free up questions from Contact Other Plane. Commune doesn't have a failure chance, after all. For questions that aren't yes/no, Commune will clearly be the one verifying, as Commune can only get yes/no answers. Further, note that we get way more questions with Commune than Contact Other Plane. COP gets 1 per 2 CL, while Commune gets 1 per CL. So, we should be able to get a larger number of questions answered even if we verify every COP question with Commune.

Here are some other thoughts for other questions:

If there is a possessor of the kiira, and they have an ambiguous name, it may be worthwhile to narrow down their name further by going for family name, last name, or whatever title they're currently holding (if any).
If the kiira is not in Battlegate, we'll probably want to try and determine where it is. Alternately, if it IS in Battlegate, perhaps we could ask a question to try and narrow down the exact location.
There may well be more than one big danger. Maybe we could ask for the second greatest danger?
Perhaps we could also ask something like where the biggest clue/hint/information about the kiira is? Because even if the kiira is blocked or warded, there may be clues to its existence and presence that aren't. And even if we narrow it down with our spells, a bigger source of information would be good.

Also, lets sort questions into yes/no and single word answers. Olive is Yes/No, Navy is Single Word, to represent the caster of the particular spell.

"What is the first name of the current possessor of the kiira, if any?"
If the answer to the previous question is a name, "Is the possessor currently in Battlegate?" otherwise "Is there any creature in Battlegate that knows about the kiira?"
"Is the kiira warded or protected in any way that would harm us?" worded in a way that says we don't care about traps that would send an alarm or the like, just ones that would actually interfere with our retrieving it.
"What is the greatest danger we will face in attempting to retrieve the kiira?" worded in such a way that the answer would be along the lines of 'fire' or 'illusions' or 'undead' or whatever, not just 'magic' or the like.
"Are there any wards that would prevent or block magical means of getting in and out of Battlegate?"

2012-09-24, 11:00 AM

I'm not sure if you posted in response to userpay's post or mine. As he's busy this month, do you want to edit it and take some action?


Those look good. Last call for questions before we run it. Also, Vael, Contact Other Plane (Outer Plane, Greater Deity) requires a DC 16 Intelligence check to avoid having your Intelligence and Wisdom dropped to 8 for 5 weeks. Sydil has a +9 Intelligence modifier, so she needs a 7 or better to succeed. Are there any spells or other preparations you want to make beforehand to prepare for that?

Edit: It's uncommon for a spell to add a bonus to ability checks. The first one I've found so far is Improvisation, Bard 1.

2012-09-24, 11:07 AM
An ability check is really just an untrained skill check, and follows the same rules for taking 10 and 20. So long as she is unthreatened- which as far as I know she is- Sydil should be able to just take 10 and be fine.

2012-09-24, 11:13 AM
Huh, never knew that Taking 10 and Taking 20 apply to ability checks also. Yeah, that'll work.

2012-09-25, 09:32 PM
I'm going to edit the post and put some dice rolls here to resolve some actions. So....yay! I think my response is going to be to...Sap strike this dude...because I have a glaring lack of social interaction type skills

Apologies also for forgetting to check the OOC thread regularly.

2012-09-25, 09:46 PM
To see if this half elf is in fact the shop owner.....
Knowledge Local:

2012-09-25, 09:59 PM
Bluff for the lowered blade.....

Diplomacy for talking some since into the man....

2012-09-25, 10:43 PM
Allright, suppose I'll roll Sense Motive for him. [roll0]

Yep. Totally doesn't believe that you're not about to knock him out. :smallwink:

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-09-25, 11:48 PM
I'll have some more questions ideas up soonish; Vael, feel free to chip in. All of my PbPs are updating at the same time, it might take me another day to get to this one.

2012-09-26, 12:00 AM
Sorry but won't beable to post until the weekend. What little time I had from studying for a midterm later this week just evaporated as one of my dogs are sick.

2012-09-26, 09:49 PM
Sense motive to see if he is hiding something.....

I would also like to state that I totally shoehorned my Elf warrior into...being a sneaky warrior...and that's about it. Completely forgot my social skills. Tack onto that that our face is out of the Collective loop for a bit...and whammy, it's like having a sword wielding brick for a leader. Lol

2012-10-01, 09:08 PM
Bump! Do our mages have more questions?

2012-10-01, 09:32 PM
Augh, sorry, I should take care of that. I don't have much time tonight though- I'll try and have a list of questions ready sometime tomorrow morning.

2012-10-02, 09:32 AM
At this point, I also suggest using a commune question to ask whether or not the kiira actually IS in Battlegate. Call me paranoid. But that's definitely a question for Commune.

Of course, I also suggest using commune to confirm all of Sydil's answers as true if we don't have any other questions we'd like to ask.

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-10-06, 10:20 PM
Yay, forums are back! More questions:

"In what way are the wards most likely to harm us?"
"Are the dreams/nightmares related to Midsummer in any way?" phrased to suggest "is there some fancy ritual related to them and Midsummer," not as in "are the guys behind this going to pull something on Midsummer"
If the answer to the previous question is yes, "Can we find out more about that relationship using/within the kiira?" otherwise skip this one

Any more ideas, Vael?

2012-10-08, 02:33 PM
Forum downtime right when I had all my free time, right in the week with no quizzes or tests... Anyway should have a post up by Tuesday night at the latest.

2012-10-10, 03:36 PM
And through the magic of stagecraft, time is compressed and our heroes are synchronous once again.:smallwink:

2012-10-15, 04:41 PM
Replying IC at the moment but just wanted to clarify something. Yrthraetha isn't a wizard of Windsong Tower, though Mithranix would know it. Sydil would know as soon as she sees her however. She's not affiliated with any mages circle, just the House Archmage for House Ealoeth.

2012-10-18, 09:47 PM
Bluff for Ayorra [roll0]

Sense Motive [roll1]
Sense Motive [roll2]

2012-10-25, 08:00 PM
Just now saw the edit.


The answer is going to be a vague 'yes', as you guys already know. Want to be more specific, or would someone else like to chime in?

2012-10-26, 07:18 PM
Just performed an edit that specified what we were looking for.

2012-11-01, 12:13 PM
Bump. Everybody have a good Halloween?

2012-11-01, 06:23 PM
I had a very lazy Halloween. No one typically comes around my place, so I just bought a lot of candy and have been steadily eating it on my own. :smalltongue:

In game news, I've been kinda hoping there'd be a post for Ayorra before I posted with Sydil again, since Sydil had addressed her. Since it's been so long though, I'll try and post tomorrow.

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-11-01, 06:33 PM
Trick or treaters can't get into my apartment complex, sadly, so it was a quiet night. It's not like I'd have given out the only candy I have in my apartment (chocolate from Ghirardelli and Genevieve's) to any kids anyway, though. Guess I'll have to finish that myself.

In game news, I've been kinda hoping there'd be a post for Ayorra before I posted with Sydil again, since Sydil had addressed her. Since it's been so long though, I'll try and post tomorrow.

I'd been waiting on Dane and Mythranix, as the Archmage addressed them last and I didn't want to take over their half of the investigation since Ayorra and Sydil have already made their contributions. If FallenSon or userpay don't post in the next day or so, I'll put up a post then.

2012-11-01, 07:03 PM
It's been a few days already, so go ahead and post if you'd like to.

I've got a more manageable work schedule now with a different job and my goal is to update the IC at least 3/week. So that's what to expect on my end; anything similar from y'all would be fine. Certainly don't have time for 1/day, unfortunately.

2012-11-04, 01:57 PM
It's been over a week since the last IC post. If you guys are busy with RL for the moment, that's fine but just drop me a note here so I know what's going on.

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-11-04, 02:28 PM
Sorry about the delay, it takes me a day or so to get through all my PbPs these days. IC post is up.

2012-11-04, 04:39 PM

You get the sense that Yrthraetha is speaking the truth about her lack of knowledge of the mage and his selu'kiira, but also a hunch that she was trying to hide something. You note that she avoided talking about the other problems that Mithranix brought up, i.e. dark force, destabilize nation, other relics from the fall, etc.

2012-11-11, 11:18 AM
It's been a few weeks since we've had posts from Vael, TheFallenSon and userpay. Are you all still interested in the game? Time for show of hands. :smallsmile:

2012-11-14, 10:12 PM
Been a busy week so far, whew. How do you guys want to proceed? Where to go next?

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-11-14, 11:17 PM
Well, first I think we should establish what the other two party members are up to. FallenSon hasn't been on in a few days so I don't know if he's still here, and userpay hasn't been on in about two weeks because he's busy with other stuff. I'd be fine with continuing with just Sydil and Ayorra, but what we do next will depend on whether we have four or just two PCs.

You want to send FallenSon a PM and see what's up with him?

2012-11-16, 06:36 AM
I sent him a PM on the 14th but he hasn't been online since the 12th. We'll move forward with Dane & Mirhranix staying in the city to do more personal investigations while you two go after the selu'kiira. I'm assuming you will teleport to the village in Cormyr. How's that sound?

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-11-16, 01:34 PM
Works for me.

2012-11-17, 10:24 AM
I suppose that will work for now, though the absence of meat shields to take the hits for us makes me mildly nervous. :smalltongue:

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-11-17, 12:29 PM
Here, let me make you more nervous:

I suppose that will work for now, though the absence of meat shields to take the hits for us makes me mildly nervous. :smalltongue:

"Meat shields? Who needs meat shields? What's the worst that could possibly happen?"


2012-11-19, 11:48 AM
You know, looking at Sydil's spells and her items, I'm really not sure what I was thinking. A lot of her spells make her items really quite redundant.

I'll have a post up shortly.

2012-11-19, 09:41 PM
Sydil summoned an Air Elemental, correct?

2012-11-19, 09:52 PM
Oh! Derp, I completely forgot to post that part. I feel silly.

Sydil is using her Summon Monster VII to summon an Invisible Stalker. (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/invisibleStalker.htm)

2012-11-19, 10:10 PM
That's fine, it wouldn't change what it reports as it's still essentially an air elemental. What it finds unusual might be different than from what a humanoid deems unusual. :smallwink:

2012-11-27, 07:51 PM
Going into the village?

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-11-28, 12:55 AM
Sorry about the delay, Thanksgiving travel and the new Dresden Files book coming out mean I haven't caught up with my PbPs since last week. I'll have a post up shortly.

2012-11-29, 09:10 PM
I suppose this will be the litmus test for Recharge Magic. One might want to invest in Rings of Counter-Spelling: Reciprocal Gyre. :smallwink:

Nothing responds to either of your spellcastings. The village is yours to explore.

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-11-29, 09:39 PM
I suppose this will be the litmus test for Recharge Magic. One might want to invest in Rings of Counter-Spelling: Reciprocal Gyre. :smallwink:

That's what the battlemagic perception is for. :smallbiggrin: I'm tempted to layer on a few more as we go along in case we get ambushed by multiple casters, but I think I'll wait and see what happens before I get really paranoid.

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-12-01, 03:12 PM
Since Vael hasn't posted I guess Ayorra will take the obvious next step of checking out the smithy, and I've edited my last post accordingly.

2012-12-03, 09:32 PM
Working on a IC post now. I'll try and get it posted before bed.

Edit: I've also reviewed the spells each of you has cast and Starmantle has earned an instant ban. Sorry Dice, there's no way that spell is balanced.

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-12-03, 11:12 PM
Edit: I've also reviewed the spells each of you has cast and Starmantle has earned an instant ban. Sorry Dice, there's no way that spell is balanced.

It's really not as bad as its reputation suggests, but if you want to ban it I understand. Can I replace it with something else, then?

2012-12-04, 06:03 AM
It's really not as bad as its reputation suggests, but if you want to ban it I understand. Can I replace it with something else, then?

Certainly, go ahead and switch it out.

2012-12-10, 02:13 PM
I keep looking at the thread and thinking "I should post," every so often, but I just have no motivation to do it. Honestly, I'm having trouble getting into this game, even if I like the idea of it and the character I've made. I think it just missed its chance to click with me.

I'm afraid I'm going to withdraw. Sorry guys. :smallfrown:

PairO'Dice Lost
2012-12-10, 03:10 PM
Aaand once again I'm the last player remaining in a PbP. No hard feelings, Vael, thanks for letting us know instead of just disappearing.

So, Chambers, you want to re-recruit? I'm up for continuing if you are, though it might take some flavor contortions to make new PC introductions work.

2012-12-10, 04:47 PM
Thanks for the heads up Vael. I've had the same thing happen so I understand.

I'm game for continuing as well. I've got an idea on how to incorporate new PC's, so let me mull it over for a bit. Plan on getting into the Labyrinth and then we'll pause for re-recruitment.

2012-12-12, 07:29 PM
The recruitment thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=264228) is up. Pop over and say hello! :smallsmile:

The Great Skenardo
2012-12-23, 09:56 PM
Wen Shu (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=485137)
Is happy to join the game.
Backstory is on the sheet, and is also reproduced here.

Wen Shu is a living embodiment of mind over matter, or perhaps simply what you can achieve, if you have a mind worth putting to anything. Even in the prime of his youth, he was a sickly and weak. After a lifetime of hard training and self-discipline, his physique became merely underwhelming. Instead of muscle, Wen Shu was born with the instincts of a fighter; the hundred miniscule tells and what even could be called a sixth sense for danger. In him, the Wen clan (already a breeding ground for murderers, assassins and ninja) had a quintessential weapon; a needle-thin stiletto that aimed itself at the jugular of any enemy he was pointed at. He distinguished himself as a master of infiltration, assassination, and even in dueling, where he fought with an insouciant ease and the arrogance of youth and talent. He became known even within the clan as Scorpion Shu for the sudden viciousness of his strikes, as well as his fondness for using poisoned blades in combat.

At the death of his father, a short, unpleasant power struggle between himself, an uncle, and one younger brother ended with Wen Shu at the head of the Wen clan. Under his leadership, the Wen went from a barely-organized mercenary clan to among the best assassins and ninja in the Empire, often called in service to the Chancellor for tricky and delicate missions. With Imperial patronage came renown, wealth, and a host of new troubles. However, Wen Shu delighted in these challenges for the sake of the Empire, and with each slain ogre lord or foreign princeling that dared offend the Emperor, so grew Scorpion Shu's satisfaction and his skills.

But as the years crept on, full of bloody business, Wen Shu found that he cared less and less about the slaughter: the combat, the strife...a lassitude crept over him; a will-sapping ennui that threatened to slow his hand just as surely as age crept over him. He found himself more and more drawn to The Way for guidance as his bloodlust cooled.
Finally, after a hesitation on his part that nearly cost the lives of five of his clan, he knew it was time to step down and let those more suited to the slaughter fill his slippers. Granted a sinecure as a "liason" to some foreign country (Cormanthyr) with no specific duties, Wen Shu headed West along the Golden Way with a few books of koans and a few bare items of equipment; his final act as Clan Head to order his personal weapon re-enchanted with powers more in line with the restrained teachings of the Way.

He has now spent a few years living in Cormanthyr, and has been troubled by the rumors and even the presence of nightmares. He has largely been content to observe the battles and wars that have raged across the land, as the Fey'ri were driven back. He took a hand here and there in the ousting of Jaelre and Auzkovyn, merely as a way to keep his professional skills sharp. He finds the multiculturalist ideals of Cormanthyr to be quaint, although ultimately doomed. He sees all too plainly that the elves must consolidate their control, and if they do not exclude their humanoid cousins, then they must dominate them.
However, the dreams present a mystery to him which piques his curiosity, and he can see the sense in not allowing his adoptive country to sink into all-encompassing nightmares. Both his understanding of The Way and the firm conviction of the Emperor's utter indifference towards Cormanthyr has left him confident in his decision to begin some inquiries on his own; mostly through those few contacts on the Myth Drannor side he dealt with in the war.

Wen Shu spends most of his time masquerading as an elf of no social import and moderate means. Behind that identity, he masquerades as an elf assassin masquerading as an elf of no social import and moderate means, sometimes further pretending to be an elf assassin masquerading as a foreign Shou Lung dignitary. Through this channel he indulges in some of the mayhem and intrigues which made up his former career, much in the same way someone who quits smoking will sometimes relapse in an atmosphere of nostalgia. Also consequentially, he has been sending occasional intelligence reports to the office of the Chamberlain through his Amnian friend.
These days, in pursuit of The Way, Wen Shu has been tempted by the easy attraction of chaotic actions; meddling in international politics in which neither he nor his Emperor has any real stake.

Excited to be on board, and will happily speak In this Neutral Tone

2012-12-23, 09:56 PM
Hooray! I am very excited to be a part of this game :smallbiggrin:. Also, I learned how to properly format my character sheet link, so hooray again!

Tyriel "Ardentwings" Eldanon (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=483346)

He's designed to fight in the sword-and-spell style elves are famous for. Strong magic, proficient martial skill, and devastating when the two are combined.


“Hail and well met, I am called Tyriel ‘Ardentwings’ Eldanon. Though I was sired by a Deva, my youth was much the same as any young elf’s during the Golden Age of Cormanthyr. Under the rule of Coronol Eltargrim, Cormanthyr flourished and Myth Drannor’s splendor was unrivaled. I lived, loved, and grew in a dream that seemed never-ending. But the dream was Eltargrim’s, and when he at last passed on to Arvandor, the dream started to fade.”

“The end of the Mourning Days marked the end of that dream, and the end of the innocence of my youth. In the decades following I learned how far the tel ‘quessir could fall. Joy and laughter turned into whispers and intrigue. The mighty struggled for power, and blood stained the streets.”

“Then came the Weeping Wars, where the few bright lights left to Cormanthyr were washed away by the Army of Darkness’s unceasing hate. I saw The People’s best and worst in those days, as we fought and died in a losing war. The dream of Cormanthor had become a nightmare, and when Myth Drannor finally fell, I lost myself to despair. I fled the kingdom and, eventually, Toril.”

“For centuries I wandered the multiverse, seeing wonders that defy description. I have discussed justice with the Inevitables of Mechanus, and stared into the chaos of Limbo. I have climbed the mounting heavens of Celestia, and battled beside angels in the Blood War of the fiends. I faced a thousand trials of body and soul, all of which helped me to find myself, my purpose, once again.”

“When word traveled across the planes of the Dlardrageth’s ancient evil revivified and rampaging against the elves of Faerun, I knew in my heart it was time to return. I joined Seiveril Miritar’s crusade, and with spell-and-steel fought for hope and redemption. In Seiveril’s crusade, the dream of Cormanthor was reborn, and this time, I will give everything I can to see it endure.”

“Sweet water and light laughter my friends, until we meet again.”

Minor Details that aren't very important, but help flesh out the character a bit

Tyriel's blade, Shattered Dream, is the same, standard issue blade given to many of the citizens-made-soldiers during the Weeping Wars. It was broken and reforged many time during the conflict, and Tyriel continues to use the weakly enchanted blade in preference to others. It serves as a constant reminder of the lessons of his past, and each battle won with it gives him hope for the future.

"Even a shattered dream can be reforged to do great things"

A magical prodigy since childhood, Tyriel never achieved more than passing proficiency with a blade until the Weeping Wars made everyday a battle to survive.

Tyriel's mother, a mage and teacher, passed to Arvandor in 714 DR during the Battle of Stars Shining.

Tyriel's amulet, Stalwart Heart, is carved from a scale that belonged to a very dear friend, Garnetallisar, who first taught him how to fly.
I'll arrange my spells memorized and maneuvers readied once Chambers lets us know the circumstances by which our characters will be introduced.

Tyriel will speak in sky blue.

Lastly, nice to meet you PairO'Dice Lost, love the name.

bindin garoth
2012-12-23, 11:26 PM
Also excited about this game!

Aranel Falassion (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=484292)
M CG Elf Binder13/SS2//Bard5/ToMR10, Level 15, Init +10, HP 203/203, Speed 30ft
AC 35, Touch 25, Flat-footed 28, Fort +19, Ref +21, Will +15, Base Attack Bonus 11/6/1
+2 Wounding Harmonizing Sudden Stunning Parrying Rapier of Puncturing (Wand Chamber:Closing Wounds(50/50)) 27/22/17 (1d6+11+7Fire, 15-20/x2)
Unarmed Strike 24/19/14 (1d6(2d6)+7+7Fire, x2)
Sudden Stunning (Swf Act) DC: 24 (10+1/2CL+Cha) (Stun 1d4+1 rnd, )
+4 Mithral Chain Shirt, Ring of Force Shield & Deflection +1 (+8 Armor, +2 Shield, +7 Dex, +1 Deflect, +7 Misc)
Abilities Str 6, Dex 24, Con 20, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 24
Current Masks:
Pri: Angel
Sec: Ministrel: +3 Ref & Will saves
Tet: Gladiator: +8 HP, +2 Fort Saves
Qu: Ascetic

I'm thinking about switching around the spells from the Angel mask, but for now I'll keep them (can switch them another day anyways).

Expect this guy to be able to switch tactics as needed. For now, he is focused on spell-slinging and buffing, but can easily switch to melee/minor debuffing at a moments notice. In either mode, he can be a competent healer though, with Close Wounds spell & Healing Hymn Bardic Music ACF.

Switching to his other masks mid-fight is, of course, harder, but can be done.

Repost of backstory & details:

Stories of the Masks: (Or, who each mask represents)

Magus: Khelben Arunsun, the Blackstaff. Known as a powerful mage, and as a Chosen of Mystra. He was quite the strict teacher, and still tends to be strict on Aranel when worn.
Prince: Kahvoerm Irithyl, first Coronal of Cormanthyr. He was a powerful ruler, uniting the elven nations and creating the Rule Tower. Aranel take his appearance when he wears this mask.
Gladiator: Fflar Starbrow Melruth, Captain of Myth Drannor. A powerful man, who loved his country above all else. He sacrificed his life in the line of duty when needed, without any hesitation whatsoever.
Cavalier: Shield of Myth Drannor. It's the only mask that is a collective group of spirits, known for their heroic efforts in defending the lands.
Angel: Srinshee, Grand Mage of the High Mages. Determined to be the Angel for judging Myth Drannor unworthy of the Rulers' Blade, and for holding the nations' best interest in heart. Aranel takes her appearance (with wings) whenever he wears this mask.
Ascetic: Josidiah Starym, Elven Bladesinger. Determined to be the Ascetic for his mystic fighting style (Ascetic re-flavored slightly). Josidiah has helped Aranel develop his own sword fighting style, although it is far from finished.
Minstrel: Eleminster Aumar, the famous wondering human mage. Aranel has learned a great bit of Eleminster’s travels from having bound him, often finding himself completely captivated by the stories the man weaves together.

On the House of Falassion:

The House of Falassion is a house of history-keepers, collector of stories, and bookkeepers of the Elves. They were established not long after the establishment of Kahvoerm Irithyl and the Rulers Blade. It was thought that there was a need to re-organize the history of the elves, especially considering the destruction of the libraries from the shower of meteors in the year -5000DR. As a result, this house soon learned that elves themselves were the best collectors of history, due to the ability to teach many at once, and should one die, there would be another who would also know the history.

And thus their sacred journey began; to uncover the lost histories of the people and to record the history as time went on. Unfortunately, this lead them to forsake all way; they spent all of their time recording and studying history, having little time for such insignificant things such as sword-play or the like. On the other hand, the family found a significant use for arcane and divine magic, using such things as devices for communicating with the souls of the dead. It was not uncommon to find a family member at least somewhat well-versed in either art.


“They never even lifted a finger.”

“Do they wish us dead?”

“Do they care anything for their kin?”

Such things were not an uncommon thing for Aranel to hear. The truth was, the family was often under such criticism for their….. Lack of a role in the front lines. They did help gather information from the spirits of the dead and relay it to the Coronal, but the people never seemed to think of this. On their lack of a sword-arm. And Aranel agreed with them.

“Why can’t we help!? Elves are dying out there?” Aranel would often question his father. But it never mattered, the answer was only the same.

“This is our sacred role, child. To do anything but it is to undo what generations have spent done! Would you have us all risk our lives, only for all of the history we have collected to be lost?”

He always lost the argument, no matter what angel he went on. And this time would be the last, he doesn’t care if he’s the only one, he’s going to help! He’s an elf; those were his bothers and sister (figuratively, of course) out there dying!

He began with the family’s own magic. After all, they could call upon the dead. What if they could become guides in battle? He could easily see it, the spirits paving the way back to their homeland, Myth Drannor. But seeing such a thing and actually doing it are two different things, especially when one has to hid his work.

All in all, it took him about a year to fully bind an elven spirit, this one being the spirit of Kahvoerm Irithyl, the first Coronal! He hadn’t expected to be able to call upon royalty on his first success!

Afterwards, it wasn’t long for him to bind the spirits of others. Fflar, the Captain who sacrificed himself to bring down his greatest foe. Khelben, the mage known as the Blackstaff. The Shield of Myth Drannor; the group who tried to defend the elven nation from their foes. Srinshee, Grand Mage of the High; the one who took the Rulers Blade from the undeserving. Josidiah Starym, Known for recovering the Artblade and for becoming a mystic lightning bolt in the end. And finally, the wondering human mage known as Eleminster Aumar. While not Elven, he was known for being an exceptionally powerful mage, much stronger than most had ever seen!

He did encounter a strange problem though: He couldn’t handle fully binding the spirits. In order to channel their power, he found himself creating mask replicas of the spirits, which served as a medium for the power being channeled. Whenever he tried to bind the spirit to himself, he always was knocked unconscious from the power.

With this new power, he ran off and joined the Elven Crusades. But these battles were not kind to him. Many times did he find himself in the war clinic, not due to a lack of power, but a lack of skill in battle. The medics and healers quickly learned his name, a fact that Aranel found quite embarrassing. But he persisted, and soon found himself on the battle field again and again. One does not get infinit chances on battlefield, however…….

Aranel soon found himself and his group utterly defeated by a number of highly-skilled Fey’ri. Aranel himself was knocked to his knees, unable to do anything but stare as the Fey’re lifted his ax to bear upon the young elf.

“Foolish boy. You cannot change things just by willing it. Are you willing to pay the price?” A harsh, womanly voice spoke to him. Aranel was confused for a moment, but instead of pondering the source he simply whispered, “Yes.”

A light began to glow for the mask Aranel was wearing, the mask of Srinshee. The Fey’ri was blinded and staggered back, only to find his arm cut off, and the young Aranel standing behind him, his blade crimson red with blood. Aranel grinned at the power; he had never felt such a power before!

The joy was short lived in the evening, however, when Aranel realized what the price was. As soon as he removed the mask, blindness set in. Panicking, he quickly puts the mask back on, and can see again!

“This is the price you are paying, young one.” The same voice as before, Aranel recognized. A picture soon came into his mind, the visualization of Srinshee. The one who spoke to him before!

“Boy, wielder of spirits. You have been chosen for a…. Unique task. Due to your familiarity with our history, you are particularly suited for this task. We will win this war, and re-claim our land, but this is only the beginning. Our country requires the forging of two new elfblades, one forged from the metal of the Banesblades. This one shall become the shield that protects Myth Drannor from her foes. The other, forged of the remains of the ancient Moonblades. This one will unite the elves with the other races, and prevent strife. Without either, the nation will fall again. Boy, od you understand?”

Aranel was dumbfounded. Him, chosen? But he was only…… “BOY!” Oppps. Never keep a lady waiting, as they say. “It would be my honor, High Mage.”

Aranel is unable to truly search for them until they have re-claimed their homeland, however. But the most curious thing happens, however. The night before his leave, he has the strangest dream. Was it a sign of the spirits? Aranel wasn’t sure.

In this dream, Aranel found himself bound and suspended in the air by rope. It was a dreary day, rain had just started, and yet he was completely soaked! A crowd was forming around him. One particular elf, Aranel couldn’t make out the details for some reason, except for pure black eyes, stepped forward. What did catch his eyes, however, was the blade. With ever step to Aranel, it’s sickly green glow grew brighter and brighter. A growl came out as it was drawn, almost as if it thirsted for Aranel’s blood!

“Aranel, you stand here today as a traitor to the kings. You are hereby accused of plotting to forge a new Elfblade and using such a device to kill the Coronal. As such, you shall be executed by your own forged blade, of which we still do not know how you did so.”

Aranel’s eyes widen as the man lifts up the sword! Was it - *Slash*

And Aranel awoken. Or so he thought at first. But soon, he realized he was awakening to a human slashing at him, the blade glistening in the bright moonlight. It was all Aranel could do to defend himself, he couldn’t call upon the spirits for some reason! He was starting to panic, he had never fought without them before!

Aranel soon realizes, however, this one is also….. Special. But before he can think any more, his blade is broken by the man and his glowing sword. Without a weapon, Aranel is helpless the blade finds his heart, and collapses in a pile of blood…

Strange dreams indeed…..

Aranel will speak in his Darkgreen.

I would take on a different color for each mask, but.... heh, that's a lot of colors to keep track of :smalltongue:

Oh My God
2012-12-24, 01:11 PM
Valinor Silvenruth (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=486152) will speak in Royal Blue, though you shouldn't read too much in to that color's name. The executive summary of Valinor is that he's Good Guy Greg (http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/good-guy-greg) with a magical sword and an extensive education in obscure myths. He will go out of his way to help people, just because its a nice thing to do. He radiates an aura of good like -nuts-. As a Star Elf, he's part of a culture that's been cut off from the mainstream for roughly two thousand years. Though he's been traveling in Faerûn for five years or so, he should still seem like a foreigner. When it comes to violence melee combat is what he excels at, and doing and surviving large amounts of damage is his metier. He can do terrible, horrible things to groups of enemies as well as to lone big bads.

* The isolation of Sildeyuir and its occupants was no accident. Having engaged in their own Retreat, the Ruar'tel'Quessir go to great length to keep their solitude. It is the dedication of a chosen few that ensures this blissful reprieve from the crushing encroachment of the 'lesser' races. These Guardians stand watch on the stone circles from the side of Abeir-Toril. Their posts are solitary and their tours are long. In centuries past, there was always a small cadre of volunteers, several dozen brave souls. Today, only the three great cairns are guarded in person. The lesser gateways must make do with wards. A single, solitary watcher stands against any and all who would try the gates of Sildeyuir. Every ten years, the Guardians are relieved by their alternates. Though free to do as they wish until their next turn arrives in a decade, they are strongly 'encouraged' to neither bide in the homeland they have been defending (for their very dedication marks them as different and troubling) or within Abeir-Toril (lest they accidentally invite inquiry by their very presence). Often, this means a quiet visit to Arvandor during their regular 'vacations', though sometimes it means vanishing quietly into the anonymity of the outer planes. Lost among the infinite vasty embrace of the multiverse, they need have little fear of betraying their secret home.

* Freedom of choice is integral to Valinor's world view, both in the sense that he views it as a positive thing in and of itself, as well as a vital requirement for any coherent code of morality. If someone has not consciously chosen their actions, then they cannot be held accountable for them. This, ultimately, is the source of mercy; being able to recognize when someone has committed an evil while their actions were constrained and granting them clemency, in struggling to help them gain the ability to make the correct choice in the first. It is only those who do evil willingly, simply because they wish to do ill, who deserve and receive no forgiveness or quarter.

* A virtuoso tenor, Valinor plays the flute (poorly) for himself. When he must pass the time more quietly, he memorizes logarithms and other mathematical miscellania. Always ready with a quip or a quote, a considerable portion of the lore of the Ruar'tel'Quessir's lore lies enthroned behind his golden eyes. His favorite game is Go. His favorite flower is the lily. He enjoys the sound of rainfall on a slate roof.

* Five years ago, just before his most recent 'vacation' began, Valinor was reporting what had happened during his watch (very little) to the Council. A disturbance from elsewhere in this central spire, a cry of panic cut short. One of the few criminals being held until justice can be done had managed to escape. Immediately lighting out in pursuit, Valinor followed this fugitive in his escape through one of the lesser circles and tracked Jellic (for such was his name) to the wilderness of Rashemen. Tipped off to the renegade's hidden refuge by the locals, the two elves faced each other in a battle first of words. Jellic tried to threaten and bribe his hunter, Valinor attempted to reason with the outlaw. Words were sheathed and weapons drawn, spells flung in anger. In the end, Jellic would not surrender. With few options, Valinor chose to end the criminal's life. Having accomplished this he reported the sad outcome to the local authorities, the so-called 'wychlaran', in the process coming in to contact with one of their number named Ayorra Selskhiva. He and the hathran spent a not insignificant amount of time speaking, most of a ten-day spilling by with little effort. Valinor was just as hungry for the lore of this wide, strange world he'd been protecting Sildeyuir from for half of a century as Ayorra was for word of the planes.

* A volunteer in the Army to retake Myth Drannor, Valinor proved a worthy addition to this great task. The scale of the violence proved shocking to the elf, large scale warfare having been entirely absent from the history of his people in their new home. Moved by the dedication of those which fell in the service of Cormanthyr's rebirth, he has helped found an orphanage and school to care for those left parentless by the recent bloodshed.

* Athletic and muscular, Valinor exhibits all of the grace and beauty one has come to expect from one of the Tel'Quessir. He dresses with a simple elegance, favoring blues and purples, scorning the merely decorative. Unusual for an elf, his hair is the white one associates with old age or albinism. His golden eyes hold a deep reserve a quiet confidence, a sense that extends to every fiber of his being. This certainty of self is the core of his commanding presence. Though the world be riven with strife, Valinor will always have one pointed fixed and certain; himself.
* The night before his return to Sildeyuir, a vision came to Valinor as he sat thinking. A vision of a great Darkness falling on his homeland, snuffing the stars of the eternal Sildeyuirian twilight one by one. Then, three towers he beheld rising once more over the Elven Court. Cormanthyr reborn, this so-called Myth Drannor resurgent. Atop each spire a sword of the finest make was thrust, pommel greeting the starry sky above. First one blade vanished, then another, leaving only the Crown Blade. Here, too, the Darkness blotted the stars away and the city fell in to an endless night. With some reflection and what he'd learned in his short time in Abeir-Toril, he recognized it as a portion of an obscure prophecy of the Star Elves; the Third Dawn. Absent any knowledge of Myth Drannor, it never made any sense to the Ruar'tel'Quessir but Valinor believes he has pieced it together. Without Cormanthyr, the prospect of his people's future is dim. Cormanthyr must, therefore, be restored to its former glory. And without the Elfblades to bolster its ancient bulwarks, Cormanthyr itself would be in no shape to lend its aid.

* Unknown to Valinor, the traitor Jellic has survived the mortal blow delivered to him. As part of the dark researches which lead to his imprisonment, he'd contacted some unknown Outsider and forged a pact to ensure his eternal life. Unfortunately for Jellic, this 'life' is that of undeath, and he finds himself bound to the service of the selfsame Outsider to whom he pledged himself.
Friends and Foes
* Candbrannon Môr ( Sun Elf Enchanter ): A noble that has moved to the restored Cormanthyr, Candbrannon engages in very little of note that anyone can notice. The friendship between Sun and Star is less practical, and more recreational. The two share a fondness for historical epigrams and clever riddles, and both have a veritable storehouse which the other lacks owing to their peoples long and ancient separation.

* Niewko Chernevog ( Rashemi Ranger ): A brief scuffle resulting from a misunderstanding over a campsite resulted in a firm respect between Niewko and Valinor. It was Niewko who directed Valinor to the Hathran in the first place, giving the elf the insight he needed to find his mark. Valinor considers himself to owe the man a favor.

* Jellic Padroso ( Star Elf Wight ): Envy. Loss. Rage. The hollow remnant of Jellic is filled and fueled by this swirling maelstrom of dark emotions. Very little of what he actually once was remains; the spark of essential personality guttered and died when he perished at the hands of Valinor. What was instead transmitted in his last ditch gamble for immortality was everything most comtemptible about the elf. For now, he bides his time in the service of his new master, retaining just enough of his old self to bitterly hate Valinor for destroying him.
* Though he is not officially an ambassador of his people, it is hard for Silvenruth to not see himself as such to a certain extent. Valinor can see the renewed vitality of Cormanthyr, and hopes to impress the Coronal with his own actions in her service. An alliance, a promise of aid, stronger cultural ties in general; all of these are what the crusader hopes for. Little is yet known of the Nilshai invasion of Sildeyuir, and still less do the Ruar'Tel'Quessir admit to themselves. Beyond this hazard of war, he sees a multitude of threats arrayed in the future for his people, and he longs to borrow some of the fire which now flows through the veins of this reborn kingdom.

* So long as the Warblade (and its brother, the Artblade) return to the hands of the Tel’Quessir Valinor's divinely granted goal will have been successfully achieved. He secretly hopes that it is he who will bear the Ary'Velahr'Kerym; he knows the limits of his dedication and can be certain that so long as breath remains within him, the People will have a defender.
" This was twenty years ago. I had just spent a short while in the place known as Limbo. Helping out. A folk live there, the Githzerai, the most worthy folk you can imagine. But there's always a hand worth lending, something worth doing. So I'd done. And needing a time of genuine rest, I returned to Arvandor. I spent most of my time relaxing with a ghaele, this pair of bralani and a somewhat odd shiere knight. Eventually, they grew restive and decided they wanted to go on a hunting trip, and asked me if I wanted to come with. I did want, so I did go."

" To cut an even longer story shorter, while we were out the eladrin received a message. A priority, panic, oh no call for aid. As ill luck would have it, a set of portals had recently been discovered that offered a shortcut between two fronts of the Blood War. Big problem being that the two portals happened to have in between them a particularly pastoral and helpless stretch of an innocent and unsuspecting world. This group of celestials were the only ones near enough to this particular world to get there in time. And so we went."

" We managed to close the portals, permanently. The first one, the one to the Abyss was simple. It was formed from the hollow of a tree. Never have I felt less conflicted about forestry than in chopping down that tree. The other... well. The other took more work. That's a story for another time. We could now be certain that the Blood War wouldn't spill in to this quiet world in all its horror, and yet... we knew that each of the factions of evil had a scouting party here. The harm they would cause if left to their foul work was too much to be borne."

" Through a particularly clever act of subterfuge, the ghaele manage to lead the Baatezu to the Tanar'ri. He lost his life in the process. Now, it should be understood that when the celestial servants of the gods 'die', they tend not to stay dead. This shouldn't in any way reduce the sacrifice we see in it, however. They still -suffer- as though dying, and in so doing they do risk an oblivion that mortals can barely conceive of. When we die, we pass on. When an angel dies they pass on in to nothingness."

" The memory of the devils and the demons fighting is potent enough that I can still see it as if it were yesterday. We three bided our time until the end of the brawl, and then we fell on the survivors. Even with the losses they'd suffered at the hands of the Baatezu, we very nearly didn't carry the day. They were numerous, the demons were. In the end, all perished save me and one of the foe. I expect I survived as long as I did because the demons did not mark me as a real threat, stacked against the eladrin. In any event it was down to myself and the last of the Tanar'ri. A balor. It taunted me, sneered. It offered me my life, if I fled. It wanted the pleasure of having broken a good elf, no doubt. I was resolved it would have nothing of the sort. I knew it would be able to end me in a single blow. This is actually useful information to have in a fight; it makes the whole fabric much more simple. I wagered he would be sloppy, thinking I would be afraid, thinking I would flee. And he was. I landed a strike with the full weight of my entire self behind it. The balor fell."

" I died too, of course, the demon taking me with it. I have no particular memory of being dead, or of any time spent among my ancestors. One moment, I was.. not anywhere, really. And the next, there I was again. Breathing. Breathing felt pretty good. I knew to my bones that Corellon himself had restored me, made me whole. That he was pleased with me, and proud of me, and wanted to see what more I could do."

"Some people think it was all a test, you know. To see what I would do. That it was a, what do they say, a 'set up'. I don't know that that changes much, even if it were true. That's the thing. You really should always live your life as though you're being tested. Every moment. Every action. You should behave as though you're being judged, weighed, measured. Because you are. You're being watched by the most important judge of all. Yourself. I can't imagine what it must be like, being a different person when people are around than when you're alone. I would wager its frightening, though. Not being sure of what you're doing."

- Valinor, in a conversation with Ayorra

Leaves fell. Snow fell. Rain fell. But his gaze never did.

The wheel of seasons turned. The stream of numbers which rippled through his mind wound to an end, one more equation memorized. Satisfied, he began to work through the numbers of Pi.

Still he sat. Watching. Waiting. A part of the landscape itself at this point. Squirrels rendered fearless by his unyielding presence chattered from his shoulder.

This was his choice. There was nowhere he wanted to be more than here. This place, this point in time. Standing between a hostile world and his people. The only sort of wall which mattered, a fortress of unbending will.

The numbers rolled, and with them, the years.

Couple of questions from the recruitment thread.
Charitable works: What kind of an effect does 35,000 towards the creation of an orphanage?

The way I've envisioned the star elf presence in Faerun is; officially, a star elf needs 'approval' to leave Sildeyuir. Though their society is generally permissive, the Ruar'tel'Quessir jealously guard their secrecy. This approval amounts to a judgment by the guiding council of the Star Elves on whether or not someone is capable of keeping that secret safe. At the present moment, only the six guardians of the stone circles and two merchants are cleared to travel in Abeir-Toril. The number is low not just because the Council is paranoid, but also because the inwardly turned society of the Star Elves does not foster much interest in the world which they abandoned. Few seek the permission. Does that work?

2012-12-24, 02:01 PM
Welcome everyone. I'm working on the plan for integrating you all into the game. I expect to have the IC updated by tomorrow morning at the latest or possibly this evening depending on how long christmas family stuff takes.

Oh My God

Your take on the Ruar'tel'Quessir looks good, so we'll go with that. Regarding the orphanage, 35,000gp would go a long way. Finding a decent sized building in Myth-Drannor wouldn't really be a problem as everyone is 'moving back in' and not all of the original occupants have come back. Repairing and fixing the building would cost a fair amount, but still leave plenty left over for operations.

How detailed do you want to get with this? I'll make a brief write-up of it that'll probably be a paragraph or two and include some NPC's that work there and what the social effects have been (positive, no need to worry about that). If you want to go beyond that you can track how the money is spent on any special repairs or magical wards you'd like for it. 35k spent on orphans buys a lot of goodwill in the community so unless Valinor is doing this anonymously it'll garner him a significant amount of attention.

I'm assuming that the orphanage will be open to non-elves as well. Is that correct? That'll be an important detail for the game. And remember, no good deed goes unpunished. :smallwink:

2012-12-24, 04:08 PM
IC is updated. I'll post an update for Ayorra later tonight.

Lore: Treants' Treat
This was Myth Drannor’s first tavern/business to have an open clientele and no exclusionary tactics toward customers. Still famous, the roots-entangled subterranean walls of the taproom have allegedly played host to two gods Arvoreen and Mystra) and an Elven Court. Whether those rumors are true or not, the three-story burrow dwelling (1 above, 2 below) is still one of the most popular taprooms in the city that caters to all. The N'Tel’Quessir make up the majority of the patrons though many elves still drink there, though not in recent days.

2012-12-24, 08:26 PM
Hey Chambers, quick question. The IC post says "the three of you" at the start, so I was just wondering which of the three of us you are referring to. Or was this just a typo?

Oh My God
2012-12-24, 09:23 PM
Its definitely not anonymous; Valinor's thoughts on the concept of anonymity are complex, but it isn't for him.

In the day to day operation, Valinor definitely won't be involved in-depth. The skills he brings to the table are 1) revenue generation and 2) a good judge of character. Between a paladin's innate sense for other people and sense motive, he should be able to find a couple of good managers to actually run the endeavor. Special events might call for him, though ( the students are performing a play! surely Valinor will attend <_< )

I don't feel the need to go too in-depth, for either of us. A small write up would be welcome, though.

And yes, the N'Tel'Quessir are welcome. Valinor supports the Coronal's vision for Cormanthyr. To the point where the name of the place should be of a notable non-elf who lost their life in the crusade.

2012-12-24, 09:27 PM
Ah, yeah. Valinor, Tyriel, and Aranel are the three I'm referring to.

2012-12-24, 09:50 PM
Thank you for the clarification. I updated my character sheet to show the spells and maneuvers Tyriel readied for investigation/potential riot control.

2012-12-25, 12:41 PM
Portals (Arcana DC 25 or higher)

After centuries and millenia even the durable magic that allows portal to sustain themselves can break down. The first indication of this is what is known as portal seepage where the local conditions of wherever the portal leads starts to affect the area on the other side of the portal.

Going through a damaged or malfunctioning portal can be dangerous as the magic that sustains the portal is released uncontrolled, often sending the person activating the portal somewhere else entirely or causing another mishap of magic that ranges from troublesome to fatal. (Refer to the Portal Malfunction table on pg 61 of FRCS for a complete list)

2012-12-25, 02:14 PM
aaaaaand here are the appropriate rolls I failed to include with my IC post :smallredface:. Hopefully I used the dice roller appropriately.

Listen: [roll0]
Spot: [roll1]

Will save DC 22 to prevent me from reading surface thoughts

The Great Skenardo
2012-12-25, 02:25 PM
Done exactly right.
The strong auras about the aged elf's person are in line with conjuration and transmutation effects, consistent with any number of enhancement effects.
The aura about him personally is faint illusion.
and a roll:
EDIT: The elven gentleman keeps his thoughts to himself.
EDIT EDIT: you detect no spellcasting ability in him, although you discern that his intelligence is extremely high for a mere mortal. If you had to assign a completely arbitrary number that is nevertheless 100% accurate to describe his intellect, you'd put it at 27.

bindin garoth
2012-12-25, 03:03 PM
Sorry for the late post, I will have an IC post tonight.

2012-12-25, 06:18 PM
Will Saves

Drunk [roll0]
Human with Dwarves [roll1]
Human with Dwarves [roll2]
Dwarf [roll3]
Dwarf [roll4]

Tyriel Caster Level check
Human at Bar [roll5]
Human at Bar [roll6]

The Great Skenardo
2012-12-25, 07:20 PM
the elderly elf only has resistance to the scrying subschool of divination.
A spellcraft check shows that he is under the effects of a disguise self spell.

Oh My God
2012-12-25, 07:35 PM
Mind reading is rude, yo. True facts.

2012-12-25, 07:41 PM
Mind reading is rude, yo. True facts.

The mage doesn't know that Tyriel is trying to read minds as there's no visible effect of the spell, but Arcane Sight is pretty easy to spot for someone with enough experience (ranks in Spellcraft).

bindin garoth
2012-12-25, 09:15 PM
IC post coming up shortly!

Will save: [roll0]

Edit: Should of read IC closer before posting that will save, realized I didn't need it.

2012-12-26, 10:07 AM
Bindin Garoth: Just a clarification. It was the two male human twins at the bar who noticed the divining and made the comments. The dwarves are sitting at the table with the rowdy gentleman and appear to be communicating with each other mentally somehow (presumably their matched rings).

The Great Skenardo: Thanks for the update. Arcane Sight won't actually tell me the specific spell though, just the school of magic, like Detect Magic. Knowing it's an illusion, Tyriel is going to try to disbelieve it to see what's beneath, though I'm not sure if passing Disguise Self's will save lets you penetrate the illusion or not.

and lastly, just fyi, we're connected with the Message spell, so we can whisper to each other as long as we are within 250' of each other (blocked by lead, to much stone/metal, etc.).

The Great Skenardo
2012-12-26, 11:35 AM
HF: Will DC 12.

2012-12-26, 11:45 AM
Oh durrr, the will save roll. Knew I forgot something.

Will save: [roll0]

The Great Skenardo
2012-12-26, 12:49 PM
HF: with your above-average abilities, you see that the elf was actually using magic to make himself appear older than he really was. In reality, you see that his hair is silvery white, and his skin ruddy. Behind the magic, he doesn't appear to be a day over 200. Furthermore, the vague look to his eyes is gone, and in its place is something much more watchful and searching

2012-12-26, 08:21 PM

Yeah, as long as Sydil is still around you can suggest actions for her and I'll usually go along with it - except in this case. :smallwink:

Though her character sheet is gone (:smallfrown:) Sydil had Spontaneous Divination, and as Analyze Portal is a 3rd level Divination Sor/Wiz spell, she's going to cast that instead. I'll post what she learns in the IC, hopefully tonight.

2012-12-27, 08:06 PM
Ugh, I'm too young to be going senile :smalleek:. Just realized Mind Blank belonged on the list of spells I always keep up (I mean come on me, it's one of my domain spells for crying out loud) :smallredface:. I corrected the IC post, hope that's okay. If not, I totally understand.

2012-12-27, 08:25 PM
Ugh, I'm too young to be going senile :smalleek:. Just realized Mind Blank belonged on the list of spells I always keep up (I mean come on me, it's one of my domain spells for crying out loud) :smallredface:. I corrected the IC post, hope that's okay. If not, I totally understand.

Eh...it'd change the way things are going, as he wouldn't know you're a mage, thus not prompting the others to leave and take the drunk, thus maybe the drunk doing something that he'd regret...oh hey, look at all the butterflies! :smallsmile:

We'll leave it as is for now and not worry about it.

2012-12-28, 08:36 PM

I'm working on the map and other details for Ayorra, Sydil and the ice fountain. I might get it finished tomorrow evening (have to work tomorrow), but Sunday for sure. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy my awesome cut/paste art skills. (https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1XudWIqcpR82dnHfr1oznKgvH5jUmfd6ZvOei6iqyXnI/edit)

2013-01-04, 08:43 PM
Busy week this week. I'm working tomorrow, so I might update tomorrow evening but Sunday is more likely.

2013-01-06, 05:16 PM

Reflex Saves - DC 15 for half damage.
Damage: [roll0]
Anyone who fails their save is pinned under the rubble.

Gard [roll1]
Halred [roll2]

Waterdeep Twin [roll3]
Waterdeep Twin [roll4]

Athana [roll5]

Knowledge: History DC 35 or Knowledge: Local (Cormanthyr) DC 15
Earthquakes are so uncommon in Myth Drannor that many believe that either the land lies far from the edges of any tectonic plate or that the mythal protected the city from any quakes in the past. While rumors are usually false, in this case both are true. Myth Drannor in specific and Cormanthyr in general are over fairly stable geographic areas and the mythal did ward the city against earthquakes.

Even in the years without the mythal there haven't been any earthquakes that weren't magical produced.

Edit: Earthquakes.

While the earthquake is going on, no one can move or attack. Anyone attempting to cast a spell must make a Concentration check (DC + Spell Level) or lose the spell.

The Great Skenardo
2013-01-06, 06:09 PM
Reflexd20: [roll0]

For the DM

Wen Shu Evades the earthquake rubble entirely, and immediately retreats to the Etherial Plane to watch the earthquake play out. He glances at the pile of rubble under which there lay the remains of a chessboard, but then watches the others react to the disaster with some interest through the gossamer planar boundary.

2013-01-06, 08:26 PM
Reflex save: [roll0] (+15 instead of +25 because I believe we are flat-footed?)

Knowledge (History): [roll1]

Spellcraft (just so I would know what an earthquake spell entails) [roll2]

And before I type up my IC post I'll need to know if the spell I intend to cast goes off through all the ruckus (DC 20 + spell level, correct?). I'm planning on casting a 4th level spell.

Concentration: [roll3]
Recharge Magic (4th level): [roll4] rounds

Oh My God
2013-01-07, 05:03 PM
Save: [roll0]

Knowledge (Local): [roll1]

Would Freedom of Movement allow moving around during the quake?

2013-01-07, 05:50 PM
Would Freedom of Movement allow moving around during the quake?

Sure, that's fine.


I'll likely get the next IC post up tomorrow evening as I've got my RL game tonight.

Oh My God
2013-01-07, 07:50 PM
Righto, though I hadn't remembered my concentration was that awful; here goes: Concentration check [roll0]

Nope. Ah well. Having failed that, going to just use his eternal wand of flight on himself. Remove that requirement for stable ground entirely.

bindin garoth
2013-01-08, 12:03 PM
Reflex save: [roll0]

Switching masks to the Ascetic as primary.

Edit: Also, token to talk to Ilsevele? Am I just missing the post where I get it, I'm not seeing any mention of it....

2013-01-08, 12:24 PM
Reflex save: [roll0]

Switching masks to the Ascetic as primary.

Edit: Also, token to talk to Ilsevele? Am I just missing the post where I get it, I'm not seeing any mention of it....

It's in the first page of IC stuff from Dice and the rest of the old group (post #24). Ilsevele gave a leaf and acorn token (symbols of her personal rune) to all the groups she has investigating for her. Wearing it lets people know we're her operatives going about her will. By pressing the acorn you can whisper to her a brief message.

bindin garoth
2013-01-08, 01:58 PM
Ah ok. I'll edit my IC post when I have a moment. No wonder I missed it, I kept on ctrl-F searchin the last page IC & OOC! :smallredface:

2013-01-12, 04:00 PM
Typing up a post now. Expect it sometime this afternoon-ish.

2013-01-14, 09:51 PM
Plan on an update tomorrow. Sorry for the longish delay Dice - had creative juice for just one post this evening and Baewyn got it. :smallwink:

PairO'Dice Lost
2013-01-14, 11:38 PM
No worries. If delaying an update here means Baewyn continues being awesome, Ayorra can wait. :smallwink:

2013-01-15, 08:21 PM
I'm starting work on your post now Dice, have no fear.

Something I forgot to add to the Spellcraft check from the previous post: In game terms the Spellfire provided an alternate method for requesting a more powerful Miracle (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/miracle.htm). Instead of using 5,000xp to "Heal everyone within the Dlabraddath District" Lady Auglamyr used her own spell energy. All of her prepared spells are considered expended for the purposes of Recharging and they won't come back for a while (24 hours or more).

Oh yeah, forgot to write it in the IC: the spell she tried (and failed) to cast was Prayer.

2013-01-15, 08:49 PM
Initiative (Shivhad) [roll0]
Initiative (Ayorra & Sydil) [roll1]

Ice Roar (Greater Shout (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/shoutGreater.htm))
Maximized Damage: 60 Cold
Empowered Damage: [roll2] Cold

Ayorra Fort Save: [roll]1d20+16[roll]
Sydil Fort Save: [roll]1d20+16[roll]

2013-01-15, 08:50 PM
Messed up the Fort saves. Looks like Ayorra and Sydil won initiative after its surprise action. Let's see if they're stunned...

Ayorra Fort Save: [roll0]
Sydil Fort Save: [roll1]

2013-01-15, 08:52 PM
Looks like Ayorra is Stunned for 1 round unless she's got some contingency.

Deaf [roll0]


76 cold damage. Ayorra is Stunned for 1 round and Deafened for 17. Sydil deafened for 8 rounds. IC is incoming.

2013-01-15, 09:09 PM
Here's what I'm working with for Sydil (PM from Vael):

Sydil was an Elven Generalist Wizard // Archivist. She had Collegiate Wizard (for extra known spells, of course) and was further a Conjuration Domain wizard, and also had Spontaneous Divination.

Generally, the spells she knew were of three categories:
1) Divinations. Sydil collected knowledge in any way she could, and so she used many different divinations to hunt things down and help bolster her understanding.
2) Evocation and battle spells. Sydil was designed to fight alongside the army, and she generally did so in a very direct fashion, with an emphasis on lightning and thunder magic. Moonbow, Ball Lightning, Great Thunderclap, Chain Lightning- she blasted stuff.
3) Spells that could be used for building and terrain manipulation. Things like move earth, plant growth, wall of stone, fabricate- anything she could use to help restore the city over time, from reshaping the ground to growing fields and trees.

Deafened spell failure chance for Forcecage [roll0]

PairO'Dice Lost
2013-01-15, 11:11 PM
Ayorra will attempt to counterspell the ice roar with greater dispel magic by discharging her battlemagic perception: [roll0] on the dispel check. Also, she has energy immunity (cold) up, so she doesn't take any cold damage.

2013-01-16, 06:46 AM
Sorry, missed the Energy Immunity in my list of yours and hers active spells.

That will counter the Ice Roar. I won't be able to edit the post until tonight, but Sydil will still cast Forcecage and you can go ahead with your turn.

2013-01-18, 06:17 PM

The post has been edited. Game on!

PairO'Dice Lost
2013-01-18, 06:19 PM
Excellent. I'll have a post up sometime this weekend.

2013-01-19, 01:31 PM

Your PM box is full. Mind clearing some space?

PairO'Dice Lost
2013-01-19, 01:57 PM
It's clear now, sorry about that.

2013-01-19, 02:44 PM

I've been thinking about your mask and remembered something that I meant to bring up. I'm not sure that actually looking like the identities assigned to them is a good idea, for purely IC reasons. I doubt that some of the actual personalities would appreciate a near identical body double popping up randomly, especially given who they are. How would you feel about changing that part of it? The masks would still give you the insight, as it were, of the person and a vague physical resemblance if you wish but I think it would cause more harm than good to actually appear as the people.

Oh My God
2013-01-19, 03:31 PM

I've been thinking about your mask and remembered something that I meant to bring up. I'm not sure that actually looking like the identities assigned to them is a good idea, for purely IC reasons. I doubt that some of the actual personalities would appreciate a near identical body double popping up randomly, especially given who they are. How would you feel about changing that part of it? The masks would still give you the insight, as it were, of the person and a vague physical resemblance if you wish but I think it would cause more harm than good to actually appear as the people.

Good call.

2013-01-20, 10:53 PM
Didn't get as much done as I wanted to this weekend (RPG-wise, got a lot of chores done), so expect an update Monday or Tuesday.

bindin garoth
2013-01-20, 11:39 PM

I've been thinking about your mask and remembered something that I meant to bring up. I'm not sure that actually looking like the identities assigned to them is a good idea, for purely IC reasons. I doubt that some of the actual personalities would appreciate a near identical body double popping up randomly, especially given who they are. How would you feel about changing that part of it? The masks would still give you the insight, as it were, of the person and a vague physical resemblance if you wish but I think it would cause more harm than good to actually appear as the people.

Sure. I'll just make it so that the forms take on some qualities of the person they emulate. I'll take care of this IC tomorrow.

And don't worry about the delayed IC post, Real Life hapens!

2013-01-22, 09:15 PM
Will update tomorrow for sure. Had a bunch to catch up on today.

2013-01-23, 08:05 PM

Need a Spell Resistance roll from Ayorra as Flame Strike is SR: Yes.

bindin garoth

I didn't catch it earlier, but Guidance of the Avatar is officially the second spell to get banned. I'll let your current post stand with it, but it's not allowed anymore. Feel free to replace that wand with something else.

Even in a normal campaign that spell is suspect but in a Recharge campaign when the spell can be used any number of times a day it's pretty unbalancing.

2013-01-23, 08:48 PM
Just to clarify, what was the first spell to be banned? Luminous Armor?

2013-01-23, 09:34 PM
Starmantle from BoED.

PairO'Dice Lost
2013-01-24, 02:08 PM

Need a Spell Resistance roll from Ayorra as Flame Strike is SR: Yes.

Sorry about that. [roll0]

bindin garoth
2013-01-24, 09:19 PM
Sorry I haven't edited the IC post yet. I'm going to try and get to it tonight, if not then tomorrow. Working 2 jobs is more taxing than I originally expected (well, that and my full-time job just got a lot busier.) :smallfrown: I want to get that post edited to describe how he looks with the mask before my new post.

As for the spell..... Yeah I can understand it getting banned. I'll probably switch over to some other utility/skill type of spell.

2013-01-25, 11:10 PM
I assume Arcane Sight tells me Master Filthrip is another powerful mage?

bindin garoth
2013-01-26, 12:16 AM
Editted previous IC post, and going to post Ic soon.

Can I replace the wand with one of the Divine Insight spell? Replaces the +20 skill bonus with a +8 bonus, with the exception that the wand can be used up to 3 hours earlier (but the bonus can still only be applied once, as an immediate action)?

And while t can be active for 3 hours at a time, I still have to watch it It'd be too easy to burn through my 50 charges...

Maybe I should of gotten an eternal wand instead...

Edit: Nevermind about the spell. Forgot I have Improvisation as a Bard spell. I'll continue to look tomorrow.

2013-01-26, 07:33 AM
I assume Arcane Sight tells me Master Filthrip is another powerful mage?

Yep. Highest spell level available is 9 and its arcane. The spell he's concentrating on seems to be a modified version of Prying Eyes that let's him control each orb (9th level spell).

Oh My God
2013-01-26, 04:15 PM
Sorry about the tardy; rough work week. Will have a post up in approximately an hour.

2013-01-28, 09:26 PM
Ice Shavid Saving Throw vs Fire Storm [roll0]

Sydil's Prismatic Spray [roll1]
Spell Resistance [roll2]
Ice Shavid's Saving Throw vs Prismatic Spray [roll3]

Additional Prismatic Spray rolls if 8 is rolled [roll4] [roll5]

2013-02-02, 10:20 PM
Typing up a new post, huzzah. :smallsmile:

I've got all the data I think I need from my old laptop transferred over to my less-older laptop. The one I was using was making a lot of strange mechanical chugging noises often so I decided to switch all my stuff over before it finally crashed. I think the only thing left is to install Paint Shop Pro on this one but that won't affect this game. [/rambles]

2013-02-04, 08:27 PM
Glad to hear the data transfer went smoothely! I'm impressed you had the forethought to proactively attack the problem. Most of the people I know would have just waited until their computer died on them and immediately start panicking instead. :smallbiggrin: Looking forward to the next post!

2013-02-06, 06:44 PM
Sorry for the delay, I've been under the weather the past few days and had to miss some work. I've got about half of it written and I hope to finish the rest tonight.

2013-02-06, 10:36 PM
No worries. I wish you a speedy recovery!

2013-02-08, 06:10 PM
Two quick questions Chambers, when you have a minute to spare. Firstly, when he says "they have done this much, it is finished", does he mean the school is finished and they are leaving? Secondly, is there any roll I can attempt to understand what the wand is for?

2013-02-08, 06:43 PM
Two quick questions Chambers, when you have a minute to spare. Firstly, when he says "they have done this much, it is finished", does he mean the school is finished and they are leaving? Secondly, is there any roll I can attempt to understand what the wand is for?

1) That's what he was implying, yes.

2) Sorry, forgot to make a Spellcraft spoiler. The effect created was a Zone of Silence (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/zoneOfSilence.htm) but it wasn't cast from the wand. Instead of being a charged magical token the wand appeared to be used as a focus for the spell he actually cast: Limited Wish (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/limitedWish.htm).

2013-02-09, 04:51 PM

Go ahead and make a Disguise check for your disguise. Outside it didn't matter that much as the people on the street didn't have anything to compare it against but Athana and Valinor have both recently seen "Limosen" so they'd have something to bounce your current appearance and mannerisms against in their heads (even if they're not actually suspicious - something may just stick out as odd or familiar).

Athana's Spot [roll0]
Valinor's Spot [roll1]

Edit: Heh. Pretty sure you can beat a 23.

The Great Skenardo
2013-02-09, 07:47 PM
Disguise happens thusly.

2013-02-09, 08:13 PM
Good thing skill checks don't auto-fail on a Natural 1. :smallwink:

2013-02-09, 09:17 PM
Errrrr, I was aiming for the basement of the Treant's Treat. Did I misunderstand the layout? I thought top level was owners apartment, mid level was the tavern where Athana and the others are, and the lowest level was the basement (storage I believe).

2013-02-09, 09:19 PM
Ah. Nope, I screwed up. Gimme a minute to fix it.

2013-02-10, 10:08 AM
Ebrath means 'friend' in Elven. If a word is in italics its Elven, so people can identify it OOC and look it up in the dictionary linked in the first OOC post.

Oh My God
2013-02-10, 12:39 PM
Ebrath means 'friend' in Elven. If a word is in italics its Elven, so people can identify it OOC and look it up in the dictionary linked in the first OOC post.

Wicked. Thanks for the correction.

Oh My God
2013-02-14, 11:54 AM

I think you might be having some noun confusion in your post. Valinor hasn't teleported; Tyriel has.

bindin garoth
2013-02-14, 11:58 AM
Woops, indeed I did!

Fixed :smalltongue:

2013-02-14, 06:14 PM
Probably could of just imparted that info here, but IC posts are more fun!

Oh My God
2013-02-14, 07:12 PM
Way more fun. I dig it.

2013-02-16, 01:52 PM

Got a reply for Valinor?

The Great Skenardo
2013-02-16, 02:47 PM
Ach! sorry about that. Thank you for the nudge.

2013-02-16, 05:01 PM
If Valinor is openly wearing the token Ilsevele gave them then the Unnamed Half Elf would at least recognize him as an official representative of the Coronal, though depending on how the UHE views her that might increase or lessen any suspicion of Valinors intent. Just sayin.

Oh My God
2013-02-16, 05:16 PM
Valinor's calling attention to the insignia in my latest post; we'll see what the UHE does in response to it.

I'm somewhere between amused and appalled that I'm playing a Paladin who is using the Bluff skill. But he's not lying, so hey. Rock out, Valinor.

2013-02-16, 05:37 PM
Things are going along fine, just wanted to lay out some guidance for using these skills against other PC's. Be sure to state your intent ahead of time (act in character, hide suspicion, etc) so everyone has a good idea about what success or failure for the roll means. Again, no problems yet, just felt it'd be a good idea to get everyone on the same table as to how duplicity between characters should be handled (or at least how I'd like it to happen).

2013-02-18, 08:00 PM
I'm sick with the crud again. This is like the third time in a month and it usually lasts a 4 or 5 days. I think I've got some upper respiratory infection that won't go away.

Anyway, all that to say it might be a day or two before an update. I'm pretty wiped out after work, though I think I'll go to the clinic tomorrow.

Oh My God
2013-02-19, 08:51 PM
Ooooh TGS. :smallbiggrin:

The Great Skenardo
2013-02-19, 09:29 PM
aw snafit

I'm on the case!

2013-02-19, 11:05 PM
I feel I should point out to Bindin Garoth that I believe Aranel was standing in the entrance to the Treant's Treat, so he would have at least seen Valinor and UHE's interaction and subsequent departure. Don't know if you or OMG want to do anything with that or not, just wanna make sure we know where everyone is.

Oh My God
2013-02-19, 11:14 PM
I feel I should point out to Bindin Garoth that I believe Aranel was standing in the entrance to the Treant's Treat, so he would have at least seen Valinor and UHE's interaction and subsequent departure. Don't know if you or OMG want to do anything with that or not, just wanna make sure we know where everyone is.

Interesting! I'd read it as him teleporting to the basement, since he was talking directly to Tyriel. BG? Where the heck is Aranel and what's he doing?

bindin garoth
2013-02-20, 02:30 AM
Sorry I'm here! Started a new part time job, working nights Mon- thurs, and then I work days mon-fri at my other job. Needless to say, I'm still getting use to the sleep schedule (and lack thereof). I originally meant to teleport outside and walk in.

I'll get a post up during lunch break later today its painful posting from a phone :smallannoyed:

Edit: so yes, I'd imagine he would of seen at least part of it, if not the whole thing

2013-02-20, 07:49 PM
I have no idea if this would have any impact on your Locate Creature spell, but Tyriel did inform Valinor and Aranel that the "aged elf" was an illusion. Valinor would know to search for "the person (elf) who was disguised as Berubella", though I don't believe Valinor attempted the Will save to pierce the illusion.

2013-02-20, 08:10 PM
Hmmm. This is a bit tricky.

I think the simplest and most straight forward answer is that the spell fails to locate Brubella as Brubella doesn't exist as a creature for the spell to find. The spell finds creatures, not personalities or personas.

Which might be an interesting revelation on it's own, but probably not the first conclusion jumped to. There are, after all, a number of reasons why the spell could fail.

Oh My God
2013-02-20, 08:56 PM
Hmmm. This is a bit tricky.

I think the simplest and most straight forward answer is that the spell fails to locate Brubella as Brubella doesn't exist as a creature for the spell to find. The spell finds creatures, not personalities or personas.

Which might be an interesting revelation on it's own, but probably not the first conclusion jumped to. There are, after all, a number of reasons why the spell could fail.

Here's a further wrinkle; would the spell work on the UHE, since he doesn't 'exist' either?

2013-02-20, 09:20 PM
If you cast Locate Creature to find the UHE, that'd fail as well per the same rationale. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other reasons why it'd fail also.

Also, you may have a small mob on your hands.

Oh My God
2013-02-21, 01:26 AM
Knowledge (Local): [roll]1d20+13/roll]

EDIT: And... typos are lovely.

Oh My God
2013-02-21, 01:28 AM
Once more, with feeling!

Knowledge (Local): [roll0]

Tonight is, obviously, just not my night. A one and a three. Yeeesh.

2013-02-21, 07:41 AM
Forgot to include this in the IC.

Spellcraft DC 20
The crowd is fascinated by Sir Freehold.

Also a quick update for when TGS posts; Valinors attempt to calm the crowd has no effect but he hasn't been attacked yet.

Oh My God
2013-02-21, 10:43 AM
Spellcraft, then [roll0]


2013-02-21, 02:34 PM
Ouch, that's quite an unfortunate rolling streak you're on there.

TGS- about how long was the round-about walk you led Valinor on? I'm just looking for some point of reference of when Tyriel's spell would be finished.

The Great Skenardo
2013-02-21, 02:43 PM
Roll Harder

2013-02-22, 12:08 PM
Does failing the Spellcraft mean Valinor is simply ignorant of the type of magic used, or that he is unaware that any magic was used?

Also, Skenardo, how long time-wise was the walk?

The Great Skenardo
2013-02-22, 12:26 PM
let's say ten minutes?

2013-02-22, 01:06 PM
If Valinor has Detect Magic active then he'd know it was some kind of magic. If not then it appears to be non-magical.

Oh My God
2013-02-22, 02:48 PM
Once it becomes obvious that they weren't swayed at all, that will most likely be Val's next course of action. After all, who would possibly not be moved by his words? <_<

2013-02-25, 08:50 PM
Are you all ready to be thrilled by another of my exquisite maps? :smallwink:

2013-02-25, 09:27 PM
Mob Grapple vs Valinor

Attack vs Flat-Footed Touch AC 12 [roll0]
Grapple Check [roll1] vs Valinor Grapple Check [roll2]
Grapple Damage [roll3]

Engulf Damage [roll4]

Oh My God
2013-02-25, 10:09 PM
Precious little I can do at this point, while at the same time being in absolutely no real danger. Hmm hmm.

Can't use any spells to get out of it (wouldn't succeed at the concentration check), probably can't win the grapple off (+34! wow!), can't... think of anything else.

2013-02-25, 10:28 PM
Assuming you can make the spellcraft check to identify the Mass Sugestion, I would suggest a countersong. Feeling lucky?

The Great Skenardo
2013-02-25, 10:57 PM
Note that all the damage that may be done against Virodel's opponent is nonlethal at this point.

The pompous rabblerouser is the target of both of Virodel's dodge bonuses. All other things being equal, his AC against that person is 49.

2013-02-25, 11:05 PM
Given time they could kill him; he's taken 12 damage so far (after DR). If that average keeps up it would only take a minute, and as you said he doesn't have a good chance of escaping. The question now becomes: how soon (and with what methods) can his allies stop the mob?

Oh My God
2013-02-25, 11:38 PM
Valinor already failed the Spellcraft check. That was one of the things that started this 'hilarious' series of events. Valinor also has Fast Healing through Saint; so he's sitting at only 8 HP lost at the moment. Which ain't too scary. Despite that, I'm feeling like I didn't optimize this guy nearly hard enough. Yeesh.

The best of the bad options does seem to be trying to cast Dimension Door. So, well, here goes.

Concentrate: [roll0]

And it fails. *gasp*

The Great Skenardo
2013-02-25, 11:43 PM
to be fair, what high-level pc expects to be manhandled by a bunch of peasants?

2013-02-26, 06:38 AM
Our chief weapon is surprise. Surprise and cunning...

The Mob is basically a pile of bodies with a grapple modifier. It's clearly not intended to be a real life or death challenge; I'm more interested in how its dealt with.

2013-02-26, 08:33 PM
Illusory pit isn't on the recharge magic list since it's not from the Player's Handbook, so after you get a good look at it, Chambers, please let me know what you want its recharge rate to be.

Skenardo, I moved your UHE block on the map to the stairs with the unfriendly bard like described in your post, hope that's okay.

The Great Skenardo
2013-02-26, 08:33 PM
Saves follow.

[roll0] vs. Web
[roll1] vs. Illusory Pit

2013-02-28, 12:56 PM
It occurs to me (several days later) that I shouldn't throw out a bunch of lingering CC and lazily expect others to look up the side-effects. Allow me to correct my lassitude at once.

*Each creature entering or within the space must make a reflex save

Save Succeeds:
Subject is entangled (-2 attack rolls, -4 dexterity, unable to run/charge, move at half speed, concentration DC 15+spell level to cast).
Each round devoted to moving allows the subject a new Strength (DC 20) or Escape Artist (DC 25) check. The creature moves 5 feet for each full 5 points by which the check result exceeds 10.

Save Fails:
Subject is entangled and unable to move.
Subject can break loose by spending 1 round and making a Strength (DC 20) or Escape Artist (DC 25) check. This leaves them merely entangled and subject to movement restrictions (see above).

Illusory Pit
*Each creature entering or within the space must make a will save

Save Succeeds:
Subject suffers mild case of vertigo and for one round is stunned (drops everything held, can’t take actions, takes a -2 penalty to AC, and loses dexterity bonus to AC).
Flying subjects passing over pit are unaffected.

Save Fails:
Subject falls prone and is unable to take any actions, except clawing at the floor to stop its apparent fall, for the spell's duration.
Flying subjects are stunned for one round.

*Attacking affected subjects frees them from effect, but leaves them stunned for one round.
*When spell ends, all subjects who believed they were falling are stunned for one round.

Bindin Garoth, don't forget to move your Aranel square on the map!

The Great Skenardo
2013-02-28, 01:11 PM
Hm. Illusory Pit is quite the spell. 6th level for 1 round stun, no save, no SR? I shall have to add that to my arcane repetoire.
Add to that a quickened Mage Hand, and suddenly ᚦe Macguffin Artifact of Ultimate Plot is hovering across the room and ready to your hand.

2013-02-28, 02:04 PM
Illusory pit is subject to SR, and there are certainly things immune to illusions, but yes, definitely among my favorite non-lethal spells. It brings to mind all those cartoons where a character runs over the edge of a cliff and hangs there for a second before either plummeting or scrambling back to the ledge. Good times :smallsmile:.

The Great Skenardo
2013-02-28, 02:13 PM
Illusory pit is subject to SR,
Ah, you're right. I suppose any Big Bad worth her salt would have mind blank or something like if preparing to face off against a group of disparate strangers with varying kinds/ degrees of insanity. Adventurers

2013-02-28, 09:46 PM
Illusory Pit was reprinted and changed in Spell Compendium. As it's the latest version of the spell, it'll be the one we use.

Illusory Pit (Spell Compendium)
Illusion (Glamer)
Level: Sorcerer/wizard 6
Components: V,S
Casting Time: 1 round
Range: Medium (100ft + 10ft/level)
Area: 10ft cube/level
Duration: Concentration + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Will disbelief
Spell Resistance: No

You create the illusion of a pit and each creature entering or within the area is forced to make a Will save or believe the floor on which it stands has become a bottomless chasm. Those that fail their saves fall prone and are unable to take any action except clawing desperately at the floor in hopes of stopping their apparent fall. An attack on an affected creature frees it from the effect of the illusion but leaves it stunned for 1 round. Likewise, when the spell ends, creatures that believed they were falling are stunned for 1 round.

Flying creatures passing over an illusory pit are unaffected by the spell.

Sir Alasdair
Attack of Opportunity (Robilar's Gambit) vs AC 49 [roll0]
Damage [roll1]

The AoO will happen before Tyriel's spells are cast.

Will Save vs DC 26 [roll2]
Will Save bonus is +4 higher if the AoO hit (not likely as he needs a Natural 20 on the attack).
Spellcraft check [roll3]

Reflex Save vs DC 22 [roll4]
Spellcraft check [roll5]

Will Save DC 26 [roll6]
Reflex Save DC 22 [roll7]


I'm finding out that Mobs are a weird thing (never used them before). They're only good at a few things (Grapples and Will Saves, apparently), but they're really good at them for their CR.