View Full Version : [3.99/4E-ish] Homebrew class system - a ground-up redesign - request for playtesters

2012-08-09, 06:19 AM
I have been working on this for awhile. (http://open4e.wikia.com/wiki/Character_creation_walkthrough)

That does not necessarily mean it is balanced. Creators are always myopic.

That said, I would very much appreciate if any people would be willing to playtest my system. This is what I would like, for anyone who is willing - even if you hate 4th Edition. Even if you love it and think I am performing acts of desecration upon it.

1. Build a character between level 0 and level 6, using my system.

3. Get 3-4 friends to build characters. They can build standard 4E characters if they'd like, or everyone can build characters based on my system - either provides useful feedback.

4. Choose or craft an adventure module of an appropriate level, using standard 4th edition monsters.

5. Run through that module with your characters, performing the following adjustments:
a. PCs do not get the "+1/2 level bonus".
b. Monsters subtract half their level (round down) from all attacks, defenses, and damage.

6. Post here, informing me of your party's character builds, the adventure scenario you played, and what happened. Especially useful things:
a. Tell me where you felt things went wrong, and need fixing. This has never been officially playtested before, and the developer is always myopic. I will listen to all criticism that does not involve "you suck and this sucks and you should stop making games". If you created a fix or house-rule in the middle of an encounter to fix a problem, telling me exactly what you came up with and your reasoning behind it is worth ten "****'s broken"s.
b. Tell me where you felt things went right, and were more fun than you were expecting. I thrive on positive feedback and would love to hear what I'm doing right.
c. If you played alongside standard 4E (PHB or Essentials) characters, tell me how you felt my characters performed in relation to them. I'd like to gauge my power level now, before I commit to a lot of stuff that I may regret later.
d. Tell me how easy/hard it was to build, play, and level-up character, compared to standard PHB/Essentials characters.

Thank you to everyone who participates.