View Full Version : A Fantastically Terrifying Steampunk Adventure! (Pathfinder base)

2012-08-14, 04:24 PM
Righty-o. My brother came home from Idaho a few weeks ago and he wants to start up a campaign before he goes back... but he wants me to DM... I've never DMed... yaaaaaaay. But, on the upside my fantastic imagination has thought up this so far.

We begin in a small English village on a dark and stormy night. The people of the village are gathering at the (rather large) house of their infamous village crack pot, Sir Ravensquire for the reading of his will. He was at one time a scientist and inventor for the Queen but fell out of favor with her because of his strange fascination with darkness and monsters and that sort of thing. Since moving to the village he has remained removed from village life, but the people there have never liked him (kids throw stones at him, mothers think he's going to kidnaps their kiddos, etc) but now that he's dead they of course all want a bit of his vast fortune. In his will, Sir Ravensquire wrote that the villagers are welcome to anything in his house that they need... so of course they make a mad dash for it all and the lights flicker and go out. Screams and growls are heard from every directions and when the PCs finally find a light they find that the "entire" village is dead and they even catch a glimpse of one of the monsters (of course they'll meet a few crazed survivors. perhaps fight the creepy old Madam Faulk!... or a family member yknow... those are fun...). Basically, the place is cursed and full of scary frankenstein monsters and shadowlurkers, and they have to escape with their lives... Or not... >:3

Anyway, feedback, suggestions, help, and hatemail are all accepted and welcome!

2012-08-14, 07:59 PM
I have no feedback other than I could give a damn about steam punk but this sounds awesome to me!