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2012-08-14, 08:45 PM
Greetings to the playground I am in need of your assistance. My DM has recently informed our group that we need to level up our lvl10 characters to lvl 25. Hehas stressed that the next stretch of the campaign is going to be fairly hard intense, and has encouraged a bit of twinkery. As you will be able to tell from my current buildIam not good at power gaming. I much prefer characters built for flavor (the current one being an extremely selfish jerk who has add, and does not want to rely on anyone else). These boards are great help, however the shear amount of information available is overwhelming. I was hoping you guys would be willing to help in as step by step a fashion as you are willing to do. I am playing a wizard with a 2 lvl dip into Ur Priest, and 1 lvl of mystic theurg. The details of the build as it stands are spoilered below
Wizard 7/ Ur Priest 2 / MT 1 Grey elf
HP 33 AC (before any armor spells)14 TAC 14 Flat footed 10
Leadership(artificer companion), the rest are fluid as the DM hasallowd some redesign due to the jump in level

Str 12 Fort 3 concentration 10 9+1
Dex 18 reflex 6 craft (drugs) 12 5+7
Con 13 will 11 Decipher script 14 5+9
Int 20 Knowledge(arcana) 14 5+9
Wis 18 Knowledge(religion) 14 5+9
Cha 13 spell craft 14 5+9 (Desert Campaign so Dm has made class skill for everyone) Survival 9 5+4
UMD 8 1+7

Other important information I am fairly well outfitted with every thing other than personal magic items(but with a artificer 20 as a companion that should not be a problem) the gold I have to spend is 1,050,000g as per dm( roughly half of the wealth by level for 25) and 22,234g from earlier play, for a grand total of 1,072,234g.

Because this massive level up is kind of annoying me I am willing to sprinkle in some cheese. Please avoid any extreme cheese however. The referencesthatI have are the core 3, srd, phb 2,mm2, ebberon campaign setting, dragonlance campaign setting, the races series- races of the dragons, complete arcane,and complete devine

2012-08-15, 07:24 PM
I'd suggest reposting this in the 3.5 subform. *Points up to the top of this forum page* the people who frequent that board are really, really good at this.

And isn't Dragonlance 3.0, not 3.5, or was it updated at some point?

2012-08-15, 09:01 PM
Thank you for the reply. Should I just repost it there? Dragonlance was not revised from 3.0. DM allows it so why not use it?

2012-08-15, 10:11 PM
Yhea re-post it there. And no reason really, the differences aren't THAT big (some spells, Damage Resistance), I just got confused when you listed 3.5 stuff and then tossed in 3.0, and one that isn't used that often on top of that, that's all. :) (Kind of sad too, Krynn can be a pretty cool place.)

2012-08-15, 10:45 PM
Dragonlance is what got me interested in gaming, so I I add some Krynn flavor any time I can.