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Noctis Vigil
2012-08-17, 01:36 AM
Electricity Domain

Granted Power: You may choose to make a Thundering Smite against your foe. Once per day per 4 levels, you may choose to use this ability. treat it exactly like the Paladin's Smite ability, except that the bonus damage is electricity, and you can use it on creatures of any alignment.

Level 1: Thunderhead (SpC)
Level 2: Resist Energy (only usable for electric energy)
Level 3: Lightning Bolt
Level 4: Lightning Leap (CM)
Level 5: Call Lightning Storm
Level 6: Elemental Immunity (only usable for electric energy)
Level 7: Chain Lightning
Level 8: Lightning Ring (SpC)
Level 9: Avatar of the Storm

Avatar of the Storm:
Evocation [Electricity]
Level: Druid 9, Electricity 9,
Components: V, S, DF, M
Casting Time: 1 Full Round Action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 1 minute/level
Save: None (harmless)/Fort half (see text)

You channel the power of the storm into your very being, granting you great power. Your eyes glow brilliant blue and your skin glows and crackles with the power of electricity, and you gain the following benefits for the duration of the spell:

You become immune to electricity damage.
You can Fly as the spell.
Your weapons are all treated as having the Shocking and Shocking Burst properties.
You may use the spells Lightning Bolt and Call Lightning Storm at will.
You may use the spell Chain Lightning once every 2d4 rounds.
You deal 1d6 electricity damage per two caster levels to any foe who strikes you with a melee attack. A successful Fortitude save reduces this by half.

Material Component: A lump of natural crude glass from where lightning struck sand.

2012-08-17, 01:59 AM
No duration on the granted power means you're essentially giving a free d6 damage forever. That's above par for domain powers.

On the other end, Resist energy (electricity) will almost never be taken; how often to enemies really do electricity damage? Basically never, in my experience. Why not replace it with Electric Loop (SpC) or some other spell that would actually get taken?

Doing no-save d6/two levels when hit is 1. Really powerful (Yes, it's a 9th level spell, but still - this basically makes you near-suicidal to attack) and 2. Really annoying to deal with. I hope you really, really like rolling d6s! Why not use the Fire Shield damage as a base and increase the cap from caster level to 20 or 25? Other than that, it looks good.

Noctis Vigil
2012-08-17, 02:15 AM
Changed the domain power, and added a Fortitude half save to the damage for attacking him.

2012-08-17, 02:19 AM
Better - but you're still emulating a key class feature as a domain power and removing its main restriction. Destruction's smite is only 1/day; I think that would work better as a model here.

Fort save half definitely helps on the balance end. But it doesn't help on the "slows down gameplay" end. I would hate rolling that many d6s each time I get hit, but your mileage may vary, I suppose. I'm going to stop complaining now, though. It looks good overall. :)

Gamer Girl
2012-08-17, 02:31 AM
Guess I could point out again that you take 'Electricity' to only mean 'Zap em', even with the two defense powers.

2012-08-17, 02:53 AM
I was going to say that I can't think of any electricity spells in D&D that aren't just blasting things, but then I remembered Lightning Leap, from Complete Mage. That should definitely go in at level 5 instead of Call Lightning Storm, I think.

Noctis Vigil
2012-08-17, 02:53 AM
Guess I could point out again that you take 'Electricity' to only mean 'Zap em', even with the two defense powers.

Outside of the resisting and immunity, how many utility electricity spells are there? I didn't find many in my searches, personally. It's much the same with light: there are lots of low-level light utility spells, but not many high level ones, so I mostly ended up with blasty bits. I'm of course opened to suggestions on both (I had hoped Light would be more utility than blasty as well).

EDIT: Oooo, Lightning Leap is a cool one. Added in at 4th level (because I really love the spell Call Lightning Storm, but don't much care for the arc spell).

super dark33
2012-08-17, 07:11 AM
Get this spell for wiz/soc too, i always imagined arcane might this way.