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2012-08-17, 08:30 AM
It's that time again!

GitP Prestige Class Contest XXXIII (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=249689) Voting Thread make it do go go go go go!

TheGeckoKing|Tamer of the Devourer|0|2|0|4
EdroGrimshell|The Familiarist|2|3|0|12
TechWarrior|Divided Soul|0|0|1|1
devlingreye|Alchemic Archer|0|0|0|0
Zaydos|Aberrant Shepherd|4|1|1|15
Glimbur|Promethean Psion|0|0|4|4
munchlord|Soulbond Necromancer|0|0|0|0
Zelkon|Friend of Undeath|1|0|0|3
dspeyer|Holy Mount|0|2|1|5
heirophant|Daemonchain Cultist|1|2|0|7
Owrtho|Body of Chaos|1|3|3|12
Nihilarian|Siege Breaker|0|0|0|0
Lord_Gareth|Judex of the Pale Thorn|5|2|2|21[/table]


Lord_Gareth and the Judex of the Pale Thorn!

It pains to know that I did have to DQ a couple classes for either being unfinished or not containing the minimum amount of background to class. To those of you who made the above list, you made it, and now it it is time for your works of art to fight to the death in a voting between yourself and your peers.

However, we've got a fairly large amount of classes this time, so I'm going to take a page out the base class challenge (you'll keep your kneecaps, don't worry), choose your top three favorite classes. First choice gets 3 points, second gets 2 points, and third gets 1 point. The class with the most points wins, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bold your choices, makes it easier for me. Also, if you'd like to include a little reason for why you chose the way you did, myself and the authors would likely enjoy to see it.

Alright, let's kick it off! Voting goes until the 27th!


(P.S. As an aside, I'll link the classes in the table above later today, I'm out of time this morning for that. Apologies! I'm a dirty liar.)

2012-08-17, 09:21 AM
1st: Friend of Undeath I'm biased.
2nd: Body of Chaos had killer flavor and great implementation.
3rd: Divided Soul is really neat. I've always loved that general concept.

God Imperror
2012-08-17, 10:58 AM
I really like the Promethean Psion, the Judex of the Pale Thorn and the Daemonchain Cultist.

If I had to order them...

1st Judex of the Pale Thorn: I really like the mandrake theme and inspiration and it is nice to see how it relates to an earlier homebrew of the homebrewer. I also have a fling for rangers and martial characters. Personally I would have mentioned some clause on religion trying to difficult the access of swords of the arcane order to the class but it is great.

2nd Daemonchain Cultist I have a fling for incarnum and the class has an evil feeling behind it and an adaptable idea, I really like it.

3rd Promethean Psion: Go! Food! Go food you! Go! Hit food! Food me. It is like a caveman with a laser gun, it is awesome.

Tanuki Tales
2012-08-17, 11:28 AM
1st - Body of Chaos - I'm not that huge a fan of Type-Moon material, but that fella this class is based on is one of my favorites. And I feel that his essence was successfully captured.

2nd - Aberrant Shephard - Can't say no to more delicious lovecraftian creepy homebrew.

3rd - Promethean Psion - CAPTAIN! CAAAAAAAVE MAAAAN!

2012-08-17, 12:53 PM
1. Aberrant Shepard - Lovecraft - it's what's for dinner.

2. The Familiarist - Insert Lightning Warrior joke here, but otherwise a very solid class.

3. Body of Chaos - Solid work.

Oh, and Zelkon? Tres gauche.

2012-08-17, 01:40 PM
1. Aberrant Shepard I've always wanted an Aberration for a pet, who's a cute little Rust Monster :smalltongue:

2. Judex of the Pale Thorn Love the idea for this class plain and simple

3. Packmaster A well made class that supports the wild man loner type of character that i enjoy.

2012-08-17, 02:08 PM
1. Familiarist: I like that you tackled the contest theme head on. I'm pretty sure just about every Familiarist will end up with very different and unique familiars.

2. Holy Mount: I just found this entry humorous, it subverted the theme of the competition in an entirely appropriate way.

3. Aberrant Shepard: This class just oozes theme, not to mention its very mechanically sound.

2012-08-17, 03:47 PM
First vote: Aberrant Shepard.

Second Vote: Tamer of the Devourer.

Third Vote: Holy Mount.

2012-08-17, 05:29 PM
Heh, actually kinda surprised people like mine, but I thank you, i'm happy to know people liked them.

1st: Daemonchain Cultist. Not really sure why I like this one so much, but I do.

2nd: Body of Chaos. Love the idea behind it, it's a horrifying class to pit against PCs if described right, and it'd be a blast to play. Only reason this isn't #1 is because I love the Daemonchain Cultist more.

3rd: Judex of the Pale Thorn. Gotta love the undead plant idea.

2012-08-17, 08:12 PM
1st Place - Judex of the Pale Thorn is great. Well rounded, with a good variety of options. And the flavour, oh, the delicious flavour!
The one (very minor) complaint I have is the maneuver advancement doesn't help anyone without an actual initiator class, but that's not really a huge issue anyway.
P.S, it's tenets, not tenants :smalltongue: (Well, they probably have tenants too, I guess)

2nd Place - Familiarist was probably my favourite class, but I felt there were a few abilities that needed clarification. Love it though, I really want to play one!

3rd Place - Body of Chaos sneaks into 3rd! Very complex. I'll admit, I didn't read the abilities the whole way through, just got an idea of what they can do, but nonetheless.

Honourable mentions to the Divided Soul and Tamer of the Devourer! Good classes, but we're not voting for our top 5, sadly.

Alchemic Archer I feel like I have to mention that (a) I'm not familiar with PF only content (Alchemist), but it looks like a great twist on the arcane archer type - I just felt there wasn't much emphasis on the pet.

Everyone else (sorry to lump you all in together) - good work all round, but sometimes classes just don't grab you, you know? Different strokes.

2012-08-18, 12:17 AM
1st place: The Familiarist: This entry really goes with the theme. Were I to play this class I'd make myself a large sized kitty-hawk and name him Biplane. The pun potential alone warrants 1st place, in my opinion.

2nd place: Judex of the Pale Thorn: Possibly the most flavorful of all the classes. Very close second. Can't help but to think about Poison Ivy.

3rd place: Body of Chaos: Very complicated, very cool. One of the more morally suspicious entries, but this isn't an ethics competition. Sometimes you just want to throw body after body at something until it stops being a problem.

Special MentionsPromethean Psion: I know I've seen this show before even if I can't remember anything specific about it. Even so, the thought of beating someone over the head with a psion appeals to me.

Daemonchain Cultist: I'm not overly familiar with incarnum, but I don't have to be to see that this is pretty cool.

Lix Lorn
2012-08-18, 11:25 AM
1. Judex of the Pale Thorn
The Children are my single favourite piece of homebrew. No exceptions.
2. Holy Mount
I have a character I've been trying to play for a while who this would fit perfectly, so it really struck a chord for me.
3. Promethean Psion
It made me laugh and it's a really cool idea. I worry it may be very, very narrow, but that doesn't stop it being awesome.

2012-08-18, 11:38 AM
1. Judex of the Pale Thorn
The Children are my single favourite piece of homebrew. No exceptions.

Awww, really? Why? *Oozes curiosity*

Lix Lorn
2012-08-18, 11:39 AM
I'm not entirely sure. I love the idea of taking nature and undeath, meant to be entirely opposed, and joining them together. I also like making the 'Always Evil!' stuff good.

2012-08-19, 10:32 AM

Votes tallied, and Judex of the Pale Thorn takes off to an early lead, but we've got some time on our hands. Could go to a few people.

I can haz moar votes plz?!?


Divayth Fyr
2012-08-19, 04:12 PM
1. Judex of the Pale Thorn - I love necromancy and I love it when it's given a less evil flavor. Making it a part of the natural order (at least from the point of view of the Children) is simply perfect in my book. And since this one connected with them...

2. Familiarist - I like gishes and I like the concept of a familiar (also it is one of the few class features wizards and sorcerers get), so there's not much more to say.

3. Aberrant Shepard - for the lovecraftian feel.

2012-08-24, 06:46 PM
Bump for more votes and tallying.


2012-08-24, 09:08 PM
Judex of the Pale Thorn: Checks out game mechanically (there's a few combos that could potentially be problematic but nothing that a DM can't plan around) and has some nice flavor; makes me want to actually read the PrC it's linked to.

Body of Chaos: Has a few places which seem to have not been fully edited from an older version but again seems neat and well made.

Promethean Psion: Game mechanically it actually checked out, and it made me laugh out loud the first time I read it.

Honorable mention goes to Holy Mount because it almost made it on the list.

2012-08-25, 08:37 AM
Sneaking in under the wire, I saw some very interesting prcs here.

1st: Aberrant Shepherd because I love aberrant versions of things (I wrote an aberrant totemist called the Warpsoul in my Incarnum Menagerie)
2nd: Daemonchain Cultist because I love all things incarnum
3rd: Judex of the Pale Thorn for unusualness.

EDIT: By the way, check your math on the Aberrant Shepherd (I think pre-my vote it should have 12)

EDIT2: Nevermind, I have no idea how your totals are calculated.

2012-08-25, 03:17 PM
Votes are tallied, with a strong lead on the Judex.

EDIT: By the way, check your math on the Aberrant Shepherd (I think pre-my vote it should have 12)

EDIT2: Nevermind, I have no idea how your totals are calculated.

First vote = 3 points
Second vote = 2 points
Third vote = 1 point



2012-08-25, 03:36 PM
First vote = 3 points
Second vote = 2 points
Third vote = 1 point



Then you need to redo some of these. The Tamer, for example, should have 4 points, and the Shepherd should have 15.

2012-08-28, 09:50 AM

Lord_Gareth and the Judex of the Pale Thorn!

I'm giving it ErrantX's pick as well, as I deeply enjoyed Gareth's previous Children of the Mausoleum, and showing more love towards one of my favorite entries from this contest is a sneaky way to get my good graces.