View Full Version : my dumb druid

2012-08-18, 05:35 PM
I joined a Birthright game and came up with a character. I thought it would be fun to take a druid and walk around in superheavy stone plate. So I went dwarf, took a level in fighter and found I have an issue.

I didn't want to go the shapeshift route (the character concept being 'tank druid'.) So I picked up the stone body shapeshift feat out of races of stone. Add the cheetahs speed feat (base 50 move is pretty bodacious for a dwarf.) The thing is.... He isn't exactly optimized. Cerrillian dwarves have an ecl 1 and the level of fighter have pushed his 'druidness' back a bit. The rest of the party is layin the law.

I was so looking forward to Battle Summon Nature's Ally with 600 brown bears terrin it up. 8^)

Any ideas on a 'tank dwarf'? No prestige classes (birthright).... but the Dm gives out a lot of free feats. (1 per two levels)