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2012-08-20, 02:29 AM

I did not make this, but I found it in a couple of old, old threads (I think they're 1-2 years old, don't quote me on this) and as I've been looking through it, some parts need serious rebalancing.

The possibly overpowered parts;

Offensive Mutations;

Blade (Finishing Move, can be used by 8th level with 5 points total for one attack that deals 4x damage)

Defensive Mutations;
Shield ( SR 12 + character level and shield AC bonus = to natural armor bonus for 3 defensive points)

Armor (Armor bonus = CON mod, no ACP or spell failure, DR/- equal to 5 plus character level, 3 defensive points)

General Mutations: ALL OF THEM

The Underpowered;

The natural armor bonus scales poorly, considering you get no armor proficiency. Even with the maxed out mutations, you'll only be hitting near 30s at 20th level, so everything can only miss on a natural 1, basically. Touch AC will always be crap.

Also, Superior Unarmed Strike, unless you treat your BW levels as Monk levels for purposes of damage. Also the fact that you can only have a maximum of two of the same types of mutation on at any one time, and that comes at late levels. (5 for defensive, 10 for general, 15 for offensive)

How would you rate this (I did not make this, again), and what fixes would you make to keep this around an ideal T3 class?

2012-08-20, 03:27 AM
Well... It needs to be rewritten. The class as written gets weaker as the level increases; for example as written the unstable mutations are stronger than stable mutations. As it is a swift action to activate a unstable mutation, and a free action to dismiss the mutation, and they can be augmented (Nothing says when the mutation goes away on its own). Compare to the stable mutation which take a minute to activate and a minute to dismiss, can not be augmented until level 20. You can more than one stable mutation, but the augmentions seem more powerful than the mutations.

I would out it on par with a Monk.