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2012-08-21, 07:45 AM
We'll be returning to our Mass: the Effecting (http://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Mass:_the_Effecting) game, Transcendence (http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?622888-nWoD-Mass-Effect-Mass-The-Effecting-Transcendence), in a few weeks time. We're seven sessions in and the PCs are starting to feel established now.

We're collectively Penumbra Securities, an "ethical" mercenary outfit who are scrupulous about sticking to the terms of their agreements. The PCs are the principals, the directors of the company as well as groundside assets. Everyone else is there to support us and enable us to do the stuff at the sharp end.

They are currently:

Kirroe Tuditan, Turian Vanguard: A former Cabal biotic in the Turian Hierarchy, Kirroe served as an operative under Nihlus, the Spectre who was murdered by Saren. She came to Penumbra shortly after its formation, bringing the ferocious combination of martial and biotic skills that she honed in the Hierarchy along with a sharp business mind and, apparently, startlingly attractive looks by Turian standards.

"Kane", Quarian Infiltrator: A technical specialist and infiltrator from the Quarian Flotilla, Kane completed his Pilgrimage only to head back out into the unfriendly world outside of the fleet to continue his mercenary lifestyle. Kane isn't his actual name, but the full thing is a mouthful for non-Quarians and he prefers Kane to the other nicknames he's gained in the past.

Russell Ortiz, Human Soldier: An Alliance veteran, Russell was decorated as one of the few success stories that came out of the brutal Torfan operation, although there are rumours surrounding his role in events. Honourably discharged, Russell is one of the founding members of Penumbra and brings all his years of combat experience with him.

Samantha Lyn, Human Adept: A human biotic of significant power, the young Samantha is one of the founding members of Penumbra and was pivotal in its creation on Omega. She's said to have ties to Aria herself through Samantha's mother, who is in fact 'father' to one of Aria's own daughters.

Raik Yghorl, Krogan Sentinel: A krogan biotic and medical specialist from Clan Raik, Yghorl (pronounced 'Yorl') has served in several mercenary companies over the decades including a stint as a hostage situation specialist. Despite his intimidating appearance, Yghorl is a skilled doctor and a fearless fighter who once helped foil a plot to kill the Asari Councillor, winning him a medal and contacts with an asari financial company from the grateful Councillor that have been key to getting Penumbra up and running.

So to our conundrum. The player of Yghorl is unsure whether he wants to reprise him after the end of the current mission. It sounds like he's 50/50 over whether to keep playing Yghorl or try another character.

The main complaint is that he doesn't feel like there's enough material to help latch on to a credible-feeling krogan. They're pretty one-note in the game, and the wiki doesn't help fill that out much either. I guess essentially it's hard to get into the character's head. Combat medicine isn't very effective, either, which does sap the role of team medic of a lot of it's vim.

He's expressed an interest in playing a sniper, but there's a danger of stepping on Kane's toes, thematically (though he expressly doesn't use a sniper rifle - Kane is not a sniper just an accurate shot). I think there's plenty of scope for all sorts of snipers who aren't as tech-oriented as our quarian chief engineer. To avoid the same issue of aliens just being a little too sparse, the preference is towards one of those who are a bit more distinctive and varied in the setting: drell, salarian or as a last resort, human.

The game is set a few months after the end of ME1 (Shepard saved the Council), we recently heard of the death of Commander Shepard on Alchera. So concepts that fit into that sort of timeframe. As above, while mercs we're "good guys" so villainous types need not apply.

I've suggested something like a big game hunter as one idea. Another I thought of was an ex-C-Sec officer, the equivalent of SWAT could work.

Ideas? Can be a single line or a paragraph or two of developed stuff.

2012-08-21, 12:45 PM
He could play an overwatch type character. A suitably skilled sniper should be able to pick off targets a mile out, and good optics should let him keep an eye on the team as they advance into conflict zones - giving them a heads up to ambushes and such.

Such a character would be separated from the group physically, but could chime in through comms with any conversations - and would probably have a vantage point that would be interesting.

Sadly, a true sniper would be utterly worthless once the party enters a building that doesn't have large windows - unless your gm decides to give him imaging equipment that can see through walls - and a gun that would still be effective after punching through them. Maybe he could link into the party's Omnitools' sensors to see inside a facility - that way he can't just pick everyone off before you all enter.

Much of this character's theme would be watching the world through a scope - always seeing more than anyone else but always too far away to interact with anything (outside of shooting it). Its a lonely profession that takes incredible patience and dedication.

2012-08-21, 02:42 PM
I'm not familiar with this system, but I'm curious what you mean when you say krogan are "one-note." Charr and Fortack are two very atypical examples of krogan for instance. A krogan medic would, I imagine, see himself similarly to how the krogan mechanic in ME2 does - that without him, there would be no glorious battle, because the warriors would be stuck at home convalescing. He'd also have to be extremely tough (hence Sentinel) to be able to restrain wounded Krogan going into bloodrage.

Holocron Coder
2012-08-24, 01:58 PM
Not familiar with the system either, but looking over the group so far... where's the tech expert? Might be that "Kane" is covering that position, but there's likely enough wiggle room there if "Kane" beefs up on the combat side of infiltrator while the undecided player steps fully into the tech / medic role (think Mordin).

2012-08-24, 04:52 PM
Not familiar with the system either, but looking over the group so far... where's the tech expert? Might be that "Kane" is covering that position, but there's likely enough wiggle room there if "Kane" beefs up on the combat side of infiltrator while the undecided player steps fully into the tech / medic role (think Mordin).

Kane is the tech expert; maxed out Engineering and Interfacing (ie low-tech and high-tech) skills. He's actually not brilliant at the two Infiltrator skills - only 2 dots in Stealth and 1 in Covert.

2012-08-24, 06:13 PM
What about a demolitions expert? They're lots of fun to play.