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2012-08-23, 06:03 AM
The Dwarf Squad is a turn- and grid-based game, where - as the title suggests - dwarven warriors face tactical challenges. The dwarves destroy evil beings and places, rescue innocents and defend the dwarven homeland.

A dwarf squad typically consists of 8 dwarves. Depending on the scenario, the player may control one or more squads, or, alternatively, multiple players may control one squad each. The dwarves are hardy, well-trained and disciplined creatures, but they are often sorely outnumbered by the forces of chaos! They must stick together and rely on their training and good tactics to beat back the unending waves of vile creatures that stand between them and their objectives.

There are four basic unit types: the Pikes, Axes, Bolts and Shields.

The Pikes wield huge spears that have good offense and defense, especially when they form a spear hedge. They are, however, the least mobile unit type, which makes them vulnerable when their flanks are unprotected.

The Axes are shock troops of the dwarven military. They are the craziest and most reckless of all dwarven warriors, and they have excellent mobility and very good offense. They have poor defense against projectiles and melee weapons with reach, though, and are particularly vulnerable before they're engaged in close-quarters combat.

The Bolts use crossbows to attack the enemy from a distance. While their defensive capabilities are poor and they are vulnerable without the support of melee units, they are fairly mobile and effective at harassing elusive foes and destroying slow units with hit-and-run tactics.

The Shields, whose equipment includes a large shield and a short sword, are very good at stopping enemy advancement and protecting other units. They have excellent defense against both ranged and melee attacks, and they can form shield walls that further increase their defensive capability. The Shields can also push their enemies and forcible move them backwards.

Special unit types are available in some scenarios. These include heroes, civilians, sneaks, alchemists, engineers and so on.

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