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2012-08-24, 04:07 AM
LINK TO BOARD IS HERE (https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1zqqMlpZ8AnpW8hCYAge_fLfPeI-iSaeOGmGjYkEnn88/edit)




Welcome to the OOC thread. If you want to add fluff or flavour or character background here, you are more than welcome to. However, it is a board game, so no obligation at all. The main point of this is providing dice rolls, and giving a central place for turn updates.

For example, if you move into a room, post here firstly telling me what you've done ("Moved into Prisoner's chamber") asking for a monster ("Monster please!") with your attack roll ([.roll]2 d6[/roll.]), I'll provide the monster and their counter-attack/treasure with the outcome, letting you know the google document has been updated, and if it's someone else's turn at that point.

If you don't fight a monster, just move your piece on the board and then post here saying "turn ended" so we minimise waiting

From the previous thread:

We should be able to get a turn done every day. This does not mean you have to post every day, but does mean if you don't act in your turn's 24 hours, you will be skipped.
There will be (I can almost guarantee it) be situations during the game where a turn cannot be completed in 24 hours. In those cases, depending on whether I and/or the player check the forum twice in a day, a turn will at maximum take 48 hours and probably less.
When signing up, please say what class(es) you'd be interested in playing, even if it's "any". I'm not opposed to everyone choosing elf or whatever, but a mix makes it more interesting.
You will also see, over to the left, all the available characters. Each character has the same class mechanics as the example provided. When you've made your choice, claim it in the OOC thread, and roll 3d6 in that same post. That will determine who is player 1, 2 and 3

Any questions, please please please ask. It's pretty intuitive once you start to play but that's no reason for feeling lost at first.

2012-08-24, 05:29 AM
I'm playing Nook the Wizard!

2012-08-24, 05:32 AM
Playing as Floid the warrior.


2012-08-24, 05:35 AM
Excellent - Vesth, choose 6 spells in any mix, from Teleport, Lightning, and Fireball

edit: Both pieces have now been placed at the Main Staircase. Please keep their feet on whichever space you occupy when you move them during the game!

2012-08-24, 06:31 AM
Hmm...I'll go with 1 teleport, 3 fireballs and 2 lightning attacks.

2012-08-24, 07:59 AM
Got it. Just waiting on Serps to choose/roll and we're good to get going.

2012-08-24, 09:44 AM
Oh noes!
I'll have a go at... Madelyne the Paladin, please.

Can you put a link to the Google Doc in this thread? Or is it via email only?

2012-08-24, 10:21 AM
Pre-game set-up is now complete, by my reckoning.

Mangles goes first, move your piece. If you enter a room, request a monster and roll at the same time, in this thread, to save some of the back-and-forth. That roll (as a reminder) will be 2d6.

Oh, about monsters: do people trust me to roll without bias? I mean, I can randomise my lists and roll in this thread if you really want, but ultimately, there's a step of trust from number->list. The reason I don't want to do it in here is because if I roll the same number twice for the list then I'll have to re-roll. When lots of monsters have been used, I'll be re-rolling a lot.

Serpentine: good point. I'll add it to the OP. Here it is for now while I edit it in:

This applies to everyone but especially to Vesth: if you use a card up during your turn, please put it in that red box over to the right in the DM area so it's easier for me to keep track of what's happening. This also ensures that you don't delete a card, only for me to come along later and delete another card for the same reason.

2012-08-24, 04:35 PM
Monster Please

and I trust you enough to do the DM thing behind the computer screen. If you wanted to cheat someone to win, than what would be the point of playing.

also please let me know if I do something wrong.

EDIT: My status at a glance shows me with nooks spells. While I would love them, its probably not balanced to be a wizard//warrior. ;D

2012-08-24, 11:01 PM
Okay. This one's my fault. Which the spells thing was too, so perhaps I'd better say that this one's my fault as well.

You've walked through a wall to get to the space you're on. I know the photo of the board isn't the clearest, but it was a really big board and the flash on my camera was broken. On other parts of the board, I've drawn the detail of walls and spaces on afterwards. I thought it was clear enough in this section, but my screen settings are really really bright.

If it proves to be a really big issue, I'll go over all the walls and spaces in Paint. But for now, the four routes out of the main staircase are marked with cyan arrows

2012-08-24, 11:36 PM
Thats ok, different room but same question for a monster :D

2012-08-24, 11:36 PM
Ack! I've talked about "levels" and "going up and down" levels.

This is what I mean (and it's kind of important for planning your route out of the Main Staircase) - in this game, you don't level up so much as level down.

What I mean by that is that your charcter never changes - doesn't gain XP or anything like that. However, if you want a tougher challenge, you can descend to a deeper level of the dungeon.

There are six levels:
1) Red
2) Purple
3) Yellow
4) Green
5) Orange
6) Blue

where 1 is the easiest and 6 is the hardest.

So plan your route carefully. You might want to kill lots of easy monsters, or take a bit of a trek to get to level 3 or 4. Sure, the player who chose quantity over quality now has lots of treasure, but it's entirely possible (though not guaranteed) that you get a larger GP amount in killing two monsters than they do in slaying five monsters. Of course, you might waste all that time walking just to enter a room and be given a dragon. And have to go all the way back to the start. Empty-handed.

Or hey, if you really want to make things harder for me, you could all team up and go running into Level 6 - everybody wins at once, yay! :smalltongue:

2012-08-24, 11:41 PM
Zombies! Win! Treasure!

Vesth's turn!

Actually if it's okay with everyone, I'm going to start writing fluff for these. The suspense in the physical board game comes from turning over the card, and then hoping that you can beat it! That's... kind of lost, here. So to put some flavour back in, I'll fluff your encounters.

If you prefer to fluff your own, or characterise your own player, let me know so I don't write something you don't like.

Right now, I'm off to buy a ballcock then go for a beer, but rest assured, "Zombies! Win! Treasure!" will become a tale of Floid's derring-do by the end of tonight.

2012-08-25, 04:37 AM
Fluff will be really, really great! :smallbiggrin:

And now...my computer is shutting down my tabs whenever I open gmail, which makes it impossible for me to edit it, though I can still view it on my phone. Can you help me move my stuff around, GM?

Anyway, I'm heading down 2 spaces, before moving one space right and calling 'Monster Please!', and give anything in there extreme prejudice with a well-aimed fireball.


2012-08-26, 08:06 AM
Serpentine's go, working on fluff but I've always been bad at coming up with reasons that
a) the torches on the walls are already lit throughout the whole place
b) that a bunch of zombies and skeletons and whatnot just happen to be hanging out in the dungeon - why wouldn't you kill them on sight instead of imprisoning them?
c) They have treasure. In what's effectively a jail cell. Where from? If it's fallen adventurers, who closed the door?

2012-08-26, 11:13 AM
(following fluff is optional :smalltongue:)

Having descended into the Great Testing Chambers below the Academy for Adventurers, the noble soldier of Light and Purity, Madelyne, assessed the chamber in which she finds herself and then strides off confidently through the passageways to the south, torches lighting up several meters in front as she goes. She nods to Nook the Wizard as she passes, and pauses at a door soon afterwards. She knocks politely, and then enters the chamber with her gleaming sword ready.

Monster please!


2012-08-26, 12:38 PM
The giant lizard behind the door seems surprised at being woken from its slumber, and turning its amber eyes towards Madelyne, lets out a terrible hiss. Its forked tounge flickers as it approaches the intruder, tasting the air around its next meal, but the creature finds only the Holy Warrior's sword, which as quickly as it's entered the lizard's maw, swiftly exits through the cranium.

Judging by the table, leather armour rotted by the damp, and iron fire grate in the corner, this was the old guard room. The swords in a wooden rack by the door she's already seen, noted, and rejected - all of them wear a deep patina of rust. As for the ceremonial swords on the wall, most appeared to be intact thanks to a thin coat of gold leaf: these too would be staying. The gold was too thin to be worth anything after the effort of scraping it off and melting it down, and as a weapon, the things were probably deliberately blunted and poorly balanced.

And yet...

The more Madelyne stared, the less possible it seemed. One of the swords had very peculiar etchings down the blade, a curious pommel, and an oddly-scrolled guard.
It seems to be... thought Madelyne, but it couldn't possibly - it is!

Right there, amongst the swords for show, was the Goblinblade. It was a marvellous magical sword, lost over a century ago amid war and pillaging in a distant corner of the continent. It had last been seen in an abbey - which had since become a famous place and a regular stop on pilgrimages. That's why Madelyne, on seeing the sword, recognised it so clearly as the fabled blade, and why, trusting in its power, she took it from the wall, and left in its place her old iron blade.

2012-08-26, 05:01 PM
Floid charges on from his most recent victory. Zombies, pah. If that is the best this dungeon has to offer than this would be a cake walk. He strides into another room, brimming with confidence and shouting his war cry. MONSTER PLEASE!


2012-08-27, 12:11 PM
Yay, sword! ^_^

(Where in Australia are you, Mangles?)

2012-08-27, 02:35 PM
Perhaps against a weaker foe, the kobolds would have stood a chance. As it was, a beardy, bellowing brute bedecked with broadsword beset them.

The first kobold raised his shield and cowered beneath it, but the powerful overhead blow shattered the wood and through the splinters, the steel swung, slicing scaly skin. One down, and Floid picked out three more, his eyes flicking past mouldy pots and pans to the corners.

These all attacked together. Though Floid towered above them, they used their short stature as an advantage. He could not see which side of the kitchen table they were running around, and it was something of a surprise when all three emerged from underneath it! Only his quick reactions saved his kneecaps and shins from injury, and stepping backwards, he now had sufficient distance to manoeuvre the long broadsword to its target. In a display of his skill, at the very same instant, he brought his iron shield to bear upon the face of the kobold trying to flank him with a sickening crack.

Fear darkened the face of the final kobold who glanced at the opposite door, and quickly decided to turn around and run for it. He never made it to the handle. Floid was a warrior of many talents, and his aim with an iron skillet, apparently, was second to none. Heading over to inspect the damage, he made sure that the kobold was dead, and began to search the room.

It was not long before he found their horde: a bag of around seven hundred and fifty gold pieces, secreted in the oven.

2012-08-27, 05:44 PM
Yay gold!

I'm in Townsville, QLD. How about yourself?

2012-08-27, 06:40 PM
Everything was planned. Everything, from the start from the end. He was supposed to work his way down, cutting into chamber after chamber each turn, and score an epic victory at the 4th level, and cut himself some good loot in the process. And then, that accursed paladin threw a wrench into his plans, cutting loose in the second chamber planned. He could see what would happen next. The paladin would be a step faster, and eradicate any foes in that direction before he could. Hence, there was only one real option left. Inwardly scowling, he headed back to the main chamber to replenish his spells. There are other paths yet to take.

Help me move please :smallsmile:
One step to the left, two steps up, replenish a fireball.

2012-08-27, 11:59 PM
Do people mind if I remind players of mechanics which I
a) think could be useful to them and
b) think they might've forgotten about?

I totally understand if you're of the "I've made an effort to learn the rules, you should too" mindset and disagree with doing this. I won't say anything unless there's unanimous agreement for reminders.

Serpentine's go!

2012-08-28, 02:42 AM
I don't mind at all, but also reserve the right to make stupid decisions.

2012-08-28, 09:42 AM
Stupid decisions are fine with me - I make enough of them myself!

2012-08-28, 06:17 PM
Fine by me, I'd appreciate it.
Sorry, managed to sleep in.

Madelyne, high on her triumphant victory and shiny new blade,veritably leaps down the stairs to the next level and swings open the first door she comes to.

Monster please!


2012-08-28, 10:04 PM
I'm afraid the closest you can get to that room is one space outside (where I've moved you)

You can't go in the other door, there's a wall in the way.

Oh and if Vesth doesn't mind about the rules thing, there's something I would remind you and him of.

(Oh noes! You were online when I began typing that! I need to know whether you want to mve there still or go a different direction!)

2012-08-28, 11:35 PM
I don't mind. Remind us of what? :O

2012-08-29, 12:36 AM
Vesth, don't forget your teleport spell. Rules for usage are in the image beside the board. In short: if you want, you can teleport to the Prisoner's Chamber or 2nd Level Treasure Chamber (for which you still won't get treasure), then you can.

Serpentine, if you do decide to end your turn where I've placed your piece, you might as well have a shot at that secret door. Nothing to lose. It'd be a 1d6 to check.

2012-08-29, 01:09 AM
But I can get their treasure if I kill the monsters there, right? And if I teleport there, slaughter them (3 monsters?) and teleport back...it can be done, yes?

2012-08-29, 02:43 AM
The advantage is that you avoid competing with the other players for a limited number of rooms, or spending time on the Level 1 monsters (which, let's be honest, haven't been much of a threat so far).

The disadvantages are that you use up a spell card and get into a rewardless fight - monsters in Chambers (as opposed to rooms) don't drop treasure. Ever. Even when dead.

You don't have to fight three. You fight one and then can make your escape regardless of how the battle goes (as long as you don't die)

Each teleport spell moves you in one direction. It doesn't pop you in and out on the same turn. Right now you have one teleport spell, so you'd have to walk back to the main staircase. If you had two teleport spells, you could pop in, and fight (END TURN) then do some dungeoneering, grab some treasure, step into a level 2 chamber and teleport back without a battle.

You can move up, down, or the same level. The Main Staircase is Level 1. It's also the only Level 1 chamber. That's why your only options are the two Level 2 Chambers.

If you were in a Level 3 chamber, for example, you could teleport to level 2 or level 4 or another level 3 chamber.

2012-08-29, 09:29 AM
Serpentine, if you do decide to end your turn where I've placed your piece, you might as well have a shot at that secret door. Nothing to lose. It'd be a 1d6 to check.That works for me, and alright.

2012-08-29, 10:45 AM
Madelyne looks at the stonework. The torchlight flickers strangely against its surface. She can't quite pinpoint why it looks odd. A cursory sweep of her hands over the granite blocks tells nothing unexpected to her fingertips.

Vesth's turn!

2012-08-29, 04:59 PM
Pretty sure you skipped me.

Floid charges across the hallway boldly. He kicks down the door and with sword and beard ready flies into the room in a killing rage.

Monster Please!


2012-08-29, 11:22 PM
You're right. I did.

Hey, I said I'd be DM, never said I'd be a good one! :smalltongue: Truth is it was ridiculously late, and I was wondering what Vesth was going to decide in terms of teleport or not.


It was hard to tell what the room once was - all the furniture had been removed, and nothing remained except the hearth and chimney breast - but two piles of bones in the corner seemed to suggest to Floid an animal lair of some kind.

This was not the case.

The bones raised themselves to their feet, sword and shield in hand, and made for Floid, feet clattering on the flagstones. This gave Floid an idea. He swung low into the left knee of the first skeleton, who crashed to the floor, aged and brittle ribcage shattering, and providing an obstacle over which the second skeleton tripped. To be sure they'd not trouble him again, Floid broke the skulls by hurling them against the wall on the opposite side of the room.

Where the skeletons had lain was a velvet bag of gold, and checking its weight in his hand by tossing it up and down, Floid reckoned there must have been a thousand pieces! Pondering why anyone would go to the trouble of giving the undead money after raising them - just as with the zombies - Floid found no convincing answer.

2012-08-30, 01:08 AM
Nook sneezes, as if someone had been talking about him, and maybe was suggesting that he used his trump card. It's way to early for that! For he had figured a plan. He would clear the near areas first, and then prepare at least two teleport spells so that he can get in and out of things easily, while the fools had to walk long distances to heal. Maybe except the paladin. But then again, he can poke the paladin with a bolt of lightning when the time came...after all, armor conducts electricity. MUAHAHAHAHAH.

And you got the creepiest feeling that other people are listening in on your thoughts. That would not bode well for him if that actually happened...

Help me move two steps right, one step up, while he proceeds to barbecue with fire. And where can I teleport to from the chamber of sorrows or the chamber of fire?

2012-08-30, 02:56 AM
You need to roll me 2d6 for how well your fireball does :smallwink:

You can teleport from any chamber (not room) to any chamber +1/=/-1 to the level of chamber you're in. The chambers all have names and are that beige colour, rather than a level colour.

In your example, the Chamber of Sorrows and Chamber of Fire are 5th Level Chambers, meaning you have to fight a 5th level monster for no reward on entry. The chambers you can access those from are:
4th Level: Queen's Private Chamber, 4th Level Treasure Chamber
5th Level: Chamber of Sorrows, Chamber of Fire, Wizard's Lab, 5th Level Treasure Chamber
6th Level: Chamber of Death, 6th Level Treasure Chamber

You can't use spells ambushing other players. Whatever your class, you simply roll against their "is ambushed on" number (one presumes that an experienced hero is as adept at dealing against a wizard as a warrior) unless you're a thief, in which case you get +1 to perform an ambush.

2012-08-30, 05:59 AM
Oops. :smalltongue:


To be honest, do you think I could stand a chance at a level 5 chamber, if I use my spells?

2012-08-30, 06:38 AM
Given that all your spell replenishes are down that way and the high amount of gold you need. I would think that is where you have to go.

2012-08-30, 08:07 AM
I'm not going to take guesses like that on your behalf. Part of the fun is deciding how hard you want to gamble! It's also the reason the example monster card has had its level removed - sneaky, I know :smallamused:!

I'll be back in a bit, I have to pop out to the shop right now.

2012-08-30, 09:48 AM
Nook swung back the door, and cast forth a fireball without even glancing inside. The hobgoblins inside were burned to a crisp - not that they felt much pain. The room they'd decided to travel to, probably from deeper in the dungeon, was the castle's wine cellar. By the look of the scorched green glass bottles, lying empty on the floor, it had been quite a party.

There was much more wine around, in racks that lined both long sides of the room, but this would be poor loot. Searching the hobgoblins' pockets, Nook managed to scrounge up a good 500 or so gold pieces. It was hardly ideal, but it would have to do for now.

2012-08-30, 11:37 PM
Didn't say it in the last post, but: Serpentine's go!

2012-08-31, 08:28 PM

I continue the charge into that room I started before! Monster please!

2012-09-01, 02:34 AM

Let's see what happens....

2012-09-01, 02:44 AM
Madelyne paused for a moment outside the door. The air was significantly chillier her, having gone down many steps to this lower level. Behind the door a sort of grunting noise resounded, but Madelyne could not place what would make such a noise.

Pushing open the door, the paladin found that the room was very tall; as well it needed to be, for inside stood a hill giant. This threw Madelyne somewhat: who'd take a hill giant and imprison it underground? The sheer absurdity let her to drop her guard for a moment, and the giant swung his club, and the legendary Goblinblade clattered into a corner. It was times like this that she was glad she always carried a backup blade.

You failed to kill it. The giant then rolled to attack you. You got "Stunned: drop one treasure". Since you only had one, I did it for you. Kill the giant and you will get your sword plus the Level 4 treasure card he holds. That is, if someone else doesn't kill him first...
(Or they could, you know, team up with you, too. I suppose.)

2012-09-01, 02:46 AM
Floid searches around the room. Surely a secret is just around here.


2012-09-01, 02:48 AM
His beard tingling with excitement as he finds the secret door, he rushes the next room.

Monster Please.


2012-09-01, 04:06 AM
Floid was met by a scaly reptillian shape seven feet tall. If he wasn't such a stocky bloke himself, it would have been quite frightening. However, Floid knew no such fear, and pressed the attack.

The lizard man hissed and deflected Floid's first blow with his hefty shield. Counter-attacking, the lizard man's blade seemed to sing as it swung in a dangerous arc towards Floid. The warrior blocked with his own shield, and turning quickly, lopped off the lizard man's arm. Now defenceless, Floid made short work of his foe.

The sword was curious: not just because it was far too well decorated for such a creature to possess, but when Floid picked it up, his beard bristled strangely. Surely, magical forces were at work here.

Knowing nothing of its past, Floid took the magical sword, in lore known as The Orcslayer, and relegated his own trusty weapon to the scabbard on his back.

2012-09-01, 04:30 AM


Depressed by his lack of proper loot, Nook drags his feet back to the main room. Maybe he should be a bartender.

Head back to the main gallery chamber, restore a teleport spell.

2012-09-01, 04:54 AM
Wizards can't use magic swords... but there are other magical items out there.

Also: Serp's go!

2012-09-01, 08:11 AM
I gather my wits about me and, furious at the (temporary!) loss of my sword, charge bellowing at the giant!

2012-09-01, 08:36 AM
You fail.


2012-09-01, 08:44 AM
Madylene's attack is passionate but ineffective. Using her dagger, she just can't get close enough in to the giant without suffering a heavy blow from his club.

Which she does.

Skittering across the floor and coming to rest by the wall, Madelyne is glad she has full plate armour. It takes her a moment to get to her feet again.

(You rolled 'Stunned' again, but since you have no treasure, it's basically no effect.)

2012-09-01, 04:26 PM
Floid continues riding his good luck, heading for another room and hopefully more glory. Even more hopefully, more treasure.

2012-09-01, 04:27 PM
Forgot to roll

2012-09-02, 04:42 AM
In the room, candlelight flickers. Candles are not a preserve of most monsters, who see perfectly well without any illumination, or prefer torches, lacking the delicate and opposable digits gifted to society's main races.

Delicacy was no problem for who had chosen to dwell in this old prison cell. Society, however, was. For stepping calmly out of the shadows, fine elven blade at the ready, was none other than the renowned - and exiled - dark elf, Orkash. Evidently, he had heard Floid crashing about easily, and had taken the time to prepare.

"I see someone has finally decided to explore this old place properly," he muses, referring to the dilapidated castle resting in ruins above their heads. "You look a fine brute, warrior. Perhaps I may have some use for you - if you would join me?"

Yet Floid was a stalwart fellow, and had no time to be consorting with known and wanted criminals and he took offence that the dark elf would consider him of weak moral fibre. Besides, Orkash had a fine bounty on his head, of 1000 gold pieces. It was the "brute" part that sealed the deal, though. Floid held himself considerably higher than this.

Orkash, through a high opinion of himself, had hideously underestimated how short Floid's temper, and how swift his reaction. Before his dainty elven metalwork could even be raised in defence, let alone used in anger, Orkash was skewered upon the similar-sounding and oddly apt Orcslayer.

Floid collected the dark elf's finger with the infamous signet ring and unique tattoo which would evidence his claim for collection: 1000 gold pieces were soon to be Floid's.

2012-09-02, 05:04 AM
I got my computer back so...I can now move my own piece! Yay!

Muttering an incantation (for fun. Nook can cast without speaking anything. But it looks cooler, so there), Nook waves his arms about and promptly vanishes in a puff of smoke, only to appear in the not-so-dreaded 2nd Level Treasure Chamber, where he sets the world alight!

I'm supposed to move my own cards, right? I can't remember. I use a teleport and a lightning, and I didn't move anything but my own character. If you need me to personally move my spell cards myself, just tell me.

2012-09-02, 05:06 AM
...and I forgot to roll.


2012-09-02, 05:07 AM
It's cool. If you move them, put them in that red square so I don't miss them. I'll move them if you don't.

Roll me 2d6. (edit: ha! Beat me to it!)

I'm just going to double check the rules on teleporting then casting.

edit: yeah you can. Naturally the rulebook isn't explicit about this, but it can be inferred from a later paragraph.

There is also a really really stupid rule which makes wizards invincible that I had forgotten about. No, it really does. Do we want to play with this rule? I didn't mention it when you were all choosing characters, but I also said this would be a 100% vanilla game, so...? Opinions on playing against a wizard that can never die, be wounded, or be forced to drop treasure except in ambush by other players (but that's only stealing treasure), or alternatively by teleporting into chambers?

2012-09-02, 06:59 AM
How does that rule work? If you explain it maybe I could see the reasoning for it. Otherwise, without explanation, I'm against it.

2012-09-02, 07:06 AM
I like it! :smallbiggrin:

I think that the main reasoning is that wizards only has 6 spell slots...i.e. they can only hit 6 times. Or better, if, like me, they have some for teleporting, that's even worse. Given that wizards can't have magical swords, this severely limits their fighting capabilities...fighting without a spell is being next to useless. While other character can roam around and fight nonstop, wizards have to make frequent trips back to restock on spells. Anyway, even if they can't get wounded, they can't win a duel without spells, meaning that they have to make the long trek back regardless.

This also provides a hamper on the teleport ability, because, they can actually get wounded by teleporting. Hence, a new structure of play is developed, where the player has to personally walk there and defeat the monsters in the chamber, or risk teleporting there before everyone else and getting hammered.

2012-09-02, 07:16 AM
I just want to know why. If there is a logical reason for it, than I can understand, but just saying they are invincible gives the claim little credence.

2012-09-02, 11:45 AM
The wizard can cast without entering a room. He can open a door and magically attack without putting himself in danger. In short, the wizard is the only ranged character.

This means that the enemy has no option to counter-attack. Ever. Because monsters cannot leave rooms. Teleporting into a chamber: attack must happen.
But walking up to a chamber, the wizard can still cast out of reach. Likewise, a monster cannot leave a chamber.

Basically this renders the wizard untouchable, as he, and no monsters, can benefit from range.

2012-09-02, 11:54 AM
As Nook materialises in the chamber, the first creatures out of the darkness are a clutch of Troglodytes.

Luckily, Nook has prepared a Lightning Bolt spell, and quickly fries the unarmed troglodytes. Dodging the javelin of their leader, in a rare feat of dexterity, Noiok fires a magical ray at him, and he quickly collapses.

Other monsters lurk in the darkness; glowing eyes? Deep growls? It's difficult to separate imagination and reality. What Nook does next? His Fight or Flight response is conflicted. The answer is unclear.

2012-09-02, 03:52 PM
So not really invincible, just untouchable. If that's what the rules say and we are playing vanilla, unless in the past you've found it unbalancing, than lets play by the rules. At least for the first game.

Can the wizard open the door, cast, and then move into the room to get the treasure, or is the casting the end of their go.

2012-09-03, 05:11 AM
Actually, I've just deleted this whole post I was going to type. It can be much more easily put as this:
I'll check the rules when I get home. But many things in this game are what I'll call "rules by omission". That is, because the rules don't state otherwise, it's arguably allowed. It's the major source of my issues with this game (my minor one is that player/player interactions are so damn clunky and also suffer from the former issue)

I'm not a huge fan of rules by omission. It's actually just bad writing. But it also leads to arguments like "You can't do that, it doesn't say anywhere in the book that that's how the game mechanic works." "It also doesn't say I can't do it, so there."

I suggest we play it vanilla, with invinci-wizards set to 'on'. I'm hoping to homebrew some stuff for next time, maybe iron out a few of the creases, custom monster cards, maybe new player class, tweaking this rule here and that one there, remove a mechanic that really doesn't work and replace it with one both more realistic and more dynamic in usage -- all while keeping the simplicity that is the game's major identity. We can love, hate, and change rules then; at least play with it now to see if it works.

2012-09-03, 05:28 AM
Works for me. Serpentine go if i'm not mistaken

2012-09-03, 07:54 AM
It is her go. However, I happen to know that she's going around the UK in a mad dash, trying to fit in all the sights and all the playgrounders before heading back down under.

2012-09-03, 10:48 AM
The rules for this are so badly written. For example, what ends your turn is pretty much spread over three different pages in three different sections.

Please take note:
1) Combat ends your turn
2) To attack without entering a room or chamber, wizards must have enough movement to move into the room or chamber.
3) If the wizard kills a monster without being under threat by it, they have to enter the room or chamber on another turn to collect the treasure. After collecting it, they can continue their turn as normal.
4) Wizards teleporting to an empty chamber don't fight a monster, and so may use whatever movement they have remaining.

I think that's everything that needed clarification.

2012-09-03, 02:09 PM
It is her go. However, I happen to know that she's going around the UK in a mad dash, trying to fit in all the sights and all the playgrounders before heading back down under.Awwwww yeeeaaah I am ;D

Anyway, yeah, sorry 'bout that. I'll keep checking every day, or I'll try to. But yes:

Madelyne can't shake the feeling that she SHOULD be able to beat this villain, and dammit she wants her shiny sword back, so she charges again one last time.


2012-09-04, 01:04 AM
Madelyne thinks quickly, and then it dawns on her. The reason she was so far across the room was that her armour skidded so well on the cell's floor. So this time, she charges at the Hill Giant, and just before she comes in range of the club, the paladin throws herself to the floor, landing on her back, and slides under the club's dangerous arc. Crashing into the giant's back foot, she comes to a halt, and scurrying to get up, Madelyne's medical training helps her quickly locate the femoral artery, and sever it with her dagger.

The giant lets out a terrible roar, but remains dangerous on the floor, thrashing about. Madelyne gets out of the way, and waits until he has lost consciousness from such a major artery draining onto the floor.

With no time to waste, Madelyne gravitates naturally to the magical aura of her sword and goes to put it back into her scabbard before the pool of blood expands that far. Once it's in her hand, however, Madelyne notices that the weight, inlaid gemstones, and even the pommel is different. Looking more closely, she sees the word Dragonbane stitched in gold thread into the leather grip of the handle. A different magical sword that must already have been in the chamber.

She locates the Goblinblade again, and, before continuing her adventure, chooses which to keep in her hand and which to keep by her side.

Yeah, you got another magical sword. No, this is not a normal way for the game to start. At all. I mean 3 swords on the table? At this early stage? Highly unusual.

2012-09-04, 01:33 AM
Floid pockets the finger with glee. He hears a poof coming from the way he just came. "Magic" he grumbles, beard tingling and standing on end, telling him to go the other way. He instead heads for another room and another danger. Leave the magic to the wizard.

Monster Please.


A little something for you guys. Let me know what you think. I can do up individuals easy from this image if you want them.


If you have any gripes, let me know. I'm always trying to improve.

2012-09-04, 02:40 AM
Vesth's go: sorry for the delay, I clicked reply then Database Backup happened and I didn't have time to wait for it to finish. Hooray for saving posts in notepad!

Hey, cool idea - and looking good!

Since we're on the subject of character design, for all this game's flaws, the female characters are actually handled pretty well. I've included all character portraits in the DM area so you can read along...

You have Princilla the Dwarf, who wears more clothes than Kador; Paladin Madelyne who isn't reduced to wearing Fe-Mail; Thief Zind could probably use a pair of tights but she's far from exposed up top. It's even in keeping with the class, because Krind wears his underwear outside his tights apparently, and Thosia wears quite a short tunic and tights - no trousers.
With only one elf to compare against it's tough to say who would be the odd elf out. But I mean, clearly, Kasira is Tinkerbell, and compared to the fairy, it's the Dungeon! elf who is conservatively dressed, hiding her shoulders and cleavage. Blame Tinkerbell for the skirt hem.
Yes, Warrior Abrana is very leggy, but look at our dancing Devon and even Floid - exceptionally leggy for a pair of blokes in fantasy. And continuing the theme of staying away from oversexualising all female characters in a fantasy setting are the wizards who -

Oh no wait, I forgot, wizards always have to be different.

Having said that, wizards are meant to be... odd folk, so perhaps it's fitting? Or perhaps just tightly-fitting...

So most female characters are given some dignity, even if some apparently love showing off their legs to random monsters. On this one, I'm going to plead the 70s - hotpants were in back then.

(apparently this bit posted but the Floid bit didn't?)

2012-09-04, 08:48 AM
If Floid was running from the unfamilliar, when he opened the door, he was faced with his oldest foe: orcs. Floid hated orcs, with murderous passion. It was almost as if he'd flown into a trance when the room was revealed to him.

Though the orcs also took issue with Floid's intrusion, it soon became very clear that their hatchets would prove no match for the warrior and his magical sword - which, if you recall, unbeknownst to Floid, was called the Orcslayer.

Was it the sword that directed itself into the soft flesh of the first orc's stomach? Was Floid's arm guided into the backswing that split the second orc's jaw and scattered teeth below? Or was it that he and the sword working in near-perfect harmony when they disemboweled the final orc, having him battled him to back up against a bronze statue, with nowhere to run?

Floid would not remember the battle, but when he'd calmed down and glanced around, the aftermath looked awfully familiar. The objects in the room, however, did not. There was the bronze statue, weathered and difficult to discern what it was meant to be of. The delicate elven ceramics from centuries - if not milenia - ago. Strange devices too which flummoxed the mind, until the elucidating accompanying plaques were read. An iron sphere became an engine of steam, a stick that when broken would give light for hours and hours, and a small gong with elaborate tassels which apparently revealed secret thoroughfares.

Most of the rest of the museum pieces appeared worthless except to a very particular sort of collector, some were too delicate to survive battles Floid would face gathering more coin. The only thing that appealed was the gong, and shrugging to himself, Floid took it and slipped it over a shoulder to hang securely under his armpit.

(You got a Secret Door Card. Which is called a "card" as an in-game item. The only one - you don't get a "sword card". So... yeah secret doors are nothing to you now, just normal doors.)

2012-09-04, 09:00 AM
Mumbling about how everyone else was getting all the good stuff, Nook just...wandered up a corridor. How anticlimatic. Of course, there is the moss on the wall, the water that constantly goes drip drip drip onto Nook's poor robes while he curses at everything and anything, but such things go boring quickly.


Just a quick note: I must be in a chamber to teleport to another chamber, correct?

2012-09-04, 12:55 PM
Yes. You don't fight the monster in the chamber you teleport from but the one you teleport to.

2012-09-04, 03:14 PM
Mangles: Neat! :smallbiggrin:
Lime: There isn't anything different between the swords, is there? Just +1 either way? And do I carry around both but only attack with one, or do I leave one behind? The following assumes they're both mechanically the same, and I get to carry the one I don't use - if I'm wrong, adjust appropriately.

Puffing and panting and still shaking from the adrenaline of battle, Madelyne examines her shiny new swords, bouncing them in her hands to test their weight. After a while she comes to the conclusion that she can probably take on goblins without too much trouble, but she could use all the help she can get against a dragon. Thus she carefully sheathes the Goblinblade, and moves on with Dragonbane at the ready.
Madelyne creeps out the second doorway into the hall, and sneaks down into the wide chamber below, listening for enemies.

I'm in the 4th level treasure chamber. I assume I need a monster now :smallfrown:

2012-09-04, 07:25 PM
Assumption is correct. I just fluffed the orcs thing that way because why not?

2012-09-05, 09:30 AM
If I tell you that you rolled Phase Spiders as an encounter, do you think your roll is enough? I'll put the name of the enemy and the WotC picture (if there is one) from the SRD so you can see how things have changed since the '70s.

I think it might add a little more suspense. On that note, feedback on the fluff now that we've had it a while?


PHASE SPIDERS (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/phaseSpider.htm) (yes, plural, but take that with a pinch of salt)

Madelyne enters the room slowly, and cautiously, hoping to spot whatever might lurk in the dim corners before it spots her. Something flashes near to her in the darkness, but as soon as it's there, it seems to be gone. As she spins around to check the empty air behind her, there is another sudden breeze as the dingy atmosphere is displaced just inches behind her head. Snapping back round, Madelyne catches a brief glimpse, and wishes she didn't. Eight feet long, eight long feet, and far too many eyes to be anything good, it worryingly seems like she's being attacked by phase spiders...
[roll0] - enemy attack missed. Reminder: you are under no obligation to stay and fight.

Mangles' turn!

2012-09-05, 04:26 PM
By the beard, he was in luck today. The monsters would fall and he would be the one to leave the dungeon behind. This new trinket elevated his spirits further and spurned him to explore this route to its fruition.

Moving further south to the next door, he kicks it in yelling in mostly garble "Monster Please"


2012-09-06, 10:24 AM
(SRD not really applicable here...)

Floid barges through the doorway only to find himself covered in something sticky. It quickly entangles him, and he's finding it hard to break free. Worse still, there's a sound of scuttling off to his left...

The spider comes closer to inspect what's wandered into its web. Its fangs drip deadly venom in anticipation of this meal - it's certainly been a while since any adventurer was foolhardy enough to venture into this dungeon's depths. Floid struggles with the web, but isn't able to make any headway. The spider gnashes at the warrior, but only succeeds in tearing into his studded armour.

Now with all his might, he manages to wrench his sword arm out of the ties that bind him, and, before the arachnid can attack again, Floid just manages to sink his sword into the mass of shiny eyes that stares at him. The spider curls its legs in a death throe, and is no more.

Safe now, Floid takes a cursory glance around. There are several other cocoons dotted about the web, mostly near the door. Splitting them open, he finds remnants of several humanoids - elf? goblin? orc? human? It's hard to tell, but it's all rather academic. Plundering their pouches, Floid finds himself 750 gold pieces, and decides any more time spent would be a diminishing return.

2012-09-06, 10:27 AM
Vesth's go - quickly, while we're both online!

2012-09-06, 10:48 AM
Ah well, seems I'm too slow. Artwork copied to OP!

2012-09-06, 06:49 PM
Nook stands outside a room and....wait, what happened to one of my teleport spells?! I'm pretty sure I prepared 2! (2 spells of each, and since I used 1 lightning bolt that was supposed to be a fireball, but whatever). :smalleek:

Nook tosses a fireball in this time. But seriously, What happened to my teleport spell?


2012-09-06, 08:45 PM
That's a good question. I'm not sure, but it's back now. It was there all along on your "status at a glance".

In future, if something seems wrong, continue with your go anyway. If something is wrong, I'll always let you retake your turn if the thing that was wrong would have caused you to take a different action.

What I'm trying to say is... roll me 2d6 and say which spell you're using! (You can also attack with no spell on the green numbers, remember, from outside the room)

2012-09-06, 09:07 PM
Apparently, you didn't open my spoiler...

But I can reroll if you want. :smallbiggrin:

2012-09-06, 10:58 PM
Nope, totally missed it! I'm posting from myphone right now, so I won't have cards or tables for another 10 hours or so...

2012-09-07, 11:10 AM
GHOULS (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/ghoul.htm)
Nook, once again, threw a spell into the room before he'd even looked around it. The ghouls inside could hardly be described as turned to ash - more medium-rare. They were destroyed, but only just. If Nook was really going to meet his target treasure amount, he'd have to step up his game - and sharpish.

Serp's go!

2012-09-07, 06:37 PM

Madelyne squeals in a distinctly unpaladinlike manner and flees along the corridor like that girl from Scary Movie - she really doesn't like spiders.

2012-09-07, 07:52 PM
Mangles' go!

2012-09-07, 10:15 PM
Floid moves along the hallway until he comes to a big chamber. His beard senses danger and warns Floid and he takes up a battle stance.

Monster please.


I have begun moving so my posts will start to be a bit more sporadic. hopefully I can still make once a day though.

2012-09-08, 05:45 AM
No worries - in fact, I've been somewhat taken aback by how dedicated you've all been with the thread. In the recruitment thread, I asked for one turn a day - that is, for all three of you to have a go, three days. Sometimes, we've had an entire round in a day. I'm really not complaining though - still, no reason to pat ourselves on the back and slack off :smallbiggrin:!

The long and the short of it is, I understand if you're moving. No worries. Not about to crack down on you about it.

Doing your turn crunch and fluff now -- since it's what takes the most time for me, could I have some feedback on the fluff? I notice Vesth, you aren't really digging it, and that's cool, I mean it is a board game. And what about the SRD links and pictures? Keep it up or drop it?

2012-09-08, 06:07 AM
Floid's beard was right to put him on edge. No, not because of the spikey codpiece, or the other... questionable equipment that hung on the walls of the King's Private Chamber, but because of what slithered out of said codpiece.

The imagery threw Floid off a good deal. From the crotch of the suit of armour emerged a thick, tail-like object, dangling an impressive distance down the thigh plate. It was a vivid green, and swayed gently in the breeze that circulated underground. It opened its eye, and an indiscernible liquid dripped to the floor.

At this point, Floid was about to turn tail and run.

It's not a common thought to think: "Thank goodness it's actually a giant venomous snake", but such were the words running through Floid's mind. Taking advantage of his hesitation, the snake reared up and made to bite the warrior. It was more of a reflex action than a conscious choice, but Floid thrust his Orcslayer deep into the King's armour's crotch. The snake slid out, slain.

Around its tail was metal ring. It didn't bear thinking about just how the ring came to be on the snake's tail - nor what sort of ring it was, given the surroundings. Floid let it stay there, and decided not to let his mind linger on the image too long.

2012-09-08, 08:25 AM
Huh? I mean, I love the fluff and everything. The pictures and SRD links show how much effort you're putting into this, and it adds a very cool touch. I like it :smallsmile:

The only thing right now is my relatively bad standing in the game itself, and how much behind I am of other players, BUT MARK MY WORDS, I WILL GET MY REVENGE! MUAHAHAHAHA!

2012-09-08, 08:40 AM
I'm really enjoying it, Lime. Keep up the good work!

Vesth: how behind you are? You have a lot more treasure than I do! :smalltongue:

2012-09-08, 09:06 AM
No weapons *sob*

Both of you are getting bonuses to your attack rolls. Nonsense, I say! Nonsense! :smalltongue:

2012-09-08, 09:16 AM
Sorry, Vesth, didn't mean to sound harsh. I am mistaken.

Also, wizards can't use magic swords.

Vesth's go - and Serps is here too!

2012-09-08, 09:51 AM
"Damn ghouls. I remember that one time a ghoul army went toe to toe with a bunch of giants....and infected them. Had a huge, literally huge ghast problem on our hands...you're nothing to them, NOTHING! Although it IS easier to burn those ghasts...almost impossible to miss them, really..." Nook says, as he fires a lightning bolt in hope that it would be more effective.


2012-09-08, 10:18 AM
Um... you killed them.

They were destroyed, but only just.
If a monster is destroyed, it gets put in the DM area red box. That red box is so you can see any cards that were drawn and used but can't be left on the board. The fireball number for ghouls is 3, which you rolled. Since it was the bare minimum, I described you succeeding but only just.

If a monster is not destroyed, I leave it face up in the room where it was drawn (like the phase spiders)

You can use that roll for this turn, or re-roll if you prefer.
You have to enter the room to pick up the dropped treasure. It counts as an empty space in terms of movement cost.

2012-09-08, 10:55 AM
Oh! Err, err....sorry, I keep having this idea that my 3 was a miss. It is a very low number :/

Anyway, I switch my target to the other purple room I'm standing outside now, everthing else is the same. Movement wise, one down, one up, two left, one space to light up the room with a lightning bolt, and Nook is hallucinating that he's still attacking the ghouls there, so damage control done!

2012-09-08, 12:09 PM
(Since I seem to be great at missing things, could you put *COLLECT TREASURE* in nice big bold letters when describing your movement, please? I tend to do this either late at night when I'm bleary-eyed and addle-brained , or in the morning before leaving the house when I'm rushed and not properly awake yet.
Case in point - I gave Floid treasure for a chamber. Chambers have no treasure (Sorry, Mangles, old chap, I'm going to have to take that silver ring back.)
[[Funnily enough you rolled the exact same "Ghouls" entry as you did before! But that card was obviously not in the deck any more so you rerolled...]]

ORCS! (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/orc.htm)
It could, of course, have been some sort of trap. Some kind of poison gas that made subtle figments dance before its victim's eyes. Maybe his previous experiences with ghasts, and his brain warped by bending reality itself accounted for Nook's hallucination. Or perhaps it was that Nook was just a crazy old man.

Shuffling forward on pointed slippers, Nook thought he chased his foes down the corridor, where they dived into another cell. With a deft wave of his old, sinewed hand, the door flew open, eliciting a guttural groan from inside.

Inside, an orc had taken a stiff crack to his nose, which was pouring blood. His accomplice turned to see what the matter was, but caught a lightning bolt square in the chest, and fell to the floor, motionless.

The other orc lowered his hands from his nose to see what the sound - and the strange smell of ozone - could be. As he exposed his face, he presented Nook with a perfect target. Job done.

The room was a chapel of sorts, but it was sparsely decorated, and cheaply. The only thing of any value seemed to be the silver cup for the ceremonial wine, left upon the hardy stone altar. It might fetch a good price at market, after all, but time was short and Nook'd have to go to the far end of the room to collect the cup. He weighed up the choice.

Serp's Go!

2012-09-08, 04:25 PM
Madelyne continues her squealing down the corridor, ducking into an alcove and smacking face-first into the door there - being far from a petite girl, she actually smashes through it.

Monster please!


edit: In case you don't notice in your bleary-eyed state, I accidentally put +2 instead of +1. So that should be a 7, not an 8.

2012-09-08, 05:45 PM
I also am really enjoying the fluff. It does add to the game a lot when playing online. Otherwise it would be like playing a board game in person with no one speaking....awkward.

2012-09-09, 08:53 AM
As she breaks through the door, the dust is almost choking. Worse still, the dust refuses to settle. On a medical table in the middle of the tiny cramped room, a pile of bandages sits up. Madelyne knows she's going to have to face a...

MUMMY (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/mummy.htm)

Madelyne is still panicked from the spiders, and the sight of an undead mummy doesn't do anything to calm her nerves. Uncharacteristically frozen in fear, Madelyne does not move as the mummy flounders forwards, trying to beat back the one to disturb his eternal sleep.

Madelyne is caught, quite by misfortune, in the throat. Though immune to Mummy Rot, a deep gouge now lies just above her collar bone, and it looks like it might soon begin to take its toll... In the fray, the Goblinblade is torn from her waist, but the Dragonbane remains true in Madelyne's hand.
YOU ARE WOUNDED - the first one of the game
Ignore the fluff about bleeding out. There is no time limit, but the next wound you get kills you.

Remember as a paladin you can skip a turn to heal. As part of the wound you rolled, you have to drop one treasure and retreat one space.

Mangles' go!

2012-09-09, 05:09 PM
The gong shows Floid a secret door, and unwilling to ignore its omen of future treasure, Floid follows. Opening the door and entering another room he readies himself for whatever beast may follow

Monster Please

2012-09-10, 10:50 PM
Roll me 1d6

2012-09-10, 11:04 PM

EDIT: Is the 1d6 for the secret door, because I thought my secret door card let me bypass those.

2012-09-11, 12:27 AM
No beast befell him, but on him fell a cage!

Floid was trapped, but he'd noticed that though the rattle of chains had been almost deafening, there was no accompanying ratchet noise. With thighs like tree trunks, Floid should be able to simply lift the trap with brute strength - even though it might take a while.

The 1d6 was to see how many turns you would lose. Yes, you get treasure at the end of it.

edit: Google Docs has apparently decided that "working" is not on its to-do list today. You miss one turn due to the cage.

Vesth's go!

2012-09-11, 04:13 AM
"A silver cup? Hmmm.....might fit well on my mantlepiece if I can get it to start talking..." Nook muttered as he simply strolled in and took the cup. He wasn't worried. If his footsteps set off a trap, he still had a teleport spell on his lips to get him out safely.

As he walked to the next room on his agenda, he kicked open the door and launched fiery hell, tossing his last bit of fire magic into the room.

*Collect Treasure!*
Left 1, Right 2. Up 1, land on community chest and burn the hell out of it.


2012-09-11, 05:10 AM
...Google Docs is still not working. What colour/level room did you go in?

2012-09-11, 07:26 AM
Strange...it works fine for me...

There was an image here...and now it isn't! It's a little sad for you, but rules are rules, and you have no right seeing this image anyway. Unless, of course, you plan to join the game, in which you need to ask our dear narrator sweetly and nicely...for future versions of the game if we get to it.

2012-09-11, 07:43 AM
Thanks. Purple room. Could you remove the image, please? I know yada yada yada copyright, but I'd be a lot happier if you could.

2012-09-11, 08:14 AM
Image removed, and replaced with text!

2012-09-11, 08:15 AM
Nook's eyes darted around - after all, his gaze was being met by a GIANT SPIDER (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/monstrousSpider.htm) and each of his pupils flicked around its foe's four counterparts. The spider was probably old, as Nook could see its web was weakened with dust, and was hardly sticky any more.

The arachnid did not begin to move until it saw the bright light forming in Nook's palms - by which point, its fate had already been sealed. Nook sent forth his fireball.

Though stronger than his last effort, once again the spell was disappointingly feeble, and it wasn't by much that the giant spider was killed; all the spindly hairs on its body reduced to smoke or cinders.

Nook saw that this room was much the same as the last he'd visited, which made sense since they were so close together. Catching sight of the holy symbols in the walls, his suspicions were confirmed - this was for the sect of faith that had men and women worship separately. So that the Royal couple could walk to prayers together, the two rooms were kept close. It was no surprise, then, to see an identical silver cup on a similar stone altar.

2012-09-11, 08:22 AM
Yay I rebooted my internet for the third time today and it decided all of a sudden to work! Updated the board. Thanks for taking the image down!

Serpentine's go!

2012-09-11, 03:54 PM
Madelyne gasps and steps back. She concentrates on the grace of her god, Flying Spaghetti Monster, and lets Its power soothe her wound, refreshing her ready to try again.

2012-09-11, 04:22 PM
Floid decides that now would be a good time to braid his beard.

2012-09-11, 07:28 PM
Vesth's go!

AFK so will update board in a bit

2012-09-11, 11:47 PM
Whistling at getting the pair, he starts to make the journey back...he has to replenish his spells, after all.

*Collect Treasure!*

I'm teleporting from the prisoner's chamber, back to the main gallery to recharge.....I'm getting back 2 teleports, 2 fireballs and 2 lightning bolts.

2012-09-12, 08:14 AM
It's (newly-unwounded) Serp's go!

Oh, and Mangles, thanks for putting the stuff in the red box.

Question to all: in future, if you draw a cage would you like me to roll 1d6 for you, just as I do with monster counter-attacks?

2012-09-12, 11:28 AM
Also, please be aware that if you don't see me around tomorrow, it's because I've finally admitted that I might have food poisoning and have decided to stay in bed instead of trying to carry on as normal.

At the moment, though, I'm calling it a 3-day-old upset stomach that's just getting worse before it gets better, so for now continue as planned.

2012-09-12, 02:25 PM
Too occupied for fluff, but I'll charge the giant again.

Please look after yourself Lime :smallfrown:

2012-09-13, 04:32 AM
I don't mind you rolling the doors if it will help speed things along. after all they are the "monster" of the room.

Tomorrow will be the last day I have internet while the move is going on. Expect me to be back by mid next week.

2012-09-14, 12:45 PM
Officially on hiatus. I'm ill, Mangles is moving, Serpentine is moving country. Seems like the most logical thing to do.

2012-09-14, 08:23 PM
And...I guess I'll just sit here and twiddle my thumbs, I guess.

2012-09-14, 09:56 PM
I'm sorry. But rather than fizzle out, or insisting people keep posting when they've got other real life worries and resenting the thread as taking time to rush post, I think it's best to break for a few days and come back with the momentum we've had

2012-09-15, 12:28 AM
Then I'll just busy this thread with Nook roleplay, and his adventures in other dungeons :smalltongue:

2012-09-15, 07:39 PM
I should be pretty much ready to go whenever, at least from tomorrow evening (my time). Look after yourself, drink lots of fluids and eat what you can and all that.

2012-09-15, 09:10 PM
Nook and the Puzzle Dungeon Part 1
"Why are we entering this hellhole again?" Nook asked irritatibly, as they ventured through a set of double doors, twin structures of stone that are obviously well-crafted, but time has since worn the the stone to the point that the shapes and murals on it are no longer recognisable.

"Yipyip! Treasure here good! Can Grondle go now?" the kobold prisoner and informant said.

"No." the wizard said simply, as he tugged on the string that held the kobold in place, forcing him to stumble forwards.

The door revealed a passageway that stretched a distance in, before coming to an intersection with a metal plate, with words scratched into it.

When right is left, and left begets right,
when one leads to naught but a trap, and the other, splendor and might.
Seek the path where light begins,
and follow the source, where brightness ignites.

Nook glanced down both passageways, noting that both are well lighted with torches.

"...kobold, which hand do you use to write?"

"Grondle cannot write..."

"Well, worth a shot" Nook mused, before tossing the kobold down the right-handed path.

Immediately, the kobold triggered a pressure plate, and the ceiling fell on top of it, crushing it to a bloody pulp, before withdrawing.

"Ok.....this way then!" he said, retrieving the head of the kobold before leaving.

Walking down the correct passage, he spotted some skeletons, which he proceeded to flood the entire passage with a fireball. Problem solved.

The dungeon is wayyy too easy.

2012-09-16, 02:18 AM
Nook and the Puzzle Dungeon Part 2
Nook immediately realized that his fireball had done more than to kill off his immediate monsters; it melted the walls, giving them a shiny exterior, while obliterating the next room as well.

Finding himself in...what was supposed to be an elaborate puzzle, Nook slowly edges around the sharp, broken bits of various pots of different sizes and shapes. The exit was guarded by a furious sphinx, her feathers singed, but otherwise unharmed.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY BEAUTIFUL PUZZLE ROOM?! MY-my..." the sphinx roared, eventually breaking into a sob.

That was unexpected.

The wizard slowly edged his way around the sphinx, keeping a wary eye on the volatile creature. Not that he didn't want to console her, but....he cared abut his hide more.

The next room was a long, rectangular room, with a simple table that is occupied with 7 different potions, lined up in the colors of the rainbow. The red potion was on the left-most side, and the violet, on the right. A portcullis blocked the way forward, with another damn plate next to the passage.

Anger is not the answer; that way lies madness.
Neither is a glimmering pile of goldl to slow death it leads instead.
Being Apathetic will not help your cause...
But being an enemy of anger, it will not hinder you either.
The sunset, surrounded by anger and greed alike, can only do so much to aid you.
The hidden, the ignorant, the seldom remembered, holds the answer you seek. But beware! Her sister will kill you on sight.
Finally, the last, life after death, is fickle.

Nook stared at the plate for a good long moment...before a plan came to his mind.

"Hey, uhh...there there, don't cry..."

"B-but my beautiful puzzle! I spent so much time..."

"Shush...I've got some potions to help you. It'll make you all right..."

"Drink one first."


"You heard me. That could be poison for all I know."

Nook stared at the sphinx, before looking at one of the potions in his hand...and back at the sphinx.

Here goes nothing...

Drinking one of the potions, he waited...but nothing happened. In fact...it tasted suspiciously like water.

"You see, it's perfectly safe..."

Several minutes later, he stood in front of a sphinx of stone holding six empty bottles, and off in the distance, the sound of the portcullis rising made him grin.

"So long, sucker."

Can anyone guess which was the right potion (and bonus points for which potion did what)? :smalltongue:

2012-09-17, 01:57 AM
I am back on the internet again. Whos go is it anyways?

2012-09-17, 06:54 AM
Red madness. Yellow slow death. Blue neither gd nor bad. Not sure which Newton invented to preserve the idea of 7, but id guess violet since it says invisible so ultra-violet? Don't know how green fits in

Long have I wished to have a thread that generated original content and now I have art and a spin-off! Feel free to keep posting Nook's adventures in the Puzzle Dungeon.

It's my go. I have to fluff for Serps and roll for treasure. Gimme a feW hrs, on fone (hence typing).

Thread officially off hiatus! Yay!

2012-09-18, 05:02 AM
Edit: double post. Board updated. Note that Madelyne is now in 2nd place!

2012-09-18, 05:03 AM
Madelyne swings, quite literally, back into action, fully healed and full of fight. Her sword cleaves downwards, held in both hands, and tears through centuries-old bandage with a small puff of dust. As it reels from the initial blow, she presses forth and dismembers it to be sure no magical reanimation remains, and says a quick prayer of Bolognese and Fusilli.

Scouting the room, Madelyne finds a little more than medical tools, but turning to leave, she spots a glint in the amber torch light. It's from the floor - more specifically the pile of dust and strips of bandage that used to be her foe. The mummy had had an emerald wrapped between the bandages on his forehead as part of the ceremony. Upon closer inspection, it wasn't any emerald, but a HUGE emerald. Pocketing it, Madelyne reckons she's about 5k closer to leaving the dungeon. She picks up her Goblinblade and smiles to herself.

Mangles' go!

2012-09-18, 05:29 AM
With his beard neatly braided, Floid decided it was time to put the thunder in his thighs and get out of this cage. Squatting down, setting his back straight, and lifting with his legs, Floid was glad he didn't wear trousers as the flexing would surely have torn them to ribbons.

Tossing the cage backwards over his head with a roar, and walking forwards, Floid sees what he was heading for when he entered the secret ante-chamber: the ring hanging from a thin chain from the archway to the next room. It was clearly designed to lure forth and trap treasure-hunters like himself, but the room's designers hadn't reckoned on Floid's raw power. Yanking the ring unceremoniously, the silver chain snapped quietly and snaked into his upturned palm. The whole combination found its way into his pouch.

The actual silver in the ring might not amount to much - certainly not when compared with entire sacks of gold pieces - but it was the workmanship that Floid knew would add to the price: he'd take no less than 2000 for it.

It was time to move on.

Still Mangles' turn! He gets free from the cage, which means he defeats the enemy, which means he gets a treasure because this is a room. Floid still has 5 movement points left. Also, before you ask, no, I didn't just take the treasure I rolled for the giant snake and bump it forwards to now: it was co-incidence that I rolled it again.

2012-09-18, 06:00 AM
Yay, treasure! :biggrin:

2012-09-18, 06:03 AM
Floid is happy to be free of that accursed trap and heads north with his beard held high. He feels like he has been sitting around for days as he kicks in the next door, glad to be back in the action.



The green door just south of where I am. Does it connect to the little patch of yellow rooms I am in, or does it connect only to the east.

2012-09-18, 07:56 AM
Only to the east, I'm afraid. You're right to ask, though, it's not the clearest.

2012-09-18, 08:08 AM
Floid presses on through the antechamber and into the main room. It is a clerk's office, with a desk and chair laid out facing the doorway. There is no chair on the doorway side of the desk. Whatever interviews or interrogations took place here, the non-official would be standing the whole time.

On the opposite side of the desk to Floid stands an enormous, shaggy silhouette. Without moving its body, the head rotates nearly a full half-turn, opens its beak, and squaks.

Floid can't believe his eyes. Who on earth would create such a monstrosity, he thinks, something so evil and against the laws of natu- It is at precisely this moment that he remembers Nook, and suddenly everything makes sense. Bloody wizards. What possible need could there be for an

OWLBEAR (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/owlbear.htm)

Floid charges at the beast that should not be, aiming to leap clean over the desk before the massive, shambling animal can turn around. But the owlbear does not shamble - it is quick, and despite its seven-and-a-half-feet of bulk, its wings provide an unexpected burst of acceleration. In a flurry of feathers, the owlbear smashes into Floid as he is mid-air, hurdling the desk. He is knocked instantly to the floor in a simple matter of the physics of momentum, and his treasure scatters everywhere. Standing on his chest is something which should not exist outside of the realm nightmare, but worse still is that its sharp talons are tearing gruesomely into his chest, rending his studded leather armour as though it were but crepe paper. Floid seizes the first chance he gets, and when the more than half-tonne is perched on one leg following an attack, he rolls with all his might, and quickly retreats from the room - but without half his treasure, and it seems, half his blood.
Also choose half your number of treasure cards to drop, rounding up. Place them in the red box to the right, please. That is number of cards, not value of cards. So four.

2012-09-18, 08:43 AM
Nook suddenly appeared in the 2nd Level Treasure Chamber, in a big blast of fiery flames that scorched to very ground he stood on...and any nearbly monsters.

"Man, this has to be a new signature entrance. Maybe I should invent a spell for it - Nook's Flaming Teleport...sounds great!"

Teleport to 2nd Level Treasure chamber, casts a fireball.



Red is potion of madness, yellow is a slow, slow death. In fact, in 4e standards, it's the homebrew of Living Death (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Living_Dead_(4e_Creature)) (See the disease).

Violet....violet is not the answer. The violet potion turns people into stone.

Do you still want to guess the rest of the potions, or do you want me to reveal the answer? (I made this puzzle for a 4e D&D game I'm running).

2012-09-18, 09:15 AM
Dam you owlbear!

To heal I would have to go back to the chamber. That would cause a fight to occur. Should I spend a round healing in there would that cause another?

2012-09-18, 09:30 AM
If you head into the chamber, which has a pool of healing, you'd
1) Fight a monster
2) If it wounds you you die
3) If it doesn't wound you, you get healed - even if you didn't kill it

Just resolving Nook's turn as we speak. Also, board updated!

2012-09-18, 09:40 AM
As Nook's body displaced the air where previously no man had stood, he let loose his fireball spell. Instead of waiting to see what was there and picking it out individually, Nook ignited the very air which was being forced outwards in a perfect aura around him, towards a trio of

HOBGOBLINS (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/hobgoblin.htm)

This allowed him to get the drop on the creatures, who were alerted by his sudden arrival, and stormed to the centre of the room from the shadows. Instead of grabbing the wizard, all they got was a face-full of fast-flowing fire, in what could most accurately be described as a radial backdraft.

The hobgoblins never stood a chance, and whatever else may have lurked in the shadows - if it was even there at all - decided an attack now was probably not the best of plans. Nook was free to leave the chamber in whatever way he wished.

Serps' go!

2012-09-18, 09:44 AM
Sorry to push in, 'sjust I'm about to go to sleep so I thought I may as well post my next deed so you guys can keep going another round if you want. It's not all that terribly interesting, anyway... Incidentally, it's really weird being in that document while stuff is being done to it.
edit: or, you know, it could just be my turn :smalltongue:

Madelyne stand proudly and panting over her slain enemy, admiring her prize. She thinks she sees something out of the corner of her eye, and looks hard at the wall opposite for a moment, trying to catch what it was that seemed odd.

Looking for a secret door.

2012-09-18, 09:49 AM
Board updated! Madelyne has gone from last to first in the space of one round!

And it's her go, she might even press the advantage!

2012-09-18, 09:50 AM
Nope. Just failed a secret door check, instead.

2012-09-18, 09:51 AM
Once again, Madelyne is unable to see quite what it is that catches her eye, as pawing blindly at the wall reveals nothing.

Mangles' go, but I can see he's already moving in the document!

2012-09-18, 09:51 AM
I also am just about to head to bed so I am putting my next action in a little ahead of time, to save 8 hours of no posting.

Floid retreats from the monstrosity that he is sure that dam wizard probably had his hand in. Knowing of the healing chamber a little back he heads to tend his wounds, hoping that his sword would have more bite with this beast.

Monster Please.


2012-09-18, 09:52 AM
You guys are the best :3

I'm so lucky to have such great posters.

2012-09-18, 09:52 AM
Oh, there goes my plan. I was just gonna say I'll keep looking for the door so you could keep going. Oh well. G'night guys!

2012-09-18, 09:55 AM
Noted. Doing Floid's turn now! Serps will keep searching.

2012-09-18, 10:16 AM
Floid staggers into the room, clutching his chest, pouring blood. Limply in his hand dangles the Orcslayer, and Floid's consciousness is threatening to take a holiday.

From behind a particularly sinister-looking piece of equipment came thundering footsteps. Floid muttered something under his breath as he recognised the threat as an

OGRE (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/ogre.htm)

At only around three times the size of Floid, this was a highly preferable situation to facing the owlbear. Unlike when encountering the owlbear, though, this time Floid was severely injured, but he was desperate to get to the marble font in the corner of the room.

Instead of going to meet the monster this time, Floid set his feet to be as stable as possible, knowing that the ogre would come to him - and indeed it did. Lumbering across the floor, the ogre made ground quickly, and swung its club violently. With his last ounce of strength, Floid held his sword in the first guard stance he ever learned and held his nerve. The magical sword split the club in two, and though severely weakened by his resisitive efforts, the beardy warrior held his ground. In a burst of good fortune, the ogre hadn't expected the club to give way, and, overbalancing, impaled his cartoid upon the point of Floid's still-vertical sword.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Floid makes his way to the marble font and almost fals into it. He began to suck the water down greedily, and his wounds began to close. It occurred to Floid that perhaps this font was installed by the king to deal with whip-marks and awkward bruises. He suddenly got a bad taste in his mouth. Probably wouldn't be wise to stick around anyway.

[Floid is now unwounded]

Vesth's go!

2012-09-18, 11:09 AM
Nook saunters out of the room gleefully, rubbing his hands for the next part of the plan.

Just moving. Not much else.

2012-09-18, 11:21 AM
Serpentine's go!

I was going to roll for you but since Mangles is in bed anyway it can wait 'til the morning.

2012-09-18, 09:23 PM
Actually, after a cost/benefit analysis (I worked out the minimum number of turns it'll take me to visit two rooms), I'm gonna go a different way.

Madelyne shrugs at the wall, and leaves the room the way she entered. Remembering those eight-legged freaks she left behind, she continues down the corridor until she reaches a shiny polished room filled with mysterious, non-Euclidean glassware.

Monster please :smallsigh:

2012-09-19, 10:46 AM
Mangles' go. Will get Serps' fluff up soon. Requires some thought.

2012-09-19, 05:32 PM
Floid doubles back to retrieve his gold and slay the beast that hurt him. No one gets the better of him and lives, especially not some wizard created nightmare.


2012-09-19, 11:31 PM
Apparently not indeed o.O

2012-09-23, 06:37 AM
poke poke 10 characters

2012-09-28, 05:31 AM
He's dealing with some stuff at the moment. I'm sure he'll be back as soon as he's able - or not, ionno, maybe he won't need us anymore :smalltongue:

2012-09-28, 06:37 AM
fair enough. I'll just eagerly await his return.

2012-09-29, 11:05 AM
The strange glassware was, perversely (though not as perverse as the King's Private Chamber) the most normal thing in the room, as within a step or two of entering, Madelyne faced a

BLACK PUDDING (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/ooze.htm)

Over 8 tonnes of ooze dropped in front of her from on high, only a few steps of Madelyne entering. With little reaction time but quick wits, the paladin brought her magical sword to bear on this monstrosity she'd never before seen the like of.

This did not go well.

As she attacked ever more effectively, each slash more cleanly cut the ooze into two seemingly sentient creatures. Clearly, the sword would have to sit this one out.

But once again Madelyne noticed the glassware, and its predominantly purple contents. More shades than she ever thought existed sat in dusty alchemic equipment on old wooden tables. An idea took shape - a shape much better defined than her opponent's outline, it has to be said.

Turning the tables quite literally, assorted acids and potent potions spilled over the Black Pudding. It mad no sound as it withered, but instead turned liquid, and bubbled as if put to the boil. A pungent, almost noxious, smell emanated from the sticky mess on the floor, and Madelyne was glad that as a paladin she had been blessed with Divine Health.

2012-09-29, 11:07 AM
Floid returned to the Owlbear, and this time his hairy jaw was set. He would not be surprised; he would not be outdone. Ignoring the screeching, flapping, and feathers now filling the air, he strode straight towards the horror and swung: only once, but undeniably enough.

The Owlbear was no more, and Floid suddenly thought the world a better place for it.

Floid decided on a quick search of the little office, and started with the solitary bookcase in the corner. As he drew near, the bookcase swung rather stereotypically open. He patted the gong under his arm with smug approval.

Still, there was no gold for opening secret doors. Turning to the desk, Floid rooted through its three draws (finding only paper) and two cupboards. One was full of official seals, and locked metal boxes (which yielded only more paper when smashed open). The final cupboard, however, soothed Floid's seething irritation at finding nothing, and solved that problem in itself. A bottle of local herby liqueur, bitter but strong, sat mostly full in front of an ornate golden goblet. Snatching them both, Floid admired the handiwork that went into the etched gold patterns on the goblet. Certainly, it should be worth 2500 at least.

Board updated!

Vesth's go!

2012-09-29, 11:08 AM
Hi. Sorry I haven't been about. Life took a pretty heavy turn. Got my head above water now though. Hope we haven't lost anyone along the way.

Apologies again, but I'm back.

2012-09-29, 07:33 PM
Nook unleashes HEAVENLY HELL OF LIGHTNING BOLTS! as he rushes to the next room.

Lightning bolt: [roll0]

2012-09-30, 02:51 AM
Nook swings back the door, and is hit with a wave of dampness in the air. Mould clings to the walls, and a single-width path of oolitic limestone surrounds a three-foot deep pool of dark water. Torches on the wall are lit, but the moisture present makes the burn incomplete: black, sooty stains cake the stone blocks behind the sconces.

At first, nothing appears, although Nook can feel a strong confinement or anchoring magic at work. He's just about to enter, when out of the pool surges a


The lightning bolts, both holy and wholly terrible, spring forth from Nook's fingertips towards the water. It has shown itself too soon; Nook finds it easy to stay out of reach outside the door, while in the small room the long Water Weird has little space to avoid the magical electricity. Shortly, it loses control over its form, and the Water Weird falls just as water dropped from a bucket does, except with the added drama of Nook's lightning bolts turning some droplets to steam.

There doesn't seem to be much in the way of treasure in the room, but a fair few gold coins are in the bottom of the Weird's pool. A quick calculation in his head means that, if they're as uniform as Nook can see, there should be about 1000. Other adventurers would have to roll up their trousers and spend a long time collecting them, but Nook could raise the lot with magic in one go - that is, if he so desired.
Extra info in lieu of SRD link!
The illustrator obviously wasn't told that a Water Weird was made out of water, instead seemingly thinking it was just "something weird living in water". The illustrator also quite evidently just looked up the picture in the 2e AD&D Monstrous Compendium*, changed a few bits, and coloured it in - seriously, compare the picture and the card. Deviantart tracing started in the 70s, people!

Also, whoever wrote the card probably just looked at whatever the illustrator had drawn, because for some reason magic is crap but swords and pokey weapons are good, which is the exact opposite of the 2e Water Weird.

The Water Weird has been subject to reinterpretation several times over the years. It's been a ten-foot snake made of water that can live in a baisin, a kind of guardian-oracle, and a total babe with a water theme.

*I think it was the Compendium and not the Manual...

Board updated!
Serps's go!

2012-09-30, 03:23 AM
Covering her face with a handkerchief and breathing through her mouth, Madelyne gingerly makes her way across the room trying to avoid getting any of the stuff on her shoes. She ducks into an alcove, and dives through a door into the fresh air of...

Monster please!

(also you should get online dagnabbit :smalltongue:)

2012-09-30, 05:44 AM
...into the fresh air of - well, it's hard to tell now, as the room's recently acquired a new ventilation tunnel. Rocks are falling from the ceiling and crush whatever was in the room flat. From the new hole in the ceiling drops an

UMBER HULK (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/3E_Monster_0300.asp)

Madelyne avoided being hit by debris from above through no greater skill than blind luck and her deity's protection. A surprise attack had been the hulk's intention, and while Madelyne was taken aback, she was also now on guard. Facing down her enemy, the paladin took note of the uneven floor between them. She'd have to be careful.

Both closed the distance somewhat gingerly: Madelyne in her full plate, the Umber Hulk unsteady if not able to lean against its tunnel walls. When the two met, the umber hulk first tried to grab with its iron-like claws, but madelyne dodged them both by spinning right up against the hulk's body. Now it tried with the mandibles, but Madelyne ducked. Flipping the sword around, she plunged it into the umber hulk's belly, but since it did not silence the beast, she left it in there and dropped to the floor, rolling back between her enemy's legs.

The Umber Hulk was slow to turn, and it still had a magical sword protruding from its carapace. It hadn't been an easy attack, but now Madelyne was able to draw her other sword, locate a space between two of its thick plates, and plunge deeply, stiletto-like, into the gap.

The Hulk was destroyed. And so too was the room! There wasn't much left that wasn't covered by the rocks from the ceiling. After a little time combing through the rocks on the floor, the only thing Madelyne could find of any value was a slightly dented golden goblet, set with semi-precious gemstones. It might be damaged, but eevn for the stones and material alone, she decided she should be able to wangle 2500gp from that trader she knew.

Not in the SRD as "Umber Hulk" is WOTC "product identity" :smallsigh:
Umber Hulk through the editions - card is 1e-type, it seems, but the guy responsible for colouring seems to have thought the mandibles were tusks. Also worth noting when looking at our green friend is that at this stage, by the book, Umber Hulks were black with yellowish-grey on the belly/chest area.

Doesn't he look different?
1e: (above)
Steadily more insectoid as time goes on.

Board Updated!
Mangles' Go!

2012-09-30, 06:29 AM
Just curious. If I enter a rool with healing, and there are monsters in it, will I still get healed even if I lose the fight (i.e. is it possible to just stay in the room and just keep attacking until I win the fight, since wounds will be healed?)

2012-09-30, 07:09 AM
Floid continues through this pathway of secrets, hoping that delving deeper would provide him with greater treasure.

He kicks down the door and draws his sword.

Monster Please.


2012-09-30, 07:52 AM
Just curious. If I enter a rool with healing, and there are monsters in it, will I still get healed even if I lose the fight (i.e. is it possible to just stay in the room and just keep attacking until I win the fight, since wounds will be healed?)

Yes. It says so on the little "rules summary" thing I put on the google document. I don't mind you asking for clarification at any point, especially here as I admit it's ambiguous: that's because the rulebook is too. From best interpretation, you cannot die be wounded in a chamber that contains a pool of healing.

Mangles: doing it now.

Please note very important change above

2012-09-30, 09:11 AM
Floid storms into the room, and instantly wishes he hadn't. Despite the extremely regular clerk's office, it seems it was all for appearances: Floid found himself in what appeared to be the storeroom for equipment in the King's Private Chamber. The room could therefore be cleared when anyone had to go through the chamber into somewhere much more private.

Once again, there were, scattered about, whips, chains and various other bits and bobs more at home in a torture chamber than the room behind a clerk's office. On the wall hung something most kindly described as "studded leather armour", though Floid doubted it ever saw true combat.

The codpiece quivered.
Oh not again... thought Floid, but it was to no avail: once again a thick tube of muscle poked its head out from the crotch but this time Floid was ready: a quick swipe and the snake was missing its head.

There was no gold to be found in here, so Floid turned to leave without much hesitation. But on a hook by the door, something caught his eye. In fact, it almost felt as though he caught something's eye: a necklace stared at him. It didn't appear to be a particularly valuable item, but Floid took it anyway: the necklace was light, and he could get it valued with the other lot.

Floid doesn't discover what the necklace does until he's about to enter another room or chamber: at which point a vision of what monster lies on the other side will flash into his mind, and he can choose to turn back, or carry on and try to fight it!

This is not a perfect solution but it should work for the vast majority of cases:
1) Aflter Mangles' turn, he emails me a screenshot of his proposed route for next turn, up to the point he wants to use the medallion. Any movement up to the room he wants to check then becomes fixed. This keeps it private knowledge, but also gives me more time to email back with the info.

2) Mangles can do this at any point before his next turn: hell, even on his next turn. During his next turn. Move two spaces, then want to check? That's fine. Just saves time for everyone if we do the behind-the-scenes bit when the others are moving.

3) Of course, he can enter the room without checking. Like the chamber that he's going to HAVE to go through to get out.

4) In the normal game the checked monster would be put face down in the room to fix it in place, but I'll just make a note on my tables, and on the board that the room has been checked.

Board updated, Vesth's go!

2012-09-30, 10:12 AM
Nook casts a simple spell to magnetize the wall, such that all the coins will fly to it....and then just place the wall in his interdimentional pocket....don't ask how this is done, it just is.

*Collect Treasure!*

Just moving...

2012-09-30, 10:25 AM
Haha, nice, didn't expect you to steal a wall! But then I suppose, with unlimited space, why not?

2012-09-30, 10:36 AM
Madelyne steps out the door, wiping her swords on a rag. The shape of the alcove looks odd to her, so she spends a moment pondering it.

Checking for secret door: [roll0]

2012-09-30, 10:37 AM
Had to move you back a space, Vesth.

1: into room
2: out of room
3: up
4: up
5: up

Basically imagine your movement points for this turn were 3. I'm pretty sure I'm right, but it's late, so if you want to check, go ahead.

2012-09-30, 11:00 AM
Serpentine: door not found.

Mangles' go!

2012-09-30, 07:12 PM
Floid leaves the kings secret rooms and heads for the corridor, stopping just short of the chamber. Thinking to himself. "By the beard, what sort of king was this."

2012-10-01, 12:24 AM
Yeah I didn't want to overdo it, we've had the last of Kinky King now.

Vesth's go!

2012-10-01, 04:44 AM
Nook didn't bother preparing a spell....he just walked into the room, fists raised for a barfight. Time to punch some foes!

Going into 3rd Level Treasure Chamber, punching my way through!


2012-10-01, 06:13 AM
Nook has a number of lesser spells than his powerful varieties of lightning and fireball attacks, like the old dependable Magic Missile. But that isn't how Nook rolls. What he does roll up are his long, baggy sleeves, and he strides confidently into the chamber. There, the wizard is confronted by a

GIANT SPIDER (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/monstrousSpider.htm)

Nook knows that his limbs are outnumbered two-to-one, but the grizzled old wizard does not seem to care at all. He circles round the spider, letting a few jabs part the air. The spider seems non-plussed. If it were capable of conscious thought, confusion would be what it felt.

Instead, as it regarded this strange prey that should have run, or been frozen to the spot in fear, what the arachnid felt was a few blows landing on its hairy exoskeleton. They resounded in the chamber with a dull thud. Now irritated, the spider let loose its spine-like hairs, which struck Nook, tearing his clothes and getting tangled in his beard. The damage beyond this, however, was minimal.

Not so when Nook found another opening to attack. His ruby ring, with its tall setting and sharp-cut stone, punctured the thorax of the spider and Nook wasted no time in turning a punch into a claw-like slash. For an old man, he was surprisingly wiry. Though the spider thrashed about, it too was old, and had sat underground for far too long without prey. The damage had been done, and after a few minutes of ducking and weaving around the thrashing limbs, and striking at any opening that appeared, the spider lost its balance, fell on its back, and curled up its legs.

Nook had won.

Board updated! Bonus points if you can Name That Spider (or at least tell me where it's from)!

Serpentine's go!

2012-10-01, 06:44 AM
Madelyne shrugs at the wall, sighs, and steps back into the weird, gross-smelling magicians lab, ready for trouble.

Monster please :/


2012-10-01, 10:20 AM
Trouble instantly finds her. Once again, Madelyne is face to face with a

HILL GIANT (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/giant.htm)

Madelyne quickly realises that the giant had been sleeping in a cage. Right now, she cold see the acids had spilled to the edge and burned through the bars of a cage built into the walls. The giant was probably for the wizard to experiment on, poor thing. Her preoccupation with the Black Pudding had kept her attention from being cast into the shadows before, so she hadn't seen the giant or heard its breathing. Perhaps she should have concentrated on what was right in front of her this time too, because her view was snapped back forwards as the club connected with the faceguard on her helmet.


Snapped very much being the operative word. Madelyne's helmet protected her head, but sadly, her neck was not as strong. As her cranium span, the vertabrae tore the cord apart, and Madelyne dropped to the floor: instantly and silently. Perhaps, most importantly, the paladin went painlessly.

Drop all treasure. Return to main staircase.
You may play the same character or a different one. I'll put them all in the DM area of the board.


Vesth, Mangles: take note. You may go to that chamber and pick up Serpentine's treasure. Rules are very unclear on what happens in chambers: notable stupidity includes a conflict between whether you fight the Hill Giant if you enter (and get the treasure from that monster), or whether you have to empty the chamber to get the treasure - and in that case, which monster you'd fight first (the Hill Giant or the monster not yet unveiled). Since nobody will get to it next turn, I'll update with more info when I've got to the bottom of the rules. If there's an objection to this: ("But I would have started heading there if I knew I just had to defeat the giant!") say so before your next turn and we'll pause the game until I figure it out.

On a related point of rules foolery, if we take the RAW, you can run away from the first and second monsters in a chamber if you don't defeat them, but not the third. There is no explanation given as to why, nor is it written as clearly as I just did (it says "the first or second monster you can run away from if you don't defeat it"... then doesn't mention the 3rd).

What is clear, however, is that you should not get to see what treasure Serpentine dropped there. However, since one of you might figure out how to abuse viewing the Revision History giving an unfair advantage, I'll just leave it face up so everyone's on an equal footing. Also, now that I've told you about the Revision History, there's no reason to hide it since you all know how to check what she had before.

Board updated! Mangles' go!

...and I highly recommend you all open that spoiler, if you're in the habit of not reading others' fluff :smallwink:

2012-10-01, 05:00 PM
Floid steps into the disgusting kings private chamber. Having faced enemies twice here already, he waits for the next attack before pressing on.

Monster Please


Also I didn't know about revision history, but now that you've told me i've looked at the feature. Google docs is quickly becoming a replacement for office suite for me.

2012-10-02, 05:58 AM
Awwww maaaaan. I didn't know you could die in one go, thought you always got a wound first :frown:

Fiiiiiiine :smallsigh: I'll take... Alonzo the Elf, cuz Alonzo's a sweet name.
(I was gonna go with a Thief and pick on the other guys, but I decided to abuse secret doors instead)
(also it's half an hour 'til Doctor Who and you're not around for me to bug and I'm bored. What do?)

2012-10-02, 10:03 AM
Double 1s'll do that to ya. Update once I'm home and not on phone

2012-10-02, 11:37 AM
Moral of this story: always read posts even if they pertain to other people. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13981167&postcount=171)

Mangles: doing it now

2012-10-02, 12:00 PM
Upon entering the chamber, Floid runs into a bunch of
ORCS (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/orc.htm)

Though his combat can hardly be described as graceful, Floid employs his brute strength to good effect. The first orc quickly falls in a mist of green blood, while his companions look on. Fighting two at once, Floid has to block multiple attacks with his shield, before he seizes the moment when one of his attackers is off balance, and he pushes back hard with his shield. This knocks one orc prostate, and while Floid would love to finish him off on the floor, there is still one more greenskin to deal with. Now that it's effectively one-on-one, the deciding matter comes down to swordsmanship, at which Floid is adept, and the result is something of a foregone conclusion.

The orc knocked to the ground stands up, only to be beaten down again by a magical blade. Floid may not know it, but his magical sword was not called the Orcslayer for nothing.

Mangles: I know there was no point in using it here, but don't forget about your ESP medallion. It's actually a very useful item when it comes to rooms.
Orc picture is 2e if you were wondering. Compare and contrast: 3e pic from before, card.

Board updated, Vesth's go!

2012-10-06, 07:28 AM
Nook cheers for his ruby ring (and secretly for the death of his foe...shhhhh), and moves onto the next chamber with feet full of fast, hands full of fireball, and head full of empty.

Casting fireball: [roll0]

2012-10-06, 10:08 AM
Um... your piece still seems to be in the same chamber. Do you want to teleport to a new chamber, or move to the room nearest?

2012-10-06, 10:11 AM
It wasn't clear enough? It's outside the yellow room directly left of the 3rd level treasure chamber. Let me move it a little more...

2012-10-06, 10:25 AM
Just confused me a little because you said chamber. Just wanted to be sure before I revealed cards.

(Also I forgot that you stop outside rooms, not go into them. But ssh about that :smalltongue:)

2012-10-06, 10:57 AM
Nook swings back the door and is hit by a stench similar to curdled milk. Yet this was no dairy room: the smell came from the middle of the room, where stood an

OGRE (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/ogre.htm)
The ogre is surrounded by large pieces of wood. They appear to have been structural supports for the roof, and there are dusty and cobwebbed masonry tools near the stone pillars lain lengthways along the floor. Obviously, the wood was there to support the ceiling during repair.

The ogre has been trying to find a new club, by the looks of things. The great dining table that also filled the room has been broken to spinters, its heavy teak legs being discarded as too small. Likewise, several different joists have been pulled down, and tried for size.

Unfortunately, the ogre seems to have found one he likes.

Fortunately, he doesn't ever get to swing it, as Nook incinerates him mercilessly.

Unfortunately, Nook overdid the spell slightly and the room is now on fire. The roof supports are burning too, and the ceiling will probably collapse in soon.

There are lots of pieces of treasure around the dining hall, mostly goblets and silverware, some expensive-looking statuettes. But does Nook want to go in and risk the roof falling on him?

Basically no mechanical change in effect here. Simply that it just doesn't make sense for a room to have a single silver cup in (unless it's like those altar rooms we had a while back). So now to explain Nook only getting one silver cup, it's because he has to rush in, grab the nearest thing of value, and get out before the roof falls in. If you choose to come back to it later, the fire will still be burning and the treasure won't be gone. Unless, that is, somebody else has taken it first.

Board updated!
Serpentine's go!

2012-10-06, 11:16 AM
The elf Alonzo sashays down the rope, careful not to tear his stockings. When he reaches the floor, he looks around and picks a passageway that still features a thick carpet of dust. He sticks walks past a door hanging open on its hinges, but pauses shortly after it at an odd little niche in the corridor.

Hey Lime, I seem to be having issues moving the pieces around. I'm going into the bottom right passage, past the wine cellar, and stopping at the secret door.

2012-10-06, 11:58 AM
You have two movement points remaining, if I'm remembering correctly.

Edit: Yes, I'm remembering correctly.

2012-10-06, 12:02 PM
Actually I just moved you up two spaces to save time. You couldn't really do much else apart from turn around and go back. You can't enter any rooms either this turn.

If you post saying that's all fine and dandy, then it's Mangles' go!

2012-10-06, 12:03 PM
Oh, you don't have to stop when you search for a door? I thought that ended your turn.
...maybe I should read the rules again.

Yeah, that's good, thanks.

2012-10-06, 03:23 PM
Floid moves in to the next room for another kill, and hopefully more treasure. His latest treasure giving him foresight of what monster is to come.

Monster Please.


2012-10-06, 08:48 PM
On my phone so I can't do fancy stuff or update the board. What I can do is keep the game moving. There may be typos. But I'll clean it up and edit in the flashy pics n links later.

Floid touches the doorhandle, and his mind is suddenly filled with a vision of a pink and purple
GARGOYLE (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/gargoyle.htm) - he presumes on the other side.

Floid fondles his follicles thoughtfully. I reckon I can take him... he thinks, and opens the door.

Inside are a number of stone statues.It's unclear if this is a workshop, storeroom, or if they're on display; but it soon becomes evident that one is cursed with dark magic!

Its alabaster skin turns hues of fuchsia, and the frozen grimace changes to a fearsome snarl. But Floid, forewarned, is already by the statue's pedestal, and as the belly transforms from stone to scales, Floid plunges his magical meat cleaver into the belly of the beast.

...and I don't have my tables so your treasure will be a surprise later!

In one of the non-cursed statue's hands was a glimmer of gold. It was another golden goblet! As if an eight-foot marble likeness wasn't ostentatious enough. Floid took it, and planned his next move.

Vesth's go, if he doesn't mind taking it missing that info!

2012-10-06, 08:49 PM
What's with this fetish for silver goblets lately? :smalltongue:

2012-10-08, 04:40 AM
They're... rather common treasure for the levels you're hanging around on. Not telling you if they've all gone yet. But Floid just got a gold one.

2012-10-08, 04:55 AM
Board updated! Vesth, your turn.

2012-10-08, 06:20 AM
Nook swipes the goblet, before teleporting off to Teasure chamber #2, lighting up the room with bursts of magical energy.

Teleporting to, casting lightning: [roll0]

2012-10-08, 08:05 AM
Nook grabs the nearest thing he can, which happens to be a silver cup. An ominous creak resounds above the crackling of fire and shakes Nook even more than the smell of burning ogre - somehow worse than when it wasn't aflame.

The wizard rolls, uncharacteristically athletically, out of the room just as the ceiling and tons of dirt rain down on where he was moments before. Truly, a close escape.

Continuing back to the 3rd Level Treasure Chamber, Nook has another close shave - something from the darkness tries to grasp him just as he dematerialises. Instead, the wizard suddenly appears one floor up in the 2nd Level Treasure chamber, much to the surprise of the two

HOBGOBLINS (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/hobgoblin.htm)

This was the second lot of hobgoblins that Nook had surprised in this chamber, (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13916721&postcount=143) and the third overall. Nook sighed.

They'd been the ones too cowardly to come forth from the darkness having seen their friends get immolated for the god of fire, and they instantly recognised Nook. The two appeared to have been fighting with each other before they were interrupted, either about what had happened before, or - and this occurred to Nook as he watched them run awkwardly for their polearms on the floor a short distance away - because they were feeling fighty from the wine party Nook had crashed earlier (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13813080&postcount=41).

The previous two times he'd used fire. Simply for variety, he cast lightning bolts at the back of their necks, and the two tumbled to the floor, in a mess of broken noses and shattered teeth. They wouldn't be getting up again.

Now then, thought Nook, Where was I going, again?

That one was actually quite nice to write. This is starting to feel like it has an actual story, people! Vesth, if you don't like Nook's thinking colour, let me know. I couldn't remember you using one before.

Board updated!
Serpentine's go!

2012-10-08, 08:45 AM
Alonzo takes a couple of steps into this exciting, if rather shabbily decorated, corridor. He's so distracted by the ghastly tapestries that he nearly walks straight past the room on his right. But he doesn't, and he peers tentatively into it.

Monster please!

Also it seems that this laptop doesn't let me move my pieces around for some reason, sorry :smallfrown:

2012-10-08, 09:05 AM
Ruling on unclaimed treasure in chambers, and monster rotation in chambers, will be made by the end of tomorrow.

2012-10-08, 09:35 AM
I don't mind any color. It all looks ok to me! But generally speaking, I normally use Darkorchid for most of my games.

2012-10-08, 09:41 AM
Peeping around the door, inside Alonzo spots four or five
GOBLINS (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/goblin.htm)

They're all sat at weaving looms making the hideous tapestries that Alonzo noticed on the corridor walls. With a flourish, he takes one stride into the room, and makes an announcement to the diminutive crafters.

"You are all an affront to the beauty of the world in which I live!", declares the elf, "And it has fallen to my fate to find you this day; and surely my destiny is your destruction on the charge of crimes against fashion!"

The goblins look nervous. They are weavers, not warriors, and are looking for no trouble. When Alonzo draws his sword, however, they know things are serious, and make their best efforts at self-preservation.

Wielding carding boards and combs, throwing embroidery needles, and holding knitting needles are ineffectual ways to extend your lifespan when faced with a violent situation, and the peaceful goblins discover this the hard way.

Alonzo plunders the room: he's looking for a new hat or shawl, or any garment really that hasn't been too badly deformed during its creation, but the goblins were diligent in their ineptitude, it seems. Instead, all Alonzo can scrape together are 250 gold coins. It was probably to buy more thread. Alonzo shrugs and pockets it. Once back in town, he'll probably use it for much the same: to buy thread in the form of finished clothing.


2012-10-08, 10:01 AM
I don't mind any color. It all looks ok to me! But generally speaking, I normally use Darkorchid for most of my games.

Missed this post. Will fix.

2012-10-08, 03:34 PM
Floid uses the back entrance of the room, concealed behind a statue, and continues down the hallway towards his next conquest.

2012-10-09, 01:28 PM
In future, if you just move and don't need interaction from me, feel free to move the game along yourself, in the manner of:

Board updated.
Vesth's turn!

That ruling I promised will be along later tonight.

2012-10-10, 03:30 AM
Thoroughly out of spells, Nooks shambles his way back towards the main stairwell, so he can prepare more spells of DOOM.

Ruby-ring punching won't work all the time, especially since you need to take care not to break the ruby.

2012-10-10, 03:32 AM
Alonzo saunters off down the corridor, congratulating himself on a job well done.

Floid's turn!

2012-10-10, 03:42 AM
Floid kicks in the door, not bothering with precognition. The forewarning took all the adventure out of this adventure. He looks around the room for some prey.

Monster Please


2012-10-10, 04:43 AM
Floid enters the room near the extreme South of the dungeon. It's quickly apparent that this is a tomb. Seems like a good place to run into a
MUMMY (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/mummy.htm)

Two noted nobles lie on their back, crafted in stone. Timeless through the ages, their faces shall remain as the body rots. A lord and a lady, side by side, for centuries since and to come.

Floid's busy waiting for the heavy lids of the monumental graves to slide back and reveal a monster. As he positions his sword over the stonework, he feels a hand on his shoulder. Perhaps he should have used the medallion to see where the enemy would be.

The hand on the shoulder quickly turns into a choke-hold, with the mummy's left arm making use of any opening in Floid's denfences it can find. By the time the warrior breaks free, hie has been harried and hurt, and rolls out of the room just to save his skin.

In his rush to leave, he drops a treasure.



You need to let me know what you drop. It's one card, your choice.

In other news!
Rolled a 22 sided dice for your monster.
Got a 7, 8, 8, 7, 8, 7, 7... 14
(Monsters 7 and 8 have been rolled)

Also I cheated on the picture somewhat: it's a 2e Greater Mummy not Mummy, but it was so much less boring so I had to choose it.

Okay. It still contradicts itself. But applying common sense and trying to see what the rules wanted to say, I have come to this conclusion:
1) Anyone entering a chamber fights the monster currently in there, if there is one face up. Monsters do not rotate.
2) Anyone defeating that monster gets all treasure currently face up in that chamber. They do not have to empty the chamber of all monsters to claim the treasure.

So if you go back to the chamber where Madelyne died, you just have to defeat the giant, and then you can claim all the treasure cards in there and move away next turn.

2012-10-10, 05:06 AM
Board updated!

...But still Mangles' go!

2012-10-10, 05:08 AM
Gave the mummy a treasure

2012-10-10, 05:10 AM
Board updated!

Vesth's turn!

2012-10-10, 05:17 AM
Nook finally reaches the central chamber, and prepares 2 fireballs, 2 lightning bolts and 2 teleport spells.


Board updated!
Serpentine's go!

2012-10-10, 05:47 AM
Hey, actually update the board if you're saying that!

You can copy the spell cards across from the DM area, and move the "current turn" token along one.

2012-10-10, 06:20 AM
Alonzo creeps tentatively through the door, peering into the corners.

Monster please!

2012-10-10, 06:46 AM
But I DID update it. Wha....?

2012-10-10, 07:11 AM
Well your piece moved, but you didn't add the spell cards into your player area, or do the "status at a glance", or move the "current turn" token.

...unless you did and it didn't save?

2012-10-10, 07:18 AM
Ohh, I uh....just moved my piece. My bad.

2012-10-10, 07:25 AM
No worries. I don't mind if you leave all that to me, it's kind of what I'm here for. Nor do I mind if you do it yourself. Just that if the game's going to move along, it's much easier if everything's kept up to date before we add more actions and cards into the mix.

2012-10-10, 10:25 AM
Alonzo, creeping creepily like a creeper, joins a pair of
GOBLINS (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/goblin.htm)

The room is some kind of store closet, and smells strongly both of a musty aroma and mothballs. The goblins seem pre-occupied trying on fur coats, and haven't noticed Alonzo enter the room.

The elf waits for the perfect moment: of course, the furs are far too large for the goblins and as they throw them over their heads and try to find the sleeve-holes, they become furry little mounds who can't see a thing.

It is these furry mounds that Alonzo stabs mercilessly. All in the name of Fashion.

Too good for goblins... he thinks, and searches the pockets.

Being the coats of royalty and their court, he finds a good 500 gold pieces left their by their absent-mindedly-rich owners.

Board updated!
Mangles' go!

2012-10-10, 04:28 PM
Floid charges back in. He was never a mummy's boy and he doesn't intend to start now.


2012-10-10, 05:32 PM
Floid runs straight back into a full-on bodyslam from the mummy. With his neck and shoulders still torn and bleeding from the last encounter with the animated corpse, Floid finds himself especially protective of this area. Another slam takes the warrior's back to the wall, and a lesser man would have had the wind knocked out of him.

Once again, the mummy reaches for Floid's neck, trying to tear out his throat from under the beard, but Floid works hard to guard it. Unfortunately, this opens up his lower ribcage to attack, and a few knee strikes find their mark, snapping bones and making every breath agony.

It's all over when Floid pushes the mummy back in a feat of strength, but though his biceps are still like steel, inside, the warrior weakens. The curse of Mummy Rot is beginning to really take its toll. The mummy easily reverses the momentum of the charge, and smashes Floid face-first into the funerary stonework of the sarcophagus.

He is dazed, but rallies himself for one last effort. Floid rounds on the mummy, bringing his sword to bear, but as the ragged bandages are cut the mummy seems not to feel a thing. He is certainly unslowed. Floid can do nothing as his ancient foe counters, aged digits finding the pharynx and ripping it out.





You can play the same class or a different one. But you can't play as Floid or Madelyne because they're dead.

2012-10-10, 09:19 PM
Yay! I'm not the only one! :biggrin:

2012-10-11, 01:34 AM
I'll have to think about my next character. Unless I need to choose right now.

2012-10-11, 01:45 AM
Nah just some time before it comes back round to you.

Board updated!
Vesth's go!

2012-10-11, 02:12 AM
Oh! I forgot to add in an info card for each class. Just gave you the pretty pictures. I mean, you do choose just based on picture or name, right? If not you're doing it wrong :smallcool:

But just in case I've put them in the DM area.

Board updated again.
Still Vesth's go!

2012-10-11, 02:40 AM
That's how I did it :smallcool:

2012-10-11, 03:34 AM
Advance warning: This afternoon I'm off to visit some friends for a few days.

I'll probably only be checking in here once a day, in the morning (British time). Sorry to hold things up again. It does give me a chance, though, to reiterate how lucky I feel to have players so dedicated that the game's gone at 2-3 times the speed I best hoped for.

Reminder that if you can update the board yourself, I strongly support you doing so!

2012-10-11, 09:36 AM
Nook moves off in a new direction, taking a quick peek at an odd-looking wall as he passes.

If I can search that secret door while halfway moving, I'm doing it.


If not, forget the roll.

2012-10-11, 06:53 PM
I'm going to play as Rast the Wizzard

2012-10-13, 07:23 AM
Nook moves off in a new direction, taking a quick peek at an odd-looking wall as he passes.

If I can search that secret door while halfway moving, I'm doing it.


If not, forget the roll.

Yes, you can search for it. And you found it! You can continue your move after finding it. If you wish to move your piece two spaces past the secret door, you can.

Mangles, choose your spells.

2012-10-13, 05:16 PM
spells chosen. Prepare for fiery doom.

2012-10-14, 09:49 AM
To continue the game, I'm working off the assumption currently that Vesth does not want to go through the secret door (though before your next turn you can still change this). Please be aware of the rules, though: if you move away from a secret door you will have to roll to search for the mechanism again next time you want to go through it. Your character doesn't "remember" how to get through.

This makes it Serpentine's go!

2012-10-14, 10:41 AM
Alonzo makes a mental note to come back for a particularly fine mink coat, and ducks into the room next door.

Monster please!

2012-10-14, 10:56 AM
Inside Alonzo stumbles into a nest of

DIRE GIANT RATS (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/direRat.htm)
(Yes, that's actual 2e artwork)

This too seems to have been some sort of cloakroom, but what the actual clothing was is now indiscernible. The giant rats have turned the garments into rags and used them to build a foul-smelling nest in the middle of the room.

Alonzo brandishes his sword fearlessly, and though the rats swarm at him all at once, it's only because of his elven dexterity that his shins avoid being bitten. As he dodges out of the way, he makes short work of one overgrown rodent that got too close. Two left.

They're driven back by a broad swing that Alonzo doesn't really aim - it's more to gain himself some distance as he's been forced to retreat into the corner. Still, this cuts clean through one of the rats' ears, and it squeals awfully. Its companion seems momentarily distracted by the noise, which probably has ultrasonic overtures too high for Alonzo's pointed ears. Spotting his opportunity, Alonzo targets the unharmed rat. Slipping the sword between its ribs, it lies breathing heavily. Death approaches.

Now that it's one on one, the fight is a foregone conclusion. The rat lunges in to attack Alonzo again, but this is its downfall: bringing its teeth to bear necessitates bringing its head nearer, and with a deft move, the final rat is beheaded.

Searching through the stinking nest, and grimacing all the while, Alonzo finds nothing of value. In one of the - he presumes it's a jacket - that he lifts, there is a strange weight in the pocket.

A brass rectangle, about five inches by three inches, is engraved with the words:

That you shall seek to open
This metal shows the way:
What's hidden is uncovered,
What's secret sees the light of day.

Alonzo puts it in his pocket, and shrugs to the dying rat on the floor, rasping its last breaths.


2012-10-14, 03:11 PM
Rast looks around the dungeon with distaste and quickly leaves the main room with a spell. A tale from his servants about a fallen warrior should hopefully pan out with some quick cash to pay his pesky gambling debts.

roll for secret door. [roll0]

The rumours pointed him in this direction, but Rast is unable to find the door they spoke of, nor the dead warrior. He was sure it was this way.

Board Updated
Vesth GO!

2012-10-14, 05:15 PM
Belay that.

Rules check time. I don't think you can teleport from Level 1 to Level 3 on the same turn - but even if the rules say you can, certainly not with just one teleport spell.


Taking the RAW (as we do) things according to the rulebook are... well really what did you expect, things are unclear (as usual).

If a wizard teleports to an empty chamber, he "may continue his normal move".

It is not stated that using a spell ends your turn
It is not stated that only one spell can be used per turn
I'm going to rule that "normal move" includes "casting movement spells", since, for a wizard, this is pretty normal.

So it is okay to cast two (or more) teleport spells in the same turn, as long as you are not interrupted by combat.
Wizards moving in this manner are allowed to arrive in a chamber by teleport spell, and then cast a combat spell just as if they'd only used one teleport spell

If either Vesth or Serpentine have an issue with this, please let me know as soon as possible.

Mangles, in the interest of keeping the game flowing, I've deducted another teleport spell. If knowing the rules would have led you to a different decision than teleporting down to Level 3, let me know and I'll give you a do-over.
I'm very glad you didn't roll for combat this turn - especially if you'd rolled and failed. I give everyone the same opportunity to retake a go if the rules might have changed their turn decision, by the way. You can see it with my response to Vesth's post. It seems fair because you don't have the rulebook.
But again, any concerns or complaints, let me know.

Reminder: teleport spells let you move to a chamber

1 Level higher
The same level
1 Level Lower

Reminder which chambers are which level:

Level 2 chambers:
Prisoner's chamber
2nd Level Treasure Chamber

Level 3 chambers:
King's private chamber
3rd Level Treasure Chamber

Level 4 Chambers:
Queen's Private Chamber
4th Level Treasure Chamber

Level 5 Chambers:
Chamber of Sorrows
Chamber of Fire
Wizard's Lab
5th Level Treasure Chamber

Level 6 Chambers:
Chamber of Death
6th Level Treasure Chamber


As I keep saying, please don't take my tone as harsh. I never mind you asking questions, and I won't hold it against you if you make mistakes. I think I've posted this list before, and I think I looked into the teleport rules.... but that was about teleporting in and casting a spell for combat if I remember correctly. Let me get you some clarification. (edit: done)

In other news:
I'm back from visiting. Normal schedule resumed.

Mangles' turn, until he confirms his actions/movement/spell usage for this turn.

2012-10-14, 07:53 PM
Yessssss! :biggrin:

And yeah, that's fine by me Lime :smallsmile:

2012-10-14, 11:22 PM
That's fine by me, but can I change one of my fireball spells for an extra teleport seeing as I just grabbed my spells last turn. Either way I'm going to take this action. Can't update anything on the board for a few hours though.

2012-10-15, 03:21 AM
Eerm... I suppose so? As always, that is if nobody else has an issue with you doing so. I did offer a do-over, and technically you didn't choose your spells before your turn started...

I'm going to swap it in so that if Vesth is fine with it then we don't have to wait for me to come back and update the board.

Board conditionally updated
Provisionally Vesth's go!

2012-10-15, 04:09 AM
That's fine by me.

2012-10-15, 09:58 AM
"Another wizard? Bah, you can't measure up to my magical prowess!"

Nook shouts as he senses the new magical signature seeping through the area, launching a fireball as he moves.

Move outside secret door: [roll0]

If Nook finds the door, he launches a fireball into it.

If not, he moves down one more space, and launches a fireball in the room below.

Attack: [roll1]

2012-10-15, 10:42 AM
Satisfied with a job well done, Alonzo saunters back down the corridor, sneering at the tatty hangings as he goes.

2012-10-15, 11:00 AM
If Nook finds the door, he launches a fireball into it.

If not, he moves down one more space, and launches a fireball in the room below.

If you fail to find a secret door, your turn ends, I'm afraid. This has come up before, though it was several weeks (months?) ago. And Nook failed to find the secret door.

Serpentine's taken her go, so now that the board's updated it's back to Mangles' turn!