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2012-08-30, 09:09 PM

Medium Size
Base Speed is 20 ft. Chameleonborns move slowly but surely.
Low Light Vision
+2 Dex/-2 Cha: A Chameleonborn is naturally stealthy but a little off putting due to their appearance.
Naturally Psionic: Chameleon gains 2 bonus power points at 1st level. This benefit does not grant them the ability to manifest powers unless they gain that ability through another source, such as levels in a psionic class.
Psi-Like Ability: 1/day— Chameleon (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/chameleon.htm). Manifester level is equal to ½ Hit Dice (minimum 1st).
The Chameleonborn always has [Hide] as a class skill. All Chameleonborn gain a +2 to hide and move silently.
Automatic Language: Common. Bonus Languages: ?
Favored Class: Swordsage
LA: +0

A friend of mine wanted a stealthy race that had a Psi-Like ability and I made this little creature up. How does this stack up? Would you allow it in your game? A couple other friends are making a race to throw into the mix of possible races used (all homebrewed).

What could be some possible Bonus Languages?

Thanks Playground :)

Chameleonborn are humanoid creatures with pail green skin, under the right light this skin pigmentation is barely noticeable. Their eyes protrude slightly as if they share a common ancestor of a chameleon and Steve Buscemi (google Steve Buscemi eyes).

The Chameleonborn have no kingdoms of their own, they tend to blend in with other races and their societies.

2012-08-31, 02:35 AM
Looks okay. I think you could get away with 30' move speed.

Morph Bark
2012-08-31, 05:42 AM
Are you saying Steve Buscemi has a Charisma PENALTY?!


/is killed due to being a low-level Good creature

2012-08-31, 09:06 AM
Steve Bescemi doesn't have a charisma penalty but when you put his eyes on other things... Then stuff gets weird...


I'm also going to make a 5 level racial PrC for the chameleon that is easy to get into and enhances the race (speed, hide always class skill, hide in plain sight). Essentially if you don't want to be a rogue class you can still gain some of the benefits. But that's for another day...