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2012-09-03, 11:46 AM
To begin with, I created this class upon learning that there are no good Psychic Warrior prestige classes, other than a refluffed Abjurant Champion. I've specifically made this with my character in mind, so anyone who wants to use this can feel free to tweak it a bit for their own purposes (such as by using spell casting instead of manifesting, or refluffing the level 5 ability). Anyways, that aside,

The Relic

Adventures: Virtually without exception, the Relic's chief desire is to bring the world back to how he remembers it. Though he may have additional interests- altruism, greed, etcetera- this will almost always be a concern.

Characteristics: Relic's are rarely comfortable with their surroundings- they are in a world filled with strange languages, new customs, and new laws. Often, the only thing they can find solace in is their own memory of the past.

Alignment: Although not strictly required to be of any alignment, most Relics are neutral on the good-evil scale.

Religion: Although no less likely to be religious than a normal creature, Relics often pay homage to churches and deities that have been dead for centuries.

Background: Although the exact details should vary from setting to setting, virtually all relics come from some long dead civilization, generally unlike whatever exists in the present day.

Races: Particularly long lived races are generally more likely to become Relics, but any creature could conceivably become one. Whether frozen, petrified, or hurled through time, even the shortest lived races are theoretically able to live for a sufficiently long time to become a Relic.

Other Classes: Relics are at odds with virtually everyone that does not hail from a similarly ancient time. They do not discriminate by abilities.

Role: Much like Psychic Warriors, Relics often function as front-line fighters, augmenting their martial ability with psionic powers and unique class features.


BaB: +4

Manifesting: Able to manifest 1st level powers

Skills: Knowledge (History) 5 Ranks, Autohypnosis 5 Ranks

Special: To qualify for this prestige class, you must have been alive at least 1,000 years ago (or a comparable period of time, if creatures in your campaign setting are particularly long or short lived). You need not be alive in the intermittent period.

Design Notes
This is my first PrC; I'm still indecisive on the prerequisites. Any advice from more experienced homebrewers would be great.

Game Rule Information
Relics have the following in game statistics
Abilities- Relics use Wisdom to determine save DCs for their class features. As secondary fighters, Constitution and Strength are both useful.
Alignment- Any
Hitdie- d8

Class Skills-
The Relicís class skills (and key abilities for those skills) are as follows
Autohypnosis (Int), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Decipher Script (Int), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (History) (Int), Knowledge (Nature) (Int), Knowledge (Religion) (Int), Listen (Wis), Search (Int), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str)

Skill Points at First Level- 4*(4+Int Mod)
Skill Points at Each Additional Level- 4+Int Mod

{table=head]Level | BAB | Fort | Ref | Will | Special | Manifesting
1 | +1 | +2 | +0 | +2 | Angst 1d6, Call to Arms | -
2 | +2 | +3 | +0 | +3 | Angst 2d6 | +1 of existing manifesting class
3 | +3 | +3 | +1 | +3 | Angst 3d6, Burden of Time | +1 of existing manifesting class
4 | +4 | +4 | +1 | +4 | Angst 4d6 | +1 of existing manifesting class
5 | +5 | +4 | +1 | +4 | Angst 5d6, The Hold of Kumarbis | +1 of existing manifesting class[/table]

Designer Notes
Full BaB, two good saves, decent skills and d8. I want this to be a good chassis- better, at least, than the Psychic Warrior's, but I want to leave room for class features as well.

Class Features- All of the following are class features of The Relic

Weapon and Armor Proficiency- The Relic gains no additional weapon or armor proficiencies

Design Notes
They've already got at least a level of Psychic Warrior. They don't need any new toys.

Manifesting- At all levels except for first, the Relics powers known and power points increase as if he had taken a level of his previous manifesting class. If the Relic has multiple manifesting classes, he must chose which to advance.

Design Notes
4/5 Manifesting. I don't want this class to be strictly better than sticking with psychic warrior, and the loss of a manifesting level is an easy way to make that happen.

Angst (Su)- Concentrating psionically, the Relic forces into another creatureís mind an image of a way of life now forgotten, demonstrating both the meaninglessness of their life today, and that in a thousand years, even that will be forgotten. This ability targets one living creature with intelligence 6 or higher within 100 ft. The creature must attempt a will save (DC 10+Relic Level+Wis Modifier) or take class level d6 subdual damage and be shaken (a successful save halves the damage and negates the shaken effect). On each round following an unsuccessful save, the creature must attempt a new will save or have their fear intensify (from shaken to frightened, from frightened to panicked, etcetera). A successful will save ends the effect. This effect cannot last longer than 1 round per Relic level. This ability is a standard action to use.

Should a creature fail five consecutive will saves against this ability, they become suicidal, and must immediately attempt to end their lives in the most expedient way possible, as per the power Death Urge.

Design Notes
Yes, they do get existential horror as a class feature. This is mostly meant to be a free ranged attack with an additional debuff if you get lucky. I want it to be useful in most fights, but usually inferior to attacking or using a power.

Call to Arms (Su)- The Relic is alone in the world, but the remains of those who were once his brethren remain interred in the earth below him. Wish a full round of concentration, the Relic is able to call them forth. All ground within thirty feet or the Relic is considered difficult terrain by all enemies of the Relic. In addition, for each additional round of concentration, the Relic is able to summon one human skeleton per Relic level from the earth to do his bidding. These skeletons act immediately and on the Relicís turn in all future rounds, and must come into being within the area of Call to Arms.

All effects of this ability expire five rounds after the Relic ceases concentrating. This ability functions only when the Relic is standing upon solid ground. This ability cannot be maintained for more than five rounds per Relic level.

Design Notes
This is meant to be a sort of pre-battle preparation ability. When you see a horde of orcs charging you, this should be your first reflex. I'm still a bit iffy on the power of the skeletons, though- I'd appreciate any feedback in that regard.

Burden of Time (Su)- Although magic may preserve a bodyís functioning indefinitely, and provide food and drink in abundance, no spell can ease the burden of time. This burden, however, need not be held by one creature alone- as a standard action, the Relic is able to temporarily slough off his own burden onto anotherís shoulders. This ability targets a single living creature within 100 ft.. The creature must make a will save (DC 10+Relic level+Wis Modifier) or become fatigued (if the creature is already fatigued, it instead becomes exhausted). If the creature fails its save, the Relic gains a 10 ft. untyped bonus to all forms of movement, as well as a +2 untyped bonus to all saves, attack rolls, and skill checks. This ability lasts for 1 round/Relic level.

A decent buff/debuff. Like Angst, I want this to be useful some of the time, but not all. If this needs to be more or less powerful, please tell me.

Hold of the Ancients (Su)- The Relic pays homage to no man- he is loyal only to his memories of a bygone age. It is him against the world- and when the world presses its assault, he has nowhere to flee but into his own mind. Now, as he reaches the pinnacle of his power, he is able to make his mind reality. Once per day, he is able to create an extradimensional palace reminiscent of those of ages past, as per the spell Mageís Magnificent Mansion (caster level equal to character level).

However, the Relic may occasionally find need for a more permanent dwelling. In a 24 hour ritual, during which the Relic must expend the entirety of his daily allotment of power points, the Relic is able to raise a palace from the ground. The Relic must select a 100í x 170í area of comparatively flat ground, upon which there are no existing buildings. Over the course of 24 hours, the stone and mud of the nearby area stacks itself into a palace reminiscent of whatever sort of building existed in the Relic's past. This building is fully real, and can last indefinitely.

Should the Relic use this ability, all previous manifestations of it- be they extradimensional or physical- crumble to dust, leaving all real objects and people within it unharmed at the site of the original casting.

Design Notes
And this. This ability can be fluffed however you like- as a Turkish citadel, an English castle or similar. In general, DMs need only enforce two clauses of this ability- it shouldn't exceed the rough dimensions given here (100' x 170), and it should not be usable in an area that is already urbanized- if a player comes up with an offensive application of this ability, you're probably doing something wrong.

Alternate Class Feature- For Soulknives (Because coming up with witty names is hard)
Replace the manifesting prerequisite with the requirement that the character be able to manifest a mind blade. When the Relic would gain +1 Manifester level, instead allow their mind blade to continue advancing as if they had taken a level of Soulknife.

So, as I mentioned earlier, this is my first prestige class. I'd appreciate any help with the prerequisites, and making sure that the class' abilities are balanced for the level someone would most likely get them. Of course, any advice or critiques you can offer, I'm happy to hear.

2012-09-03, 02:07 PM
Alright, I've added fluff. Any PEACHes for the crotchety old man?

2012-09-03, 04:43 PM
Just browsing on my smart(ish) phone so no full peach right now...the cranky old man shall have to survive another few hours before his peaches and cream! :smallwink:

However, couple of quick things...Angst has no action listed, I'd assume it would probably be standard + lose psionic focus, but it's not mentioned.

Secondly, I really like the class, it would fit nicely into my current mid-cataclysm campaign since the group were petrified just before the whole affair started and are SERIOUSLY out of touch/time with the world! The flavour is cool, but I'd personally say you'd be better served by generalising the fluff on 5th level and only specifying for your character with regards to his relevant setting.

Also, consider making the requirements access to 1st level powers, but not just psionic warrior ones, this class could offer a lot to many psion/other gishes too.

May I also suggest, since they need some love anyhow, that you offer an ACF which replaces the +1 manifester level part with stacking for soulknife abilities instead, waiving the 1st level powers requirement in favour of 'psionic character'...

Feel free to ponder/ignore/develop any of the above, it's all just my opinion anyhow!

Shall peach when time becomes available...he can wait just a little longer, right? :smalltongue:

2012-09-03, 07:04 PM
Thanks for the feedback! I'll go ahead and change the prerequisites to 1st level powers, but the class would still probably be best for psychic warriors (given the focus on Wis and the BaB requirement). And yeah, Angst is a standard action (I'll make a note of that now), though I wasn't intending for it to expend psionic focus. I'm not exactly familiar with the precedent in that regard, though, so that can remain fluid.

Apart from that, I'm happy with the changes you propose. I'll get to work on editing that in.

2012-09-06, 09:39 AM
OK, the promised PEACH!

I'll start at the beginning...

Requirements look good to me. Allows for a range of basic psi/bash gishing but works best for Psychic Warrior (ACF looks fine, nice to give the Soulknife a new toy too).

Skills section needs to drop the 'Skills at 1st level' stuff, it's a PrC, not a base class! Skills look good, but I'd be tempted to give them Knowledge (Geography) too, if nothing else but for the 'I remember when all this were fields!' (as the grumpy old wood elf pointed across the mighty lake). On a serious note, they've been around long enough to warrant an understanding of the land around them, and how it's changed.

Need to note manifesting level as well as powers known and power points in the Manifesting entry, as it currently reads, a psychic warrior 6/relic 5 still only counts as a level 6 manifester, when it should be 10.

Angst is lovely, flavourful, potentially very powerful, but annoyingly limited. Subdual damage is great to a point, but many things laugh at it by mid-high levels, couple this with save DCs which won't scale once you finish the class, and it becomes too limited over time to be a REALLY worthwhile investment. Had you considered presenting a feat or two which allow DC increases, damage increases or alternative effects for Angst, as these could help bolster a very nice but ultimately diminishing ability. These could be balanced by requiring power points to activate, much like augmenting a power.

On the subject of Angst still, you say it goes; shaken (failure 1), frightened (failure 2), panicked (failure 3), ..?.. (failure 4), death urge (failure 5). What happens on the 4th failed save? Also, if they get a new chance to save every round against the effect, then perhaps it should stop advancing and have the 1 round/class level duration instead of ceasing altogether.

Burden of Time is nice, but again requires a failed save to get anything at all from the action. All I suggest here is to give some benefit/effect from it, even if the enemy succeeds on their save (like perhaps the movement bonus, or a +1 to rolls). This way it doesn't waste your time too much if everything is saving against all your effects, and you still gain some benefit from not attacking with a massive sword instead!

Need to change the table entry to read Hold of The Ancients, still reads Kumarbis. Ability itself looks solid and is really very nice indeed. 24hrs buys you a (mostly) permanent base of operations wherever you may be, as long as there's a patch of reasonably empty space..?! That's just nice to have! ...however. I would like to suggest, just maybe, since it fits the fluff/flavour of this class nicely, that if the Relic comes across any ruins which date from his 'halcyon period', he should be able to use this ability to restore said ruins to their former (un-ruined) glory. This shouldn't end if he then later decides to raise his personal mansion elsewhere, since he's merely repaired something which was already there. Just a thought...

All things considered, I love this idea of the crotchety old geezer who disdains all he sees and wishes for the 'good old days', and this class does that nicely with some much needed love for the psychic warrior.

Hope this helps! :smallbiggrin: