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2012-09-11, 04:17 AM
Hey ppl,

My first post, so lets introduce a relevant bit of myself. Started playing DnD 4e at first, thought it really much wow-like. Had to stop because i moved. Friends introduced me to DnD 3.5, which is the current version i use in my own campaign. I chose to use 3.5 for the broadness, not confined to 1 class and a party should cover each others flaws.

At the moment i DM a power campaign, heavy hitters in a contained multiverse. (basically several worlds locked up within a puzzle) So i have multiple ways of control, certain spells and classes are banned (incantratrix, planar shepherd, artificer, binder and other non viable and too viable classes), summoning works different, sandbox mode. I prefer their imagination and ingenuity.
Because i have power players, you need stuff to keep them in check, so Banhammers...
:smallcool:My banhammer recipes:
- kobold dragon shaman + kobold ranger repeating crossbow (low lvl)
- monk/aots (fluff wise created)
- barb 2/hexblade 4/frenzied berserker 4 (expeditious retreat:smallwink:)

However, I wouldn't post here if I had a question. I gave my healer the ability to fleshcraft (we devised a class based upon the homebrew biomancer), but not standard crafting because it is dull and unrewarding. My system involves time and materials as main components, no gold allowed. Setup some graphs and tables, pretty balanced now, devised a symbiont for control, lot of fun.
:smallamused:However, he asked me something about self-improvement, whether he can improve his stats by means of creating extra organs.:smallamused:
Anybody can give me some good trade-offs for this shady part of fleshcrafting?

2012-09-11, 06:42 AM
Very vague questioning especially without know what else the class gives. My fear would be exchanging "materials" for magical (or mundane depending how you rule the fleshcrafts) benefits without an overall hit to the WBL.

Few questions to help you along.
1) Would these stat increases be temporary (i.e. the organ degenerates quickly, say over the course of 1 minute/class level, or need to be refreshed with fleshcrafty magic)? If so, you could use a ToB type of system to create fleshcrafts. The mechanics are nice for "encounter" abilities.

2) Would these stat increases be permanant (i.e. grow an organ and the organ gives the stat increase until you grow a different one. This would be good as a set of abilities selectable each few levels and you can exchange them at later levels)?

3) Would he consider using an alternate source for the stat increases? Check out my Daelkyr Half-Blood link in my sig. He might like it.

2012-09-11, 08:53 AM
nice thread, like the idea of symbionts as loot. (edit: yes i read about it, but i didn't really have a setting for them yet)

But my fleshcrafter is using them as pets, like a familiar with the control undead spell, but then for the aberrations he crafts. (long fluff class story, in short: improvement for science!!!)

Owh and about their WBL, they are missing so much loot that only randomly blowing random stuff up would be more inefficient, and even that is arguable. (my solution was to give most of them 1 item which have their own minor quests or daily/weekly needs and unlock bonusses by lvl)

For the stat increase, he wants it to be permanent, an int bonus and be able to upgrade it. On the other hand he is willing to give up his cloak slot, put specified mats into it and invest experience into it. Still looking for more trade offs, since it will probably be his legacy item. :smallsmile:

2012-09-11, 01:28 PM
Well if anything I posted helped, I'm glad. If not, sorry i couldn't be of further assistence.