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2012-09-11, 01:34 PM
I saw some tactical feats for the ToB in another post (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=168817) and liked the concept so I made some for the Warlock. They are balanced to go with this 3.P Warlock variant (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=254190) but besides removing some homebrew invocations (and their associated feats) I don't see why this couldn't work for 3.5 as well.

Ever-present Black [Tactical]
You know what the darkness is; you know itís not simply the lack of light, but a substance just as pervasive as the light itself. The black is consuming in its desires and you have developed not only a tie to it by a slight mastery over it.
Prerequisites: darkness invocation, hungry darkness invocation, hideous blow, eldritch glaive or any other blast shape invocation that modifiers your eldritch blast to be used in melee combat.
Trailing Dark: Targets who are dealt damage by a melee attack or your eldritch blast in a round that they are in a dimly lit or darker area generated by your darkness invocation are harried by the shadows. The taint of shadows stays with them for 3 rounds and their square is affected by your darkness invocation for this duration even if they leave the initial zone of your invocation.

Feeding The Darkness: In a round that enemies are dealt damage by your hungry darkness invocation, your damage reduction granted by the warlock class is increased by 2 against those enemies.

Trailing Hunger: Targets who are dealt damage by your hideous blow or other applicable blast shape and hungry darkness invocation in a single round are harried by the shadows. The taint of shadows stays with them for 1 round and their square is affected by your hungry darkness invocation for this duration even if they leave the initial zone of your invocation.
Perpetual Illness [Tactical]
The body is so fragile, even the tiniest pathogen can send the subject into convulsions along with serious sickness. The ability to manipulate such foreign pathogens is by far a specialized skill, but adding magical maladies to the mix was a stroke of vile genius.
Prerequisites: miasmic cloud invocation, curse of despair invocation, sickening blast.
Exhausting Miasma: If a target is sickened by your sickening blast and they fail their save for the fatigue effect of miasmic cloud, they are exhausted for the first round of the effect instead of fatigued. Alternately, if the target is fatigued by miasmic cloud and fails the save versus a sickening blast they are exhausted for the first round of the effect instead of fatigued.

Crushing Despair: If a target of your sickening blast is under the effect of your curse of despair he takes a -2 penalty to his saves versus sickening blast in addition to any penalty due to the curse of despair.

Debilitating Curse: In a round that a target is under the effect of your curse of despair and they are inside the area of your miasmic cloud you may wrack them with further pain. As a standard action, a target that meets the above requirements must make a Fortitude save or become nauseated for 1 round.
Unnerving Peripheral [Tactical]
Out of the corner of your eye a shadow can seem a demon, a tree could be a devil, or a friend can be your greatest enemy. Luckily, these arenít things you worry about, but you ensure your enemies do.
Prerequisites: breath of the night invocation, walk unseen invocation, frightful blast.
Fear the Unknown: If you are invisible via your walk unseen invocation, enemies who canít see you take a -2 penalty to saves versus your frightful blast.

Beasts in the Haze: As a standard action, you may target an enemy that is shaken and inside of the area of your breath of the night invocation to confuse enemies and allies. All creatures within the area look like hulking swirls of fog with no distinct shape. Attacking these creatures or being attacked by them breaks the strange form of invisibility.

Unseen Fog: If you activate your walk unseen while inside the area of your breath of the night you gain the effects of greater invisibility for the first round of the invocation.
Protective Arcana [Tactical]
Your magic works together to ensure your life continues. As you are its vessel to escape into reality, without you the magic would stay locked in the ether.
Prerequisites: dark oneís own luck invocation, entropic warding invocation, flee the scene invocation.
Teleportive Sheilding: On a round that you use your flee the scene invocation, the miss chance from your entropic warding invocation is increased by 30%.

Forced Luck: Once per day on a failed save that you gain a bonus to from dark oneís own luck, if your entropic warding is active, you may seal the magical effects within it to reduce how you are effected by your failed save. You may reduce the caster level (and all variable effects must be rerolled with the new caster level) by a number equal to your Charisma modifier. Your entropic warding is immediately dismissed and cannot be used again for rounds equal to the consumed spellís original caster level.

Deceptive Success: You may use flee the scene as an immediate action after a successful save that you gained a bonus from dark oneís own luck, once per day per two points (rounded down) of Charisma modifier you have. Your major image left behind appears to have failed the save as the caster would perceive it.
Conniving Voices [Tactical]
You can convince a Pelorian cleric to buy a vial of holy water, or a sailor you have beach front property for sale in the Arrakeen desert. You also can delve into their minds and punish them when they refuse, destroying a favorite bauble.
Prerequisites: beguiling influence invocation, baleful utterance invocation, daemonís whisper invocation.
Embellished Utterance: Your caster level for your baleful utterance invocation is treated as 2 higher for every 5 ranks you have in either the bluff, diplomacy, or intimidate skills.

Prized Retribution: As a standard action, against any target who you have used the detect thoughts portion of daemonís whisper, you may target an object with your baleful utterance invocation that the individual treasures. If you know of a specific item they treasure, you may target that item. The item need not be within the normal range of the invocation, but it does have to meet all other requirements.

Personal Insight: As long as you hold an object that belongs to the target, you gain an additional +2 to the skill associated with beguiling influence if you successfully used the detects thoughts portion of daemonís whisper and are making your check telepathically.

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I saw some Baptism feats in another post (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=173039) and really liked them so a made a couple more. They are also intended for the Warlock variant in the OP.

Baptism of the Deeper Black
Within the light hides a beautiful thing. Not the absence of light, but the substance of darkness. The darkness can be held and wielded just as a thing of stone can. You not only know this, but apply it without question, controlling the darkness with ease.
Benefit: Below are listed four Invocations. As long as you know one of them, and each one that precedes it, you may activate the associated ability as a standard action unless otherwise noted (not including permanent enhancements to the capabilities of the invocation itself, which require no action).

Darkness: You may cause a target within your darkness that you can see to become fully blind while within the area of your darkness invocation.

Hungry Darkness: The hungry darkness invocation can feed you as well as itself. With a process that takes 10 minutes, you can change your body to gain sustenance from the feeding of your hungry darkness. As long as you use it at least once in a 24 hour period and it deals damage, you do not need food or water for the next 24 hours.

Enervating Shadows: You enervating shadows invocation not only drains strength from the target, but also gives it to you. Whenever a target suffers a reduction of Strength from your enervating shadows invocation, you may gain double the value reduced as an enhancement bonus until the invocation ends.

Path of Shadow: When you seek to walk the path of shadow, you may keep one eye partially there upon leaving. You have a penalty to all sight based checks and your Dexterity score equal to one half your warlock class levels. However, with one eye on the shadow plane, you can strike the shadow of a target with your eldritch blast dealing damage to their Charisma equal to half (rounded down) of the number of eldritch blast dice you have, Will save for half. As another standard action, you may bring you eye back to the material plane, or send the rest of your body to meet with the eye, ending the effect.
Baptism of the Glorious Tongue
Never has there been a greater truth than the lie you make real. In the mind of a man who has been lied to, he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt he knows a great truth. Until his reality is shattered the lie will ever be his only existence.
Benefit: Below are listed four Invocations. As long as you know one of them, and each one that precedes it, you may activate the associated ability as a standard action unless otherwise noted (not including permanent enhancements to the capabilities of the invocation itself, which require no action).

Beguiling Influence: The manipulation of the truth to be told in a specific way to bring about your desired effects is something of an art for you. You can always remember a specific person you lied to, convinced, or made cower at your feet with ease and doing so again is easier. As you attempt to use the same skill (as granted from the beguiling influence invocation) on a target you have successfully used it on before, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus. This requires no action on your part.

Daemonís Whisper: You can open a line of communication with the mind of another, or you can rip out bits of information that lay at the forefront of their thoughts. After your baptism, you can also dig deeper. When a target has failed their Will save versus the detect thoughts portion of this invocation, you can also follow mental pathways to view a thought that may not be presently on their mind, but is deeply important to them and on their mind quite often. This could be a crime committed in secrecy, a relative that the public believes is dead but the subject knows is not, or maybe a secret tunnel that leads to his assassin clanís hideout. Whatever the information, the target immediately brings this to his surface thoughts.

Veil of Insignificance: Fitting in and blending in are separate with little in common. You have mastered blending in to the point that it becomes fitting in. Instead of simply passing you by, at your option (when you cast this invocation) you can be viewed as a friend, though the individual may not be able to place from when in time they befriended you. This function as the charm invocation, but only emulates the charm person spell instead of the charm monster spell.

Ethereal Abduction: You can lie to reality. With ease. When using this invocation, on the round you reach your destination, you may lie to reality and fool it into believing you never teleported at all. As an immediate action you may instantly teleport back to your starting location, but this deals 6 points of Charisma damage to you as reality notices it has been lied to.

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I'm not very good at rating feats, but these seem rather complicated to me. Remember that simplicity enhances playability.

2012-09-12, 11:23 AM
Yeah yeah I know, and I wish I could avoid it, but without making the feats too... easy to use I guess, and therefore too powerful for a feat, I couldn't justify them.