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2012-09-11, 09:59 PM
Note: While waiting for a few people to help me with the math on another project I'm starting this up. It is based (somewhat mostly) off the Squire Class from Final Fantasy Tactics.

I know Squire isn't the greatest names but I like it. Very... Classic..

Anyways to start out I'm going to flesh out the abilities from the class and change them over to 3.5 for the most part.


•Accumulate (1st lvl): Swift Action, All variable, numeric effects of a melee/ranged attacks are increased by one-half during the Squire's current turn. May be performed 1/Encounter + 1 time for every 2 Squire levels. All attack abilities from the Squire works with Accumulate. This effect doesn't stack with itself. (Empower Metamagic but for melee/ranged attacks). Pure damage booster but *shrug* oh well :p (Yeah it takes the place of Power Attack).

•Dash (1st lvl): Gain Improved Bull Rush as a bonus feat (even if you don’t qualify). When Bull rushing a creature you deal 2d6 + Str mod damage on a successful Bull Rush. This damage increases by 1d6/Squire level max 5d6 at level X.

•Throw Rock (2nd lvl): You pick up the nearest rock or rock like object and hurl it at an enemy's head. Range 15 ft and damage is 1d6 + Str (or dex). This damage increases by 1d6/Squire level max 5d6 at level X.

•Heal (3rd lvl): Cure minor status ailment: Gain heal as a class skill and if hit certain DCs then the Squire may cure more/stronger ailments. A DC of 10 may cure 1 minor ailment while a DC of 15 may cure 2 minor ailments OR 1 medium ailment. minor/medium/major ailments will be fleshed out later.

•Counter Tackle (5th lvl): Immediate action: When attacked in Melee the Squire may counter with a bull rush. The Squire may perform this action a number of times per round equal to his str mod. The Bull Rush happens before the strike lands.

•Gain XP Up (4th level): Gain 30% more XP from battles than normal.

•Fast Movement (2nd lvl): Gain an untyped bonus to speed equal to 10 ft. This is not hampered by armor.

•Defend (?? lvl): Defensive state that gives bonuses to taking total defense. Later may choose an ally to defend? Not sure yet but may even get a bonus to Counter Tackle when using this ability.

I'm obviously still working on this but I know a few people that will want to see it.

I may convert a few more classes over (Temple Knight, Holy Knight, Hell Knight, Monk, Time Mage, Calculator, Etc...)