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2012-09-14, 01:07 AM
do you think gaining three hit dice at first level (which are not added into calculation of total HD) or a static bonus based on the size class would be a good idea?

maybe not in higher level games, but in lower ones? perhaps they are shed after tenth level?

I already believe that Hit Points should just be maximized on a principle... and LA should only count towards Experience gain and level up requirements. This means that the Level 4 Ogre with LA +2 who has about 35 hp, cant get hit with 45 damage and die, meanwhile a level 6 small fighter in the party has almost 80 hp.

think of the sides you present in battle? a medium character has 9 squares that surround you and can have an enemy in. large 12, huge has 16, etc. meaning dog pile on the big guy... you are weaker overall to be larger...

silly, nonsensical. the party should all have at least an equal Hit Dice to everyone else at creation. LA's just don't have a high regard in my opinion. Why must I be larger (more likely to get hit) and softer (way less hp) than such a small creature of supposedly equal ECL...

my possible proposal

perhaps creatures larger than small receive 10 hp per size category?

{table=head]{colsp=2}Table: Size and HP
Size Category| HP Bonus

Small or smaller |+0 hp
Medium |+10 hp
Large |+20 hp
Huge |+30 hp
Gargantuan |+40 hp
Colossal |+50 hp


It should be like, yeah im bigger and tougher, deal with it... yeah you can hit me better, but it takes more to take me down. not, ouch, im so weak because of some penalty. honestly i see more reasons to play smaller characters than larger ones. besides the obvious "there are no large races with LA", you have to deal with the entire world not being sized or even accommodating for you most of the time when you do. yeah my weapons deal more damage, but honestly it doesnt feel like enough.

honestly the table might be better if it (hp) doubled after large (20), since the size typically does double.

I digress...