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2012-09-15, 09:29 AM
I've recently started a pathfinder campaign and was looking to open up the development of my city by brainstorming a bit with anyone who's up for it. I'll give you the details I have planned out so far and anyone can add new hooks, modify existing ones or add twists. No deleting of previous posts but expanding and modifying ideas us welcome and will become the reality for my city/campaign. Ok here's what ive got after my first session -

The city is called Haven.

It is a port city in the country of Cardia.

Haven is sited at the mouth of the korvis river where it runs into the great western ocean.

The city us divided up into a number if wards or districts.
Each ward is run by a council of seven wardsmen. One of whom is nominated the ward elder and speaks for the ward at city council meetings where all the ward elders meet.

The city is overlooked by castle nocturne, a vast citadel constructed from black stone.

Lord Commander Orrin Gant is the current master if the castle.

The commander of castle nocturne is automatically given the title of ward elder for Castle Ward and holds the same powers and a voice on the city council as other ward elders.

Haven has a professional town watch which patrol from district watch-houses and are instantly recognisable by their blue and white tabards and raven symbolism.

Haven was built upon the ruins of an ancient city and it us rumoured that these van still be accessed from tunnels in the city sewers.

The Kobassi's are one of the infamous 'old families' who have an interest in many businesses. Some legal, some not so legal.

The kobassis are currently looking for a way to muscle in on the local thieves guild.

The thieves guild has recently gone from strength to strength under the supervision of the 3 masters, secretly a coven of hags in disguise.

There have been a number of unexplained disappearances within the town. The victims seem random and only one man, Isaac drencher has been found. Isaac appears to have been driven mad by his ordeal.

The disappearances are some kind of unexplained planar shift to a fog shrouded, ruined and blighted city inhabited by monsters.

Watch sergeant Ang Feng, a monk is currently investigating the thieves guild and the kobassis.

Silas stickle the merchant recently recovered an opal necklace of ancient design on behalf of an unknown customer. The necklace was stolen and irs rumoured that the kobassis were behind it.

The goblin musical sensation Grognards Earwax Band have become an overnight success whilst playing at The Unicorns Horn Inn.

Lord Rallish, a cousin of the king is plotting to have Lord Commander Gant removed from power. His arrogant son, Rallush the Younger is known to cause trouble within the various taverns when drunk.

Four adventurers (my pcs) have presented a locket to the watch, claiming that they found it on the dead body of a man who had disappeared. They claimed that the man had been slain by a centipede like monster which hurried into his chest in a grey and ruined city. The claim to have been transported to another place and returned in the centre of the marketplace.

The lord commander is a retired general, not a politician. When the king died, he asked Gant to guide and advise his son, however court nobles convinced the new king that Gant wanted to control him. Unable to execute such a famous hero of the realm, the new king appointed him lord commander of Haven to keep him at arms length and unable to interfere in his rule.

The Rat In Hand Tavern runs secret and illegal pit fights in its cellars. The current champion is a huge scarred human barbarian called Brotek One-Eye.

criminals are imprisoned within the black tower. A combination if prison and lighthouse situated on a small barren island offshore from haven.

The drowned maiden is said to haunt the reef known as Fourwrecks which has been the doom of many a ship. The hulls of many ships have been smashed together by strong currents and the whole reef is strewn with the ships rotting carcasses.

That's most of the stuff from my first session. If anyone fancies playing around with this and throwing some ideas into the mix id appreciate any contributions. Apologies for any typos, smartphone isn't so smart apparently.