View Full Version : Life and Death in Ravenloft

2012-09-18, 06:03 PM
This is a follow up to my previous post. Here is a situation: a couple of PCs got separated from the rest of the group while exploring a haunted house. The couple (also a couple in real life btw) are in a bad way: the guy is lying on the floor bleeding his guts out, while the girl failed a horror check and can't act for three rounds. At the same time, a skeleton with a big-ass sword is aiming to drag her to the ghost possessing the house, who wants the girl because she reminds the ghost of her former lover (it was a progressive ghost). At present, it is physically impossible for the couple to leave the premises, or for anyone else to enter them.

The rest of the group escaped, but vowed to return with a search party and save their companions. This will only happen in a day, however, since the group is also in a very bad way.

Now, the couple want to run a short two-on-one session to see what happens with them inside the haunted house. I planned to just ask them to create new characters for next session, but maybe there's some nice encounter to be played here.

Any ideas?