View Full Version : Help Designing a PrC (Truename Archer Warblade)

2012-09-19, 01:08 AM

I am currently in the process of designing a Truenaming Archer PrC, the fluff will be more rounded out but it is basically the teachings of a great elven battlefield Strategist and Archer who spoke the true language of the universe.

Now I have a few mechanics I am tossing up but I am also wondering whether I can throw in some martial maneuvers.

I am thinking let them progress White Raven and Diamond mind *only those two* and let them use them at ranged instead of melee, rules would have to be devised about where the dude effectively is for some white raven manuevers but I could see it working from that point. Maybe a strike is a full round action that lets you use one Utterence you know on a target you shoot or possibly white raven style, shoot a dude and the ally fighting that dude receives the benefit of your utterance.

I was also thinking of borrowing the Iajutsu rules but making it about a Truespeech check and guiding your arrow to the target.

Something about also adding Int to damage with attacks is a possible stance of maybe a feat pre-req to enter.

I am really going for someone that can aid their allies and screw up enemies from a distance but still have a bearing presence.

anyway at the moment this class is a bunch of ideas floating around and I am looking for input on my ideas, what is worth refining, am I just plain wrong in some cases?

Thanks for Reading