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2012-09-19, 10:14 AM
I recently posted a Prestige Class known as the Soul Magus to the D&D Wiki (Link Here) (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Soul_Magus_(3.5e_Prestige_Class)), and I wanted to see what you guys thought of it. It's a Theurge-type Prestige Class, and it was certainly designed to be in a higher tier. I'd repost here, but I'm kinda lazy. I might edit a repost into this post later, though, so keep posted! (FYI,I have not yet written out the pages for the Soul Spells. I'm posting a general summary of them below.)

here's that link again. (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Soul_Magus_(3.5e_Prestige_Class))

The Spells in Question:

Level 0:
Healing Spark (Conjuration(Healing)): Create a spark of soul energy that seeks out a damaged ally to heal them for 1d3+1/level (max +5) HP.
Miniscule Synostodweomer (Transmutation[Positive]): Channels a spell into positive energy to cure 1 HP/spell level
Spellspark: create a spark that deals 1d4 damage, half fire, half untyped energy damage.

Level 1:
See Energy (Divination): Detect magical, psionic, and life energy.
Lifedrain (Necromancy): Drain a living object of 1d4/level health, distribute among nearby allies.
Soulmote (Conjuration): Create a creature of pure soulstuff, capable of healing allies and attacking with positive energy. Increase hit die by taking 1d4 damage per extra HD.

Level 2:
Shadow Archetype (Evocation[Darkness]): 20-ft radius of supernatural shadow, chance to frighten those in area each round.
Soul Lightning (Evocation[Electric]): Cast bolt of soulstuff which deals 1d4/level each of electric and untyped damage, max 8d4 each.
Invigorate (Alteration[Positive]): Gain 1d12+1/level temporary hit points (max +10).

Level 3:
Offensive Synostodweomer (Transmutation[Positive]): Cancels magical spells and effects, restores 1d4 hit point per spell level nullified to target of your choice.
Soul Speech (Enchantment[Mind-affecting]): Gain telepathic communication within speaking distance.
Burning Countenance (Illusion): Subject glows with supernatural flames, can make Charisma checks to awe those nearby at +1/2 levels (Max +5)

Level 4:
Spirit Blink (Conjuration[Teleportation]): Teleport short distance, blind those nearby.
Minor Synostodweomer (Transmutation[Posititve]): Channels a spell into positive energy to cure 1d3/spell level
Wall of Light: Creates a wall of light with 20 hp +1/level that repels weak undead and evil outsiders. Casters can repair the wall from their own HP.

Level 5:
Forge Soulstuff (Conuration[Creation]): As Major Creation, except created objects have 10% more hit points and last 25% longer.
Hope Chest (Conjuration[Summoning]): Stores a small chest in your soul, which is destroyed upon death.
Form Soul (Illusion[Positive]): Mimics evocation of 5th level or below, but only 30% real. You can increase the maximum spell level reproducible by taking 1d10 damage per extra spell level (Max 4d10)

Level 6:
Touch Soul (Enchantment(Charm)[Mind-affecting]): Make your reputation improve with the target by two steps for 1d4+1 days/ 2 levels (max +5). You can increase this improvement by taking 2d6 damage per extra step.
Fortify Mind (Enchantment[Mind-affecting]): Subject gains +4 to Int, Cha, and Wis for 1 min./level.
Soul Bolts (Evocation[Force]): Creates 1d4/level (max 12d4) missiles which strike unerringly for 1d4 damage each.

Level 7:
Enter Soul (Conjuration): Physically enter subject's soul. Unwilling targets get a save.
Soulrend (Necromancy): Deal 1d4/3 levels (max 5d4) damage to target's Int, Wis, & Cha.
Soulfire Synostodweomer (Transmutation[Positive]): As Synostodweomer, but can choose to deal positive energy damage in a ray instead of healing.

Level 8:
Soulward (Abjuration): Target is immune to mind-affecting effects, scrying, and curses, and receives a +1/4 levels bonus to saves vs. negative energy.
Platonic Cave (Conjuration): Target is trapped in their subconscious.
Soulbound Clone (Necromancy): As Clone, except without level loss, take temporary negative level until death or until the clone is destroyed.

Level 9:
Devour Energy (Transmutation[Positive]): Strips magical properties from target, converts it to 1d8/2 levels (max 8d8) points of healing to be distributed as the user chooses.
Soul Drain (Necromancy): Bestow 2d4 negative levels on target, gain equal bonus to CL for 1d10 minutes/level (max 6d10)
Soul Bomb (Evocation): Sacrifice half your hit points, kill and disintegrate all in a 50 ft. radius. (Reflex Save for half damage)