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2012-09-20, 04:54 PM
These are notes for myself that I wish to keep online.
It's still in construction.


There are 2 factions of Attributes:
Body / Mind
The 3 Body's Attributes are: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity
The 3 Mind's Attributes are: Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma

Each faction is defined by 3 Categories:
Power / Essence / Finesse

Altogether, they make for a six-pointed star, with each having an opposite.

Strength x Charisma

Constitution x Wisdom

Dexterity x Intelligence

All 6 attributes have their statistical functions:

Strength - (Power)
Physical capacities of a character in terms of raw power.

Pre-determines Character Height
Connected skill: ATHLETICS
-base attack bonus to melee weapons (att. & dam.)
-physical, wielded emcumbrance (weapons + shields)

Constitution - (Essence)
A character's resilience of the body, fortitude, and endurance.

Pre-determines Character Weight
Connected skill: ENDURANCE
-hit points
-resistance to critical, physical hits
-physical, carried encumbrance (armor + gear)

Dexterity - (Finesse)
The character is accurate, coordinated, and flexible.

Pre-determines Character Size
Connected skill: ACROBATICS
-base attack bonus to ranged weapons (att. & dam.)
-base defense/armor class

Intelligence - (Finesse)
Flexibility and wits; words indicative of a myriad of ideas.

Pre-determines Character Elocution
Connected skill: EDUCATION (knowledge)
-trained skill use (Thievery, Arcana, Military, Engineering, Craft, Forage)
-bonus skills
-bonus feats

Wisdom - (Essence)
A tough mind does not need a horse, for it only rides the wind.

Pre-determines Character Composure
Connected skill: PERCEPTION
-combat initiative
-mental, magic encumbrance (use magic item)
-spirits saves (ex: illusion, charm)

*Spirits save: Different from the will save, the spirits save isn't about "forcing" yourself through the spell (or resisting the compulsion), but more about realizing, or seeing through the falsehood of energies such as illusions and charms. It is based on the Sense Motive and Detect Illusions skill.

Charisma - (Power)
Just as the mighty fighter can bend bars with bare hands, strength of character can bend the force of elements.

Pre-determines Character Confidence
Connected skill: INFLUENCE
-will saves (ex: sleep, dominate)
-bonus magic damage
-default attribute for bonus spells
-bonus spell-like abilities for all (3E gnome-like)


6 Races: Half-Orc, Half-Elf, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Human


Just like their orc counterparts, they are: tall, sturdy, powerful, and wild, and born to survive the law of the fittest. Their human features breeds their wits, curiosity, and perceptibility. Their most important distinction with the orcs is in their lifestyle; they are diurnal. Living off for their personal survivance at early ages, they are recluse who are not particularily seeking domination over other races, regardless of being a bit tormented and living by strict codes they determined themselves, and can later be accepted in the human world, not to say society. Their two domains are all about either using their strength and show their physical prowess, though one is more about control and mastery than the other.

Favorite Class: Barbarian, (Berserker, rural; Ravager, mythos)
Favorite Skills: Military, Forage
Spoken Languages: Common, Orcish (Dwarven family)
Life Expectency: Short
Hit Dice: d12
Movement Speed: 6
Bonus Strength: +1 to their Strength score and +4 to all strength-based checks.
Orcish Blood: +1 bonus with Orcish equipment due to their suitability. Typical items include: the waraxe.


Dwarves are tough, brave, and resilient. Their resistance is known to all. They have a certain kind of love for hard-work and growing long beards. They all originate from what they call the deep, a cavernous underground villas of impressive heights.
Either as pious or virtuous warriors, they scour the world to claim the pride of their dwarven realm, king, and god.

Favorite Class: Fighter, (Destroyer, rural; Cleric, mythos)
Favorite Skills: Military, Engineering
Spoken Languages: Common, Dwarven
Life Expectency: Long
Hit Dice: d10
Movement Speed: 5
Bonus Constitution: +1 to their Constitution score and +4 to all constitution-based checks & saves.
Darkvision: 60 feet
Dwarven Blood: +1 bonus with Dwarven equipment due to their suitability. Typical items include: the warhammer.

(Elf Bloodline)

Thanks to its feyline's grace, the Half-Elf has compelling beauty. Their origin is unknown, thus live a life of their own. Some show traits from dryads, nimphs, or satyrs, while others look just like humans or elves; yet all are compellingly attractive to the average mortal. Thanks to their bloodline, magical energy pulses through their veins. Their origin makes them gifted with powers to charm and bring forth special energies, or to be embedded with mystical elegance and might.

Favorite Class: (Paladin; urban) , Sorcerer (Warlock; mythos)
Favorite Skills: Arcana, Craft
Spoken Languages: Common, Elven
Life Expectency: Long
Hit Dice: d8
Movement Speed: 6
Bonus Charisma: +1 to his Charisma score & +4 to all charisma-based checks and saves.
Fey Bloodline: +1 additional spell per level.
Slippery Mind: immune to Illusions and Charms spells level 4 or lower.
Summon Familiar: As per the wizard spell level 1.

(Wood Elf)

Known as the eternal watchers, Elves are the most common race in the world after humans. They have a real affinity for the wilderness, born within and living for the wild. They have developed a special philosophy and a supernatural perception that is transcended through their love for nature. Their animal companion is said to be an incarnated spirit of the wild and keeper of their kin. Elves vary in kind and origin, such as deep woods, secluded thickets, wide forests, or garden valleys. As devoted defenders of The Grove and descendant of the Spirit-kind, they have two paths they may choose: that of the sword, called guardian, or the mind, called keeper. (Ex: Guardian of the Grove, Spirit Keeper)

Favorite Class: Ranger, (Fury of the Wild, rural; Druid, mythos)
Favorite Skills: Thievery, Forage
Spoken Languages: Common, Sylvan (Elven family)
Life Expectency: Forever
Hit Dice: d8
Movement Speed: 7
Bonus Wisdom: +1 to their Wisdom score and +4 to all wisdom-based checks.
Meditative Rest: Elves do not need sleep. Instead, they enter a meditative trance for 4h hours. They are immune to sleep effects and spells.
Animal Companion: As Woodland beings, Elves are blessed by nature, however they are at the same time bound to its protection. They gain an animal companion to their aid, under the condition of putting the interests of nature first and fore-all. The loss of their animal companion also means the elf may die of age.
Wild Empathy: Elves can communicate with nature better than any other. They can improve the attitude of an animal as if they were interacting with a creature they can communicate with (diplomacy).
Elven Blood: +1 bonus with Elven equipment due to their suitability. Typical items include: the longsword and the longbow.


Halflings are very talented burrow-dwellers which live in cosy hills, and their name sticks because they're half of all. Cousins to the fraternal dwarves, they behave like happy gnomes, yet prefer to live among humans twice their size for their adaptability. Whatever they do, they love to talk and to investigate things that are none of their concern, to be the center of interest of everyone, as well as to sneak past privacy to satisfy their curiosity.
Favorite Class: Rogue, (Savage (Ranger-type), rural; Bard, mythos)
Favorite Skills: Thievery, Craft (+2 bonus)
Spoken Languages: Common, Halfling, Plus Two (And Any Usual Language)
Life Expectency: Average
Hit Dice: d6
Movement Speed: 6
Special Features: Nimble Character
*Lucky Saves, Bonus Intelligence & Nimble Mind, Inferior in Size

Lucky Saves: The Halfling is a fearless, resilient, and nervous creature. As such, he receives a +2 bonus to all Saves.

Inferior in Size: Being of a shorter stature, the Halfling is more agile, albeit also more weak; they gain a +1 dexterity, +4 to dexterity-based rolls, -1 to strength, and -4 to strength-based rolls.


Quick learners, humans are the incarnation of modern creatures. They live in cities and are masters of the world. They know just about everything that exists in this universe and know how to adapt to any given situation. In some of the greatest cities also lies a few of the deepest secrets that very few can unveil.
If there is only one saying to define the human is: to change is to prevail.
Favorite Class: Any; Paladin, Cleric, Bard, Wizard
Favorite Skills: Arcana, Engineering (+2 bonus)
Spoken Languages: Common (Plus Any)
Life Expectency: Short
Hit Dice: Varies, See Below
Movement Speed: 6
Special Features: Adaptable Standing
*Social Status, Dual Class, Bonus Skills

Bonus Intelligence: +1 to their Intelligence score and +4 to all intelligence-based checks, including all skills.

Choose a class. Your Hit Dice is according to the class-type you choose.

Fighter-type; d10
Rogue-type; d8
Mage-type; d6

Bonus Skills: The Humans' ability to adapt to new situations and learning skills quickly allow them to benefit from a +2 to skills per each new level they gain.

Social Status: Humans are reknown everywhere for being relatively peaceful and understanding people, thus welcome at most shops (possibly with a discount) as well as churches and kingdoms all over the realm.

Dual Class: When starting his career, the Human chooses another class. He gains all abilities from that class and picks whichever bonus is best for him (gestalt). This secondary class never goes up in level, unless it is given experience.

Flavorful names for each dual class:
F/Barbarian: Ironman; F/Berserker: Hulk; R/Ranger: Marauder; W/Cleric: Archbishop; W/Druid: Summoner; R/Paladin: Inquisitor; W/Paladin: [Color] Knight; R/Cleric: Shadowmaster; R/Bard:


In rustic terms, recommended for beginners, rules for classes are dictated only by 3: the Fighter, the Rogue, and the Mage.
Each level, they acquire new powers, each in their specific sphere. They are: Combat, Talent, and Magic.

Powers in the Combat sphere are simple. Each level increases the Fighter's ability to withstand longer in combat, and to inflict more damage. This is represented by an increase in Base Attack Bonus (later referred as BAB), defense/armor class (AC), and hit points (HP). Its primary attributes are Strength and Constitution.

For Rogues, this is represented with Talents. Talents are skills and feats. High-level rogues develop so many talents that their value and versatility in and out of combat becomes key to any party. Its primary attributes are Dexterity and Intelligence.

The Magic sphere may be the most difficult to get familiar with, but it's also the most omnipotent. It encompasses a wide variety of options that later becomes difficult to manage and/or optimize. A number of different spells, mixed with ways to modify them, and tied to the basic understanding of known versus useable spells is what the Magic sphere is about. Its primary attributes are Wisdom and Charisma.

Basic/Standard System:
Warrior's level progression
+2 skill points
+Combat Feat* every 2 levels, +1 use every other
Favorite attributes: 1.STR, 2.CON, 3.DEX, 4.CHA
*Combat Feat is an exceptional action, using a bonus to roll or other.

Rogue's level progression
+6 skill points
+Talent every 2 levels, +2 skill points every other
Favorite attributes: 1.DEX, 2.WIS, 3.INT, 4. CON

Mage's level progression
+2 skill points
+Spell Level every 2 levels, +1 use every other
Favorite attributes: 1.INT, 2.CHA, 3WIS, 4DEX

For more experimented players, here is a different classification, encompassing a total of 9 basic classes:

Experienced player's class selection:
Warrior: Fighter - Barbarian - Paladin
Rogue: Ranger - Thief - Bard
Mage: Cleric - Sorcerer - Wizard

Indentured player's class selection initially the same, but then choose the following options:
Favorite area - urban, rural, mythos
Favorite element - fire, earth, water, air
Favorite alignment - chaotic, lawful, evil

Each of these choices affects parts of their character, scores, and play-style.

OLD, now replaced*
/Roles: Full-Fighter, Mid-Fighter, Mid-Spellcaster, Full-Spellcaster

Full-Fighters: The fighter has good hit points and attack (BAB). He can withstand many enemies on himself and take in duel some of the strongest creatures and opponents. Full-Fighters are equivalent to Fighters above, with slight differences but with more complicated rules.
Mid-Fighters: With many particularities of a Fighter, mainly taking an important role in battle, the mid-fighter is more there for support than to stand as the main figure, and this is true even more for some than others. Either mixed or purely Rogue, Mid-Fighters are more versatile than their Full-Fighters counterpart and can provide enough combat abilities to deal with tough foes.
Mid-Spellcasters: These classes have the particularity to be apt at fighting, but mainly use a broad aray of spellcasting at their disposition. They are considered as mages, but hold on to being somewhat less of easy targets.
Full-Spellcasters: Certainly the weakest, it is preferable to know the arts and compendium of magic well to benefit from this class' full potential.

Berserker, the brawler
Specialization and role: Bloodthirsty Full-Fighter, Combat
A bastard by the looks, a dreadful warrior once in combat.
First Skill: Rage
Skills: Hi HP, Hi BAB, Rage (Diehard), For Saves, Medium (Heavy) Armor, Frightful Aura, Unarmed Combat, Improved Grapple, Improved Bull Rush
Final ability: Tireless Rage

Fighter, the soldier
Specialization and role: Resilient Full-Fighter, Armors
A juggernaut and a brick wall into one.
First Skill: Heavy Armor
Skills: Heavy (Battle) Armor, Hi HP, Hi BAB, For Saves, Heavy Shield, Magic Resistance, Damage Reduction, Poison & Disease Immunity
Final ability: Perfect self (immunity to criticals and damage immunity)

Barbarian, the gladiator
Specialization and role: Lethal Full-Fighter, Weapons
A Spartan-like killing machine.
First Skill: Intimidate
Skills: Weapon Focus, Specialization, Weapon Style, Hi BAB, All 3 Saves, Exotic Weapons, Improved Damage, Improved Critical, Light Armor
Final ability: Critical Hit on every blow.

Paladin, the inquisitor
Specialization and role: Faithful Mid-Fighter, Removing Buffs
A faith so strong, impossible to deceive.
First Skills: Detect Alignment
Skills: Hi BAB, For Saves, Medium Armor, Shield, Lay on Hands (Cure Disease), Aura of Courage, Turn Undead, True Sight, Smite Magic, Magical Attacks
Final ability: Fast Healing

Ranger, the scout
Specialization and role: Mobile Mid-Fighter, Guerrillas
The art of Speed.
Skills: Improved Movement Speed, Terrain mastery, Hi BAB, Uncanny Dodge, Evasion, Ref Saves, Light Armor, Quick Shot
Final ability: Dimension door-like step (movement).

Rogue, the assassin
Specialization and role: Skilled Mid-Fighter, Sneak Attacks
The art of the shadows, aka art of Killing.
Skills: Hi BAB, High skills, Ref Saves, light armor, Backstabb, Aim Attack (Sneak Attack): (Trip, Disarm, Cripple, Stun, Kill), Talented (Skills)
Final ability: Ethereal (shadow) Body.

Cleric, the supporter
Specialization and role: Supportive Mid-Spellcaster, Buff Spells
"Is someone hurt?"
First Skill: Divine Grace
Skills: Medium Armor, Divine Spellcasting, Conjuration Spells, Wil Saves, Av BAB, Shield, Divine Spellcasting
Final ability: Miracles

Druid, the shapeshifter
Specialization and role: Omnipotent Mid-Spellcaster, Nature
The nasty nature dweller, good in any form.
Skills: Elemental & Life Spells, Polymorphs, Summonings, Improved Companion, Ref Saves, Av BAB, light armor, shield
Final ability: Timeless Body, unlimited shapechange.

Sorcerer, the warlock
Specialization and role: Assault Full-Spellcaster, Arcane Spellcasting
"You need some fire?"
First Skill: Detect Magic
Skills: Av BAB, Unlimited spellcasting, Ref Saves, light armor spellcasting, martial weapons, Spontaneous Spellcasting, Charms
Final ability: Unlimited spellcasting, perfect casting (no casting faillure)

Bard, the wizard
Specialization and role: Versatile Full-Spellcaster, Extensive Spelllist
"Indeed... and those twelve Yeighburs, and the Jiomun Narithmiano dukes..."
Skills: Languages, Accessibility to all spells, High Lore and monster knowledge, scribe scroll, potion brewing, magic item making, chemical brews, Wil Saves, Low BAB, some light armored spellcasting, buckler
Final ability: Tongue of the Sun and Moon, Perfect Lore and crafting.

Mage, the specialist
Specialization and role: Dedicated Full-Spellcaster, Metamagic
"I do not spell... I merely cast..."
Skills: Fast Spell Progression, High Level Spellcasting, School Specialization, Metamagic, Wil Saves, Low BAB
Final ability: Divine Spells

Prerequisites and tips:

Str ++ for intimidation and athletics
Con + for better armor and rage
Wis to enter combat first
Cha to better intimidate your opponents
Half-Orc: Bonus to Strength rolls allows for great skill and intimidate checks

Con ++ for heavier armors and hps
Str + for heavier shield
Dex for better armor class
Wis to use highly advanced magical armor
Dwarf: High constitution allows for better armor

Str ++ for heavier weapons (and shields) and melee bonuses
Dex + for ranged attacks, acrobatics, and armor class
Con for overall combat endurance
Int to train atletics, acrobatics and endurance skills
Half-Orc: Higher Strength Score allows for more damage and better weapons

Cha ++ for use of special powers and diplomacy (negotiate)
Wis + to sense motives and dispell illusions
Str for good weapons
Con for good armor
Half-Elf: Bonus Charisma rolls allows for better saves against spells

Dex ++ for better ranged attacks and hiding (acrobatics)
Wis + to spot enemies and dangers
Int for more skill points to spend in craft, survival, and acrobatics
Con to run continuously
Elf: Meditative Rest and Keen Vision allows for better full-time surveillance

Dex + for hiding (acrobatics)
Int + to put points in craft and thievery
Wis + to search for traps
Cha to inquire as a spy
Halfing: Bonus to Dexterity rolls allow for better skill checks and sneak attack

Wis ++ to understand nature and use higher spells
Cha + to communicate with nature and deal more magic damage
Dex for better AC and use of ranged weapons
Con for longer shapeshifting and concentration checks
Elf: High Wisdom Score allows for higher level spellcasting

Wis + for higher spells
Int + for education (knowledge), arcana and healing skills
Con + for heavy armor and concentration checks
Str for carrying more gear
Dwarf: High bonus to constitution rolls allows for succesful concentration

Cha ++ for more spells and better magic damage
Dex + for combat versatility
Str for better weapons
Con for better concentration and armor
Half-Elf: High Charisma score allows for more power use and efficiency

Int + for craft (scribing) skills, education (higher lore and speak languages)
Cha + for more spells to cast without chance of faillure if armored
Wis + for numerous use of magical items and use of untrained skills
Dex for ranged attacks, better AC, and to perform (bonus on charm spells)
Halfling: Favorite Skills and Bonus Languages allow for skills optimization

Int ++ for arcane (copy magic) skills, higher level spellcasting and initiative
Cha + for more magical damage with spells
Con in case of concentration checks
Dex for ranged weapons and AC
Human: High Intelligence and Skills (Favorite) allow for optimal progression


Weapon types: (4)
-Short (0), ex: short sword, dagger (throwing)
-Simple (S), ex: long sword or shortspear, shortbow or light crossbow
-Martial (M), ex: two-handed sword or polearm, longbow or heavy crossbow
-Exotic (E), ex: two-bladed sword or whip, repeating crossbow or net

Armor Types: (4)
-Basic (0), ex: torso-sized brigandine
-Light (L), ex: full leather or light cuirass, with buckler or a parry weapon
-Heavy (H), ex: hauberk and coif with leather pads and a wooden shield
-Battle (B), ex: full mail with plate and helmet, and a kite shield

By Class, plus total proficiency level:
Fighter: Martial (3), Battle (4); = 7
Barbarian: Exotic (4), Light*(2) (*plus Shields); = 6+
Berserker: Martial (3), Heavy (3); = 6
Paladin: Martial (3), Heavy (3); = 6
Cleric: Simple* (2), Heavy (3) (*Varies); = 5*
Sorcerer: Martial (3), Light* (2) (*No Buckler); = 5-
Ranger: Simple (2), Light (2); = 4
Druid: Simple* (2), Light* (2) (*Special); = 4*
Rogue: Short* (1), Light (2) (*plus Exotic Ranged); = 3+
Bard: Short (1), Light (2); = 3
Wizard: Short (1), Basic (1); = 2
In order of proficiency level: fighter, (barbarian, berserker), (paladin, cleric), (ranger, sorcerer, druid), (rogue, bard), wizard

Fighter 7 Barbarian 6+ Berserker 6 Paladin 6 Cleric 5* Sorcerer: 5- Ranger 4 Druid 4* Rogue 3+ Bard 3 Wizard 2

List of Equipments*:

*Note: this list has been voluntarily simplified. DMs willing to bring a bit of flavor to the game can simply twist the weapon chart and their stats to their preferences, but this was simply simplified because the differences do not really bring anything significant to the game.


Weapons such as the: Sword (P), Axe (S), Mace (B) are all interchangeable. To simplify them, they have been replaced under its simplest form, the sword. Same applies for the bow and crossbow.

Weapons being used in melee combat use strength, whereas ranged weapons use dexterity. Those having the property of delivering both melee and ranged attacks much be used with their related attribute. So, if a character attacks an enemy with a Quarterstaff in combat, he uses his strength modifier. However, if that enemy is at range, he will use his dexterity bonus instead. On the other hand, though off-hand weapons can be used in melee (or be thrown), they are strictly considered as ranged weapons.

Ranged weapons use Dexterity and are disadvantageous in close combat.

Short Weapons:

Short Melee Weapons:
Short Sword: +3
Short 2-handed Melee Weapons:
Quarterstaff: +0, +1 AC (melee) or ranged (10ft)
Short Ranged Weapons:
Dagger (off-hand weapon): +2, 20ft thrown
Sling (Missile): +0 @ 60ft

Simple Weapons:

Simple Melee Weapons:
Longsword: +4
Simple Ranged Weapons:
Shortspear (off-hand weapon): +3, 20ft thrown
Simple 2-handed Ranged Weapons
Shortspear: +3, +1 AC (melee) or ranged (10ft)
Shortbow (Missile): +4 @ 60ft

Martial Weapons:

Martial 2-handed Melee Weapons:
Great Sword: +7, critical on 19-20
Martial 2-handed Ranged Weapons:
Longspear: +5, +1 AC (melee) or ranged (10ft)
Longbow (Missile): +6 @ 60ft

Exotic Weapons:

Exotic Melee Weapons:
Great Sword: +5
Exotic 2-handed Melee Weapons:
Two-bladed Sword: +8, critical on 19-20
Exotic Ranged Weapons:
Chains (off-hand weapon): +0*, ranged (10ft) (*+4 to hit, no damage)
Blowgun (Missile): +0* @ 20ft (*+6 to hit, no damage)
Hand Bow (Missile): +2 @ 60ft

*The Chains are made of a Ball, a Net, or a Whip over the tip of the chains that is especially useful for special attacks to entangle a creature of one size category within of you, trip, or disarm an enemy.

Critical hits: +10 on your roll. (30)
Ambidextry: to wield 2 weapons, you need a dexterity score of at least 10 plus the total attack power they have together. Ex: Short sword +3 and dagger +2, equals 15. The attack, however, is a melee one (thus require you to use you Strength bonus on your roll.)


As with weapons, some armors are better versus S, P or B weapons. Only Shields, however, take into consideration Range versus Melee Weapons.
Shields (buckler) cover up to 3 squares before them and receive double their bonus against ranged attacks (all missile weapons and spear attacks at range).

Leather Cuirass +1, 4lb - 20gp
Mithril Shirt +3, 8lb - 200gp

Fine Leather +2, 10lb - 30gp
Hard Leather +3, 15lb - 80gp
Breast Plate +5, 25lb - 300gp
Buckler +2, 2lb - 5gp

Banded Leather +4, 30lb - 50gp
Chainmail +5, 40lb - 100gp
Splint Mail +6, 40lb - 200gp
Half-Plate +8, 50lb - 500gp
Round Shield +3, 10lb - 10gp
Kite Shield +4, 20lb - 20gp
*Ameliorated protective items such as Helmets, Bracers and Greaves can grant additional Armor Class at this point.

Plated Mail +7, 60lb - 120gp
Full-Plate +10, 70lb - 1,200gp
Tower Shield +5, 40lb - 30gp


Ability-based skills:

STR Athletics (run, swim, climb; bull rush, grapple)
DEX Acrobatics (tumble, hide, perform)
CON Endurance (fortitude, survival)
INT Education (language, reading, knowledge: all)
WIS Perception (search, listen, sense motive, detect illusion)
CHA Influence (inspire, negotiate, and inquire)

Know-how skills (Int-based):

Thievery (Disguise, Stealth, Bluff, Steal): Art to Conceil (self, truth, object)
Arcana (Planes, Religion, Magic): Ultimate Divine Knowledge
Engineering (Fortress, Dungeon, Science): Science of Civilizations
Military (Weaponry, War, Tactics): Science of War
Craft (Artisantry, Forgery, Devices & Locks): Fine Arts
Forage (Heal, Nature, Handle Animal): Art of Sufficiency

Thievery: Halfling, Elf
Arcana: Half-Elf, Human
Engineering: Dwarf, Human
Military: Dwarf, Half-Orc
Craft: Halfling, Half-Elf
Survival: Half-Orc, Elf

Starting at level 1, you get 10 skill points + your intelligence modifier to put in any skill you want. Every level, you get additional points equal to your intelligence modifier, or none if it's negative. A negative intelligence modifier also means you can't put your initial 10 skill points in Know-how skills.


Language: Creatures


Draconic, Abyssal, Infernal, Celestial
Draconic*: Dragons, Elementals
Abyssal*: Demons
Infernal*: Devils
Celestial*: Good outsiders


Common, Undercommon, Halfling, Kobold
Common: Humans and all races
Undercommon: Thieves, Beggars, Hustlers
Halfling: Halflings
Kobold: Kobolds, Lizardfolks, Gnolls


Elven, Sylvan, Archaic, Druidic
Elven: Elves
Sylvan: Dryads, Centaurs, Feys
Archaic: Drows, High Elves
Druidic*: Druids


Dwarven, Terran, Orcish, Goblin
Dwarven: Dwarves, Gnomes
Orcish: Orcs, Ogres
Goblin: Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears
Terran*: Giants, Trolls

*Unusual languages (unaccessible for the Halfling)


Blind-Fight, Sneak Attack, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Uncanny Dodge, Evasion, Weapon Proficiency, Two-weapon Fighting, Improved Critical, Sunder/Disarm, Trip/Grapple, Precise Shot, Far Shot, Quick Shot, Rapid Reload, Lethal (Unarmed, Crippling) Strike, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Attack-on-the-Run, Spring Attack, Whirlwind Attack, Snatch Arrows, Woodland Stride, Opportunist


Wizard Spells:

Prestigitation (Mage Hand, Telekinesis)
Read Magic
Detect Magic

Level 1
Comprehend Language
Fog Cloud > Druid
Color Spray > Druid
Sleep > Sorcerer
Feather Fall
Grease > Druid
False Life
Animal Messenger > Druid
Spider Climb > Druid
Detect Invisibility
Know Alignment > Cleric

Level 2
Magic Missile (Acid Arrow>
Darkness >
Magic Equipment
Ray of Enfeeblement
Hidden Refuge (Rope Trick)
Sound Burst
Dispel Magic
Slow (Hold>
Water Breathing
Stinking Cloud > Druid

Level 3
Mirror Image
Phantasmal Force
Protection from Energy
Animate Dead
Protection from Normal Missiles

Level 4
Dimension Door
Black Tentacles
Polymorph > Druid
Monster Summoning

Level 5
Contact Other Plane

Level 6
Arcane Gate

Remove Curse
Gentle Repose

Cone of Cold
Ice Storm
Lightning Bolt
Web *3rd*
Locate Animals and Plants *Cantrip*
Charm Person
Gust of Wind
Ray of Frost
Shocking Grasp
Burning Hands