View Full Version : need help on makin a class

2012-09-22, 12:50 AM
Creating a class for a 3.5 campaign need help designing a class that can use spells as touch attacks,as the warmage, but necromantic and/orabjuration...... lookeat the dread nerco not really what I want for the campaign

2012-09-22, 01:35 AM
Well... Come up with a base concept and you will get help from there.
Just please put some throught into it instead of throwing the community only 1.5 sentences in the spirit of "here! Now work my little elfes. Mwahahahaha"

Still in need of help/oppinions on my Increadible Hulk (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=256412).

2012-09-22, 12:34 PM
Do you want help making the class or someone to make the class for you? Either is fine, but please be clear (and maybe send the latter to the "Request a Homebrew" thread).

2012-09-22, 01:04 PM
if you want to creat "as warmage but.." you can just take the warmage, change the spell list+some abilitys and you'll get your class. no need to create a new class for that