View Full Version : Master of Masks without Spellcasting

2012-09-23, 04:13 PM
Hey all, I had a player ask me to brew a Master of Masks class for his Rogue/Fighter build, removing all the spellcasting which is pointless to him. I've noted the changes here, everything else remains the same (ie, Angel mask still grants Feather Fall at will, Archmage still grants +2 CL). I'd appreciate some feedback on this 5-level adaptation regarding balance and usefulness.

BAB 3/4

L1: 2 masks, Persona Masks
L2: 3 masks, Mask Specialist
L3: 3 masks, Many Faces (2, swift)
L4: 4 masks, Hidden Mask
L5: 4 masks, Many Faces (3, immediate)

Persona Masks: Your effective caster level for any spell-like abilities is twice your Master of Masks level.

Angel: Fly for a number of rounds per day equal to caster level, split up as you wish.

Archmage: First level you get dancing lights or detect magic; second level you get charm person or magic missile; third level you get invisibility or scorching ray, fourth level you get lightning bolt or slow, and fifth level you get dimension door or ice storm. Each 1/day, you choose which of the 2 spells you can cast at each level when you first create the mask.

Assassin: Sneak attack +1d6 at levels 1 and 4. +1 stealth per class level (competence bonus).

Demon: Summon Monster I at level 1, Summon Monster II at level 2, Summon Monster III at level 3, Summon Monster IV at level 4, Summon Monster V at level 5. Each usable 1/day. +1 Intimidate per class level.

Dragon: Fire breath, 1d8 per caster level split up however you want.

Faceless: DC for nondetection is 15+caster level.

Gladiator: +1 attack and damage at level 1, increases to +2 at level 5.

High Priest: First level you get bless or cure light wounds; second level you get protection from evil or sanctuary; third level you get aid or lesser restoration; fourth level you get cure serious wounds or remove curse; fifth level you get death ward or neutralize poison. Each 1/day, you choose which of the 2 spells you can cast at each level when you first create the mask.

Jester: +1 per class level to Balance, Perform, Sleight of Hand, and Tumble. Tasha's Hideous Laughter 1/day per class level.

Lich: Cold Resistance 2/class level; Cause fear at level 1, detect undead at level 2, false life at level 3, halt undead at level 4, fear at level 5. Each useable 1/day.

Lord: Remove fear at level 1; eagle's splendor at level 2; heroism at level 3; lesser geas at level 4; dispel chaos at level 5. Each 1/day. +1 per level Gather Information and Diplomacy.

Savage: Claws deal 1d3 at level 1 (for small characters), 1d4 at level 2, 1d6 at level 3, 1d8 at level 4, and 1d10 at level 5.