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2012-09-25, 04:26 PM
Hi homebrewers. This is really one of my first attempts at homebrew, so I'm looking for advice so I can get better! (and sorry for the opening paragraph. I tried to make it sound as non-perverted as I could :smallamused:) This is just a small, 3 level class, that adds some explosive ability. I'd guess it'd be best for a ranger-type, but I'm not terribly proficient with that kind of stuff.) Also, I need help with my capstone.

Explosive Specialist


See, all you have to do is thi- *BOOM*
- Xenfar, Explosive Specialist, shortly before death

Some people fight with steel, others will spell. You fight with something different, something... dangerous. By mixing strange, unknown fluids, you create a potent mixture capable of destruction and death, and that's just your thing. Dip into insanity and a new outlook on life.

Becoming an Explosive Specialist
Alchemy is a niche profession, and finding a tutor takes a great deal of time. Many Explosive Specialists skip this inconvenient step, usually after experiencing a dangerous situation involving explosions. Explosive Specialists usually home-brew their own formulas, and become obsessed with alchemy for at least a time.

Skills: Craft (alchemy) 8 ranks
Feat: Skill Focus (Craft (alchemy))

Class Skills
The Class Name's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are....
Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + int

Hit Dice: d8

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+0|Explosive Mixtures, Bomb 1d6
+x| Bomb 2d6, Explosive Weaponry
+1|Improved Formula, Bomb 3d6, Timed Explosion
+1| , Bomb 4d6, Cluster Bomb
+1|Bomb 5d6, Master Formula

Weapon Proficiencies: The Explosive Specialist gains no extra weapon proficiencies.

Explosive Mixtures: An Explosive Specialist can create a number of chemical mixtures that, when a reaction is set off, create an explosion. At first level, an Explosive Specialist gains an Alchemy Kit, which he uses to brew his mixtures. He may prepare up to five explosives per day. It takes 10 minutes to brew an explosive. An explosive is contained in a vial that breaks on contact with anything, setting off the explosion. An Explosive Specialist can put a number of properties (from the list below) into his explosive mixtures equal to his class level. A mixture is referred to by its parts, so a mixture made by a second level Explosive Specialist containing the Dangerous and Ringing properties is one “part” Dangerous and one “part” Ringing. Putting a property into a mixture more than once induces a greater effect. All explosives, regardless of properties, deal 1d8 damage per class level. The blast radius is equal to 3 times your class level. All targets of a mixture must make a DC 10+ECL save or be affected by the mixture. A mixture takes a standard action to throw.
Dangerous: Deals 1d12 extra damage. Can be applied multiple times to the same mixture.

Ringing: One part: The target is deafened, and takes the penalty to initiative immediately (perhaps changing the order). Two parts: The target is dazed for 1 round.

Knocking: One part: the target is pushed (does not grant AoO) five feet away from the center of the blast loses their Dexterity bonus to AC for 1d4 rounds. Two parts: The creature is pushed (does not grant AoO) five feet from the center of the blast and is knocked prone. Three parts: The target is pushed 10 feet from the center of the blast, knocked prone, loses their Dexterity bonus to AC and is shaken for 1d4 rounds.

Flashing: One part: The target is Dazzled for 1d4 minutes. Two parts: the target is blinded for 1 minute.

Fear Gas: One part: Target is shaken. Two parts: target is cowering. Three parts: target is frightened.

Mind-Damaging: One part: 1 point of wisdom damage. Two parts: 3 points of wisdom damage and 1 point of intelligence damage. Three parts: 4 points of wisdom damage and 3 points of intelligence damage.

Bomb: A minor explosive. A bomb deals damage show in the table in a 10’ radius and has a range equal to your strength modifier x 10’ +15. An Explosive Specialist can prepare a number of Bombs per day equal to 1/2 ECL + one quarter of a craft (alchemy) check, and can make them with their Alchemy Kit. It takes a standard action to prime and throw them. All creatures within the explosion take damage, and are not entitled to a saving throw.

Explosive Weaponry: You may apply an explosive mixture to a weapon you are holding. This takes a standard action. After the weapon hits something, it deals normal damage, but the explosive mixture also activates. You may also apply a bomb to a weapon, which acts in the same way.

Improved Formula: You gain new properties for your explosive mixtures. In addition, the base damage is 2d8. An Explosive Specialist may make a craft (alchemy) check and add one part to the mixture if it beats a DC 30. (some effects might not be attainable till 5th level)
NEW PROPERTIES Glop Formula: Two parts: all creatures in the blast are affected by a web spell.
Stinking: One part: the target is sickened for 1d4 rounds. Three parts: the target nauseated for 1 round. Five parts: the target is knocked unconscious for 1 round.
Stunning: Two parts: target is Dazed for 1 round. Three parts: target is Stunned for 1 round. Five Parts: target is Paralyzed for 1 round.
Sensory Explosion: Two parts: target is blinded and deafened for 1d4 rounds. Three parts: target is blinded and deafened for 1d4+1 minute.

Timed Explosion: At 3rd level, you may add a trigger to any explosive mixture or bomb. This can be a number of rounds, contact with the vial or bomb, or tripwire. You may also manually detonate the mixture or bomb using a remote in your Alchemy Kit (this takes a standard action, and you must be within 500’ of the vial and have an unobstructed line between you and the vial).

Cluster Bomb: 3/day at 4th level you may make a cluster of bombs. You expend a number of bombs equal to the number of bombs you put in the cluster. You may only put five bombs or fewer in a cluster. Each bomb in a cluster deals 3d6 damage in a 15 ft radius. It takes five minutes to create a cluster bomb and it can be activated as a Full-Round action (as you would a timed explosion save for the action type). Creatures are allowed a DC 15 + ECL reflex save to take half damage.

Master Formula:

Morph Bark
2012-09-25, 04:38 PM
The table needs some fixing. The stuff inside the spoilers could have their names bolded for better readability. It's missing class skills. Where is the Explosive Alchemist feat from?

Also, I wouldn't have thought the intro wrong unless you'd pointed so much at it. :smallamused:

Bomb: what if their Str modifier is less than +1?

2012-09-26, 07:59 PM
Fixed (exept class skills). Explosive alchemist was going to be a homebrew feat but I decided against it. I accedentaly left in.